‘The Newsroom’ to End After Season 3

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Newsroom Ending After Season 3 The Newsroom to End After Season 3

When The Newsroom earned a third season, it seemed like a sure sign that the show was here to stay. But earlier today, when HBO officially confirmed its season 3 renewal, it also announced that it would be its final season. Like so many Aaron Sorkin shows before it – Sports Nights, Studio 60 on the Sunset StripThe Newsroom appears to have worn out its welcome.

Centering on Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels) – a lead anchorman for the fictional ACN – and his staff as they struggle to produce a nightly news show amid political, social and commercial pressures, The Newsroom had a steadily growing fanbase. After a rocky start, season 2 of the series was generally better reviewed and it earned higher ratings than season 1. On top of that, Daniels took home the Emmy for Best Lead Actor in a Drama last year.

HBO President, Michael Lombardo, said of the series:

‘The Newsroom’ is classic Aaron Sorkin – smart, riveting and thought-provoking. I’m sure this farewell season will be one to remember.

So, why the cancellation when the series was just beginning to pick up speed? Season 2′s production issues and the difficult negotiations between HBO and Sorkin over season 3 (which caused the initial delay in renewal) might be the cause. Season 2 was reduced from 10 episodes to only nine after what Sorkin referred to as a “false start,” according to THR. This led to costly reshoots and delays in filming, and subsequently, Patton Oswalt‘s role was cut from season 2 altogether.

Much like The West Wing before it, The Newsroom strove to soften our cynical opinion of reporters and anchors in the brave new world of the 24 hour news cycle. Sorkin described the series to THR as an “idealistic, romantic, swashbuckling, sometimes comedic but very optimistic” look at the people responsible for the news.

newsroom season two preview daniels The Newsroom to End After Season 3

Unlike Sorkin’s previously prematurely canceled series, The Newsroom was thought to have stronger odds at lasting on HBO than it did on a more a finicky, network channel. Apparently even on premium cable, TV shows are judged solely for the money they earn, and on that front, The Newsroom wasn’t a strong contender. After all, it was costly to produce.

In addition to The Newsroom, 2014 also marks the end of True Blood and Boardwalk Empire. This leaves Game of Thrones as HBO’s most popular program, with new series True Detective and Silicon Valley yet to prove their staying power.

Did you hope to see The Newsroom continue for longer? Are you more or less excited now that season 3 will be its last? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


The Newsroom‘s third and final season will air in the fall of 2014.

Source: Variety

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  1. It is a shame that great shows as this one is not more prevalent in our society. Thought provoking, smooth running, bringing both humor and seriousness to today’s headlines. I believe many of us are very disappointed in today’s programming, I was hoping that HBO would hold their course of good programming. I think from what I have read that most of us would ask the executives at HBO to reconsider their options. I’m sure this time HBO is going to lose a lot of their customers but they probably don’t care anyway. There isn’t enough money for good programming after all we do have reality shows.

  2. One of the greatest shows on television today. My husband and I love to have our Sunday night “Newsroom” together. We look forward to it all week. Clever, intelligent writing, entertaining, dramatic yet comedic, perfectly cast. LOVE, love, love this show. HBO, please reconsider!

  3. The Newsroom was the most important show on television. It was the best written. It honors the news profession rather than demeans it…which the GOP does every chance it gets… Why…because the truth hurts, and like disenfranchising millions of Americans to help win elections they have no right to win…it’s easy pickin’s.

  4. I love Aaron Sorkin’s work and I love this show. Intelligent, witty, humorous and serious,this show presents viewpoints from both sides of the political aisle, as well as opening meaningful dialogue on current social and moral issues. It’s got great acting, wonderful character development and is thoroughly entertaining. I’m so surprised that HBO is not renewing beyond season 3. I believe we’ll look back and see this terrific show as one that got away.

  5. Its shows like this that get the brain flowing and show how real world jobs can be interesting to younger generations. I don’t understand why these HBO shows are not able to renew their contracts. They are losing viewers when there are only a limited amount of quality shows left. Yes, I have seen True Detective and it is okay, but Silicon Valley will not survive. Boardwalk Empire was my favorite HBO show, and after only 5 seasons, it was discontinued. I hope there are people out there who are not always in it for the money and cared about the viewers.

