New Star Wars Trilogy Coming in 3D?

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star wars picture New Star Wars Trilogy Coming in 3D?

So a rumor recently popped up online stating that there’s a new Star Wars Trilogy in the pipeline that is going to be filmed in stereoscopic 3D. The rumor originated from Market Saw, who attributed the news to a source close to the Lucasfilm camp who was feeding them this exclusive info. This new 3D Star Wars would NOT be a conversion of the existing trilogy (or those prequels we do not speak of), but rather an entirely new three-part chapter in the Star Wars canon!

Another part of the rumor was that George Lucas would NOT be directing this new trilogy, but would instead produce them, handing the helming duties off to more able other seasoned directors, such as Steven Spielberg and Francis Ford Coppola, who are both friends of Lucas.

Sci-fi fans, are your heads still attached to your necks?

Fueling this latest turn of the rumor mill is (surprisingly enough) James Cameron’s upcoming 3D sci-fi epic, Avatar. According to Market Saw‘s source, if Avatar is a smashing success (inevitably kicking off a new popular sci-fi/adventure franchise), then Lucas would have the necessary technology and motivation to give Cameron some good ol’ fashioned competition by jumping back into the Star Wars universe.

But how true is any of this?

Market Saw swears that their source is someone who “SHOULD KNOW. This source is absolutely connected. So odds are it is seriously being talked about at Lucasfilm. Right now.” However, the guys over at Collider have posted an article on their site diseccting this Star Wars 3D rumor, and this is what THEY came up with:

…because this was such a sensational rumor, Eric Vespe over at Ain’t It Cool News had to take time out of his day to send the Laura Wuhlhammer of Lucasfilm’s Public Relations department an e-mail asking her to confirm or deny the rumor.  She, of course, denied it. I imagine Vespe then sighed, looked at the clock, and knew he would never get those 90 seconds back.

Eric Vespe did in fact contact Laura Wuhlhammer over at Lucasfilm – not once, but twice. Upon first query, Wuhlhammer addressed the question of whether Lucasfilm was developing any Star Wars trilogy in 3D. Here was her response:

Hi Eric,

Thanks for your email. Lucasfilm is not currently working on a 3D version of the Star Wars movies.


Vespe (being the savvy guy that he is) read that and figured “Hey, she could be referring to converting the OLD Star Wars films to 3D…” and so, like any good reporter, he followed up with a more specific question. Upon second query, Wuhlhammer stuck a definitive fork in this overcooked rumor:

Hi Eric,

We do not have any Star Wars theatrical movies planned.


If that’s not enough, Collider points out that Lucasfilm currently DOES have its hands full with a Star Wars project: a live-action TV series set between the events of Episode III: Revenge of The Sith and Episode IV: A New Hope. Last word was that the TV series is moving into pre-production and script prep, and would continue gearing-up into to the new year, with 2012 marked as a tentative air date. That means that Lucas and company will have their hands full trying to create a whole new mythos for the time period between the fall of Anakin and the rise of Luke Skywalker; seems like planning a whole new film trilogy (using new technology, no less) would be something of a tall order.

Collider and Ain’t It Cool are shooting this one down as a wild rumor prematurely reported by Market Saw. I’m a bit fairer, so I’ll keep in open mind that anything can happen in the world of movies, but I would NOT get your hopes up for a new Star Wars trilogy coming anytime soon.

star wars the force unleashed starkiller push artwork big New Star Wars Trilogy Coming in 3D?

New Trilogy, New Jedi?

Come 2012, if the TV series is doing well and interest in Star Wars is at a peak and 3D motion-capture tech is still improving by leaps and bounds…we’ll see how George Lucas feels about taking on James Cameron’s Avatar universe for the title of “most worshiped geek franchise in the world.” Until then…

How do you feel about a new Star Wars trilogy using new 3D CGI technology? Do you need a new trilogy (with quality directors) to help erase the memory of the prequels? Or should the franchise be left alone before it rolls any further downhill? And just what kind of story would a new trilogy have to tell?

We’ll keep you posted as these rumors inevitably get punctured by the truth.

Source: Market Saw, Collider & Ain’t It Cool News

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  1. 3-D movies have come and gone numerous times since I’ve been attending the movies. I agree with jordi and it will be many years more before it gets to where it’s portrayed in SF/F films, if ever.

    LOL Huggybear sometimes you have a brief, unique and cogent way of putting things. Hear hear…

    Hey Big D, LOL, Lucas is going to win the Mr. No-Neck contest! I think they may have modeled Dexter Jettster, Obi-Wan’s buddy the cook off Lucas, Whatta ya think?

  2. @adam

    I’m not going to repeat everything Joshi said, but I feel I need to correct one really bad error you’ve stated. Lucas had practically NO involvement with Empire Strikes Back, which is exactly why neither director Irvin Kershner or producer Gary Kurtz came back for Jedi.

    Kershner was NOT guided by Lucas’s hand, as you put it. Unfortunately, Lucas DID have the movie re-edited to be faster pace, a decision Kershner was not happy with, but Lucas did nothing to affect the actual direction by him.

    Marquand and Jedi was an entirely different story, though, and you’re right that Lucas was basically the puppet master there. But of course, Jedi is (usually) considered the weakest of the original trilogy, so yeah.

