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Jeff Daniels The Newsroom HBO1 HBO Renews The Newsroom for Season 3

Aside from The West Wing, Aaron Sorkin isn’t exactly known for his hit television shows. The critically acclaimed writer and producer – who won an Academy Award for his work on David Fincher’s The Social Network – was behind two short-lived series in Sports Night and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Both series were beloved by critics and developed a cult following but still faced the network chopping block. So fans were understandably hesitant to let themselves fall in love with Sorkin’s latest project, HBO’s The Newsroom.

That series provides an inside look at the world of television journalism and centers on anchorman Will McAvoy, played by Jeff Daniels. Since its debut last summer, The Newsroom has steadily gained a following and snagged a few high-profile awards nominations to boot. Following up on this success, the show was renewed for a second season, and now comes an even greater indication that The Newsroom isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

HBO has announced that The Newsroom has been renewed for season 3. This news follows up on a recent message from Daniels – via his Twitter account –  in which the actor beat the network to an update on the show’s fate. 

Jeff Daniels ‏@Jeff_Daniels

It’s official. #Newsroom coming back for a Season 3.

newsroom waterston mortimer daniels HBO Renews The Newsroom for Season 3

The series’ ratings have seen an increase since season 2 started this summer. So The Newsroom‘s return isn’t necessarily a surprising one but certainly a welcome turn of events for its burgeoning fanbase. It also marks something of a show of good faith from HBO. Given the pedigree The Newsroom has with Sorkin and the ensemble cast led by Daniels, there’s no reason that the show can’t proudly sit alongside other current HBO series like Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire.

The network has proven for years that it’s something of a haven for unique and edgy series that might be cancelled prematurely on traditional networks. Perhaps previous Sorkin projects Sports Night and Studio 60 may have lasted on HBO and been spared the fate they suffered on ABC and NBC, respectively. All signs point to the fact that Sorkin may have found a network where his talents can truly have the time and creative freedom to thrive.

Are you looking forward to season 3 of The Newsroom? What do you hope to see next season? Sound off in the comments below with your thoughts.


The Newsroom airs Sundays @ 10pm on HBO

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  1. Re, the Newsroom: intense and passionate, not slick, these news gatherers are as disturbed by the bad news they report as I am in hearing it. The tea party coverage captures the real danger I feel–that these heathens will tear down even our universities if they can. This is news gathering as I want it to be and it sustains my hope. The acting is mesmerizing: Jeff Bridges apologizing to the college sociology teacher with such self criticism and honesty that she is instantly swept into his world. And the self-examination of the pain felt by the brilliant economist humiliated by her adman lover, and the compassion expressed by the program director as they sit together on the floor under his desk whispering together in the dark in his office? Riveting! Watched it a dozen times as they sat unmoving, drawn close without touching and little view of their faces–the scene filled with her rage and a growing sexual tension like one seldom encounters, the program director falling in love with her as she talks. And Jane Fonda? From infuriated rage to giggling pleasure when she shows her mercurial array of values– when Bridges expects to be flayed and fired, but she screams: “dammit, we will not yield to these critics; you’ll get our credibility back.” And the blonde reporter who went to Africa, who, before that, I thought was just a light-weight actor. But then came the death of the boy in her lap, her haircutting, the stony recapitulation of events in Africa–under the gaze of the female legal counsel–then she showed an intensity of pain with scarcely a muscle movement of her face–even tho’ she herself was emotionally wounded near to death. I am dazzled and hope to be watching Newsroom the rest of my years. I’ve been provided criteria for gauging our pathetic ad-driven “real” news companies. Please thank everyone on that set.

    • Great post! You nailed everything I have felt about the show!