  6. My family really enjoyed the smart, quick witted and thought provoking dialogue. We are very sad to see Newsroom go. The characters are raw and honest and that made the show really compelling to watch. There aren’t enough shows like this on TV.
    I don’t suppose they would reconsider? Wishful thinking!

    Thank you to the cast for all your brilliant performances. You will be missed!

  7. Love this show. Hate u HBO

    • Right?! i mean its a great show. It sucks to see that HBO doesnt see that. HBo is starting to get stupid and boring cancelling great shows for stupid ones

  8. i LOVE the show, so pissed its ending.

  9. Newsroom: best darn show on TV…
    and you know those never last…
    Read between the lines HBO of the show you are cancelling… it is all there, you just can’t see it.

  10. I believe everyone at ACN, the fictionalised News Station, recognised what state the world was in themselves and that is a state of ‘Reality Madness.’ Thinking people are NOT part of the masses, and television is primarily sold to the MASSES, because the MASSES means BIG BUCKS and BIG BUCKS keeps everything chugging along. Even the Lansing’s (the fictionalised owners of ACN) had to think long and hard into their thinning bank accounts, putting their moral awareness to one side and had to decide whether they wanted to put out GOOD solid news or the gossipy crap that most people cling onto these days. Rear Window addiction. The state in which the wonderful Newsroom has found itself in – being cancelled and pulled, is just the same state and fate that their fictionalised ACN had to deal with on a daily basis. “Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life.” So don’t blame the Big Boys out there who pass out the cheques for these brilliant dramas and then axe them before their shelf life date is well and truly extinguished, but blame instead the cretins who choose to watch instead some inane reality TV persona spitting on the footpath. Maria Antoinette said, “Let them eat cake” and with obesity on the rise in mammoth proportions I guess this is yet another example.

  11. i’m sad I thought newsroom was the best show I’ve seen in a decade. it’s really a shame to see it go it will certainly be missed I’ve already watched all the seasons twice and I find riveting I see no reason to see it go away.

  12. I am quite disappointed to learn that yet another show that I looked forward to each season/each week will be cancelled. This show had a fresh storyline and was engaging enough to keep me wanting more. I don’t understand why a show about vampires lasted as long as it did and yet I can’t watch a show that actually makes me think about the world we live in and the struggles that go into telling me what I need to know about it are being cancelled. I guess now I will just go back to watching mindless television and start reading more books because HBO doesn’t have what it takes to keep a “GREAT SHOW” on the air. Very disappointed in the end of one of the best shows that I have seen on television in a long time, actually the only reason that I paid for HBO in the first place.

  13. I think The Newsroom is one of the best shows on TV. I have been waiting for Season 3 and I’m really disappointed to learn it will be the last. I think it is ending way too soon.

    It’s difficult to find good adult programming any more. I find I’m reading more and watching TV less. If it’s all about the bottom line, HBO should consider the future viewers they will lose.

  14. They need to keep the show. It’s the best show on television. More people should watch the show, but they are more concerned about the Kardashian’s and other b******* television drama that brainwashes people. If more people watch the show and actually understood the meaning behind it, the world wouldn’t be the way it is. Continue the show or I will start a riot outside of sorkins house.

  15. It is honestly a shame that this show will be cancelled! I can’t believe it. I started watching the show at 21 yrs old and found it really interesting and LOVE the characters. They should give it another chance really. Promote the show more! I mean when it returned i didnt even know it was returning! They just took it off air at season 2 and that was it. I fiund the season 3 premier by luck! Such a shame that good shows like these arent given more time. Honestly i love this show. You suck HBO.

  16. Game of Thrones the most popular HBO series?

    Maybe Newsroom got cancelled because it wasn’t moronic enough?

    OTOH, I have not seen anything of Season 3, but thought Season 2 was a step down from Season 1… So maybe The Powers That Be At HBO see a trend…