Enhanced Look At The Transformers 2 Poster

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Hey gang – well you all know how much I love the last Transformers movie, but despite that I’ve got the brand new official Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (aka Transformers 2) poster for you right here.

Yes, I know you can find this poster on a gazillion other websites, but we have the most detailed look at it right here thanks to the magic of my very basic Photoshop skills!

Enough yammering, check it out below…

official transformers 2 poster Enhanced Look At The Transformers 2 Poster
The official Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen poster

You can see the original over at Yahoo! Movies – actually I encourage you to shoot on over there and see the difference between that one and this “enhanced” version. icon razz Enhanced Look At The Transformers 2 Poster

I actually think it’s pretty cool looking – it gives a sense of menace about the film. The question is: Does it fit the movie? I have NO idea at the moment, but I think that if they ejected the stupid humor from the first film it would make for a much better sequel.

But what I think isn’t important… what do YOU think?

The Michael Bay uber-extravaganza Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen opens on June 26, 2008.

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  1. looks cool great job on the this vic>>>>but i think this movie will kick the dark knight in the box office records

  2. Don’t know about kicking the Dark Knight but sure to be a massive hit. I know transformers wasn’t of the highest quality. It had many major flaws but it was entertaining enough. Can’t wait for this. Sure to be epic ans it has SOUNDWAVE! woo :)

  3. After the first one, I honestly don’t want to see the second one, at least not in a theater for $8 after my military discount… But I’m 99% sure I’m going to get dragged into it…

    But anyway, check your release date. :-P

  4. I think Vic is super excited for Transformers :)

    The poster is cool and it does look like a creepy villain.

  5. Megatron/Galvatron is totally in this movie. Bay can spread his misinformation all he wants, but he would a complete fool if he writes out the main villain in the series.

  6. So I’m guessing that’s “The Fallen” who is the creator of the decepticons and by what his face looks like he’s the basis of the decepticon logo?

  7. Looks fairly decent to me .

  8. “Megatron/Galvatron is totally in this movie. Bay can spread his misinformation all he wants, but he would a complete fool if he writes out the main villain in the series.”

    No to mention who, exactly, is getting revenge, if not Megatron.

  9. It looks good, but I can’t tell what Bay is trying to show us here. Is it Megatron/Galvatron, a new villain or what? It’s obviously evil, but can’t place it. And how do we know this isn’t more misinformation?

  10. well, it wouldnt be misinformation really, its just a poster.

    it really looks like Megaatron to me, with a few tweaks on his face. maybe a photoshop maven can put a megatron pic from the first movie next to this picture for comparison

  11. Great job on the Photoshop skills Vic. Who knew that you were so multi-talented? :)

    What’s funny about the backlash to the first movie is that most of the haters are guys my age who grew up in the 80′s and wanted the Transformers we celebrated as kids. I had a lengthy conversation with a family member that was violently opposed to all things Transformers because it didn’t satisfy the fantasy he had in his head of what he remembers about childhood Transformers..

    In any case, putting aside the scene where Optimus Prime says “my bad,” I thought it was thoroughly entertaining and am hopefully looking forward to the next one.

  12. What photo-shop skills? Really, no offence, but this poster is just brighter than the normal one. U can still see all the same details on the original. LAME

  13. Um, actually stride, if he would have simply adjusted the brightness, it would have turned out hazy and gray. He obviously had to mess with a few other settings to bring out the color and contrast. But it’s always nice to see people who talk about things when they don’t know anything about it themselves. Pretty entertaining…

  14. @Strider

    I guess the humor of “thanks to my very basic Photoshop skills” was lost on you.

    Chill out, why don’t you?



  15. I just wanna see Optimus’s autobots kickin ass . . either megatron or galvatron, they’re all the same to me . . LOL

  16. The poster is cool but not great. I’m hoping for a good trailer during the Superbowl and actually a good movie too. You know, less humans, more robots…

  17. The poster is good but not great. I’m hoping for a good Superbowl trailer and a film with less humans, and more robots…

  18. @Ken J

    LOL, actually I *could* have enhanced it that much but I thought it would take too much away from the look of the actual poster, which was the point of the post – to show the poster.


