‘The Newsroom’ to End After Season 3

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Newsroom Ending After Season 3 The Newsroom to End After Season 3

When The Newsroom earned a third season, it seemed like a sure sign that the show was here to stay. But earlier today, when HBO officially confirmed its season 3 renewal, it also announced that it would be its final season. Like so many Aaron Sorkin shows before it – Sports Nights, Studio 60 on the Sunset StripThe Newsroom appears to have worn out its welcome.

Centering on Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels) – a lead anchorman for the fictional ACN – and his staff as they struggle to produce a nightly news show amid political, social and commercial pressures, The Newsroom had a steadily growing fanbase. After a rocky start, season 2 of the series was generally better reviewed and it earned higher ratings than season 1. On top of that, Daniels took home the Emmy for Best Lead Actor in a Drama last year.

HBO President, Michael Lombardo, said of the series:

‘The Newsroom’ is classic Aaron Sorkin – smart, riveting and thought-provoking. I’m sure this farewell season will be one to remember.

So, why the cancellation when the series was just beginning to pick up speed? Season 2′s production issues and the difficult negotiations between HBO and Sorkin over season 3 (which caused the initial delay in renewal) might be the cause. Season 2 was reduced from 10 episodes to only nine after what Sorkin referred to as a “false start,” according to THR. This led to costly reshoots and delays in filming, and subsequently, Patton Oswalt‘s role was cut from season 2 altogether.

Much like The West Wing before it, The Newsroom strove to soften our cynical opinion of reporters and anchors in the brave new world of the 24 hour news cycle. Sorkin described the series to THR as an “idealistic, romantic, swashbuckling, sometimes comedic but very optimistic” look at the people responsible for the news.

newsroom season two preview daniels The Newsroom to End After Season 3

Unlike Sorkin’s previously prematurely canceled series, The Newsroom was thought to have stronger odds at lasting on HBO than it did on a more a finicky, network channel. Apparently even on premium cable, TV shows are judged solely for the money they earn, and on that front, The Newsroom wasn’t a strong contender. After all, it was costly to produce.

In addition to The Newsroom, 2014 also marks the end of True Blood and Boardwalk Empire. This leaves Game of Thrones as HBO’s most popular program, with new series True Detective and Silicon Valley yet to prove their staying power.

Did you hope to see The Newsroom continue for longer? Are you more or less excited now that season 3 will be its last? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


The Newsroom‘s third and final season will air in the fall of 2014.

Source: Variety

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  1. I think the show is very smart and refreshing from the usual shows today that are filled with murder and gruesome acts of violence.
    The stories on Newsroom evolve in a very clever manner which Sorkin is so clever at with his fast dialogue.
    One has to pay attention and that is a good thing. I was looking forward each week to the next episode and wanting to see what is next in the
    story line. I am truly disappointed that season 3 will be the last season.
    This is a great show for people who want to be intrigued without violence and at the same time be entertained.

    • Jody,

      I could not have said it better myself! Why are all the meaningful and thought provoking shows going
      Off the air? It stinks!
      Don’t know if anyone agrees with me, but what about the fact it is such a long stretch in between
      Seasons? Almost a feakin’ year? Sure, people just might move on after several months, plus these shows only
      Put out maybe 10 episodes? What the heck?

  2. Newsroom is an amazing show with witty insight into the personal and professional lives of the characters. I hope HBO would reconsider extending the contracts and produce more seasons. It is unfair to the fans after having committed to the show. Shows like Newsroom, Game of Thrones, True detective, Silicon Valley, etc are the reasons I subscribe to HBO.

  3. I’m very disappointed that this incredibly well written show is wrapping up after only three seasons. My friends
    And I love this show! The characters were interesting and layered. It just underscores that networks aren’t interested
    In producing quality programs – only pandering to the the same group that’s only interested in violence and sex. I’m not
    certain there will be anything worth watching in a few years. It’s a real shame that HBO doesn’t see that this show set the
    bar very high! It’s what they should strive for. Instead it’s canceled. Who are these executives?!

  4. Thank god for owning the reruns. I still watch previous Sorkin’s series which I now own. I am constantly amazed how much I am surprised with the layering of content in all the writing and have not tired of watching. I am sorry that HBO has not kept on. This will be one to watch for years.

  5. I will be canceling my HBO after this season of The Newsroom. They keep shows like Game of Thrones, which is nothing but violence, sex and murder, and cancel something that is thought provoking and a pleasure to watch!

