New Trailer For The Incredible Hulk!

Published 7 years ago by , Updated January 23rd, 2013 at 7:42 pm,
angry hulk New Trailer For The Incredible Hulk!

Thanks to my bud over at ReelComix, below you’ll find the brand-spankin’ new trailer for The Incredible Hulk.

Check it!

Visit to watch the trailer

So what do you think? Are you more excited? Less? Indifferent?

The Incredible Hulk opens on June 13, 2008.


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  1. Excellent!!! Looks great I can’t wait!

    Love the old TV show vibe. It looks like they’re finally getting Hulk right.

  2. Definitely looks like a lot more action. The Hulk’s skin seems off though and not just because of the colour. It seems veggie like.

    The Abdomination is plain terrible looking.

  3. Yeah, I still hate Abomination’s look too.

    But that doesn’t mean the movie won’t be good tho. Look at Spider-Man, the Green Goblin in that was nothing like the comic book version and it was still great. :-)

  4. Far better trailer than the 1st one. Should be a good movie and I hope it makes Marvel money (I’m still waiting for Thor/Deadpool before I go crazy).

    I’ll be watching it in the cinema.


  5. In the middle of the super hyped, pumped up with anabolic nuclear steroids, this trailer poops its self a little meaningless frame.

    Ok, probably not so meaningless in the movie, but in the middle of the testosterone driven action in the trailer you see a scene with the Hulk and the woman sitting looking at the city. You see them with their backs facing the camera.

    That didn’t quite ooze of the amount of action the others scenes did.

    All’s I’m sayin’ is that, that frame didn’t fit…

    The rest was a LOT better than the first trailer. But I’m still looking forward to HellBoy and I am sure HellBoy could kick the Hulks green A$$!!!!


  6. It looks like they took the fighting moves straight from the game “The Incredibile Hulk Ultimate Destruction”.

  7. I think the movie looks like it’s action packed and will be entertaining. I like Norton as Bruce Banner, and the other characters seem well cast. My problem is that the Hulk STILL looks too CGI cartoonish. Like Shrek on roids. I hope this isn’t the finished version, but I said that in the last Hulk film and it was.

    Can’t wait to Iron Man tomorrow night!!!

  8. Notice how they tacked on a few notes of the “sad walking away” music from the Hulk TV show at the end.
    Love the “Bourne Identity” aspects.
    Would it have killed ’em to at least use the Spock ears on the Abomination?

  9. freaking sweet! im seeing this for my birthday

  10. Andy, I agree with you (second time today!). It looks great and action packed, plus I like that General Ross is more in the vein of the comic book, but the Hulk still looks too obviously CGI and way, WAY too “ripped.” Heck, he looks like green paint on exposed musculature, not skin over muscle.


  11. rail,

    I totally got that! I forgot to mention it in my post earlier! That was so cool how they got that sad piano music in there and at the end too.

  12. Eh.

  13. definitely more excited!

  14. Below the credits at the end: “This film contains depictions of tobacco consumption”. Is this a first or have I not been paying attention?

  15. For everyone saying it looks to CGI.
    How do you make a humanoid who is green look real? There is only so much you can do. If he didn’t have a face and was some kind of monster everyone would be saying how cool it looked. When CGI is used and the character resembles a human, the human brain already has a pre-conceived notion as to what that face should look like and green isn’t it. Ar e you tellin’ me that the still shot above doesn’t look really good? If that was a poster in the story it would be incredible. How much more “real” can a green ripped man-creature look?


  16. Ink,

    I’ve had the very same thought, bro. Wondering if I was being to unrealistic in my expectations of how the Hulk would look. But then think back to Gollum in Lord of the Rings – bizarre looking yet pretty damned realistic don’t you think?


  17. I’m sold! Best transformation scenes I’ve seen yet. Casting looks great and the trailer alone looks 10 times better then the “Hulk” movie as a whole. Guys, remember CGI almost always looks better on the silver screen, so lets be patience.:0)

  18. Also, Ink, the first Hulk was CGI but, IMHO, looks a lot better than this version. The movie looks like it will be great but the Hulk himself needs work.

    T-minus 8 hours 16 minutes for Iron Man.

  19. Vic,

    i agree, kind of, but I don’t think Gollum looked any more real than the current Hulk. Especially when you consider that Gollum was not really involved with a lot of action. If you look at the action sequences involving Gollum they are not on par, CGI wise, with the more placid scenes with him included. I suppose some of this could have to do with when LOTR was filmed, some years ago, but not totally.


  20. I love how the soldiers fire the teargas (or whatever it is) so they can’t see him transform. So formulaic, yet so effective.

    BTW – what IS with that frame of Hulk sitting on the rooftop with Betty(?) in the middle of the action collage??? it kinda reminded of the scene in Young Frankenstein with the little girl on the seesaw. Is Hulk pulling pedals off of a flower?

  21. YAY PANDA!

    I’m glad you caught that scene… seemed so out of place didn’t it?

  22. I dunno…this trailer is certainly better but im still not excited for this movie. Maybe its the case or maybe its the character of hulk…there’s really nothing that cool or attention-drawing about it. It doesn’t have that ‘cool’ factor of ironman or x-men, or the blockbuster feel of spiderman (even though spidey 3 was crap).

    Ya I get it…big indestructable guy vs another, woopy! Give me some Thor, another x-men movie or even Captain America. Something that’s exciting and cool.

  23. Looks totally awesome to me! I’m thoroughly excited for this. I think people are being a bit hyper-critical with the CGI complaints though. To have a creature as detailed, with the dense musculature, and be so dynamic in action is quite a feat to undertake.

  24. I saw this trailer on the big screen tonight when I went to see Iron Man, and I have to say that I will go see this movie. Still, the Hulk looks too CGI/Video Gamey (as does the Abomination), but Norton does seem to make a great Banner. I can’t understand WHY they can’t make a GREAT Hulk with the CGI tech available today. Did anyone see how realistic the lion looked in the Prince Caspian trailer? It IS possible to have a realistic Hulk, it just needs to be designed better!!!

  25. I heard Tony Stark will make a guest appearance. Also it would be awesome Samuel L Jackson made an appearance at the end like in Iron Man. Sorry if i spoiled anything but he talked about the Avengers and as most of us know the Hulk was a founding member of the Avengers.

  26. i think this looks action oriented film and i think this movie will be critically acclaimed because ed norton is writing the script

  27. To whoever was talking about the hulk and the woman sitting and looking at the city, you saw wrong. What you saw was the hulk and bruce in their shared mind, most likely coming to terms with each other, if not coming to an uneasy peace. The fact that you didn’t recognize this (and I could be wrong on several levels) tells me you weren’t much of a fan of the comic. Half of the story is the internal battle of banner -vs- the hulk. I could be wrong, but I believe the movie will prove me right.