    • I love The Newsroom and agree wholeheartedly with 80 percent of your post. I’ve watched seasons 1 and 2 so often I practically know them by rote. The one blatant problem I find in the show is the Maggie character. Beyond being obnoxiously sure that she has the right to interfere in the lives of her roommate, immediate superior and others – she never has to deal with consequences. Even the tragic death of the child in Africa is all about “poor Maggie” and not the causes behind those real-life conditions. In reality, she would have been fired for incompetence in season 1 and frankly, I wish she had been. I hope that the introduction of Jim’s smart and believable new love interest means the end of the Maggie train wreck. She adds nothing to the program and is/was completely unbelievable as Jim’s “rosebud destiny”. Every other character (even superficial and self-centered Don) is note-perfect. I think we’re supposed to find her quirky and cute, but instead she’s like an irritating stone in your shoe. PLEASE there must be a good storyline to get I’d of her!

      • I couldn’t agree more. She is nothing but irritating and not one of those characters that you ‘love to hate’. She adds nothing and should be written out.

      • But ‘poor Maggie’ is for me the central character. How she has developed and her love interests have been a key part of the show. Yes she is quirky, and wonderfully so. To see how she survives in the newsroom maelstrom has been fascinating too, leaving us with a belief in her brilliance despite her haphazard personal life.

      • Agree with every comment… the only character that is sadly poorly written and poorly acted is Maggie…

    • I agree with most everything, and also agree with others about the Maggie character. She is a bit annoying and adds little to the overall story. I find this show to be so intriguing, with its straight forward truthful Tea Party lack of real care for this country, to it’s classical whimsy that makes me laugh, even if only to myself. I can’t wait each week for the next chapter, and have been only mildly bored with 1 episode. I still remember being caught in the grasp of this incredible acting group and story telling, with maybe the best piece of writing, and the incredible delivery by Mr Daniels on the first show, with his speech about the truth of America being the greatest country in rebuke to the college student. Too much of that statement is TRUE.

    • Bravo. Couldn’t have said it better. I can’t wait until season three News Room.
      Can’t start soon enough!

    • Yes, a very good review of the show. I just want to point out that Jeff Bridges is NOT in The Newsroom series, it is Jeff Daniels.

      Either way, I look forward to season 3. Love this show.

    • Nailed everything I think and then some! Got chills just reading about the actress who portrays Maggie. Love the show, LOVE the writing.. LOOVEE the chills I get from watching it every time. Couldn’t be happier to Google it and find that it’s coming back! I was hoping that since Daniels won best actor.. we’d get to see more.. and we do! Horrah!

    • Completely agree. Especially about Maggie. Love her.

  2. Over here in Northern Ireland have just finished watching season two of the Newsroom. Can’t wait to see season three, like the West Wing great T.V.

  3. The Newsroom – hard hitting, emotional roller coaster of a show, but manages to be poignant, funny & romantic all in one beautifully (Sloane Sabbath!) acted series.

    The Newsroom maintained it’s quality in every episode of every series – great job & cannot wait for series 3!

  4. My favorite show of all time, mostly because it represents liberal idealism in a mostly authentic way without too one-sidedly trashing the opposition. It’s difficult beyond words to characterise the American Taliban fairly. No one in any realm has done so. To me, they’re a reaction to the degradation poured on them by the left. I’d like to see that view represented. But Sorkin et al are being as fair in representing them as anyone could without this insight.

  5. I found this show because of a post on Facebook. I absolutely adore the show. I am very grateful that it is coming back for a third season. I am looking forward to Maggie and Jim becoming a couple…. Sloane and Don too….oh and Will and Mackenzie better get married. This show has taught me more about the news world then actually watching the news.

  6. We found out about Newsroom after the first season and have viewed all of the episodes in several multi-episode viewings since. We loved West Wing and love Aaron Sorkin’s dialoge writing. We have the entire West Wing series on DVD and are going through it again (maybe 4th time). We are government political people, so we have some insider exposure to the what that series was about. I would opine that seasons 1&2 (WW) were not as good as the rest so I am looking forward to improvements in season 3 of Newsroom. The key was presenting confirmed liberals and conservatives in all of their many flavors, not oversimplifying things.

  7. I found the ending of season 2 to be an uncharacteristic melodrama. I didn’t feel that I was left hanging in anticipation of season 3. The plot requires conflict real or imagined. There are currently at least five active scandals smoldering in Washington DC. How about “The Newsroom” leaning toward the counterpoint from the “mainstream” media and finally exposing the utter lies and fraud of Obamacare, the NSA’s unimaginable constitutional violations, the deceit of surrounding our Libyan ambassador’s death.

