News Flash: Internet Polls Don’t Influence Movie Casting

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tom welling News Flash: Internet Polls Dont Influence Movie CastingComicBookMovie is reporting that according to a number of online polls and surveys, Tom Welling “may just be heading to the big screen to portray the role that made him famous on TV.”

To which I say: Bunk.

Their source is a British site called Coventry Telegraph which has gone out and found a bunch of online polls and such where fans are overwhelmingly picking Smallville star Welling as their choice for the man to play Superman in the next movie. One poll has actually gathered 1,482 names voting for Tom Welling as their man to don the blue tights and red cape.

Well, damn, in that case I’d say it’s a lock.

Anyone who knows anything about the way studios really work will tell you that fan preferences have pretty much nothing to do with movie casting decisions. Sometimes they make a good call (Michael Keaton as Batman, Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man) and sometimes they don’t (Ben Affleck as Daredevil, George Clooney as Batman).

In each case fan desires had nothing to do with the choice.

These sort of polls really do nothing more than make the people adding their names to them feel like they’ve “done something.” How many polls and campaigns have we seen trying to influence Hollywood that actually succeeded? Besides the classic example of the original Star Trek back in the late 1960′s (which was cancelled after the second season but was brought back for a third after an avalanche of fan mail), and the recent (and short-lived) reprieve for CBS’ Jericho, nothing else comes to mind.

At this point there is no script (despite the noises Mark Millar is out there making), no director and Tom Welling is NOT being considered to play Superman in the followup to Superman Returns.

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  1. I think with Smallville coming to a close this year and him ending the series starting his career as Superman wouldn’t it smart to bridge the show and the film and go on from there. Because from what I’ve seen when Welling is given good material(Season 7 comes to mind) he delivers and he seems to be the guy everyone is fond of

  2. i just wish these rumors would die .
    Fat chance of that.

  3. I think online polls are funny and give us a way to see that other people find it funny too. Otherwise, you’d be an idiot to think that polls do anything for Hollywood movies. And the shows that got put back on the air was from letter writers, not polls.

  4. The problem with polls is that the responses are too often controlled. You might get five choices maximum. I won’t respond to such polls if my choice isn’t available. I think that’s common, and one of the reasons the numbers are so low.

  5. Brandon Routh is Superman,,,

    Welling sucks and Smallville is crap.

    Ahhh,,,, ;-)

  6. Vic:
    Anyone who remember the Star Trek: Exelsior push knows for sure that polls do no good.

    Brandon Routh’s Superman has a bastard child. (What happened to the “Woman of Kleenex”?)

  7. Vic, this is a really interesting post, in a way they really ought to take notice of what fans want because in the end they are the ones that are going to buy the movie when it comes out… but the producers etc. know the script far better than the costomers, and thus know what kind of person they want cast… And in reality fans are going to go watch the movie whether it’s got theior favorite actors cast or not!

  8. Well, I agree that online polls are for fun only and I find it extremely funny that casting choices don’t take fans response into account (“yeah, we’ll cast a nobody instead of an actor everyone wants to see”.) That being said, how do YOU know that TW is not being considered?

  9. I certainly would not mind seeing Welling get a shot at playing big blue on the big screen as long as his suit more looks like C.Reeve,s and not Routh,s. And I thought Affleck made an excellent DD.

  10. @helena

    Sorry, I can’t say. However I will say that I think Welling would make a great Superman. Unfortunately if they cast him it would mean carrying over the entire Smallville universe into the film.


  11. One thing people seem to be constantly looking over with this rumor is that Welling’s been vary cautious over the years when it comes to the whole Sups role and it’s probably doubtfull that he’d take it even if it was offered.

  12. Routh is already tied to a Superman franchise which apparently is over and will be re-booted, so he’s out.

    Tom Welling is tied to a completely out-of-continuity TV show that makes zero sense with the comics…so to take him and his image and put him on a superman reboot which will have nothing to do with the show will also be no good. So he’s out.

    look at this handsome devil:

    I think they may go with a slightly older superman than Routh. Heck, I think they should use Billy Crudup, that guy has the look but who knows, maybe he can’t because of his role in Watchmen.

  13. @Vic: Thanks for the reply, and no offense but color me skeptical about you being in the know. Basically everyone can say that; it’s the web after all! I don’t see why they would have to carry the whole Smallville universe into the film if he was cast.
    However, I agree that TW would be great but may not be interested in the role anyway.

  14. @helena

    No offense taken. :-)


  15. I mean who wouldn’t want to be Superman in the movies I mean look how well it worked out for the careers of George Reeve, CHristopher Reeves, and Brandon Routh, Dean Cain…Typecast is only a joke..If I were an actor the only way I would take the Superman role would be if I were permitted to wear a mask while in costume ;) THe curse of playing Superman

  16. Lol,,,
    I think Brandon will do ok,,, Dean Cain was lucky to get Lois & Clark. ;-)

  17. I don’t understand the way studios think. Why can’t Welling star in A SMALLVILLE movie were he’s can become Superman. Thats something fans of the show have wanted. A Smallville movie with good writing would work.It wouldn’t be a SUPERMAN movie it would be a SMALLVILLE film. Fans are smart enough to know the difference. Same with Batman, If I ran WB I would get Micheal Keaton back for a DARK KNIGHT RETURNS. THe movie would make a fortune and fans would not think it had anything to do with Chris Nolans world. They are smart enough to know the difference!