  6. Very sad to hear it’s the last season. It is wonderful to be able to watch something that makes you think and not force you to mindlessly flick around to see if there is something intelligent on. Perhaps if we had more shows like this rather than the mindless we might be living in a better world. There is not enough of shows like The Newsroom or The West Wing. HBO – please rethink.

  7. Total outrage; I have been waiting for the return of the Newsroom. I love it. What are they thinking?

  8. So disappointed…. Newsroom is such a great show. No more Boardwalk Empire?? What next… end of Veep? Please no, I love
    Sunday night HBO.

  9. Great show !!! I was hoping to watch this series for many years , one of my favorite series ever from hbo !!

  10. It’s a little more than slightly disgusting that smart shows like this are getting cancelled after a few short seasons, but shows heavy in sex and violence last for 8. Ugh.

  11. why cancel an amazing show so now we need to cancel HBO

  12. I think taking this show off the air is a huge mistake. It’s one of the best dramas on TV today. The writing and acting is some of the best. Maybe if HBO didn’t wait a year before starting season 2 and having more than 9 episodes, they might have made the “MONEY” they so much wanted.

    I hope that Showtime steps up and continues this great show!

  13. I’m an HBO fan that watches both Game of Thrones and the Newsroom. I’m also 16 and this proves difficult when I don’t understand half of the references in the newsroom (hardly hindering how much I love it) . The fast pace dialogue and pushing for fight to civilize is incredible to watch unfold on screen. To hear it was being cancelled was a complete shock to me considering every time I brought up the subject I found more and more fans. Not to downplay Game of Thrones, which yes is a little graphic at times, well actually a lot graphic, another amazing HBO collectible. Knowing one of the only smart and thought provoking shows left on tv is leaving is clearly a sad day for the rest of us tv goers.

  14. I am just heartbroken to see this series come to an untimely end. Seriously why do we cancel a show striving to elevate the conversation to make room for more banal, mind-numbing garbage. Seriously HBO, I though you were different.

  15. Just heard today that Season 3 is supposed to be the last. Will someone tell me how to directly petition a network to change their mind? Cancelling this show is madness.

    At the risk of conspiracy nut appearances – I know the TEA party and ultra right had to hate this show – I’m just asking the question – any indication that HBO was pressured by those on the ultra right that were probably offended? Cause that or contract disputes with show stars is the only reason I can think of for HBO to cancel. And there is no indication of any contract disputes. Some might suggest ratings but the ratings were climbing – the show was gaining steam – and if ratings were the problem why make a season 3? Why spend money on a show that is not making you any? I doubt it was ratings.

  16. One of the few “adult” programs anywhere on TV. Good story, good acting without the need for violence or unnecessary nudity. Sorry to see it go.

  17. The show is amazing! I’m so disappointed that this will be the last season. Such a mistake!

  18. So very disappointed, we’ve been waiting so long for the next season and now find out it will be the last!!! I can’t believe such a great show is being cancelled. We get so few good shows anymore and this one is such a winner. I hope they re-consider and decide to keep it.

  19. I have to say, it’s a shame. For me, it’s a really stunning show compared with today’s entertaining and hollow stuff.

  20. Add me to the disappointed fans with the news of cancellation. What is HBO thinking?
    Maybe another newtwork is trolling here and will pick it up. Fingers crossed

  21. The only comfort I have in watching what passes for news these days is knowing that The Newsroom exists to set the bar. Now who will keep CNN and Fox in line?

  22. The problem is the general public isn’t very smart. Shows like Honey Boo Boo are what keep people who watch TV watching. Sad commentary.

  23. It really sad these days.. great up and coming shows showing great dialogue, character developments, etc. being so quickly cancelled. And its not just HBO that’s doing it.. Fox as well. It’s just sad that most of the shows in television are reality shows for the shock effect that gets repeated year after year. Sad comment on what our society has come to ..is all I can say.
    I was really interested in The Newsroom going at least 4 decent seasons. I even bought the 1st Season on Blu-ray. What a waste.. next time no more purchases until the Series runs it full course.. get it HBO, Fox and the like.. less money for you from me… others should follow suit…

  24. I agree with every single one of the other comments, which is why are you cancelling such an excellent show!! I certainly hope someone listens, and possibly Season 3 won’t be the last. This show is right up there with West Wing and that lasted 9 seasons!! Wake up HBO!!

  25. I think the show is brilliant. Need to really pay attention to “get it”, thankfully we record it and can watch it a 2nd time to catch what we missed the first time. Perhaps it is just too clever for the general public.
    Once again HBO breaks my heart canceling a marvelous show (the first time was with Deadwood). HBO produces terrific stuff, but they are hardly loyal to their fan base. :(

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