Nicolas Cage Returning to Blaze in ‘Ghost Rider 2′ [Updated]

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ghost rider nicolas cage Nicolas Cage Returning to Blaze in ‘Ghost Rider 2′ [Updated]

[Update: We’ve added Cage’s interview for anyone who would like to hear the news directly from the actor himself.]

It’s been unclear, for several months, if Nicolas Cage would reprise his role as Johnny Blaze in the upcoming Marvel sequel, Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance.

Comic-Con is only one week away so, of course, it came as no surprise when Cage announced that he has officially signed on for Ghost Rider 2 – on The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

Cage was on the show promoting The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, but when Ferguson asked Cage about a Ghost Rider sequel, Cage had this to say:

“There’s gonna be a new one. I just made the deal today.”

Then the audience erupted into applause – which makes you wonder if any of them saw the first film.

If you’d like to see the quote in context, as well as Ferguson’s flaming skull prop and robot skeleton, check out the video below [announcement near the 3:30 mark]. Thanks to Screen Rant reader Orlando for following up with the video:

Cage’s Ghost-Rider involvement had recently been called into question, just as National Treasure 3 pre-production started – leading many to wonder whether Cage would be forced to hang-up his flaming skull. However, National Treasure 3 director, John Turtletaub, dispelled the speculation:

“He’ll make both. Also an actor’s schedule is three to four months. Whereas a movies takes a year and a half. So it won’t be an issue.”

In addition to announcing his return to the Hellcycle, Cage also confirmed the recent rumor that Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, the duo behind the Crank films, will take-over Ghost Rider directorial duties.

While confirmation of Neveldine and Taylor’s involvement is encouraging, as the duo definitely favors the brand of edgy violence that was absent in the first film, it’s important to note the pair also wrote the screenplay for critical, and commercial, disaster Jonah Hex.

ghost rider hellcycle Nicolas Cage Returning to Blaze in ‘Ghost Rider 2′ [Updated]

In addition, the Neveldine and Taylor announcement also makes it harder to know which aspects of producer Mike De Luca’s comments, back in January, are still on the table.

At the time, De Luca touted there would be a new director (confirmed) as well as a harder-line PG-13 rating (likely – given the level of violence in Neveldine and Taylor’s previous work). However, he also mentioned that the sequel will take place in Europe and “[push] the reset button” on the Ghost Rider franchise – neither of which makes a lot of sense, given Cage’s return.

Personally, I wish they had pressed the reset button a lot harder – and left the original Ghost Rider behind.

ghost rider 2 nicolas cage Nicolas Cage Returning to Blaze in ‘Ghost Rider 2′ [Updated]

Given the lack-luster, anti-climactic, cheese-fest that was presented in Ghost Rider, it makes sense to reboot – but it doesn’t make sense to reboot with Cage attached. Not to mention, Cage’s performance (or at least casting) was one of the worst aspects of the original film. Returning to Ghost Rider also feels a bit like a step-back for the actor, who did such a great job parodying a comic-book hero in Kick-Ass.

In the end, for most people, Cage’s name isn’t synonymous with the Ghost Rider character – so it’s hard to understand De Luca’s dedication to the actor. Then again, maybe the recent mess brought-on by recasting the Hulk every three years has got Marvel wanting to play it safe.

Source: Collider

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  1. this movie might be alright, im kinda ify about Nicolas Cage playing as the ghost rider, but we will see.

  2. Well I liked Nick Cage in Ghost Rider IMO he did a good job (it was the writing and director that was all wrong).

    till next time

  3. I predict it flops and the rights revert to Marvel…I don’t often say this but Cage is too old to be playing this character. I tcould work on so many levels if it is just given the treatment it deserves. I would love to see GR turn up in the Dr. Strange movie but alas Marvel doens’t own film rights to both characters.

  4. Nic was one of my favs actors but I just don’t find him interesting in superheroe role.

    as for Ghost Rider, I hope they have learned from the mistakes of the first movies, accept the criticism and bring something interesting and fresh, not just the same thing we saw with bigger CGI or action scenes. They can learn of what Guillermo del Toro did with Hellboy.

