Nickelodeon Creates Primetime Programming For Moms

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NickMom TV Nickelodeon Creates Primetime Programming For Moms

Nickelodeon has announced a set of original primetime shows under the programming block NickMom. Evolving the familiar Nick Jr. and TeenNick designated scheduling, NickMom will be launching an upcoming late night block of shows that, according to the press release, will be “a mix of original long- and short-form humor-based programming, including talk shows, stand-up and sketch comedy, hidden camera and more.”

Nickelodeon has recently revealed a list of what NickMom will be serving up nightly, including NickMom Night Out, The Judi & Kate Show, Mommy Double, The 5th Hour, It’s Nighttime with Annabelle Gurwitch, Oblivious, and My 63 Moms.

Read on for the descriptions of the announced NickMom programming:

  • NickMom Night Out (26 episodes): Currently part of Nick’s late night block. It’s a stand-up comedy show that takes moms out for a night at the comedy club and features comedians Judy Gold, Corey Kahaney, B Phlat and Deena Blizzard, all offering their humorous takes on parenting.
  • The Judi & Kate Show:  Set to be a real-life, modern-day Laverne and Shirley, following two moms who are video bloggers with a lot to say. The Judi & Kate Show will be a show within a show with a unique take on motherhood. Executive produced by Coolfire Productions (Welcome to Sweetie Pies).
  • Mommy Double : Brings in a mommy double to assist moms with getting the job done. Executive produced by Magda Liolis and Eileen Braun (Figure It Out, Bet the House).
  • The 5th Hour:  A sitcom inspired by morning news shows and hosted by mom comics in the roles of the news team. Executive produced by Mad Cow Productions (Madeleine Smithberg, executive producer The Daily Show with Jon Stewart), Sarah North and Jordan Tilzer (Roar).
  • It’s Nighttime with Annabelle Gurwitch : A talk show that looks at the world through Gurwitch’s unique “mom-colored glasses”, executive produced by Gurwitch and Elyse Roth (former The Daily Show producer).
  • Oblivious: A game show contestants don’t know they are on, where unsuspecting moms get the chance to answer trivia questions for money. Executive produced by Scott Stone (Stone and Company, Brain Surge).
  • My 63 Moms: Completely uneducated about babies, comic and first-time mom Andrea Rosen turns to moms across the USA to tell her everything they think she needs to know. Executive produced by Linda Schaeffer and Barbara Kanowitz Small, with Andrea Rosen.

NickMom TV 2 Nickelodeon Creates Primetime Programming For Moms

NickMom senior VP Bronwen O’Keefe had this to say about their new ambitious endeavor:

“Nickelodeon has built a strong relationship with moms over the years, and we see a great opportunity to serve them with content just for them with NickMom. The pick-ups of ‘The Judi and Kate Show’ and ‘Parental Discretion with Stefanie Wilder Taylor’ underscore our strategy to create original content on air, online and for mobile that will tap into the unique humor that moms understand.”

NickMom already has a fully functioning website, with more mom-centric activites. Some of these shows sound moderately interesting at best, but it will remain to be seen if actual moms want to sit and watch programming directed towards what Nickelodeon believes mothers will enjoy, instead of watching general programming that is directed towards, well, anyone with a television. Paternity not required.


Catch the launch of NickMom this fall.

Source:  Variety

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  1. This is STUPID!!! I only let my kids watch Nick Jr, and because they are not in school yet, they go to bed around 11pm. They have learned so much from nick jr and I love it, but this nickmom crap is just plain garbage. There are NO other stations at nighttime that play good kids tv, so I’m stuck with watching same old disney movies at night time. PLEASE GET RID OF THIS CRAP WE (Me and several of my other mom friends) HATE IT!!!!!! If I want to watch TV I’m going to watch shows that I’m already into or netflix.

    • My children also go to bed late and you are absolutely right sprout and other channels do not have those “good” cartoons like nick jr. Nick wanted to make shows for mom so we could finally “relax” and I have not met a mom who enjoys any show on nick mom.

    • I enjoy Nick Mom, the shows are entertaining and put a bit of humor in everyday things that moms experience. There aren’t many shows on t that do that thee days. Just like you prefer to watch shows that you already like or those that are on Netflix your children have that same option. Netflix has quite a few of the Nick Jr cartoons available.

  2. Pretty terrible for those of us on the west coast. It starts at 7. My 3 year old goes to bed around 9 since I get off late and have to pick him up when I get off work. So when we get home around 7 it’s already on and he’s wondering where his shows are. Pretty sure the phrase “hand job” doesn’t belong on nick jr. whether he knows what it means or not. There are pleanty of other channels to watch when he goes to sleep. Nick Jr. needs to know what their niche is and stick to it. They screwed up getting rid of moose and zee and now they’re headed straight downhill. I’m sure I won’t run into these problems on Disney Jr.

