New Transformers 2 Trailer: Cool With Dashes Of Stupidity

Published 6 years ago by , Updated March 15th, 2013 at 12:13 pm,

transformers 2 trailer scene New Transformers 2 Trailer: Cool With Dashes Of Stupidity

Well here we go again. I’m fully prepared for a debate on this – but it looks like once again we’re going to be treated to what could be a really cool uber-action flick punctuated by moments of annoying stupidity. I was willing to give Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen a chance… I really was. But I see that some of the more moronic aspects of the first film have not been left behind, but have instead latched a ride on Transformers 2 as well.

Before I go on, check out the brand spanking new Transformers 2 trailer yourself:


“What you are about to see is Top Secret. Don’t tell my mother.”

“I feel smarter already. Can you smell it?

Just shoot me.

So we have John Turturro back as the moronic FBI agent, along with the vacuous parents of Shia LeBeouf’s character. Ugh.

I don’t have a problem with Megan Fox in the movie, and I certainly won’t complain about that cheesecake shot in the trailer – although if you’re one of those people making excuses for the retarded humor because “it’s for kids,” juxtapose that against what looks like a shot from a Maxim photo shoot. If you still defend that, it strikes me as disingenuous.

megan fox motorcycle New Transformers 2 Trailer: Cool With Dashes Of Stupidity

If I could somehow manage to block the dumb crap from my brain, the trailer actually looks pretty intense and awesome. I loved the locations and seeing those Transformers coming up from the depths of the ocean looked pretty intimidating and cool.

The word is that this one will be darker and more intense – that will make the “LOLs” stand out even in more stark contrast than the first. All I can hope is that maybe they decide to get all that out of the way early on and don’t interrupt tense battle and action scenes with a first grader’s one liners.

On the bright side it looks like Michael Bay may have fixed another annoyance from the first film: Unintelligible action scenes. From what is shown above it looks like the camera may actually have been pulled back a bit for a wider angle on the robot battles – it would be nice to actually be able to make out what’s going on during these fight sequences.

You can find HD versions of the trailer over at Yahoo! Movies.

OK. I’m ready. Bring it.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen opens on June 24th.

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  1. Don’t tell my mother! Haha I love it that people can’t stand the humor.
    Anyway, I think I saw skywarp and thundercracker flying around the pyramids with starscream???

  2. Nice Pic woooottt

  3. Vic, I really enjoyed the first one and I agree, Mr. Turturro’s lines are awful. Still excited to see this, can’t wait.

  4. I think the majority of people enjoyed the tongue-and-cheek humor of the first one. This sequel owes the naysayers Nothing in regards to humor (the camera angles, that’s another story). I’m all for this film.

  5. wow that picture of megan fox is HOOOOOOTTTT!!!, but it seems like this film is gonna be the exact same as the first, which isnt a bad thing b/c i loved the first, but again w/ the humor.

    “…dont tell my mom” please devastator step on him PLLLLLZZZZZ.

  6. PS: was that blackout i saw in the trailer at 1:51?

  7. Oh, but it’s based on a cartoon for kids, if you don’t like it, you are not open minded, blah blah blah, might as well get that lame argument out of the way…

  8. ken j,

    people can say its meant for kids or all ages all they want, but the film has NO target audience.

  9. here’s where I tend to disagree with many people on movies like this. I’m not looking tot his movie to be an earth shaking story that will shape our society for generations to come. I’m watching this movie because A. I grew up on the cartoons and loved em and B. I want to see giant robots blew the crap outta each other and see the occasional booty shot of Megan Fox lol
    Come on people take it for what it is. It’s a cool FX Sci Fi shoot em up action flick that has a few corny scenes (IE Optimus spitting out a tooth in one of the other trailers)
    Now for my final thoughts on this. If we can have a movie like this where’s my dam Battletech movie? lolol

  10. Dude. Its a fricken Sci-Fi/ Fantasy movie…switch to decaf and get laid already.

  11. Actually, some of the worst characters from the first movie were Sam’s parents and I almost stop watching the trailer when I heard that stupid retarded line: “Look at this place! I feel smarter already!” Ugh, just lame…
    Maybe better like this: Look at this scene! I feel dumber already!
    Anyway, still hoping to see more cool robots fights

  12. Wow Vic. I was totally expecting you to rip this to shreds….. I’m pumped that you’re pumped. I agree with every word, and to hope that the dumb humor is short lived to setup what looks like really intense “darker” toned seriousness. And the sets do look amazing, I’m already dying to see this on blu-ray.

