New Transformers 2 Trailer: Cool With Dashes Of Stupidity

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transformers 2 trailer scene New Transformers 2 Trailer: Cool With Dashes Of Stupidity

Well here we go again. I’m fully prepared for a debate on this – but it looks like once again we’re going to be treated to what could be a really cool uber-action flick punctuated by moments of annoying stupidity. I was willing to give Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen a chance… I really was. But I see that some of the more moronic aspects of the first film have not been left behind, but have instead latched a ride on Transformers 2 as well.

Before I go on, check out the brand spanking new Transformers 2 trailer yourself:


“What you are about to see is Top Secret. Don’t tell my mother.”

“I feel smarter already. Can you smell it?

Just shoot me.

So we have John Turturro back as the moronic FBI agent, along with the vacuous parents of Shia LeBeouf’s character. Ugh.

I don’t have a problem with Megan Fox in the movie, and I certainly won’t complain about that cheesecake shot in the trailer – although if you’re one of those people making excuses for the retarded humor because “it’s for kids,” juxtapose that against what looks like a shot from a Maxim photo shoot. If you still defend that, it strikes me as disingenuous.

megan fox motorcycle New Transformers 2 Trailer: Cool With Dashes Of Stupidity

If I could somehow manage to block the dumb crap from my brain, the trailer actually looks pretty intense and awesome. I loved the locations and seeing those Transformers coming up from the depths of the ocean looked pretty intimidating and cool.

The word is that this one will be darker and more intense – that will make the “LOLs” stand out even in more stark contrast than the first. All I can hope is that maybe they decide to get all that out of the way early on and don’t interrupt tense battle and action scenes with a first grader’s one liners.

On the bright side it looks like Michael Bay may have fixed another annoyance from the first film: Unintelligible action scenes. From what is shown above it looks like the camera may actually have been pulled back a bit for a wider angle on the robot battles – it would be nice to actually be able to make out what’s going on during these fight sequences.

You can find HD versions of the trailer over at Yahoo! Movies.

OK. I’m ready. Bring it.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen opens on June 24th.

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  1. oh and I read in an interview with one of the writers that the humor is even more outrageous than the first movie so alot of you guys will not be happy. sorry for the bad news.

  2. @English

    The CGI is the best thing about these movies. ILM really does amazing work. Which is why it’s kind of disappointing that the character development of the first one was so weak, the humor was so dumb, and the action was shot at such close ups that you can’t really see everything. It could have been a much smarter movie with the great special effects, great story, great action, it would have been a total package, but oh well, those kinds of movies are very rare anyhow, didn’t really completely expect that from Michael Bay in the first place…

  3. Cat

    That’s an awesome site, THANKS. I did not know it and won’t read most of it because I don’t want any spoilers, but I have it bookmarked for sure.

  4. okay how can they make it “darker” and have it still have outrageous humor?

  5. @Matt K

    the humor is still there but the action will be more intense than the first movie. more death and destruction and the death of some autobots and humans will make it darker. but im just assuming of course.

  6. Ogb

    no problem.
    don’t worry about the information being spoilers because with bay they said they would send out false information to throw people off, so you never know what’s true or not. it’s just fun speculating.

  7. @ Matt K, it’ll be both!

    Fart joke

    autobot dies

    pee joke

    2000 US troops die when their carrier is blown up

    masturbation joke

    200 troops die in a “battle” with a transformer

    more fart jokes

    autobots and a main character dies

    booby joke

    Now if only the booby joke will be a “visual” joke, it won’t be too bad… 😉

  8. ken j,

    dont forget now we have arcee in the film, so we some female transformer jokes as well.

  9. Oh damn, now it’s really going to go crazy… lol

  10. @ Rob, Vic, Ken, and whoever else who would enjoy this…

    for anyone who wants to wait until they see it in the theater – SPOILER WARNING!!!!!!!!! –

    Look away now if you don’t want to know.

    Bay finally listened to fans on this one…
    Agent Simmons dies in RotF. That’s all I can reveal right now. You heard it here first.


  11. Vic, your very cool, but i think you need to chillax. lol It was just 1 joke, and i thought it was funny. The action scenes were cool and the underwater scene was awesome. I cant wait for this movie, we have 3 straight summers with really good movies coming out. :)

  12. It never ceases to amaze me how there are so many “sophisticated cinema” lovers out there. It’s a wonder that sales of high-brow art forms are so low these days–what with the market so ripe with you high-brow appreciators.

    Oh, no, wait, you’re too busy turning to Michael Bay and Transformers in expectation of sophistication. It surprises me, then, that you end up feeling so perennially disappointed.

    There has GOT to be a solution…

    Oh wait, there is!

    Go see an indy or foreign film, or maybe pick up some literature and do some reading. For those of us who are trying to FORGET our higher brain functions for a couple hours while we wallow in the nostalgia of juvenile pleasure, T:ROTF awaits, and it looks DAMN FUN!

  13. Also, everyone arguing this “They should treat it more seriously” point: What the HELL are you talking about.

    This is a film about giant, warring robots that transform into commodities. If it isn’t approached with tongue already in cheek it would seem ludicrous. John T.’s agent is a spoof of that whole stock character: the intense black ops agent. If you haven’t noticed the film is full of spoofs and parodies–even of Bay himself (that fat kid who makes the Armageddon crack in the first one).

    I was in the theater for the first one. While I def didn’t laugh at certain jokes and certain things annoyed me (Ravage), I could tell from the crowd that many others liked what I didn’t while some didn’t like parts I laughed out loud at.

