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percy jackson and the olympians still New Trailer For Percy Jackson & the Olympians

A new trailer has appeared online for Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, an adaptation of a series of fantasy books written by Rick Riordan. The film is about a teenage boy called Percy, who one day learns that he is the son of the god Poseidon. He then sets out on a quest to settle a war between the Greek gods.

The first teaser trailer for Percy Jackson debuted a few months ago and was exactly that – a teaser. It was understandable at the time that they didn’t show that much, but it was important that the next trailer give us a lot more. And although they haven’t given us as much as I’d hoped for, the new trailer still provides more of a glimpse into this fantasy world, including showing us some of the large, diverse cast that includes Pierce Brosnan, Rosario Dawson and Steve Coogan. Check out the latest trailer below:

Even if that doesn’t look all that deep or meaningful, the movie still looks like a decent enough fantasy adventure, with plenty of different famous faces filling the Greek god roles of Zeus, Poseidon and Hades (to name a few). I just wonder if the debated Harry Potter similarities will hurt or help the film at the box office. People may see the similarities to HP and see Percy Jackson based on that principle, while others might just want to wait for the next Potter flick to hit theaters. Although I think Percy Jackson will do decently at the box office, I can’t help but think that Potter will affect it negatively at least somewhat.

What do you think of the second Percy Jackson trailer? Do you think it will make a lot at the box office or fail because people will see it as inferior compared to the Harry Potter franchise?

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief stars Logan Lerman (from Gamer), Pierce Brosnan (as Chiron), Sean Bean (Zeus), Rosario Dawson (Persephone), Uma Thurman (Medusa), Kevin McKidd (Poseidon), Ray Winstone (Ares), Steve Coogan (Hades) and Melina Kanakaredes (Athena). It is scheduled to hit theaters on February 12th, 2010.

Source: YouTube and Collider

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  1. lol i still rememember seeing the first trailer before i knew anything about this movie. I thought it was a trailer for Thor. and thus i was bummed

  2. Ugh, okay what’s with the casting? I guess that Percy kind of fits the look, but what about Grover and Annabeth? Other than that, it looks like it could be okay, but there’s no way to avoid the similarities with Harry Potter. The books (as much as I like them) were pretty much Harry Potter, but with gods instead of wizards. And to top it all of, they went with the same director as a couple of the Harry Potter films.

  3. @ palmer

    Chris Columbus knows how to adapt a fantasy book. So why not use him? The first two Harry Potter films work so much better than 4,5&6. 3 was my personal favorite. but Chris Columbus is a great director for this kind of material. I’m just shocked he’d wanted to do another one.

  4. @Hammie111,

    You thought the first two HP films were better than the last three? I thought the first two were kind of misjudged and really kind of throwaway. I really think the franchise has matured as it went on, both in terms of the themes they’ve dealt with and how the stories have been told (it went from just being about looking at all the fancy magic tricks etc in the first two, to so much more). However, like you, three is still my favorite (love the time travel and Sirius Black stuff – Alfonso Cuaron did GREAT work with that installment), even if I think 6 is probably, on a technical level, the best of the franchise thus far.

    It’s interesting to see somene say they thought the first two were a couple of the better installments.

  5. I saw the first Harry Potter film before I read the book.
    thus, the first film felt magical to me.
    The second film felt exactly like the first .
    and I am not talking about the magical part .
    It was wise of Chris Columbus to leave when he did .
    This looks good but I am going to stay away from the books until I see the first film.
    hey ,It worked the last time!
    The trailer looks good.
    Bring it on!

  6. wow. here we go again . i love love love the trailer its so cool. but i wanted to see camp. there making it too dramatic too. And i wanted to see his dad too. but t cool here are the difference that i have noticed so far with the book and the movie:
    1. percy has pitch black hair like his dad. & grover isnt black hes like a short brown haired kid.
    2. anabeth looks great, but arent all of athena kids have blond hair and speacil gray eyes like in the myths? + they do in the book.
    3.i love chiron he looks perfect but thay made him look too much like ares .
    4. i dont get y chiron says ” pery you have somthing in common.” that isnt in the book.
    but its a good trailer at least.

  7. I think this trailer is AWESOME!!! compared to the first one. And i can’t wait for it to come out! i am going to see it like THOUSANDS of times!!!!

  8. AGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! they messed up everything!!!!!!!!! i am a total fan of POV and was waiting many years for this movie to come out. and three 16 year olds or something come in and mess it up! well… the percyguy is kinda hot… lolz. but annabeth is supposed to have BLONDE hair!!! and gray eyes!!! and grover isnt black, no to be racist. and the percy dude has to have green eyes. but he’s still kinda hot…. hehe. can’t people make them wear color contacts?????? grrr……

    omg. im making a big deal outta this. but im still kinda mad. but, i guess it wont be that bad. it wont. well maybe. umm.. hmmm.. ya. wutever. i bet the people are gna be like, 21 or something by the time the fifth book comes out. maybe even the fourth book! grr. wutev.

  9. this movie looks awesome! they chose perfectly for chiron. i only have small problems with the casting for percy, annabeth, and grover. of course mainly is that, grover isn’t black. but i think it will work out fine. and, of course, annabeth is blonde with grey eyes and percy has black hair ond bright sea green eyes. olympus look sooo frikin awesome. great special effects.

  10. Ummm, Annabeth’s hair was is like supposed to be like blonde, and arent they supposed to be like i dont know 12?
    They look like they are college age, which they probably are.


    looks awesome, except grover. so messes up percabeth!

  12. i think this would be a better fantasy movie than Harry Potter and because of religion, maybe people will be able to watch this more than Harry Potter. And, to my unfortunatesy, its educational. :( but i still think that this movie will rank in cash at the box office, maybe more than Harry Potter. From what i have heard talked to people, this is an amazing book and book series. Who knows?

  13. LOL, Its funny to see this trailer because I bought the book for my son and I ended up taking it to work with me for when we had delayed flights. I enjoyed the first book and now Im reading the second. Someone at work asked me if it was good I told them this is one of those books youll see soon made into a movie and here we are, lol. As for it being similar well yes its a boy and its magical and all that but so was The Neverending Story and Legends and they were great on their own. Honestly I was very thrown off Harry Potter after the last film to me it was a huge ripoff. Now what I would love to see made into a movie would be Mighty Max :)

  14. Why is Grover African American, why is Percy already sixteen, and why does Annabeth have brown hair? This is outrageous! I am not happy with the cast for the three main characters but I LOVE who plays Luke! I also think the gods look a lot younger then they should be. Otherwise I am soooooooo EXCITED FOR THE MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I cant belive the main character cast!!!! I agree with happy person on this one!!! annabeth is suppossed to look 12 and the girl playing her is 23!!!?!?!?!? It makes me angry that they didnt even die her hair!!! anyway still pumped to see the movie!! cant wait!

  16. I don't think HP and Rick Riordan's stories have all that much in common. I'm a fan of both writers. Give Percy a chance…I doubt it'll be disappointing!
    As for the box office, I'm looking forward to the next HP as well, but Percy Jackson is a fresh idea and a nice change from the Hogwarts clan. It'll do very well.

  17. I don't think HP and Rick Riordan's stories have all that much in common. I'm a fan of both writers. Give Percy a chance…I doubt it'll be disappointing!
    As for the box office, I'm looking forward to the next HP as well, but Percy Jackson is a fresh idea and a nice change from the Hogwarts clan. It'll do very well.