Nicolas Cage Talks Ghost Rider 2

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ghost rider 2 Nicolas Cage Talks Ghost Rider 2

Way back in January, Screen Rant reported that Columbia Pictures was preparing a sequel to the Marvel-based Nicolas Cage-starrer, Ghost Rider.

I was not impressed.

Now, Mr. Cage is talking about what he’d like to see from the next installment: A reboot of sorts.

If you saw my previous post on the subject, I made my feelings abundantly clear on the first movie. It’s too bad really as the Ghost Rider character in the Marvel Universe is actually pretty cool.

Fast forward to now and MTV recently spoke with Nicolas Cage for his voice role in the upcoming family 3-D adventure movie G-Force and their discussion led to the topic of Ghost Rider.

“I would like to do a reconceive… I would like to go in a whole other direction, and I think that’s what they’re talking about.”

“I would make it much less of a Western and more of an international story”

Nic’s idea is that he’d like to see his torched character go to Europe and team-up with the Catholic Church. He also says there will be no more Western-style horse riders or six-shooters in the next movie.

That’s not really a reboot as some are speculating online, it’s just a sequel in a different locale. But either way, I’ll pass on both options.

ghost rider 2 nicolas cage Nicolas Cage Talks Ghost Rider 2

It is an injustice to the film industry that Ghost Rider banked more cash at the world-wide box office than Watchmen did and I have very low expectations for the sequel if they go forward with it.

My prediction is that the majority of folks who saw the first, learned from it, and that the sequel will bank less than its predecessor unless they add some super popular actor to play the villain.

Are you interested in a Ghost Rider sequel?

Source: MTV

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  1. Tim Cloverfield even if you don’t like the guy how could you possibly call him the worst? Leaving Las Vegas was one of the greatest acting performances I’ve personally ever seen. I don’t think Cage is the greatest actor, but still very talented. He’s other great performances more so in the middle of his career than more recently, but still he’s done plenty of great work.

  2. I can’t believe that I am agreeing with you TWICE in the same day, Daniel, but I also think Nic Cage is a pretty decent actor. I loved Con Air, The Rock, both National Treasure films, The Italian Job and even GR. Yeah, he’s done a few stinkers, but name an actor that hasn’t. IMO, the worst actor in Hollywood is Hayden Christiansen.. Nic Cage isn’t even CLOSE to being the worst.

  3. this advice is for nicolas cage-please start reading some early issues of the ghostrider marvel comics,there is a wealth of storylines in those comics you can take and alsoadd a few updates of your own but please stick to the original ideas & villans because this is what comicbook fans want to see. another cool idea is to have ghostrider team up with spiderman or doctor strange to fight multiple villans or make ghostrider vs hulk vs mephisto vs fantastic four

  4. michael you will not see all those characters making appearances in a Ghost Rider film. For the same reason You won’t see Wolverine pop up in Spider-man or Hulk. The only cross overs are going to be the strictly Marvel produced films. Also Michael what comic fans actually want is very much up for debate because we all don’t want to see the same thing. We are all different and diverse don’t lump us all in with the same line of thinking. I for one want original stories. I don’t want a comic film to be an exact translation of a comic I’ve already read a thousand times and that I personally own. We complain about a lack of originality in hollywood then complain we they do something different.

  5. OK, I stand corrected….Hayden is pretty bad, but Cage is the same. What makes them terrible….timing and pacing. I hate to repeat myself but take “Vegas….a great Director in Figgis, and when you have sub-par talent in the same frame, the “great actor” takes over the scene. Ms. Shue takes over the frame with Cage. Not the Director’s fault he can’t coax the talent from the star but the film is good. Look at any film class, or acting class….you draw on your real-life expereince. It does not take talent to potray a drunk that is going to kill him self with that evil. A great actor takes over the film,the screen and usually….. instantly. The list is to long to mention here of great actors with that ability but Cage does not have that talent let alone the stage preseance. Look at the whole picture and it is pretty evident…..The only pity I had for him in “Vegas” was just how bad an actor he is. Sorry guys…you will not be able to convince me. Famous Uncle and “Valley Girl”…..I rest my case.

  6. Id like to say Ghost Rider was a good decent film, not great but good. Problem i mainly had was Wes Bentley as blackheart. To me, he seemed like a little boy-villain trying to be a man-villain. Fonda i thought did a decent job as a villain who was setting things up etc. I thought Cage, Mendes, and Sam Elliot did well in their rolls. And as for cgi effects used for Ghost Rider’s head looked pretty good to me. Be thankful they didnt have Cage wearing a skull mask and just cgi the flames.

  7. BTW, i forgot to add that id like for the studio to go with Cage’s idea for the sequel instead of having Ghost Rider stay in one country.

  8. I have to disagree with Daniel, lol, what a shocker I know, but Cage is a horrible actor. He just ALWAYS has this really awkward “confused” look on his face, regardless of his intended emotion, and when he talks he has to lean his chin forward, don’t understand why…

    But I liked some of his movies, like The Rock, which is also one of the few Michael Bay movies I like.

  9. Of course, Cage had been kicking around the thought of having Ghost Rider get a shade more into the R realm, if not a little more harder edged. I’m also 110% down with Ghost Rider among Cathedrals and old castles; although I hope the premise isn’t taking a page from Vampire$ (Where vampire hunters worked for, and then was sold out by, the Vatican).

    Other than Sam Elloitt’s Caretaker “riding” alongside the new Rider… then bailing!, my biggest problem with the previous picture was Wes Bentley’s ineffective “boo” moments. If it was toned down a notch or two, he may have been alright. Instead, it was over the top camped up…I would like to think that’s due to Steven Mark Johnson’s writing and directing, but Johnson wasn’t involved in P2 where Wes was another raving over the top loon.

    The FX were good, but not great.

    If memory serves, Cage would like a “new villain” made for the film. I hope this is one area I hope he is shot down. I would like to see The DemiGoblin, flying on a mutated demon bat.

    And Peter Fonda coming back at least.


    BTW, Cage is a wonderful actor. I really liked Next, and while Knowing was a piece of mumbo jumbo, he wasn’t bad in it.

    I HATED the Rock.
    Win some
    lose some

    Well, least I still got my DVd of Valley Girl.
    All is not lost!

  10. I liked the movie…it was pg and how raw can they get under that rating? As for Nick….I like him. He is not perfect, but that is what makes him likable.
    I cannot think of one actor that has not made a less then desired movie….everyone makes a bad choice every now and then.
    I would like to see a 2nd movie…with Nick. The graphics could be better…..have it start where the last one ended. Maybe at the end, pass the torch onto a new Channing Tatum.
    Does there need to be alot of swearing, nudity,etc…no, just alittle edgier.

  11. In my opinion, Ghost Rider rock. One in the box office and two as a Family entertainment film. This film has made many familys happy some might have hated it but that is you opinion. The sequel on the other hand i believe would be better with a little western in it as well not international church going flick.
    Ghost Rider rank 9/10

    — TO John ‘Cloverfield’

    Cloverfield was the worst movie in mandkind I rank that movie at .5/10

  12. Anyone know if theres gonna be Ghostrider 2 to be greenlit?

  13. Hello sir ,
    My name is Divyanshu and i’m 8 years old . I’m a very big fan of Ghost Rider and i also want to see Ghost Rider 2 which is coming in August 2011 . Sir you know i have seen many picture but Ghost Rider is my favourite picture . OK i mail you soon .