HBO Renews ‘The Newsroom’ for Season 3

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Jeff Daniels The Newsroom HBO1 HBO Renews The Newsroom for Season 3

Aside from The West Wing, Aaron Sorkin isn’t exactly known for his hit television shows. The critically acclaimed writer and producer – who won an Academy Award for his work on David Fincher’s The Social Network – was behind two short-lived series in Sports Night and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Both series were beloved by critics and developed a cult following but still faced the network chopping block. So fans were understandably hesitant to let themselves fall in love with Sorkin’s latest project, HBO’s The Newsroom.

That series provides an inside look at the world of television journalism and centers on anchorman Will McAvoy, played by Jeff Daniels. Since its debut last summer, The Newsroom has steadily gained a following and snagged a few high-profile awards nominations to boot. Following up on this success, the show was renewed for a second season, and now comes an even greater indication that The Newsroom isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

HBO has announced that The Newsroom has been renewed for season 3. This news follows up on a recent message from Daniels – via his Twitter account –  in which the actor beat the network to an update on the show’s fate. 

Jeff Daniels ‏@Jeff_Daniels

It’s official. #Newsroom coming back for a Season 3.

newsroom waterston mortimer daniels HBO Renews The Newsroom for Season 3

The series’ ratings have seen an increase since season 2 started this summer. So The Newsroom‘s return isn’t necessarily a surprising one but certainly a welcome turn of events for its burgeoning fanbase. It also marks something of a show of good faith from HBO. Given the pedigree The Newsroom has with Sorkin and the ensemble cast led by Daniels, there’s no reason that the show can’t proudly sit alongside other current HBO series like Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire.

The network has proven for years that it’s something of a haven for unique and edgy series that might be cancelled prematurely on traditional networks. Perhaps previous Sorkin projects Sports Night and Studio 60 may have lasted on HBO and been spared the fate they suffered on ABC and NBC, respectively. All signs point to the fact that Sorkin may have found a network where his talents can truly have the time and creative freedom to thrive.

Are you looking forward to season 3 of The Newsroom? What do you hope to see next season? Sound off in the comments below with your thoughts.


The Newsroom airs Sundays @ 10pm on HBO

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  1. Absolutely love this show. Interesting stories, great acting, great humor and great writing. Look forward to every episode and hope it lasts for years. I know the show has a lot of “haters”, but I find it amusing that they keep watching it so that they can keep complaining about it. Sorkin must be doing something right. Would prefer they go back to Season 1′s opening music/video montage, however. Some were offended by it seemingly comparing a fake newsroom to famous newsrooms of the past – I found it entertainingly nostalgic.

    • I just finished watching series 2 and also found myself wondering about the credits, however i thought maybe it was to do with series 1 being about getting back to the way the news was produced ie without advertising playing a massive part and the credits paying homage to the moral and ethical stance in which newsmen were held in yesteryear and the current journey ACN were on with trying to wake Jeff Daniels from his malaise and get back to those roots. The second series title change perhaps reflected that journey being complete and now that they had their morals in place it was time to report the news the proper way only in hd and with fancier cameras. Or….. perhaps i think too much?

    • I agree! I really loved the season one opening and I still miss it. The new one leaves me cold so I skip it, something I NEVER did with the season one opening.

  2. Wonderful show! Beautifully written – magically performed. I do hope everyone on the show can continue to laugh off the criticism, aimed at undermining their success, as it putrifies into very sour grapes. Aaron – amazing job. Never ceases to surprise, amuse, make us laugh or cry. Jeff and Emily and a great team, make the Newsroom what it is – award winning stuff!

  3. Please never let this show end! Honestly I’d like to see more tea party bashing. Haha

  4. Absolutely fantastic! Offering factual events, in the midst of love stories is brilliant and simply great television!

  5. Excellent!
    A reason to keep HBO!

  6. The Newsroom is a great show and in spite of its corney-ness, I found the finale oddly satisfying.
    I wanted more of Will taking down the GOP insanity. I hope more will be served up in season 3.

  7. I wonder if this show, because of it’s subject matter, will ever get the good press it deserves. In my opinion it rightly spits in the face of the modern news broadcast and unfortunately it’s difficult to as the judge for leniency when you’ve just finished his or her car. This show has ruined the news for me and I say that in the most loving way possible. I’m glad that HBO has renewed The Newsroom for its third season and look forward to how it will ultimately tackle the events of the last two years.

  8. I was a huge fan of West Wing and Studio 60 and when I heard about Sorkin having a new series on HBO I got the service and keep it for this show – hope it lasts for years!

  9. Absolutely love the show, have watched everything Sorkin has written,
    great to hear that “Newsroom” is coming back. Good intelligent television.

    Best of luck for the future1

  10. Just LOVE this show! Never miss it and watch it again and again On Demand.

  11. I bought the first season of “The Newsroom” and fell in love. This is first rate Aaron Sorkin work. The cast of character’s acting is very close to how a newsroom runs and the actual show open’s up dialog about past events. I signed up for HBO just to watch the second season and I am happy to hear that there will be a third season. I reach out to HBO and Aaron Sorkin to keep this show running for years. Had the show been cancelled, I would have canceled HBO. “The Newsroom” is the only reason I have an HBO subscription.

