Nicolas Cage Talks Ghost Rider 2 and Kick-Ass

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Nicolas Cage – love him or loathe him, you have to admire the man’s work ethic. He makes movies like they are going out of fashion, and while they may not always find an audience, they do show an actor who likes to try different material. No matter how crazy it may appear on paper (or on screen for that matter).

Cage has been doing the press rounds for Bangkok Dangerous and he has been spilling the beans on some of his forthcoming comic book movies: Ghost Rider 2 and Kick-Ass.

Cage’s only comic book movie to date, Ghost Rider, was a surprise success last year and a European based sequel is in the pipeline. When asked about a possible sequel Cage said:

“Yes, actually, had a nice meeting with the studio about 3-months ago, and we talked about going international with that character. Taking him into Europe, having him go on a motorcycle tour through Europe, and he’s connected with the church, if you can believe that. So it sort of has elements to it that are very much in the zeitgeist, with ‘The Da Vinci Code’ and things like that.”

Sounds like a nice holiday for old Nic.

Meanwhile the crazy haired actor talked about his role in Matthew Vaughn’s forthcoming Kick-Ass, an adaptation of Mark Millar’s comic of the same name. Cage said:

“As I continue working in film I want to try to keep it as organic and honest as possible, and I am that kid. I’m the kid that would dress up like a superhero, sneak out of the house at 10 o’clock at night, jump around pretending I was fighting crime. It was a good match because it’s definitely sincere. I play a guy named Damon, the father of Mindy who is ‘Hit Girl’ and I’m ‘Big Daddy,’ and I’m training my daughter to be a superhero.”

That’s why you have to love Cage, no matter how silly he sounds when he talks about movies, he comes across as very enthuastic.

If you are a Cage fan, Bangkok Dangerous opens on Friday.

Source: Comingsoon

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  1. Great news !!!!!!
    Ghost Rider 2,,,
    We all knew it was coming ! 8-)

  2. Yeah – but will that hair be back?


  3. Nick Cage seems to have a long hair cycle… he grows it out long just before he cuts it off about every fourth movie, i.e. ConAir, Next and now Bangkok Express

  4. Is there anyone else who agrees that the first Ghost Rider doesn’t warrant a sequel?


    I started watching Daredevil Director’s Cut, I feel asleep towards the end but I was surprised, it was actually alright.

    I’m going to catch the climax tonight.

    Eh… Bullseye is out of control.

  5. @High Kalibur

    Besides 790, I think you’ll find most people think it doesn’t warrant a sequel. :-)


  6. He*l yeah, it had a x3 multiplier on world wide gross.

  7. So much Ghost Rider hate going on.
    (I can see Vic giving GR2, 5 stars) yeah !!! ;-)

    Europe eh? I hope he goes after the Pope,, lol.

    Would love to see the Rider tear it up in Vegas!!!
    O’well, I take what I can get. 8-)

  8. LOL, if it’s good, it’ll get a good review. :-)


  9. It was great to see the character.
    But the story was TERRIBLE !
    I dont hate Ghost Rider ,
    I hate superhero movies that are just about slapping CGI effects with a shoddy almost non existent story.
    If its a better script I will embrace it .
    Its that simple.

  10. One thing that I liked about the character Ghost Rider, was the conflict Blaze had with growing up industructable, it was taking all the fun out of stunt bike riding…
    So Blaze starts getting into the occult stuff, (Nice touch). Next thing ya knw he’s working for satan.

    (Every scene that displays Ghost Rider is a thing of beauty, all the effects shots look phenominal.)

    I’m sure alot of ppl didn’t notice but at the end Blaze was able to control the Riders thoughts and actions more so then in the beginning.

    Riders power of transforming weapons and vehicles is awesome!!!
    The film totally worked as a origin story, the Villians were a tad dumb but they didn’t ruin the story for me.
    The girlfriend story was played for laughs until the end when he has to save her of course, but hey its a movie.
    Sam Elliot was awesome in the film playing as the Original Rider,,,
    Fonda was a good/ devil,,,

    What’s the problem?
    You ppl have such high standards. 8-)

  11. Yeah, I actually like a story that makes sense.
    I like the young Johnny Blaze stuff,
    Although the father only had a cameo and he was the key to the deal.
    But all that stuff with the contract of San Berganza was rubbish.

  12. Yeah Gary,I find alot of ppl didn’t like the bad guys,,,
    Have you ever seen the HBO show “DeadWood” ?
    I could see how an old western town could harbor so much evil.
    The vfx, during those scenes looked damn good. (ImO)
    Really liked the tones of the film, it had some real good color filtration.
    I love that stuff.

  13. 790, I like the Da vinci code reference Cage made .
    Make it a different film.
    Start over with a clean slate .
    I like the idea of going to Europe too.

  14. another thing I didnt like about the original was They didnt use Slade enough.
    Imagine a great battle with Two Ghost Riders Fighting Blackheart ,
    The old and the new fighting alongside each other.
    That was a missed oportunity.

  15. Well Slade’s still out there, I think he figured the new Rider had to handle it on his own.
    BlackHeart was a chump anyway. Lol.

  16. I did enjoy BlackHeart getting The Penance stare.

  17. I lOve Ghost rider so much,can`t wait for sequel!

  18. i agree lauren there defo shud b a new gost rider but have more villans cuz the 1st was poor for that part of the film but wen the good parts were on they were real gd.

  19. 790 said,”Would love to see the Rider tear it up in Vegas!!!”

    Well, while there he could do sequels to Leaving Las Vegas and Honeymoon in Vegas; imagine GR meeing up with the Flying Elvises (Utah chapter?)…GR in an Elvis jumpsuit and flame-retardant Elvis wig?

    “Viva-a-a-a, D@mn@tion!
    Viva-a-a-a, D@mn@tion!
    Viva-a-a-a, Viva-a-a-a, D@mn@tion!”

    (*Runs from the GR fanboys, as well as the Elvis purists*)

  20. I only want to know one thing? Will Eva Mendes be in it? If he goes to Europe, he may as well take Mendes with him!!

  21. Without Eva Mendes, who’d want to watch Ghost Rider 2/Mendes is a class act in every way!!!!!!!