HBO Renews ‘The Newsroom’ for Season 3

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Jeff Daniels The Newsroom HBO1 HBO Renews The Newsroom for Season 3

Aside from The West Wing, Aaron Sorkin isn’t exactly known for his hit television shows. The critically acclaimed writer and producer – who won an Academy Award for his work on David Fincher’s The Social Network – was behind two short-lived series in Sports Night and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Both series were beloved by critics and developed a cult following but still faced the network chopping block. So fans were understandably hesitant to let themselves fall in love with Sorkin’s latest project, HBO’s The Newsroom.

That series provides an inside look at the world of television journalism and centers on anchorman Will McAvoy, played by Jeff Daniels. Since its debut last summer, The Newsroom has steadily gained a following and snagged a few high-profile awards nominations to boot. Following up on this success, the show was renewed for a second season, and now comes an even greater indication that The Newsroom isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

HBO has announced that The Newsroom has been renewed for season 3. This news follows up on a recent message from Daniels – via his Twitter account –  in which the actor beat the network to an update on the show’s fate. 

Jeff Daniels ‏@Jeff_Daniels

It’s official. #Newsroom coming back for a Season 3.

newsroom waterston mortimer daniels HBO Renews The Newsroom for Season 3

The series’ ratings have seen an increase since season 2 started this summer. So The Newsroom‘s return isn’t necessarily a surprising one but certainly a welcome turn of events for its burgeoning fanbase. It also marks something of a show of good faith from HBO. Given the pedigree The Newsroom has with Sorkin and the ensemble cast led by Daniels, there’s no reason that the show can’t proudly sit alongside other current HBO series like Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire.

The network has proven for years that it’s something of a haven for unique and edgy series that might be cancelled prematurely on traditional networks. Perhaps previous Sorkin projects Sports Night and Studio 60 may have lasted on HBO and been spared the fate they suffered on ABC and NBC, respectively. All signs point to the fact that Sorkin may have found a network where his talents can truly have the time and creative freedom to thrive.

Are you looking forward to season 3 of The Newsroom? What do you hope to see next season? Sound off in the comments below with your thoughts.


The Newsroom airs Sundays @ 10pm on HBO

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  1. The news that “Newsroom” is getting a third season just made my day. It’s great to know that one of the most intelligent shows on TV will be back.

    • The Newsroom is one of the best shows to hit TV in a long time and now I understand they are taking it off. Any of my friends that I told about the show are now watching it and love it as I do.
      Keep it going.

  2. I simply love this programme and I don’t understand why it is not the most popular thing on TV.

    • Because half the Country prefers to support the RNC!

      • Perhaps if the show portrayed Republicans fairly and discussed issues in proper context instead of being a propaganda tool for the left it would be the most popular show on TV.

  3. The most intelligent show on tv, love it ,
    fast paced, good character development
    Well written and acted

  4. I’ve been a fan of Sorkin’s style since Sports Night and new his talents were simply too edgy and too intelligent for free network television. He’s too fast, too current, cuts too close to the bone. The majority of the public can’t keep up let alone “get” the running gags. Sorkin and The Newsroom are BRILLIANT! I can’t get enough. I really hope HBO doesn’t let Sorkin fall victim to the same fate as basic television, rises above and supports this amazingly talented writer.

  5. Dirty little secret. Studio 60 got higher ratings than 30Rock. But 30 Rock was cheaper to produce. Anyway, where can we find a home for David E. Kelley now that Aarron is settled in?

  6. I hope this is not the final season…Im so happy it has been renewed.

  7. I dont understand why this show didnt gain any popularity.This is one well written show with strong characters

    • Because the show is actually a tool for the political left. Republicans, in general, as well as conservative philosophy, in general, are grossly distorted; thus, half the potential audience it could have refuses to watch it.

  8. Great show! The most intelligent show I’ve seen in a very long time. Also very funny. Please bring I back!!

  9. I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying watching the series-My son bought me the first series for Christmas and I was blown away-It is so nice to see shows that don’t rely on special effects-The cast is perfect-I hope this show continues for a long time because the writing is beautiful-

  10. Aron Sorkin is incrdible,I can’t wait to see what HBO buys next!

  11. One of the best shows on tv… Intelligent and edgy … I love the characters and how the storyline mirrors real events … Please don’t let this be the last season!!!

  12. thank you — it is captivating and informative and human. The characters feel real and we certainly know that the news is — but seen from a different perspective.

  13. Fantastic story line with great characters and actors. Always an interesting night watching this show; I can’t wait to see the this years episodes!

  14. My husband and I love the show for its intelligence and witty banter. It is entertaining, but smart and brilliant. One of the best shows on television. Great cast!