    My point is to simply say that the mainstream media is complaisant in the impending demise of our country. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to see the media self examine and admit that their liberal blank check bounced?

  8. So we have a season 3: best TV Newsroom in à long time. Brillant, well-written, hard hitting, I’ve watched all 19 episodes at least 4 Times. I am dissapointed that they are so many Newsroom haters out there. It Is probably the result of this amazing polorization of anything political in the USA. It seems no one is willing to listen to an argument on its merit. Since Président Obama had his share of fiascos lately, it’ll be interesting to see if Mr Sorkin Will adress them

  9. As the article points out, Aaron Sorkin’s other TV series (Sports Night and Studio 60) were adored by critics and fans but faced the network chopping block early in their runs. I am one of those fans who adored both of these shows and I recommnend that fans of the West Wing and The Newsroom go back and revisit these shows as well. Wonderful writing and brilliant casting! Enjoy!

  10. why did the Newsroom change it’s opening theme from pictures of famous broadcasters to general buildings and interoffice movements?

    At any rate I would like to see the Newsroom return to more issue oriented politics as we nonconservative people need a voice. Not every Republican is part of the extreme right and this group of people are not being heard. If we nonconservative people remain uninterested or not involved with our choices for representation, we will find ourselves stuck with an extreme right agenda.

    The Newsroom might be able to start a dialog in this country about solid representation that is not extreme to either side to the right or to the far left. We are NOT RINO’s.

    I love watching this show and I do hope that Aaron Sorkin keeps this series going for a few more years.

  11. I am only 13 years old and this show has officially inspired me to become a journalist when I grow up. McKenzie McHale is the best person in the fictional world! I am so thankful to all the actors and Aaron Sorkin for providing a window into a world of intellectual, motivated, well-spoken, (and romantic) people that I have come to adore! The cliff hangers from episode to episode completely made my summer!

  12. I can’t wait for season 3. This is one of the smartest shows on TV

  13. I believe Aaron Sorkin is a brilliant writer. I love the dialogue! I regret the end of The West Wing (I have all seasons on disc and have watched them a dozen times) and I have season 1 of the Newsroom and will buy season 2 as soon as it’s available. I’m thrilled that HBO has signed for season 3 and can’t wait for it to start. My only regret with Sorkin is that he’s not bringing back/doing more West Wing. Write On Aaron!

  14. Looking forward to a third season! This is the series I stay home to watch, anticipating each new episode and celebrating the quality of writing and the skill of the acting. The characters are intelligent and multi-dimensional.
    Wow – a smart, dramatic show without guns, torture, or dead bodies to examine. It CAN be done…

  15. Just finished Season 2. One of best series I’ve ever seen.

    I have NO idea what I’m going to do for the next 6mos

  16. Loved The West Wing. Loved Sports Night. Loved Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Love The Newsroom. Thanks Aaron Sorkin, for making watchable TV.

  17. Fantastic news! I have been an avid fan of all of Mr. Sorkin’s work, and “The Newsroom” certainly continues his tradition of crafting well written, well acted stories that are interesting often humorous, and finally, human. Thank you to HBO for their continued support.

  18. it is the best writing on television. Sorkin is brillant. I was a huge West Wing and Sports Night fan. I really do think he is a genius.

  19. I have absolutely zero interest in politics .. don’t shoot me, just sayin’.

    So why do I absolutely love The West Wing and now The Newsroom???

    Who cares .. bring on Season 3!!

  20. It will be tricky negotiating the personal relationships in Season 3. The finale in Season 2 pretty much ties up all of the loose ends with Maggie and Will engaged, Don finally hooking up with Sloan and Jim and Maggie seeming to have moved on. Unraveling that without alienating all of us will take some doing.

  21. I really loved how they gave Jeff Daniels’ character a voice – especially speaking for the many MANY non-crazy Republicans in the country. He represents why many people became Republicans… good people who care about their country, but are not ALL religious, anti-gay nutjobs.