    • Totally agree. Why would they take moose and zee of anyway I loved their songs. They are really messing up with this nick mom it is so inappropriate. I live on the east coast so I can’t even imagine how terrible it would be if this came on even earlier.

  3. Take it OFF! This is a disgrace, this is a kids station. Was my childs favorite, now he can NOT watch Nick Jr. A 3 year old doesn’t understand why either. Take this GARBAGE OFF. Start up ANOTHER Nickelodeon station seperatley for Moms and LEAVE this one ALONE!

  4. Agree. Get rid of Nick Mom! It’s obvious everybody hates it. My 3 year old daughter is so mad that she can’t watch her nightly shows Dora, Yo Gabba Gabba. Whoever had the say so for this idea needs to be fired! I guess they didn’t realize are kids are still up after 7pm. SMH.

  5. I hate nick mom. So stupid. Period. I have plenty to watch on other channels. My 3 year old does not.

  6. I just heard the word “titties” on nick jr. Its really ridiculous. I HATE nick mom. Like I’m going to kick back & watch that crap. My 3 yr old used to watch before bed. Not anymore obviously.

  7. Please get rid of NickMom. I don’t think it’s ok for my 2 and 3 year old to be hearing derogatory language on a channel that’s supposed to be geared to that age group. Now they can’t watch their favorite shows before bedtime and that has made them very upset. Thanks for disappointing many children (and parents) across the country with this disgraceful and demeaning excuse for “television”.

  8. Nick Mom is garbage. My 4 children are not asleep by 10 even though we try. I their an online petition I can send my complaints to and support taking this crap off!!!!

  9. Omg you all sound ridiculous, going on and on about how your kids can’t watch tv. Here’s a thought…

    • why are u on here?

  10. Absolutely the STUPIDEST thing that Nickelodeon could have done. I thought getting rid of Moose and Zee was bad, but this takes it to a whole new level. Why would I want to watch these “mom” shows when I have so many other channels that I’d rather watch? My son often stays up until 8:30pm before going to bed, and he likes to watch Nick Jr. But because we live in Arizona, the childrens programming is replaced with adult content shows about sexual discussions and drinking alcohol! Who’s dumbass idea was that!!??

  11. Nickmom’s sex talk is disgusting at 7pm in CA and at 4pm in Hawaii (YES 4pm when kids get out of school!!!!). Get rid of this perverted garbage. My 4 children under 3 want their cartoons back so we have had to switch to PBS sprout. It’s like Viacom is trying to get preschools hot for sex to set them up with a pedaphile later on. GET RID OF IT it is highly offensive programming!

  12. I was so upset when I turned on the tv so my son could watch his favorite shows before bed. I don’t like nickmom at all.

  13. I was so upset when I turned on the tv so my son could watch his favorite shows before bed. I don’t like nickmom at all. I have still have sprout!

  14. I hate the new Nick Moms.

    I live in ALASKA.

    Nick Moms comes on at SIX IN THE EVENING. Just when I’m trying to keep the kids occupied so I can make dinner. And yes, I do have cable. That’s when it’s on on my cable.

    I would not watch that idiocy even if it WERE on at an appropriate time. I do not need other comedy channels, I have cable. I have plenty to choose from, that is, you know, actually FUNNY.

    Let me know when you fix it. I’ll be over at Disney Jr. Where the magic begins and they don’t think they’re Comedy Central for a random time block.

  15. Is nick serious with this show? There r plenty of adult channels for moms to watch…nick may think kids r sleep at a certain time…however since my daughter is a night owl I used to put it on her favorite channel for her to watch so she can sleep…this nick mom stuff is unnecessary and garbage…plz get rid of it ASAP!!

  16. NickJr lost this mom as a viewer when they switched formats.

  17. I don’t have a clue why all of you are going so crazy about this, except for the fact that you now have to deal with your children yourselves. Poor poor you. You’re all the same as the other “concerned” self-righteous parents who complain about other television programs. Let me clue you in – you may actually CHANGE THE CHANNEL if you don’t like it and stop screwing everything up for everyone else!!! Or, perhaps, you can pop in a DVD, upload netflix, or whatever else you have personally chosen to be acceptable for your children to view. Children that age don’t care where their silly programming comes from anyway. I, personally, believe these shows to be absolutely hysterical, so please do not cancel these television shows!!