  13. Yah, it’s a freakin sci-fi movie, that means it has to be dumb, if you don’t agree you need to get laid. Yah… Who wants to watch a sci fi movie without stupid humor, I mean seriously, why cheapen a fun movie with intelligence?? psshhhh


  14. Other than the “Don’t tell my mother” part I didn’t mind the couple of attempts at humor in the trailer. I don’t have a problem with Sam’s parents but the character Torturo plays isn’t funny. I don’t despise him like most critics seem to but I don’t like him either, they could replace him with someone else and I wouldn’t really care. I just want to see the robot fights, with plenty or Megan Fox and a decent story. I also am starting to like how Sam’s character fits in with the story, I mean, they could just have the robots fighting but they do need a character and a story to make a movie out of it so it’s understandable and I am starting to not mind him so much.

    BTW you might want to remove that picture if you want anyone to watch the trailer, I had to force myself to look away lol.

  15. @Matt D

    I already drink decaf and I’m sure I get laid way more often than you do.


  16. @ Vic




  17. i think this is going to be one of those movies were im going to have to wait for the DVD to watch it so i can fast forward through the stupid bits, im pretty much allergic to that form of humor and would probably end up clawing my eyes out in the first half hour in theaters ^-^
    but i do still want to see it its just if most everyone condemned the humor in the first one WHY did they do it again? really why?

  18. @kelly…
    eventhough lots of people didn’t like the humor… everybody else loved it… they went to the theaters, bought the dvd’s, toys, paid to watch it on demand, etc… so if that hadn’t have happened then maybe if they had made a sequel you would have had it your way… but that’s just my opinion…

  19. at 2:04-2:05, is that starscream getting cut in half?

  20. Vic just laid down the hammer, hah.

    The action moments look sick (better than the first even).

    My favourite part is the music that hits around 1:30, the same music from the highway scene when the Autobots get together in the first movie. Bay knows how to get people pumped for action, that’s for sure.

    Turturro was horrible in the first film and I’ll disagree with Kofi and say I think the majority disliked a lot of his nonsense in the first, at least his character.

    Either way, I think he’ll be better this time around and we all know what to expect.

  21. @vic
    lol… “I’m fully prepared to debate on this”. Its still nearly 2 months away… do you think we could make another 250+ comment thread?…lol. Either way humor or no humor… this movie will accomplish one thing for certain with this commercial… a lot of people buying tickets to go watch it. Not everybody… but a lot. I will say one thing though…if i were bay… at the end of the movie i would have this little bit where this kid leaves the theater from just watching the movie and goes directly to the computer to a site like this to give his opinion. He bombs the movie about how much he hated it for this and that… then just before he hits…”post comment”. His computer or moniter turns into a robot of some sort and aims his blaster at his face…”priceless”.

  22. Optimus Prime flashing the double swords and Devastator inhaling the tranformer were sweet scenes, as well as the decepticons finding Megatron at the bottom of the ocean.

  23. Here we go again.

    The whole time I was watching this trailer, I had goosebumps. The action looks sick, the story is intriguing, the acting seems good, and Megan Fox (WOW!).

    And you guys have to focus on the DEBATABLE humor in it? It’s like you guys have it out for this movie already. Why bring up the damn humor again. It wasn’t even THAT BAD in the trailer. Jeez.

  24. Wow Again Vic and the Crew points are clear and are right down my ally…

    I also hope the action outlives the LOLZ, although i do not mind them as much as you guys do…

  25. If I had the time, I would do a mashup of the cool action sequences from this trailer with a few comedy bits from “Scary Movie 2.” I’m sure people would be OK with that and think the humor was a good fit. 8-)


  26. vic,

    there wouldnt be much of a difference,lol

  27. You go Vic!!!!!!!!!!
    I knew there was a reason I liked this site.
    It’s run by a BAD ASS Sci-Fi fan!

    As far as no target audience, I disagree.
    Maybe the Japanese love that kind of stuff. You gotta know they’re trying to please ALL the fans.

  28. Hm, acting, good, and Megan Fox all in one sentence. Never thought I would see the day when that happened…

  29. the best “NEW” thing i saw in this Trailer.
    other than Fox’s Rock’in Body.

    was the thing that i wish had been in the 1st one, even thou it was only in 1 scene in the first flick.

    and that is

    more Energon SWORD-PLAY by Optimus !

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