New York Comic-Con 2013 Recap – SR Underground Ep. 113

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sr underground 113 nycc New York Comic Con 2013 Recap   SR Underground Ep. 113

The Screen Rant editorial team is back with episode one-hundred thirteen of the Screen Rant Underground podcast.

Join host Ben Kendrick, fellow SR editors Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, Kofi Outlaw, and special guest Perri Nemiroff, as we recap New York Comic-Con 2013 and discuss new Star Wars: Episode 7 rumors as well as the possibility of a new Star Trek TV show.

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Screen Rant Underground: Episode 113 - New York Comic-Con 2013 Recap

We recap New York Comic-Con 2013, and discuss new Star Wars: Episode 7 rumors as well as the possibility of a new Star Trek TV show.

[0:00] News: George Lucas Spent a Year Developing ‘Star Wars: Episode 7′ Before Lucasfilm SaleWorking Titles For ‘Star Wars: Episode 7′ Revealed?Rumor Patrol: ‘Star Wars: Episode 7′ Release Date & Teaser Info, and Roberto Orci Meeting With CBS For New ‘Star Trek’ TV Show.

[49:48] Rants and Raves: Now You See Me, Ghost Team One, Heat, The Walking Dead season 4, Legend of Korra, Saturday Night Live, and Captain Phillips.

[1:29:09] New York Comic-Con 2013 Recap: General Impressions, Transformers: Age of Extinction, Oldboy, Hercules: The Legend Begins, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Sleepy Hollow, The Following, and The Walking Dead.

[2:28:38] Twitter Handles and Contact Information.

Hosts: Ben Kendrick, Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw.



Next Week: Carrie

Last Week’s Official Box Office Battle Reader Winner (Gravity opening): Sal reports that 2 people had perfect 15s. It came down to boogoo and Josh D (and Chris too!). But boogoo was a wee bit closer to the tiebreaker and was crowned the champion.

Opening in theaters this week (Wide):

  • Carrie (2013) – 3,000
  • Escape Plan – 2,750
  • The Fifth Estate – 1,700

Opening this Week in Theaters (Limited):

  • 12 Years a Slave – 12

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Dumb Ways to Die in Grand Theft Auto 5 New York Comic Con 2013 Recap   SR Underground Ep. 113

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Guest: Perri Nemiroff (@PNemiroff)

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  1. I’m just glad Lucas is no longer in charge and that Abrams will be able to put his stamp on Star Wars. As for Trek, I would love a new Star Trek show. I love the Original series and Next Gen but I bailed after Voyager. I just hope they don’t “Agents of SHIELD” this like you guys mentioned.

  2. Apparently there were also Carnage and Green Goblin figurines or something. Both of them from the Ultimate Comics I think.

    • They’ve already said that if they do it, it will be in the “Abrams” continuity…so you can forget moving forward.

      • If they do plan on having a TV show in the Abrams” continuity I wonder how they will be able to afford all the actors from the movies. All i care about is that the show is well written and well made.

        • Those actors will not do a tv show.

    • I’ll take back what I said if you can explain what the plot of this season is!

      • Okay but first an alert

        *Spoilers*Stop Reading Now*Spoilers*

        The focus of the series so far and all of The Last Airbender has been upon the tumultuous relationships between that of benders. In the first series the fire nation is at war with everyone, the airbenders annihilated, the earth nation sealing themselves off and the water tribes separated. The entire plot of TLA was that of Aang trying to fix the world that has been broken by the Avatars abscence, which he does a good job of doing but its still not perfect.

        This is where legend of Korra picks up in its first season, it focuses upon the regular people who cannot bend who are at odds with benders due to the fact they are the cause of the wars and conflict of the world and feel they are treated as a lesser class and this is what the villain Amon capitalizes on, for he is a bender with a tragic past who blames aang for said past.

        Now season two is going even further and expounding upon the spirit world, which we got tidbits of in the original series. Aang was so focused upon correcting human relations with one another that he didnt have time to consider human relations with the spirit world, which have seemingly turned bad as the world has been modernized in his life time. Its basically the Romantic vs. Enlightenment age of our world and the decline of spiritualism. The modern humans no longer respect or have awe for the spiritual part that makes up this version of this world and that is what is causing the disruption.