  5. i second the that i dont think he should be a super hero either.

  6. Jensen Ackles would make an awesome Ghost Rider. Ya think.

  7. I for one am Happy Cage is returning, I think he did a great jb in GR1, even though I will admit the ending was a bit lackluster. Kinda ify n the Crank Directors handling this though, Crank 1 was …ok and Crank 2 IMO was horrible in every way, but nonetheless I am Happy 😀 (Still upset about Norton though, yeah I know it’s unrelated)

    • @ greenknight333

      Once again thanks. That was pretty funny and cool.

  8. I can’t wait for this 1!!! G.R, my fav comic book hero of all time. I have all the comics & every version of the dvd’s there is. Can’t wait to see & add this one to my collection.I’ll take it to my flamin grave

  9. cage is a good actor, its just that the movie was done wrong.
    i was really hoping marvel would get the rights back, it would have been good to see a proper story etc done with a somewhat decent character – one that has potential.

    i don’t think the next instalment is going to be good, especially since the guys behind crank are involved (which imo was one of the worst movies to date)

  10. GH 1 had it’s problems here and there, but that was Mark Steven Johnson’s fault for not handling a great character. Nic Cage was a good choice of actor, he just was pointed in the wrong direction, thus resulting him acting hammy as the Spirit of Vengeance.

    Now N/T is a pretty good directing duo, so I’ll give this movie a shot. Just so long as we don’t get Ghost Rider flipping cops off again.

  11. Look lets get it straight. Ghost Rider could’ve been a much better film-had they not of screwed up the character of Ghost Rider so bad..Its pretty bad when the best parts of the film were when Nic cage was getting his paycheck-the rest of the cast including Fonda(MISCAST)and the bad guys especially the CGI were horrible and misplaced..It almost felt that there were two stories, actually 3 if you count in the whole western aspect of it(the scroll-whatever blah blah)….When they do the next film,they need to have a tight scriptand story,a better Mephisto who isn’t just grumbling and looking like he’s hungover and better villians as well as a much better,moving and interesting Ghost Rider who doesn’t seem like a cgi covered robot…

  12. also in the Mephisto category, get Jack nicholson..before he’s dead.

  13. I didn’t love Ghost Rider but I had no problem with cages performance in it I thought he was a great choice for the role and did the best he could with what they gave him.

    • maybe jon travolta shouild give it a try, with his impersentaion of cage

  14. Facepalming already

    The first one was an absolutely god-awful abomination of film. A Ghost Rider film could have seriously been a very dark and gritty film, but no, dumb the character down, give it terrible actors with a terrible script and voilà.

    Ghost Rider really is a great character but I honestly don’t see Hollywood ever being able to do justice to him.

  15. Ghost Rider was cheesy goodness!

    Ok let’s compare the flaws between it and TDK,,, who’s first?

    • ha ah! i know youre not serious 790:P

  16. I agree, that movie was totally Mark Steven Johnson’s fault. I enjoyed Daredevil, but Ghost Rider – I could see why people didn’t like it. Ghost Rider was never meant to be a cheesy film. Now, I thought Nick Cage was fine. But I wouldn’t be surprised if his performance wasn’t stellar simply because the only reason he was doing the first Ghost Rider movie was because he wanted to portray a comic book character, not because he liked the script or the movie’s direction, especially if he HAD read about the character, which he probably did.

    Kick-Ass had an obviously very intelligent team behind its production, so Nick Cage was much better there.

  17. I’m willing to give him a second chance… I’m just worried I’ll be let down by another crummy Ghost Rider flick.

  18. Just saying hello to Daniel Hi Daniel:)

  19. Lol ok hi rogue

  20. The first film was painful to watch. Hopefully, they can make it better, but with Cage returning, I won’t hold my breath.

