‘The Newsroom’ to End After Season 3

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Newsroom Ending After Season 3 The Newsroom to End After Season 3

When The Newsroom earned a third season, it seemed like a sure sign that the show was here to stay. But earlier today, when HBO officially confirmed its season 3 renewal, it also announced that it would be its final season. Like so many Aaron Sorkin shows before it – Sports Nights, Studio 60 on the Sunset StripThe Newsroom appears to have worn out its welcome.

Centering on Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels) – a lead anchorman for the fictional ACN – and his staff as they struggle to produce a nightly news show amid political, social and commercial pressures, The Newsroom had a steadily growing fanbase. After a rocky start, season 2 of the series was generally better reviewed and it earned higher ratings than season 1. On top of that, Daniels took home the Emmy for Best Lead Actor in a Drama last year.

HBO President, Michael Lombardo, said of the series:

‘The Newsroom’ is classic Aaron Sorkin – smart, riveting and thought-provoking. I’m sure this farewell season will be one to remember.

So, why the cancellation when the series was just beginning to pick up speed? Season 2′s production issues and the difficult negotiations between HBO and Sorkin over season 3 (which caused the initial delay in renewal) might be the cause. Season 2 was reduced from 10 episodes to only nine after what Sorkin referred to as a “false start,” according to THR. This led to costly reshoots and delays in filming, and subsequently, Patton Oswalt‘s role was cut from season 2 altogether.

Much like The West Wing before it, The Newsroom strove to soften our cynical opinion of reporters and anchors in the brave new world of the 24 hour news cycle. Sorkin described the series to THR as an “idealistic, romantic, swashbuckling, sometimes comedic but very optimistic” look at the people responsible for the news.

newsroom season two preview daniels The Newsroom to End After Season 3

Unlike Sorkin’s previously prematurely canceled series, The Newsroom was thought to have stronger odds at lasting on HBO than it did on a more a finicky, network channel. Apparently even on premium cable, TV shows are judged solely for the money they earn, and on that front, The Newsroom wasn’t a strong contender. After all, it was costly to produce.

In addition to The Newsroom, 2014 also marks the end of True Blood and Boardwalk Empire. This leaves Game of Thrones as HBO’s most popular program, with new series True Detective and Silicon Valley yet to prove their staying power.

Did you hope to see The Newsroom continue for longer? Are you more or less excited now that season 3 will be its last? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


The Newsroom‘s third and final season will air in the fall of 2014.

Source: Variety

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  1. Season Three was the BEST YET! It’s ironic when the show is about providing quality to the viewers instead of just going for ratings. The unfair thing is that ratings are a broad demographic. Is there no room for a show with some intelligence and political relevance? Does the “average viewer” call the shots for everyone?

    For the same reason, the BBC dropped Silk Another great show to bite the dust.

    There should be some room for excellence.

  2. what a shame! it’s clear and plian obvious that the audience, at least the part that cares enough to get informed and commnet, did NOT want the show to end! it’s clear and plain obvious, that Sorkin had a loads to say through the show, that the characters have tons of development to exploit on. f****** hell, I’d even look a fictional News Night with Will McAvoy if they had it! Pepolpe from all over the world like this series, and not only do we want more of it, but we also think it is a very healthy form of art expression: you were building an amazing thing! From Argentina I ask not to kill The Newsroom

  3. I hate that the Newsroom is cancelled. I don’t watch a lot of HBO’s many dramatic series. I am selective in what I watch on TV. I always pick the ones that get cancelled. I was invested in these characters and rooted for them every week. The show made me cry, made me laugh and took my breath away. Jeff Daniels was a welcome site on TV again. I’m going to miss you all. I will follow Olivia Munn throughout cinema. I bought all of the seasons of The West Wing and will do the same for The Newsroom.

  4. What a shame! Such a great show! The best on HBO!

  5. Loved the show
    Have watched each episode at least three times
    Great characters
    Final season too short

  6. Very sad to see such a great program get cancelled over trivial differences between the network and producer. This was one of the best shows I have ever watched and is the only reason I subscribed to HBO. I can now cancel and put that money to better use.