  19. “What’s funny about the backlash to the first movie is that most of the haters are guys my age who grew up in the 80’s”

    Yeah, that describes me.

    “was violently opposed to all things Transformers because it didn’t satisfy the fantasy he had in his head of what he remembers about childhood Transformers”

    This, however, does not even come close to describing me or the others I know who hated Bayformers.

    Now, speaking only for myself, I have no illusions about the original cartoon. I also know about the original comics, American and British, several of the Japanese cartoons, the 7 cartoons that came after the original cartoon series, the current comic series from IDW, the comics series from the now defunct Dreamwave comics, and a few lesser known comic and book series. I am under no illusions about any of them either. They all have their cringe inducing moments, but they also have their stellar moments, moments when they could easily stand alongside more adult science fiction stories. They all have episodes that had better stories, better character development and better writing and acting than Bayformers did.

    Michael Bay and his team promised the most realistic take, most adult on Transformers ever. They talked in such a way that the effectively promised that they would make a movie that would be better than anything that had been done with Transformers before, a movie that would take the best of what had been done to date, and leave behind the worst.

    What we got was exactly the opposite. No character development. Characters who were so far from the portrayals that were promised that they might as well have been from a completely different series altogether. A story that was so badly written and acted that I didn’t care about any of the characters. A story that was so inconsistent with itself, or the reality they promised, that I couldn’t keep up with the sheer number of mistakes they made. Combine that with the fact that it was impossible to tell who was who in the fight scenes, much less what anyone was doing, and you wind up with a movie that made me feel like I was being, literally, tortured.

    My hatred has nothing to do with it not living up to a fantasy of what the original cartoon was, it has more to do with being a bad movie. My hatred has nothing to do with it not being a remake or the fact that things were changed to better fit the times, it was to do with the movie not being entertaining and the fact that I felt like I was ripped off.

    Of course, my personal experiences with members of the production team didn’t help my opinion, but that’s another matter completely.

    As for the poster, it’s as ugly as the rest of the Bayformers. The production team sure loves that horror-movie reject look.

  20. come on flamestrike, tell us how you really feel

  21. “come on flamestrike, tell us how you really feel”

    Well, when it comes to comments like that, telling you how I really feel would probably get me banned from this site, and might wind up drawing the attention of legal authorities.

  22. I think he was being sarcastic, lol.

  23. Irrelevant. In either case, I can’t say how I really feel, and in response to sarcasm directed at me, I get really, truly enraged.

  24. If you are worried about sarcarm that much, you should avoid posting.

    I have read some of your musings about Transformers, it was just a joke

  25. “it was just a joke”

    No it wasn’t. It wasn’t even remotely funny.

  26. FlameStrike, you don’t need to turn every thing about Transformers or people’s comments into personal attacks on yourself.

    Ya it was a joke, sarcasm. Even in one of my articles, I bashed some trailer then followed up by saying “now i’ll tell you how I really feel”. It’s just dry humour on a movie site…about movies, relax yourself.

  27. “relax yourself.”

    Mr, Keyes, given our previous run-ins, and comments I’ve made during them, you should know I’m not about to take any suggestions you make. You lost any possibility of of that happening when you accused me of lying.

    As for the “dry humor,” that’s not how kyyle23′s comments translate. They translate to “Yeah, sure, we’ve heard it before, now shut the (bleep) up.” If that’s how people on here feel, then ban me. Or ask me to leave. Either one will get rid of me, and I’ve been expecting it for some time now.

    Otherwise, I’ll continue to voice my opinions, brutally honest though they may be, provide clarification on issues I know about, and correct people when they misstate my opinions for me.

    As for your “advice,” I am relaxed.