    Awesome work and necessary to the cause of non tea party Republicans. Not all Republications are far to the right and we are not just Republicans In Name Only. We need a show like “The Newsroom” to help shed light on the Tea party take over of our country. After this past budget standstill we need the show to bring out the danger involved with what truly happened in this country and if we stay the course with the Tea Party, this country will be ruined.

    Go HBO! Please keep “The Newsroom” rolling.


  12. Brilliant, love it!

  13. here’s an idea: let hbo pick up a second season of studio 60!!!!

  14. Everyone in my family loves this show and we watch it obsessively and repeatedly. To say we are ‘fans’ is not a strong enough statement. The subject matter, tone, and writing of the show mirrors the divide currently experienced in America, the division of personal values that’s separating us. We don’t share the same values “anymore,” if we ever did. Perhaps the biggest shift since my parents’ generation is that America is less homogenous than it’s ever been, and those holding on to the past don’t know how (and don’t want to know how) to update their thinking. This show reflects that reality, between old and new-think. Sorkin himself says the show is inspired by his sentimental father, so that should tell you where its ‘heart’ is located—in the past those of us who are post-50 are now watching slip away, just as every previous generation has done. I personally see this show as a show that reveals the disparity between the way things used to be, compared to how they are now. I realize it’s only a story, but it nonetheless tells us a lot about ourselves, how we respond when a (somewhat distorted, it has to be said, due to Sorkin’s apparent sentimentality) mirror is held up to our values. Having said this, I would also add that “Newsroom,” “Boardwalk Empire,” and possibly Bill Maher are why we keep HBO (and the occasional movie). If these shows go away, and are not replaced with similar or better quality writing and acting, I know we’d stop subscribing to HBO.

  15. I just finished Disc 2 of season 1 and love the show. Can’t wait to get the next DVD. This will be something to fill the void now that Breaking Bad is over.

  16. Love this show! My whole family is addicted to it. Sorkin has a way with words like no other writer we are currently seein on the small screen. One of a few reasons I can never give up HBO. can’t wait for season three.

  17. Te Newsroom is terrific! Surely the creator will do series 3 …ok it took a while for the public to catch on, but now we all GET IT!!! It’s a complex Dynamic after all…give us a chance!!

    Come on get stuck in…best show on TV ABSOLUTELY. I loved West Wing. But this has real teeth.

  18. Absolutley rapt The Newsroom will be back for another season. Just finished watching series 2 that I recorded and I want more!! Just don’t want to wait another year for it :(

  19. For me, this is the best series since West Wing. My husband and I considered canceling HBO to cut costs for retirement, but will keep it and cut back somewhere else as long as The Newsroom is still on. Please add more episodes to the season.

  20. The News Room is quite possibly one of the best shows on UK TV today.
    It had me hooked from the opening scene of season one last year and i have been a massive fan of it.
    Great story lines, great actors, i look forward to watching this on Sky Atlantic every week and truth be told i hope this show goes on for many years and i hope it is picked up by UK Freeview stations too.
    Fingers crossed there will be more episodes if future seasons.
    This along with The Walking Dead are the greatest shows on TV.

  21. I am not an american so all the tea party bashing that goes in the show is something that i have no understanding of but still the way other events are covered is fascinating. The ensemble of characters is so interesting, the way they ended season 2 is going to be a bugger in season 3 but hopefully they will fall back to the way season 1 was and not hold onto a single thread like genoa. Anyway cheers and hope that season 3 priemers soon

  22. Only yes, yes, yes – one of the most thought-provoking shows in the last several years – i will watch as many seasons as we get…


  24. I love this show. It was one of the reasons I got pay TV in the first place. I love the West Wing (actually I think am obsessed by is more accurate)for being smart and funny at the same time and The Newsroom is even better. I’m hoping for at least seven seasons of this show just like West Wing.

  25. Easily the best “intelligent” drama since West Wing. Superbly written, beautifully acted, and what about Jane Fonda? She just gets better.

  26. I hope the good people at HBO are reading these comments. I live in England and it translates so well, so long as you have some interest in US politics of course, which I do.

    It may be true that Will McAvoy’s anti-evangelical/tea party ranting is nothing new but the writing is great and the cast is even better, which means Mr Sorkin can get away with a little preaching now and then – just don’t over do it please!

    The Newsroom is so refreshingly intelligent and we are craving stuff like this, especially as this show is the complete opposite of the reality TV junk that both the US and my own country should boycott to save what’s left of our dumbed down brain cells. Um, on that note, so sorry for the awful exports. Based on this show, I can tell you’re being a little nicer to us in return.

    Season 3 – can’t wait!!

  27. I’ve just finished watching series 2 of The Newsroom and went into a minor panic when I saw loose ends being neatly tied (on the romantic front). I thought The Newsroom was being wound up, I’m delighted to see it’s coming back for series 3!
    I loved, loved, loved the West Wing so when I saw Arron Sorkin was behind The Newsroom I was not letting that chance go of watching something beautifully intelligent grow week by week in front of me. Thank you HBO for amazing dramas, thank you Arron Sorkin for creating a fantastic series and thank you Jane Fonda for looking amazing and giving us all hope that we too could look that good.

  28. I love the show. Valid plot and story and it sort of compliments the idealistic perspective i have to things whilst keeping it all realistic.
    Hoping they go on for a few more seasons.

  29. I just can’t wait for season 3 to come. It’s really a great show. It seem to me that political journalism isn’t so different in Denmark and the US

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