    Best regards

  7. Very sad to see such a great program get cancelled over trivial differences between the network and producer. This was one of the best shows I have ever watched and is the only reason I subscribed to HBO. I can now cancel and put that money to better use.

    Best regards

  8. Good writing is orgasmic. Aaron Sorkin is that and more. His shows elevate thought and cause a higher level of response to the mundane. I own all episodes of Sport Night and Studio 60, and most of West Wing. I now own Newsroom 1 and 2, and am awaiting purchase of Newsroom 3. Geese. Is there no room for intelligent, thoughtful, thought provoking, high minded fare on TV? I guess not. Why has HBO stooped to catering to the reality TV type cr**? Oh, I know, you don’t have to pay for actual writers. Dear HBO, don’t troll and become bottom feeders for your audience and then expect loyalty. Loyalty comes from people who bother to expect more, and then when they receive it – they become loyal. If you want loyalty, respect your audience! You didn’t gain me as a demographic by pulling me from another channel – you GAINED me by pulling me from real life. Newsroom brought viewers IN from the non-TV watching demographic – and that’s something. SHAME on you for dropping this show. I will eagerly await Aaron Sorkin’s next booking. Good writing is orgasmic.

    • I just saw 3 years of episodes in 5 days. Great Series. But you also learned something in the series I hope. Don Quichot. It is not about intelligence. It is about money. So that is why King of Thrones is way more popular. Cutting of some ones head at random (the only -maybe – novel idea in this series) is what people like. Not a story you might think about after you saw it.
      Sorry my english is not correct and i don’t correct capitals.
      Some things are as presented in this series, except that they only dared to show 1% of what happens in real life. So, as you should know, that is not what is allowed in the SU. Only entertainment.
      adrie from amsterdam,nl.

      • Je hoeft je nergens voor te schamen qua Engelse taal gaat prima zo.

    • I couldn’t agree more. Especially about the writing. Aaron Sorkin is my favourite writer for small, and silver screen. I also bought Studio 60, and the 4 seasons of The West Wing that Aaron wrote as well as the first 2 seasons of The Newsroom. I’m beginning to think that the networks, whether they be premium like HBO, or regular networks, are dumbing down TV for the average viewer. I, and it sounds like you, and everyone else posting on this, are not the average viewer. And this is enough to make me abandon HBO.

      • Paul, I couldn’t agree more….I’m so sick of the crap that they put on TV and call it entertainment….they are deliberately keeping intellectual out of entertainment for a purpose, and that is the reason I believe this show was discontinued….

        sad….how television brainwashes society.

  9. Amazing Show. I still am extremely upset that it ended.

  10. Jammer want het is een hele goede serie.
    Kennelijk net als op tv (in het echt) moeten series het ook hebben van $$$
    Wat erg jammer is. Wat blijft er dan voor’n rotzooi over?
    Hoe ziet het eruit over vijf en tien jaar van nu?
    Allemaal eenheidsworst?

    Shame this season 3 is the end of all this.
    I really liked the show. So series also need to bring in money or else they will be canceled? The whole worlds only seems to be about $$$ )-



    Why is season 2 not on HBO-on-demand?????????????????

  12. A big portion of the show was about quality programming versus ratings threatening ACN, and this show got cancelled because of ratings, despite quality programming. Very ironic and sad. I really loved this show, and am very disappointing to see it go. Bad call HBO!

  13. so I just finished watching season 3 & I have to say I am very sad that this is going to be the final season. Even with knowing that the AC and networks in the series is totally fictional it definitely got me interested in real world news and I have to say that in the last month I have watched the news more than I ever have in my entire life and have become very much involved in politics and what’s going on in Syria I had high hopes that the show would continue as definitely help open my eyes to things that are actually going on in the world.

  14. Very sorry to see it end. You need to rethink it and bring it back

  15. Such a shame it was axed, IMO one of the best series of its kind ever, well crafted storylines and an excellent cast. Although fiction it did strive to prove that a right wing reporter can have a social consience, something the BBC would consider heresy, however Sam Waterston’s portrayal of the editor stole the show for me, I had tears in my eyes during his funeral in the final episode.