  15. Finally, an incredible show with intelligent writing saying what should have been said. Perhaps, the success of the show will entice someone to actually try and do what The Newsroom is seeking to accomplish!

  16. Just recently i was introduced to ‘The News room’ by a friend and have over 3 days watched the entire 1st and 2nd season. I read that the show is coming back for a 3rd season but only 6 episodes and this would be the last season. Really not impressed when you get hooked on a show and then they cut it. I feel like mabe i won’t watch the 3rd season simply because i don’t want the let down of only 6 episodes and the rumour that that main character is leaving. All too disappointing. I like it when a show holds strength and sticks around by hook or by crook and lets us enjoy the ups and downs rather than just giving you a taste and then leaving you high and dry.

  17. Thrilled. Delighted. Excellent ensemble, writing, characters. Love this show and hope it isn’t the last season. More, please!

  18. We love Newsroom. I hate to see it go. It is the best of HBO and I don’t understand how they are canceling a show after it won awards. Amazing to me that any show that has any intellect to it gets cancels. Networks focus is on people who if their IQ was 5 points higher they would be a lizard. I get so tired of stupid sit cons, reality shows and sing offs.
    Newsroom is just to smart I guess. Really sad to have it leave.

  19. Game of Thrones stays and The Newsroom goes. Games of Thrones is full of violence and sexual exploitation and therefore must be celebrated.

    The Newsroom is full of fast pace intelligent dialog and no violence or unclothed women so therefore it must go.

    I think that the real reason that The Newsroom is shutting down is that Aaron Sorkin angered journalists and media heads. The format offers the charator playing the Anchor license to interject his opinions and real jaurnalists try not to do that.

    I know that Arron S apologized to the media at a film festival and said that had he been able to do The Newsroom over again it would have been done differently. (Paraphrase)
    The Newsrooms ending it’s run is such a shame.

  20. Just read that VEEP has been renewed, I just watched the 1st show; barely made it to the end. We can keep that but not The Newsroom? The powers that be REALLY need to rethink that decision!!!

  21. Very disappointed to learn that the 3rd season will only be 6 episodes and will be the last ever… Is the idealism displayed in this show too much for the media to handle?

    • No; the unprofessionalism of an anchor displaying his opinions during interviews of guests and blatatnly taking one side over another during news reporting is one the biggest reasons professional journalists were, justifiably, upset about. An anchor providing his/her opinion is acceptable during an editorial or similar opinion-based presentation and NEVER when “reporting the news” is the venue.

  22. Fantastic!! A truly fine piece of work!!!

  23. Some of the best writing on television. Its a shame when some of the best news reporting is done not by the news, but by a fictional news team. If only actual news programs would take their lead from “The Newsroom”. The “Macavoy” approach should be taken by all news people.

  24. I have watched and lovedNewsroom from the beginning. I am so disappointed with HO for canceling this show. I have been an Aaron Sorkin fan thru each of his shows he is brilliant!

  25. The Newsroom is the only series on television which discusses current issues, comments honestly on those issues, and dares to challenge its viewers to think. No other show is this relevant and thought-provoking. Additionally, no other show matches the edgy West Wing series. Those of us who look forward to the integrity of the content of each episode of The Newsroom as well as the ongoing courage of its writer will be sorely disappointed when it goes off the air. Regrettably, the major losers will be those of us who do not fear controversy; we invite it. And I, for one, applaud the courage of this series’ writer. To him I say, “Don’t allow any network to damper your enthusiasm, or kill off what you choose to write about. There are many of us who are and shall continue to be your most ardent fans. Thank you.”

  26. The BEST show on TV, ever. Can’t wait for season 3!

  27. I’m just working my way through Season 2 again, to help refresh my memory in readiness for Season 3. I love the intelligence of the show. Serious issues are mixed with humor, and character flaws are on full display. The subject matter is very interesting from ‘Down Under’ as our current government, called liberal, but really conservative (it’s an Aussie thing) are being influenced greatly by a radical move to the right. Having said that, I realize the show is written for thoughtful entertainment value, not current reality.

    Aaron Sorkin has to be the most creative and intelligent writer coming out of the USA at the moment. I was a huge fan of The West Wing and can see some parallel themes in the Newsroom. I sincerely hope the entertainment industry continues to back Sorkin projects, so we can look forward to more mindfood whilst being entertained. Aaron’s creative projects soars miles above the usual mindless rubbish dished out ad finitum.

  28. One the best shows on TV! Well written, sharp and witty dialogue. Excellent cast and storylines. Please keep watching everyone and keep this show on TV.

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