    I love this show, but I really liked season 1 a lot more. Season 1 seemed to have multiple storylines that started (and ended) within the season. Season 2 had… Genoa – from the first episode to the last episode… with a very light sprinkling of other random stories. I really hope that they go back to the insightful show that provided a peek into how a cable news network operates, and how it affects the lives of people working there.

  22. Full disclosure: I’m a tea party republican. I did however enjoy this series.

    And please don’t quote these fictional facts as basis for your arguments, because most, if not all, of these facts, were just plain fiction. I found it amusing how many times during my discussions of politics, how people would pull these facts out and I had no clue where they’d gotten them from… Of course I tried to research these “facts” (learned on this series) and came up with nothing substantial. Only after seeing this series did I finally figure out where people were getting some of these ridiculous assertions.

    With all that said, I’d like to see equal opportunity offending by tackling some of the ridiculous things that left wingers have uttered, like “we have to pass it before we’ll know what’s in it” or the constant notion that the constitution was a racist document because it treated blacks as three/fifths of a person. (Note to reader to research that, you’ll find it’s the exact opposite)

    I’ll be interested to see season 3. Hoping that they drop the goofy love story subplots that read like a high school after school movie. There are so much deeper interpersonal relationship concepts that could be explored as subplots.

  23. Also, I love Jeff Daniels in his role… Although sometimes I mentally see him juxtaposed in Dumb and Dumber… Lol. But seriously, he’s made a great transition in my opinion to a hard hitting prosecutorial news anchor.

    I’d love to see the current crop of wishy washy mainstream news anchors have even half the hard hitting questions like the older generation had (RIP Tim Russert… A fantastic journalist who’s replacement pales in comparison)

  24. Heard about this show from one of my friends and I think him quite often. My favorite show hands down and I’m so excited they are coming back for Season 3. Thank you HBO and Sorkin! Keep up the great work!

  25. What great writing Aaron Sorkin, thank you. I have been a fan of all of your work down under in Australia. It s very good news to learn that Series 3 is coming….
    We need to applaud good writing and production without using violence and yet still entertain us. I can see some similarity in themes between the White House and Newsroom. Aaron wearing his heart on his sleeve methinks! Oh but I do enjoy it.
    I think the US audience can be a little too critical of this fictional piece (or nitpicking as we say in OZ). The series is about clever use of language whilst entertaining and provoking thought. But it does not need to carry every viewers pet issues. And please lay off the character of Maggie…..this is a perfect portrayal of someone finding their way in a tough business environment.
    Enjoy and put another shrimp on the barbie!!!

  26. I hope that Aaron Sorkin is following this site.

    Aaron, please write 10 episodes. not 7 or 8 but at least 10 episodes for 2014. I love your ability to create honest and interesting dialog. you really are brilliant.

    The Newsroom is the only reason that I have HBO. Once this series goes off of the air I will leave HBO.

    Thank you for sharing your brilliance,


  27. The Newsroom sports the smartest dialogue on television. In fact, it is the smartest show that I have ever seen on television in my 66 years on this planet. I look forward to every episode and can watch each one over and over again, without getting bored. The subject is topical and it’s center is crucial to the mission that Jeff Daniels posits in the first season: “we must return to civility.”

    The idea that our country can be micromanaged politically by big money corporations that can corrupt what news is intended to be, is scarey. That HBO is willing to stick it’s neck out and expose such chicanery, is heroic. I have introduced no less than 25 people to this show.

    It never occurred to me that we didn’t have the likes of Walter Cronkite, Huntley, Brinkley, Murrow, and Wallace on the air anymore. The men we looked to for the truth and assurance when things were getting out of control in the world. That Jane Fonda sits at the head of the network, is fitting and ironic — given how most folks of our time thought she was a traitor.

    Bravo, HBO

  28. Love the Newsroom! Love Jeff Daniels! Looking forward to season 3!

  29. A Johnny-come-lately but huge fan of the show. Looking forward to Season Three.

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