  16. Good series. Hate to see it go. HBO series are mostly good. But they are not to many going well. True detective season 1 was excellent. But almost 2 years till season 2?? Way to long

  17. sad this is cancelled – a lot of people I know are only just hearing about it, some networks need to realise these things can take time for word-of-mouth to get around about a show. I only started watching this 6 months ago and I would love a few more seasons. I thought the script was extremely witty, intelligent and fast paced with a bit of dry/sarcastic humour, as well as, being very relevant to what is going on in the world around us so anyone interested in the economy/politics/ current affairs will really enjoy it. Not just senseless drama – it is intelligent television… It needed time to catch peoples attention :( what a shame – given one more season I think it would have been very popular.

  18. I actually just got HBO 2 weeks ago. I watched the very first episode of The Newsroom…and I was hooked. I binge watched every episode. Best show ever on TV, ever! Why in the world would such a great series end after only 3 short seasons? Go figure.

    • What horrible decision are sometimes made by big TV industry. The Newsroom was one of my favourite shows of the last years and they cut it short. At least with shows such as Boardwalk Empire, Entourage or Californication they allowed the series to evolve and end gracefully.
      This is almost as bad as Deadwood. Simply no respect for the viewers. Daniels was great and I look forward to seeing him in another show.
      greets from the Netherlands, Y’all

  19. One of the most brilliantly written shows there has been on HBO. The chemistry of the cast is dynamic. . Such a disappointing decision on the part of HBO and Mr. Sorkin. Another loss for HBO

  20. I agree with all the above comments. I think the difference with myself is that in 2011 I pulled the trigger and cancelled my satellite service. I got tired of paying premium prices for mediocre content. I put pen to paper and realized that I could BUY exactly what I wanted to watch at a fraction of the cost of cable/satellite. Yes I might have to wait but so what? Everyone knows that movies and TV series make much more money on DVD sales than the actual viewership of a movie or TV series not to mention advertising dollars. That’s ok. Let these corporate types cut their own legs out from under themselves by looking at the immediate flash in pan money vs. the long term income of a long term series. I REALLY enjoyed The Newsroom and will own all three seasons and watch it anytime I like. However because HBO has taken a short sighted view of canceling a great series they will gain no further viewedship or income I might add from a series that over a three year period produced only 25 episodes. 25 extraordinary episodes but in 5 years or so nobody will seek it out as the powerful and thought provoking series it was. No one will invest money or their time in that. Shame on you HBO. Your shortsightedness will not only cost you vieweship but from a corporate standpoint it will cost you a lot of residual income. Think on that.

  21. Easily the best series I ever watched. Better than Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire, etc.
    Sad to see it go.

  22. Yes, Here in Brazil it was huge sucees among class A and B, it’s a shame That are taking out.

  23. I just watched the final episode of The Newsroom. Like many viewers, I found this program compelling and a joy to watch. The writing, acting, and production were inspiring and far above the banal, maddening crowd of programs commonly pitched to the public. I am a loyal subscriber to HBO, especially because this organization continues to provide smart, entertaining series that draw us in. Watching The Newsroom reminded me why subscription to quality performances is rewarded with so much pleasure, intellectual stimulation, and temporary escape. And, importantly, The Newsroom reminds us of core values, ethical behavior, and the common good. Thank you, Aaron Sorkin and your cast and crew. Bravo. I will hope for an encore! HBO – please reconsider.

  24. I just found The Newsroom and was not sure if I was going to like it (before I watched it) or not. I have seen Jeff Daniels perform live here in Michigan and have seen a lot of his movies. The West Wing was one of my most favorite TV series ever and if Jed Bartlet were running for President, I would vote for him every time. Jeff looks the part of a National News Anchor and is very believable. If he actually had a news show and was the anchor, I would watch him every night. The rest of the cast, at least at the end of Season 1, was perfect as well. According to the reviews, they say Season 2 and 3 are better than the first and I LOVED the first Season.
    Perhaps Netflix will pick this up and produce a few more seasons and THEY can take the credit for this wonderful show and let HBO swing in the wind. Let’s start a petition to Netflix to revive this show and continue making news.