  18. @entertainmenttodayandbeyond: Because WB has decided that a change to the tone of the property will vastly increase its box office. “The Dark Knights’” cume is approaching 1 Billion dollars world wide. I’d hazard a guess that “Smallville” hasn’t made that much for all the seasons its been on TV.

  19. I understand what you are saying old man but SMALLVILE would not be confused with a new stand alone Superman movie. It would be a natural continuation of the show. They would have to keep the budget in check (50 MILION) but it could make for a good movie and it would in no way insult fans of plain old SUPERMAN movies! I still believe the audience for A DARK KNIGHT RETURNS film with Micheal Keaton would be huge,and it would in no way hurt the NOLAN BATMAN franchise. There two different worlds.

  20. If Smallville wants its own movie it should be called Smallville the Movie.

    Smallville treats Superman Canon, like a redheaded stepchild.

    Won’t watch a smallville superman movie,,, No way Hose-A’!

  21. I want to say that Tom Welling IS very much great in the roll of Clark even when they give him crap to work with, which, being Smallville, is a majority of the time. Season seven, just like Season six, of Smallville was mostly just that: crap and retconning and nonsense and muddy plots with characterizations or beloved iconic chaaracters trashed in the name of cheap ratings ploys. Clark caring more about having sex with super-powered Lana than the harm that might come to her or the people she might hurt comes to mind. Likewise, the episode of Promise, where Clark is depicted as a philandering jerk, trying to convince a (supposedly) pregnant Lana to jilt her fiance and father of her “child” at the alter on her wedding day, was a travesty, and don’t get me started on the appalling characterization of Not-at-all-like-Lois who is portrayed as an uneducated bimbo who screwed her boss for favors after he hired her for her body and not her journalistic experience. That kind of crap should have been shot down by DC Comics and if they did really approve it then they should be fired immediately.

    But I digress. Tom Welling does wonderfully with the awful drek he all too often gets and he excells when he gets real iconic material to sink his teeth into. The whole problem with Superman Returns is that while Brandon Routh did better than I expected, the script really sucked. Again, Superman would never abandon Earth for five years, especially without telling Lois, of all people. The plot was crap from the start and even with the really awesome FX, the story just wasn’t one fans could get behind, jsut as this new idea to make Superman darker, is crap becasue that is NOT what Superman is all about. Superman soars when the story remains routed in the mythology everyone knows and loves and sinks like a stone when they try something outside that well known and much loved mythology.

    Tom Welling would have been the better Clark/Superman but in the end, I’m glad he wasn’t associated with the dud that was Superman Returns. Even now I would still love to see Tom Welling don the suit for a big screen movie but not if it means dragging bimbo Not-Lois from the Smallville universe or Clark’s ridiculous Lana Lang fixation along for the ride or if it means the producers are going to pen another stinker by changing Superman into a darker hero no one wants to see.

    Perhaps instead of being so supercilious and snotty about it that they ignore what fans clearly want then acting surprised when their movie concepts bomb, they should pay more attention to what fans want and expect. Fans are, after all, the people they want to spend money on seeing their films and when producers ignore that they shouldn’t be surprised when people don’t want to watch what they present.

    A case in point is, again, Smallvile, where ratings have steadily declined as producers have repeatedly ignored the mythos and fan expectations for the characters as they continually shove angsty crap and poor characters aown our throats and wonder why the show is losing viewers. The Superman franchise is sliding down hill not because people don’t love Superman but because the people in charge of this beloved character on Smallville and at the movie division are morons who are screwing up the story left and right.

    Tom Welling would be dynamite as Superman but without the right story and the proper characterization, I’d rather see him in something else. What I find appalling is the kind of negative, stupid-fans-don’t-matter attitude clearly present in this article and rampant in Hollywood. We do because we’re your bread and butter. It’s time Hollywood remmebered that.

  22. @Margroks

    Hopefully the new producers will bring the final season of Smallville closer to the mythos, but I’m not holding my breath.


  23. I feel bad for brandon he was a decent superman the only problem i had was there wasn’t enough action and bryan singer wanted to re-introduce the characters and i think he did just that but as a director and superman fan i thought he would have brought a different side to superman that we the fans wanted to see i think tom welling is good for smallville but i don’t think he’s up for superman on the big screen again we just have to wait and see what happens

  24. The only Superman based movies/tv I could ever like in the least was Smallville, all the others were crap imo. So that being said I’d have to put Tom Welling above that other crappy new superman guy, that movie sucked, I’m sorry I really didn’t like anything about it at all.

  25. Also if fan’s didnt matter why did Patrick Stewart get the role of Prof X?

  26. Tom should be superman, plain and simple. The superman returns movie was ok effects wise, but superman NEVER would have left earth to go to a planet that does not exsist anymore. I think that was a shot at his intelligence. Sup is smarter than that. He does not feel emotion like the rest of us. I do like the idea of a smallville movie with tom in the suit. That has got to happen. You dont spend 8 years of your life watching the same show and not get to see it on the big screen. PEACE!