New Transformers 2 Trailer: Cool With Dashes Of Stupidity

Published 6 years ago by , Updated March 15th, 2013 at 12:13 pm,

transformers 2 trailer scene New Transformers 2 Trailer: Cool With Dashes Of Stupidity

Well here we go again. I’m fully prepared for a debate on this – but it looks like once again we’re going to be treated to what could be a really cool uber-action flick punctuated by moments of annoying stupidity. I was willing to give Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen a chance… I really was. But I see that some of the more moronic aspects of the first film have not been left behind, but have instead latched a ride on Transformers 2 as well.

Before I go on, check out the brand spanking new Transformers 2 trailer yourself:


“What you are about to see is Top Secret. Don’t tell my mother.”

“I feel smarter already. Can you smell it?

Just shoot me.

So we have John Turturro back as the moronic FBI agent, along with the vacuous parents of Shia LeBeouf’s character. Ugh.

I don’t have a problem with Megan Fox in the movie, and I certainly won’t complain about that cheesecake shot in the trailer – although if you’re one of those people making excuses for the retarded humor because “it’s for kids,” juxtapose that against what looks like a shot from a Maxim photo shoot. If you still defend that, it strikes me as disingenuous.

megan fox motorcycle New Transformers 2 Trailer: Cool With Dashes Of Stupidity

If I could somehow manage to block the dumb crap from my brain, the trailer actually looks pretty intense and awesome. I loved the locations and seeing those Transformers coming up from the depths of the ocean looked pretty intimidating and cool.

The word is that this one will be darker and more intense – that will make the “LOLs” stand out even in more stark contrast than the first. All I can hope is that maybe they decide to get all that out of the way early on and don’t interrupt tense battle and action scenes with a first grader’s one liners.

On the bright side it looks like Michael Bay may have fixed another annoyance from the first film: Unintelligible action scenes. From what is shown above it looks like the camera may actually have been pulled back a bit for a wider angle on the robot battles – it would be nice to actually be able to make out what’s going on during these fight sequences.

You can find HD versions of the trailer over at Yahoo! Movies.

OK. I’m ready. Bring it.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen opens on June 24th.

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  1. guess i’m going from “jago” to “jago007″ cause of the whole gravatar thing…lol. Sucks to have to change my name now…

  2. guess i don’t have to change it… nice…this site is awesome!!!

  3. @ Ken J

    Where did I say that these adults refused to watch the movie? Again, you’re starting crap with me over something you didn’t even understand. The adults I was talking about, some from my work, saw these movies and DID NOT LIKE THEM. Stop trying to pick a fight with me, or anyone else for that matter.

    @ Jago

    I know, I know…These arguments won’t effect my opinion of the movie since these arguments, as most smart people on this thread already realized, are futile and don’t mean anything. Okay I’m stopping NOW, lol.

  4. jago and ogb,

    im w/ you guys on that, i mean, no i dont like the humor, but come on its not the only thing thats in the first movie nor will it be the only be whats in the second movie, or third.

    as much as i dont like the humor, the action and special effects, and megan fox’s body are enough to make me watch the first one over and be anxious to watch the second

  5. Yeah, I’d love to see what the second one is like. If and how people’s opinions change. But yeah, definitely looking forward towards Transformers 2

  6. @jago

    I didn’t refer to anyone as an idiot.

    @Ken J

    Your use of words like “idiot” is part of the problem with your comments. While I think your post above listing dramatic event, fart joke” is right on, you really need to stop behaving like a borderline troll.


  7. this movie is goin 2 be sick!

  8. @vic
    Lol… Didn’t mean that you said it… Figured i’d waste less space by adressing the calling idiots that ken j did and adressing which pixar movie i liked to you… But sorry for the misunderstanding.

  9. I think Transformers 3 will be better because I remember seeing an article on here about the writers of the first two aren’t going to write the screenplay for numero tres, and they are the ones that make the crappy humor lines. Some of the humor is ok, but some of it actually is dumb imo.

  10. I meant to say MOST of it is pretty dumb imo, and i think most would agree.

  11. The coolest thing about that trailer was the number of locals used that I have actually been too..

    The Treasury & Monastery and Wadi Rum in Petra, Jordan
    The Pyramids in Giza, Egypt
    Karnak in Luxor, Egypt
    Place de la Concorde, Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France

    The CGI looks amazing though…

  12. @ Ken J. LOL.. Nice one… and to tell you the truth, I love the outdoors/camping but I don’t have to worry about that or tickets. My best friend’s little brother is a manager at one of the main theaters I go to. He hooks us up every time (don’t tell anyone though! LOL) So, will you take a rain check on the camping? By the way.. did I mention I LOVE marshmellows?!!LOL

  13. LOL dude, I completely didn’t realize that I in a way said people who don’t like Pixar movies are idiots, sorry, I really just am talking about people who whine about PG-13 movies. I feel that a lot of them are the same people who will look down on animated movies just because they are not “adult” enough for them. Of course there are people who simply don’t like them, but it’s when people say that animated movies are not for adults but for kids, that sounds a lot like people who judge the audience of a movie by the rating, which got REALLY annoying, arg…

    And seriously, I think you’ve taken advantage of the momentum and you use it in your favor by continuing to play the victim instead of simply addressing the points I bring up. But I guess it’s working for now, the sheep are herding in the right direction, so might as well enjoy it while you have it then huh? There’s nothing wrong with that I guess. Carry on then. :-P

  14. Kofi,

    The Dark Knight is about a dude who dress up as a bat who fights dudes who dress up as clowns and Scarecrows. That logic can be used against any summer fiction flick.