        That will be the main arch of this season, tis why its called “spirits”.
        And this encompassing idea has so far divided into these plots

        -The siege of the south by the northern tribe and their civil war.
        which leads to

        -Varrik manipulating the avatar group into giving him more power, such as seizing Asamis assets and turning Bo Lin against his brother and using him in his “movers” as propaganda to sway the public for war so that he can reclaim the south for himself and his business.

        -And obviously we have learned about korras family, her feelings upon all this, how things affect her and ultimately what she will do.

        But as of right now shes lost her memory, but I believe this will be reconciled with her connecting with the spirit world by way of the avatar state, which connects back to the main arch.


        • I agree with Cody here a bit. The plot is all there but the writing has been a bit overly ambitious with trying to set up so many plot threads. It’s setting up and and setting up for what I’m hoping will be a good pay off.

          At least **minor spoiler alert** from the footage from NYCC the arc with Wan the first Avatar should be making things more exciting while finally starting to connect all these loose ends. *end spoiler*

  3. 1. Gravity
    2. Carrie
    3. Escape Plan
    4. The Fifth Estate
    5. Captain Philips
    10. Rush

  4. Kofi,y didn’t ask any question about the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

    • OOPPPSS!!! Nevermine :-(

  5. Carrie
    Escape plan
    Cloudy 2
    Fifth estate
    Don Jon

  6. Box-office:
    1. Gravity
    2. Carrie
    3. Captain Phillips
    4. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2
    5. Escape Plan
    10. Rush

  7. If they want to do a new spin on star trek maybe they should do a star trek show about the Klingons in the Abrams timeline. I would watch it.

  8. I love Rob’s idea for Star Trek. I’d totally watch a show with John Cho as Zulu commanding the Excelsior.

    Now You See Me is very weak. SPOILER—–: Getting that giant mirror into the warehouse with the safe would have been a much bigger task than getting the safe out there under their noses. Totally stupid. ——-SPOILER END. And don’t even get me started on the characters. I didn’t care about any of them. The magicians are barely in the movie and Ruffalo is totally unlikeable in this one. Caine and Freeman are totally wasted and the ending ist garbage.

    In Miami Vice that video look still worked, but the low light cinematography in Public Enemy was terrible. All that excessive motion blur completely ruined the scenes and the immersion in the movie.

    Die Hard 2 is awesome! Renny Harlin is Finnish, by the way.

    Sleepy Hollow had me hooked right away. Storywise it fills the void that Supernatural left after it strayed from its initial path (American folklore, urban legends etc…) and the supernatural elements are positively creepy. The sandman and that demon portal were great. Orlando Jones’ character and his shadiness remind me a lot of the Wesen captain in Grimm. A little too much, actually.

  9. Rob you play volleyball what position do play?

  10. I want Neil DeGrasse Tyson to point out all the inaccuracies of the Star Wars movies like he did with Gravity. That would be a cool podcast, listening to you guys talk to an astrophysicists about your favorite Sci-Fi movies. For instance, Tyson was talking about lightsabers the other day and said they were impossible to actually create unless there was some type of plasma.

    Imagine how boring it would be to watch an actual battle in space? Here you go Anthony, you finally get your “Star Wars” battle and it’s completely silent. All the x-wing fighters and big spaceships shooting at each other, lazers being shot here and there, spaceships blowing up and because Abrams wants to be scientifically sound there is absolutely NO sound when in space.

    But here’s the real question…

    After seeing a movie as beautiful as Gravity and the crispness of the new Star Trek movies, do we want to see Star Wars with that crisp and clean look or should it be more gritty? Do we want it more like the old Star Wars (first three movies) or crisp and clean like Gravity and Star Trek?

    • Star Trek Into Darkness was plenty gritty. I think the tone was just right for Star Wars when they infiltrated Qo’noS with that impounded trader ship that was curiously flat and round… you know… almost like the Millennium Falcon? ;)

  11. Box office battle

    1. Gravity
    2. Carrie
    3. Captain Philips
    4. Escape plan
    5. Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2
    10. Insidious Chapter 2

  12. Hey guys great podcast, thanks for the shout out.