  21. I really like Nicholas Cage as an actor but Ghost Rider was CRAP and Mark Steven Johnson is a terrible writer and director. Daredevil was only just marginally better but still a very mediocre film and I”m talking about the director’s cut.

    Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor might be able to give GR2 an edgier “Supernatural” feel and I will probably check it out. Overall though I would rather see a complete reboot and a younger dude as Johnny Blaze.

    Russ mentioned Jensen Ackles as a suitable candidate. I would say that’s a pretty good call.

  22. Nick is not the Ghost Rider they need to get Edward Norton to do this. He would totally nail it!!! WILL SMITH could do it to!!!! Big Willie is the Ghost Rider!!!!

    • You know I think I would like to see Will take a shot at this too. He definitely has more charisma than Cage and I could imagine him making you laff one minute then scarring the urine out of you the next. You know in the end I can’t see why they don’t hire Roy Thomas or Don Perlin to come up with a story and assist in scripting it? Then too I don’t know the details of their contracts with Marvel either…

  23. OHmigawd, Nic Cage chewing up the scenery AGAIN…I’ll be giving it a pass…

  24. If Sony don’t begin production of Ghost Rider 2 by November or something, don’t the rights revert to Marvel? g****** it, why can’t this crap be delayed instead of The Hobbit?!

    If Marvel do get the rights back, I would be okay with them making a new Ghost Rider film starring Cage. The first film, while bad, had no continuity-defiling elements, so integrating it into the Marvel cinematic universe might not be such a bad idea (the same can’t be said for films like X3). I think Cage did a good job with what he had to work with.

  25. I hope this one is a little more dark. The first one he could of rode a bigwheel.

  26. While I strongly disagree with some of the commenters and Ben’s post (although it could be argued that the applause was just because they are Cage fans and are being kind. What they really want to see is a sequel to Valley Girl,27 years later, right?! Or perhaps they all are Neveldine/Taylor fans?)…to me the worst things about the first film had nothing to do with Cage – it was the writing of the villains and that bad actor named Wes Bentley that made it less enjoyable.

    I am also liking the idea of Ghost Rider riding around through Europe, old castles and other open landscapes out of a morning fog. I am VERY skeptical on Neveldine/Taylor. The only plus I can see with the duo at this point is the duo’s filming style and habits (no/limited second unit; HD video, quick setups) with maybe a mild alteration (in regards to FX). However, I must also keep in mind that the sequel also involves bits of an early draft from David Goyer.

    I’m looking forward to Ghost Rider 2, despite Neveldine/Taylor’s involvement. I hated the Crank films, hated Gamer. But the duo keeps budgets down and the films made some profit. Something’s working.

    • I definitely agree that many of the first film’s problems were a result of the writing and direction (and as a result, forced Cage to act with a lot of poorly written dialogue and, in general, awkward scenes). I actually really like Cage in a number of roles.

      However, I think it’s hard for Cage to pull off a dark franchise character. In his dramatic roles, he does great. But, if you look at his recent films, his roles are tongue-in-cheek and campy (which work for him). It’s just not the right tone for the Ghost Rider character (not to mention Cage is a bit too old, in my opinion). Maybe Neveldine and Taylor will be able to get something darker out of him.

      I’m definitely hoping to be wrong, because I’d love to see a good Ghost Rider film. I just am skeptical this is it – and really would have preferred an all-out-reboot (especially if it could have reverted back to Marvel).

    • thanks dude I thought I was the only one who liked the first GR everytime I come on this site and GR is talked about someone is dissing it and yes Wes Bentley did screw up the movie but its still worth watching but the old saying is always true those who can make movies do and those who don’t have the talent to make movies start web sites and whine about movies LMAO

  27. I liked the rider movie ok the jellybean thing was stupid but not all comicbook movies can be great like the dark knight (batmans mouth full of rocks) but the rider looked cool and the ghostcycle is 100% cooler than the batpod

  28. “Lengends has it”… “The story goes”…”The tale tells it” hope the writing is a little less redundant this time. Should work out though. The first one had its ups…and downs.