Nicolas Cage Talks Ghost Rider 2

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ghost rider 2 Nicolas Cage Talks Ghost Rider 2

Way back in January, Screen Rant reported that Columbia Pictures was preparing a sequel to the Marvel-based Nicolas Cage-starrer, Ghost Rider.

I was not impressed.

Now, Mr. Cage is talking about what he’d like to see from the next installment: A reboot of sorts.

If you saw my previous post on the subject, I made my feelings abundantly clear on the first movie. It’s too bad really as the Ghost Rider character in the Marvel Universe is actually pretty cool.

Fast forward to now and MTV recently spoke with Nicolas Cage for his voice role in the upcoming family 3-D adventure movie G-Force and their discussion led to the topic of Ghost Rider.

“I would like to do a reconceive… I would like to go in a whole other direction, and I think that’s what they’re talking about.”

“I would make it much less of a Western and more of an international story”

Nic’s idea is that he’d like to see his torched character go to Europe and team-up with the Catholic Church. He also says there will be no more Western-style horse riders or six-shooters in the next movie.

That’s not really a reboot as some are speculating online, it’s just a sequel in a different locale. But either way, I’ll pass on both options.

ghost rider 2 nicolas cage Nicolas Cage Talks Ghost Rider 2

It is an injustice to the film industry that Ghost Rider banked more cash at the world-wide box office than Watchmen did and I have very low expectations for the sequel if they go forward with it.

My prediction is that the majority of folks who saw the first, learned from it, and that the sequel will bank less than its predecessor unless they add some super popular actor to play the villain.

Are you interested in a Ghost Rider sequel?

Source: MTV

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  1. I wouldnt Mind a sequel To Ghost Rider as long as the actors are invisible and the sound is completly muted.

  2. You know what? They’ll probably make this. If they’ll make a Fantastic Four 2 (Rise of the Silver Surfer, whatever), why not? As long as a movie makes bank, there’s probably going to be a sequel. Being true to the source material, fans and laws of taste really don’t figure into it, hence the first one.


  4. I loved Ghost Rider and Definitely be up for a second one but it would have to have Nick Cage and Eva Mendes both back,and a new villian would be a good idea, etc.

  5. I didnt hate it, but i didnt love it. And i wholeheartedly agree with you. It is a travesty that it banked more than watchmen. I was quite disappointed in the numbers for watchmen. It was done fantastically. I just dont understand!

  6. Not if Nic Cage is back and it’s written and directed by the same people…

  7. I honestly don’t understand how some pople can criticize Spider-man 3 or even X-Men 3, for that matter and yet claim Ghost Rider was a good film.

    I mean really if Ghost Rider is a good superhero film then what constitutes a mediocre one, let alone a bad one? That being said, while Nic Cage didn’t add much to the film, he certainly wasn’t it’s biggest problem.

  8. I liked the first film, and you have to admit the vfx were great.
    This direction of the sequel isn’t a big surprise as this idea was hinted at months ago. Can’t say I’m diggin the DiVinchi Code angle but I would pay to see a follow up. And yes please make the villain/s more of a challenge.

  9. must be darker, actually scary. Go for an”R” rating. Punisher War Zone style. and Have a villian I would actually be afraid of.

  10. Need a good director. Just say no to Mark Steven Johnson.

  11. Last one was awesome under the influence of alcohol. I demand Werner Herzog directs!

  12. I liked the first one and am ready for the next.

  13. @ Marshall

    I agree that if they made a second Fantastic Four movie, why wouldnt they make a second Ghost Rider. Granted that Fantastic Four wasnt as bad Ghost Rider but it definetly was not good enough to warrant a sequel.
    @ Arnshow
    The first Hulk was no where near as bad as Ghost Rider. Yes Ghost Rider had more action but come one the movie was a complete waste and I expect nothing less out of a Nicholas Cage movie.
    Ghost Rider is by far the worst comic book movie I have seen; worse than Fanastic four, wolverine, spawn, etc.
    I think that they shoudl reboot it in like 10-15 years so that people could get the sour taste of this past one out of their mouthes

  14. I was cringing that entire movie. From Eva Mendes’ wonky skin color, to Cage’s terrible lines, to the dragging plot – I was pumped when this film was over. And I actually like Cage (think ‘matchstick men’ and ‘lord of war’).

    If they do a sequel I’ll prolly go see it, but they would have to take it in a completely different direction – which sounds like what Cage wants to do.

  15. I enjoyed it very much.

  16. I’m not really interested in a sequel which is a shame b/c I thought Ghost Rider looked awesome and his bike was badass as well.

    “Not if Nic Cage is back and it’s written and directed by the same people…”


  17. Sweet! the first one was good. i didn’t picture Nicolas cage as Ghost Rider, but he did alright. bring it on

  18. The first movie was actually awesome. Nick Cage was perfect as GR. Very cool villains and who else could have played the devil as well. Perfect.

  19. I didn’t hate the first one but I didn’t love it either; I just thought it was OK. I felt the problem with the first one was the script, bad villains, and not enough action. I didn’t have a problem with Cage, Mendez nor Fonda. The other actors who played Blackheart and the elements were, IMHO, horrible. I agree that it shouldn’t have made more money than Watchmen but I would see a sequel.

  20. I think you have to remember that Watchmen was rated R, GR was PG-13. This CAN make a difference. Some parents will absolutely NOT let the 15 year old see an R-Rated movie.

  21. I agree with John. The first one was neither a bad or good film, it was ok. I wouldn’t mind having another chance with GR, as I like Nic Cage and Eva Mendes. Actually, I think they need more of Eva IN less, right?? :P

  22. Umm, actually 790 while you’re entitled to your opinion, I’m sure many peopel would argue that many of the effects in Ghost Rider was pretty freaking bad. You can’t tell me that CG skull looked anywhere close to realistic. Even the fire in the intro credits scene looked bad. Overall I felt the effects weren’t nearly as good as say, Hellboy II, which had a much smaller the budget ($80M vs $120M).

  23. @INK i totally agree with you however i went to see rambo a rated R film and parents brought their four year olds there, trust me parents can be pretty stupid

  24. @Leggy

    I did say “some” parents. :)

    I actually saw an 8 year old at my theater for Watchmen. WATCHMEN!!!!!!
    I wanted to slap the idiot parent who brought their kid in there.

  25. Marvel needs to quit f’ing around and just do the whole “Midnight Sons” thing right. Get GR, Blade, The Nightstalkers, Morbius and (my greatest idea ever) a horror/comic flick mashup of “The Darkhold” in one “dark” Cinematic Universe and go with it!

  26. Meh I enjoyed the first one. It wasn’t great, but not bad either. I think it fits comfy in the middle of Marvel films better than half not as good as the other half. I found it to be better than X3, Spiderman 3, Both Fantastic Four films, Daredevil, Punisher War Zone and Ang Lees Hulk. While falling behind the first two X films, Tom Jane Punisher, Iron man, Nortons Hulk, and the first two spiderman films.

    I wouldn’t mind a sequel with a few improvements. I actually liked Nic Cage in the last one and I think he was a great casting choice. Nic Cage these days seems to be one of the actors that you either love or hate. He’s had a major backlash against him the last few years for what ever reason while he the past he was always praised as a great actor.