    These films are “Come one Come all” films; they try to appeal to a wide demographic and that means compromises get made. It will never be “YOUR SORT OF TRANSFORMER FILM.” Lighten up.

  14. Oh yes, I loved Iron Man and Terminator 2, what a bunch of snobby movies… Just because we don’t like stupid humor doesn’t mean we like pretentious snobby oscar bait movies. I HATE those types of movies.

    Die Hard series
    Original Star Wars trilogy
    Terminator and Terminator 2
    Iron Man
    Casino Royale

    Oh yah, what a list of indi black and white high brow movies… 😀

  15. Kofi, I’m not condoning quitting but this has been done to death. And with a guy like Ken around, it’s never going to stop.

    I know what you’re saying though, I understand movies like the Reader, great acting and a realistic story, but MAAAAAN was it boring.

    People are looking for drama and sophistication in the wrong places. Yes it’d be awesome to have the complete package but in some cases it just doesn’t fit in.

  16. Good list, Ken, except that just about everything on it (except Iron Man) was aimed more at adults, if not being outright rated-R, which means the humor that went along with the action could be more adult.

    Transformers is a sci-fi/action movie that is supposed to be for both KIDS AND ADULTS, so is it really a surprise that the humor level falls in the 13-18 median range?

  17. for kids and adults? well the film has both stuff that ok for kids and stuff that not ok for kids(like the sexual humor)

  18. “well the film has both stuff that ok for kids and stuff that not ok for kids(like the sexual humor)”

    You mean it has stuff for kids AND ADULTS?

    It wasn’t grotesque and inappropriate sexual humor that is meant only for adults. It falls in the middle, which is where it was aiming.

  19. wasnt inappropraite? the “masturbatin joke” was completely inappropriate, im sorry but if the film is ok for kids then you shouldnt have to explain to them what masturbation is after the film

  20. Lol, not sure when you first played the “skin flute”, but kids these days are very sexual aware.

    In any case, the masturbation joke was handled in a humorous way…it wasn’t like “Hey I’m jacking off!”

  21. “skin flute”? lol thats pretty funny……oh well the humor will suck, at least we have kick ass fights to distract me.

  22. You want an example of a movie that appeals to both adults AND kids WITHOUT stupid humor and manages to mix excitement, tension and funny bits without them seeming like a mashup?

    Any Pixar film.

    Toys that are alive, a superhero family, an ant that invents work-saving devices, talking cars, etc. All combine both humor and drama for both kids and adults and I love EVERY one of those.

    So please don’t come at me with the “high brow” message or logical explanations denying the fact that these could have been done better.


  23. lol….im suprised this film is getting soo much attention after reading all the negative reviews ive seen of the first film, i mean how threads get this many comments

  24. Vic I know plenty of adults that did not like any of the Pixar films.

    Again, no one is going to get it perfect EVER!!! Some movies come close but no where near perfect.

    It’s a balancing act and when it gets close to the balance, it’s a beautiful thing.

    Numerous people here have already stated that they did not mind the humor and some even liked it.

  25. @ Matt

    Simple explanation. It was an enjoyable blockbuster, which is what it was meant to be.

    As a film, I didn’t rate it that high taking in all the fundamental elements (acting, dialogue, etc.). But it never tried to be something it’s not.

    And damn did I have a good time watching it in the theater and then on dvd. It’s just a great enjoyable movie. I’d watch Transformers any day of the week over The Reader, which was praised as a great MOVIE movie with all the fundamentals there (acting, dialogue, etc.)

    I think some people, based on their nature, just can’t get over some parts that really not that significant to most people, but again, to each his own.

  26. the first had the AWESOME action, overall it was an awesome film, at least enough for me to buy on dvd and watch over and over.

    it had its flaws, but hell even TDK had flaws

  27. Right on Matt.

    Every film has flaws. My top 5 list has movies that are full of flaws, but to me, they’re simply the best movies ever made, again based on my likes/dislikes etc.

    TDK is in there and at first I used to argue with people that said it had flaws, and then I was “enlightened”, lol. Still one of the best movies ever made (IMO)

  28. @Kofi

    Yah, I remember the last time I made masturbation jokes with the neighborhood kids…

    @ogb regarding the pixar movies

    Adults who refuse to watch Pixar animated movies have too much pride, they think it makes them childish. They are the same idiots complaining when a movie is rated PF-13 instead of Rated R because they need gimmicks like foul language, nudity, or gore for them to feel like the movie they are watching is “adult” enough for them. Most MATURE adults are already sick of those things and appreciate real humor with substance, not just cheap toilet humor.

    @ Matt K

    Yah, exactly, Iron Man has plenty of flaws, and I LOVE that movie. But oh no, god forbid someone points out some of the flaws wiht the Transformers movie and trailers…

  29. wow… 144 comments… i left at like 40 or 50 something… and you guys are still arguing about the humor. If i were you ogb i wouldn’t defend it i mean everybody laughs at different things… that’s just life. I mean i laughed in the rape scene in “the last house on the left”… oooh i’m the bad guy at work now… ah well. Anyways the more you defend it the more “ammo” you give everyone else to go against your opinion. Its going to get to the part where this is going to keep on till the day it comes out and when your at the theater all your going to be thinking is… “oh this scene i’m pretty sure certain people aren’t going to like” instead of enjoying the movie like i so know you want to. So trust me man… let them say what they want to say but at the end of the day their complaints aren’t going to change the past or this movie at all.

    @vic and ken j
    My mom must be a big idiot then for not liking animated movies… but from the pixar movies i guess my fav is “Monsters Inc” but if it was any movie with animation in it… my favorite of all time will always be…”Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”…