    • And that’s exactly why your the only one who finds these dumb shows funny. We actually care about our kids that’s why they don’t need garbage on THEIR channel. There are plenty of channels for moms and not enough for kids.

      • No, I’m definitely NOT the only person who believes these shows are funny. If I was, they wouldn’t still be on and getting such great ratings. Get your self-righteous head out of the sand. All you have to do is DVR the shows you do approve of and play them when you’re just too tired to deal with your own children. My son goes to bed at 8:00 p.m., after I read to him. I don’t plop him in front of a television. Yes, I’m tired after I work in a law office as a legal assistant for 8-10 hours a day, go home, take care of everything, make dinner, talk to my husband and son, etc., but I still have a sense of humor and enjoy funny television programs.

      • I know how you feel :o

      • Hmmm…
        maybe you could write a note to nick.

    • Here’s why *I* this – I have a daughter with severe autism, and the one thing we could always count on was Noggin/Nick Jr. being on for her, no matter what time it was! She has sleep issues, as many kids on the spectrum do, and frequently wakes up between 10 pm and 3 am. Tonight she woke up at 1 and came out to turn on the TV, and NONE of her shows were on! I consider myself lucky that we’re not in the middle of a screaming meltdown, waking up all the other members of the household! This is not a matter of “Now I have to deal with my kid myself!”

  18. I dont know why they started this dam show my girls love watching nickjr! It only suppose to be for kids they should have a new channel called nickparents for parents 24/7 and nickjr 24/7 for kids and I hate they stop showing moose and z on nickjr also! They need to make some adjudtments

  19. Please take nick mom off. It is not funny and my kids are usually up watching Yo Gabba Gabba or other cartoons at 10:00. Keep it nick jr. Some kids have trouble sleeping and need some type of cartoon to watch to put them back to sleep. I’m a mom and I would rather watch Dora and Diego over nick mom any day. If nick wants a “nick mom” get a new station instead of robbing the kids station away from them!

  20. NickMom needs to be taken off air. My son goes to bed at 8:30pm but NickMom comes on at 7pm so he has nothing to watch. No one wants this rubbish, its awful.

  21. I was annoyed by the change, so my solution was to give another channel a try. I don’t like to support Disney… But in this situation we have started watching Disney Jr. Some of the shows are good… It just takes a little getting used to. We now like Special Agent Oso, Handy Manny, Jungle Junction, Mickey Mouse Club & Doc McStuffins. I think Doc McStuffins is her favorite on this channel.

  22. First of all, NickMom is NOT Nick Jr.! Separate programing on the same channel. I’m the Father of a 5 yr. old girl and I’m not a big fan of NickMom, but Nick Jr. ratings suck at night and the they need to make money, hence NickMom.

    So here are a couple of suggestions: The shows repeat all day. Your kids like certain shows? RECORD THEM! Ever hear of a DVR or TiVo! Or check out On Demand. Better yet, don’t let your kids watch TV! If your kid is going to bed at 11pm, why? Young children ideally should be getting 10 to 12 hours of sleep at night. If you change their bedtime from 11pm to 8pm when they start school you’re asking for trouble. Here’s an idea, spend some time with your child. If your child is in daycare for 6, 8 or more hours a day why would you pick them up and plop them in front of the TV? You don’t get these years back, make the most of these moments for your kids sake as well as your own! Play with them, LOVE THEM!!! Your child will definitely appreciate it.

  23. You took off Little Bear and Little bill for this stupid show! Not only is it stupid, but some of their jokes are very inappropriate!

    And I’m sorry, but not all of us can afford a dvr or things to record it! I know I’m an adult, but I enjoyed watching little bill and little bear at 2:00am-4:00am now “That’s what we call carol Brady” and Nick mom are on! Both are so stupid.I think these belong on Teen Nick or Nick at Night; not Nick Jr.

  24. Could you put nickmom on another station. Inappropriate for a station intended for children. Nickmom is just like like uncut that used to come on bet.. That got took off and Im pretty sure in about six more months nickmom will be taken off too. BAD MOVE TO TRY AND MAKE MONEY.. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY THEIR JOKES SUCK!!!! LAME WITH ALL LETTERS CAPITLAIZED LOL.

  25. Nick mom is the worst idea ever! If I want to watch shows I would not choose to take away my daughters. Nick Jr is perfect all day til that crap starts. They are low budget reject shows that no one will enjoy ever. Now my toddler is watching other random cartoons that do not teach her like the Nick Jr ones do. I hope the people in charge realize this is a bad move and they are actually loosing viewers

  26. Who invented Nick Mom?

  27. :o