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The Godfather of Zombie Films, George A. Romero

I love zombie movies. It’s a weakness. To me, the worst zombie movies are still better than your run of the mill slasher film. Luckily, Hollywood usually agrees with me, as evidenced by the fact that we’re never more than one year removed from a head-exploding zombie shoot ‘em up. That’s why I’m not worried that George A. Romero’s latest zombie film, Survival of the Dead, hasn’t been picked up for distribution yet. There’s always money to be made in zombie films, and someone is sure to snap it up after it premieres at the Toronto Film Festival next month.

Anyway, Collider recently shared a whole batch of new images from the film. It’s standard zombie fare: tottering dead people, rotting faces, gunfire. You know, the good stuff. I’ve shared some of the images below, but make sure to check out Collider for the full set in high-resolution.

survival of the dead 1 New Survival of the Dead Images

survival of the dead 2 New Survival of the Dead Images

survival of the dead 3 New Survival of the Dead Images

survival of the dead 4 New Survival of the Dead Images

This will be Romero’s sixth “dead” film and the story follows survivors on an island off the coast of North America trying to find a cure to revert their friends and family back to their human state, while fighting off the horde.

Survival of the Dead will premiere next month at the Toronto Film Festival. If and when the movie gets picked up (for home release if anything else), we’ll let you know here at Screen Rant. In the meantime, discuss Romero’s latest chomp fest in the comments.

Source: Collider

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  1. Anyone care to comment on the ironic and hilarious similarities between the premise of Survival of the Dead and any other movie?

    In 1979, Lucio Fulci made an unofficial “sequel” to George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead to cash in on the success of Dawn (titled Zombi in Italy). Fulci’s Zombi 2 (titled Zombi in North America) was a smashing success for Fulci — although, of course, Romero didn’t see dime one — and spawned numerous sequels, each one regarded by critics as worse than than the one before, a familiar chain of events for Romero as well. The storyline of Fulci’s film? Survivors on an island looking for a cure for zombies. That would make Romero’s Survival a kinda-sorta loose unofficial remake of an unofficial sequel to the sequel of his first film — which he’s already remade/rebooted twice, 1990′s Night of the Living Dead and 2007′s Diary of the Dead.

    Even if it wasn’t intentional, and I’m sure it wasn’t, I’m still singing, “ironeeeeeeeeeee-yeeeeee.” :)

  2. I liked the first 4. Didn’t like the last. I will go see it because he is the master of zombies. I love the social commentary he throws in.

  3. can we ever get too much Zombies??? lol I know they are mindless movies that all pretty much run along the same story and little plot but god i love them!!!Brains!!! I need Brains!!! Yummy!!!

  4. Romero has beat this horse to death IMHO.


  5. @ Vic:

    I’m with you, man. I love Mr. Romero. I think he’s a fantastic guy, but… He’s done enough. Retreading the same material ain’t winning him any points. Blankity-blank of the Dead every three years. Damn, man, I don’t think I have it in me to care anymore; especially not after the ham-handed morality of Diary:

    “Are we worth saving? You tell me.”

    Ummm… No. Not if you’re gonna throw that in my face, kitten. I know Romero was writing dialog for a pretentious art house poseur college filmmaker bint, but it doesn’t make the preaching any less odious, just more clumsy and overt. :)

  6. Beat the horse to death!!?? Then that horse came back from the dead and ate your brains for even posting a crap comment like that!! ZOMBIES RULE!! ROMERO IS THE MAN!!! KEEP MAKING ZOMBIE MOVIES!!!

  7. You know what!! If you guys don’t like Zombie movies, don’t post your retarded comments!! This is news for zombie movie lovers and NO zombies don’t get old!!! You can make a million Zombie movies and I’ll watch every one of em. SO SCREW ALL YOU HATERS OUT THERE THAT HAVE TO POST SOMETHING NEGATIVE ABOUT EVERY THING!!! I HOPE A ZOMBiE EATS YOUR FACE OFF!!

  8. As long as Romero is alive and kicking, he should be making zombie movies. Between Day of the dead and Land of the dead it was freakin’ years! And I for one, was beside myself when Land came out, FINALLY Romero was back! And now he’s made Diary, and now Survival… keep them comin’ Georgie baby!

    After Romero makes a zombie movie, everyone waits with baited breath to see what social commentary will be attached, and all the copycats follow his lead. We’ve had Cold War paranoia, super commercialism, the 80′s nuclear threat, the Rumsfeld-bush era neo-conservativism, voyeuristic society… what is to come? I don’t know but I always wanted to know what happened on that island. (referred to in “Dawn”)

  9. @ Izombie420

    Disagree all you want, but keep a civil tongue in your head, to quote Stephano.

  10. Just because people think that “Diary of the Dead” was awful (which it seriously freaking was by the way. The guy is too busy “filming” to at least alert his friend that the zombie right behind him? Erroneous!) does not mean that they are haters or being overly negative. Nor does it warrant the use of CAPS.
    It was a crappy film by any standard and survived ONLY because of Romero’s legacy.

  11. I can honestly admit to liking some parts of Diary. The Amish guy was silly and out of place, but he WAS bada$$ and I whooped when he made his appearance.

    My initial gripe, as I was walking out of the theater wasn’t with the shady grasp of physics that has an arrow send a fifty pound kid flying through the air like he was shot out of a cannon — and this is so funny and picayune and specific that one could easily ignore or dismiss it — but my initial gripe was with BATTERY POWER. :) I’ve been shooting with Panasonic and Canon DVs for years now and I’ve never run across one with the kind of battery life on display in Diary. The camera guys would have had to have been racing about with battery belts or vests to get that kind of reliable, long-term power.

    Yeah, yeah, and there’s no sound in space and nothing travels faster than the speed of light and there’s no such thing as The Force AND we’re dealing with a movie about the reanimated dead. But the entire setup of the film, the way it was shot and the whole reason it was shot the way it was shot, was it was a wandering documentary — live, baby. So it’s quite a legitimate gripe that these guys never seemed to run out of juice.

  12. LOL @ iZombie. :-P


  13. I woul dhighly recommend Fido for anyone that hasn’t see it yet. Great Zombie film with a very humorous feel to it.

  14. @Paul

    There’s actually a quote from my review on the DVD box and poster for Fido. :-)


  15. @Vic – Wow, I never saw that before. Had to bust out my copy and take at look “…HYSTERICAL…A TON OF FUN!” Nice job Vic my man. This and Boondock Saints may be Billy Connely’s best work…well that and Head of the Class :)

  16. @ Izombie
    Lol i admire your passion as a fellow gore and dodgy horror lover but unless he adds something new to the mix (running? origin story? different chain of events?). Yes he created the genre but he isn’t adding anything else to it except what he originally created. Would rather another 28 days later sequel then this.

  17. @Will

    I hate running zombies. But that’s an argument neither of us will win since it’s entirely opinion.

  18. @Will
    I think Romero was trying to domesicate a zombie in Day of Day, and I think the soldiers in 28 days later had one tied up also, so who’s the one not original?

  19. exuse me I meant Day of the Dead not Day of Day

  20. I have decided to name the zombie in pic #2 “Pizza Face.” :-)

    He’s my zombie now; you all get your own!

  21. Say buh bye to Wendy thanks to the last word in her comment.


  22. Now it's a man eating zombie horse right Vic? What does IHMO mean?
    I believe Zombie films have been played BUT if it's a Romero film then it's worth seeing. Strictly my opinion.
    Was there ever an explanation as to why they're cannibals?

  23. IMHO means “in my humble opinion.”