    That was rated PG-13 and made a billion dollars, so I don’t understand how we should toss aside stupid elements of TF because of what it is – that would mean we should expect Batman and Robin from all Batman movies… heck no. Why not take TF more serious like that was?… wouldn’t it be better? Wouldn’t audiences like it more?

    Most people are sold on the idea of giant transforming robots and the action scenes… that’s what brought in every single person the first time around, everything else doesn’t bring folks to the theaters so why do they waste that on childishness? Can’t this be a PG-13 movie that’s more serious and better for it? It would certainly get better reviews and more fan love I think.

    Anyway, I can’t wait for TF2 but it’s perfectly legitimate for folks to complain about the weaker elements of the movie and expect more from it.

  15. @The Desolate One

    I guess you told us.


  16. The Desolate One,

    Did you read anything in any of our Transformers threads?

    You’re telling everyone here that they can’t see a movie if they think there are elements that are weak or could be improved?

    I like the Transformers movies, I just think they can be better. Soo… should I not see it? Would that make me a hypocrite.

    Oh crap, I thought Wolverine could be improved… and I saw it… I’m a hypocrite!

  17. Dammit Rob, how could you?!?!?!?!??!!!?!!111

  18. What was I thinking!

    On top of that, I’m seeing it again with a different group of friends! Double-hypocrisy on my part :(

    Help me Ken J, you’re my only hope.

  19. That one swurly dude must be pissed off for getting emails everytime we have conversations on here that are not exactly about the trailer above…lol. Sorry dude… i mean it was going to happen.

  20. @The Desolate One – You’re missing the difference between complaints and criticisms. By the way, I’ve tried them before and food analogies do not work here or anywhere for that matter. If people truly have a complaint about a film then that will show in 1st and 2nd week box office results. If people simply have criticisms about a film then the results will be high, complaints equal lower numbers. Honestly, Hollywood has no one to blame but themselves for the higher than normal amount of criticism they receive. They take a highly adore topic, promise BIG BIG BIG results and then most of the time they have over hyped their own product and it fails to deliver. That leaves people cold and jagged on the next movie released but it doesn’t keep them from going to see the movie.

    Also, that doesn’t make us hypocrites, it makes us settlers. We settle for whatever Hollywood throws at us. We would be hypocrites if we told everyone not to go see the film and then saw it ourselves.

  21. Rob, I’m the last person who can help you. I just realized that I have yet to see a perfect movie. EVERY movie, even the ones I LOVE, have flaws. So basically every time I step into a theater, turn on the tv, or pop in a DVD, I’m being a hypocrite. So I can’t help you there, I’m guilty as charged as well Rob.

  22. Oh, for those of you who are getting tons of email notifications, here’s an idea (I need to do this too…): Turn OFF notifications for this thread, and bookmark it. Check it when you normally check SR, you’ll know there are more replies, but your inbox won’t be clogged. :-)

  23. hehe, i think maybe being a little too hard on the transformer goofieness..

    this afterall was a franchise that spawned from like fifty cartoon shows each with there own wierd takes- but totally geard towards kids. Michael bay and spielberg have obviosly taken a more adult appeal to these films and done what any of us would now- (that we are adult too) but as we grew the franchise has been passed on to younger and younger age groups.

    if this film was to be where all of us want it – the dark knight being the example of a truly dark and emotional film, well then youd probably have a lot of crying little ones. the only way this film reaches dark is if it starts killing off some of them bots- a wars a war. I dont see that happening as MUCH AS i would love to see that. itll be like one of those stupid shows where no one ever really dies but keeps coming back magically.

    Already is cause megatron and JAZZ- lol should o left him dead

  24. lol whatever, i guess my last sentence was considered a spoiler.. that or someones feelings got hurt cause the trailer shows one of em and the others listed in the character index.

    being mad at the goofiness makes no sense to me at all. i feel as though the kids today have more a stake in this movie than we who first grew up on the show. They still watch and like them transformers. Id love to see a bloody brawl with things getting there final ticket punched every second, but in all honesty youd be doing an injustice to TODAYS fans. So if i can watch a grown up film with fighting and dieing (not really and youll all see what i mean with the TWO) and then every once in a while my cousin cracks a giggle cause the chuawah lol has a cast on or the one liner ( LITERALLY DIRECTED AT A THIRD GRADER-) they watch and and have a stake in this too.

    So i wouldnt be tough on the films or trailers cause they were incorporating an adience other than yourself.. thats just selfish.. this is a franchise spawned off of the 20 or so cartoons still out there today.
    Like i said, ID love a dark brooding emotionaly taxing killa be kilda.. but think of the kids lol

  25. I liked the humor in the first one. :(

  26. I was wondering why Devastator’s wheel is so huge?
    Is there a construction machine with a gigantic wheel in the United States or is it just a gimmick and when the constructicons form this giant wheel appear?

    I’ll point out that when Optimus transforms there isn’t that big thing attached to the truck when he gets into vehicle mode? Curious to see where the big wheel comes from?

  27. @Luipaard

    Don’t be sad, you’re not alone. Apparently lots of people liked it. I just didn’t.


  28. @ Desolate one
    Except you know, their film critics, so it’s their job to go see these movies whether they’ll like them or not. To give them a chance, and watch it, so you know… they can write reviews.

    I do however like the humor, some of it was cheesy, but I never thought any of it was bad. I always thought it had action, and then some humor to back it up. I thought it made for a good movie, and I’m definitely looking forward to the next one!