    As for the rumor, I highly doubt we’ll see sequels to the OT, simply because there’s so much Expanded Universe stuff (which I couldn’t care less about, save maybe the Thrawn trilogy) that any sequels would either have to be based completely off it, or completely disregard it. I have a hard time believing Lucas would purposefully render hundreds of EU stuff moot, nor do I think he would up for making any films based on the stuff. That’s the only reason I don’t think it’s happening, least not while Lucas is still alive.

  3. @hud

    definitely any star wars movies need to come after Return of the Jedi and nothing in between. Continue from 6 on…


    sounds like a good start to a story. get that post started because it sound awesome! And Kofi, check out the book that follows right after Return of the Jedi. You’ll probably love it and there’s a badass Sith in it or some type of Jedi-like enemy.


    relax dude. no need to go all fanboy on us. George Lucas gave us a treat that we’ll never forget with A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi but the prequels were just plain bad. there were some very cool parts, don’t get me wrong, but it didn’t have the effect the original trilogy did – not even close actually.


    Empire Strikes Back is certainly the best film IMO and it probably has much to do with the slightly darker tone to the film (more than the others) and because it focused on Darth Vader – the greatest villain of all time!

  4. @Josh Rose

    thanks! that’s what I was looking for – the Thrawn Trilogy.

    Kofi – check it out if you haven’t already.

  5. I wouldn’t care if Lucasfilm made a new trilogy in 3D if it was GOOD… but these days, that seems to be a tall order.

    I have a feeling a different director could do a lot for Star Wars. You know who would be cool, Irvin Kershner… he is 86 though, and I think he has been retired for like the last decade. But, we all know that he directed the best, most iconic Star Wars film of them all–Empire Strikes Back!

  6. They should just do a 3D Lego Star Wars movie and stick a fork in this flamed out rancor carcus!

    Joking aside I’ve never heard such venom when it comes to a franchise. Star Wars prequels raped me, Empire Strikes Back was the best, Jedi was gay, Ewoks raped me,,, on and on it goes.
    man o man, will this train of discussion ever evolve?

    M-Cat its the Thrawn trilogy, the Thrawn trilogy for the love of god,,, how many times,,,, lol. ;-)

  7. @ Joshi

    Make no mistake, I am a huge fan of both Spielberg and Coppola, especially the former. And yes, Mr. Spielberg did direct parts of “Revenge of the Sith” to great success – the parts that Lucas knew he would do well in the style of the Star Wars universe – the action scenes. My point was not to suggest that Lucas was a better director than these two, just better in the style that the Star Wars films are done. As for the Oscar argument, the Academy is made up primarily of people who are in the Hollywood studio system, a system that Lucas bucked a long time ago (for all of our benefit), so how quickly are they willing to give the man who made it on his own a statue? I’d rather have Hollywood’s money (through ILM) to afford Lucas the independence and control of his own work. Also, If you enjoyed the original three Star Wars films, the prequels are in the same style of filmmaking. If Episode IV were to have come out 3 years after “Revenge of the Sith” was released, you and other fans would be complaining about Mark Hamill’s wooden acting and the cheesy rubber costumes of the cantina sequence.

    Yes, I did read the article, and my point was not to have posted this silly rumor in the first place without any sort of credible evidence. Should we resurrect the rumor that Charlton Heston will be playing Yoda as well? Gimme a break….know the source…

    Not all genius is evident…at least not to certain fans who merely complain about Jar Jar Binks and miss the brilliant cinematic symphony that is Star Wars. Themes repeat themselves between episodes, and one of the strengths of the prequels is that it made certain lines in the original trilogy more meaningful and more revealing from this new perspective. The story of Anakin’s refusal to accept change (a Lucasian theme in all of his movies) is at its best in the prequel trilogy…the very reason that Anakin turned to the Dark Side is amazingly powerful.

    I am not “legally” representing George Lucas, but rather, “artistically” representing him – as a true fan of Star Wars. I am not the only one to compare Lucas to Shakespeare, and ol’ Will himself would agree with me if he were alive today…

    100% opinion of this Star Wars fan….
    0% Sarcasm

    Good night, and May the Force Be With Those who love these films as I do…as for everyone else who condemns the prequels, enjoy the darkness, for you are blind…

  8. 790, no need for evolution, you summed it up most eloquently in your second paragraph. And the first one, come to that. ROFLMAO!

  9. Good points Adam Seely !!!

    Personally I had no problems with the prequels and “Revenge of the Sith” was a perfectly written science fiction story that reflects our own political turmoil and deception from within.

    The Chancellor being a Trojan Horse dictator mirrors our own worlds political state. Lucas is brilliant… The Lucas hate needs end,,,

  10. @790

    “man o man, will this train of discussion ever evolve?”

    Of course it will… if we get 3 more movies to potentially love or be screwed by…

    But until that day: HAN SHOT FIRST! Just deal with it :-)

  11. @ Adam Seely

    You’ve gotten to do some pretty passionate soapboxing for a person who never wanted this post to be posted. LOL. You better have your A-game ready for when I do this “What should Star Wars Sequels Be About?” Post!

  12. Greedo had it coming !!!

  13. I would prefer a new Star Wars trilogy more then another, “Harry Pooper, Transformers, or Twlight, New Moon on Monday and the Fire Danced through the night” sagas.
    I’m just pissed there going 3D-ception.

  14. I can’t see everything going 3D so it’s still possible we see a new Star Wars trilogy in 2D.

  15. Well M-Cat the upcoming live Star Wars tv series should be interesting.
    I have a feeling it will be hella kick ass. Let’s hope!

  16. hella kick ass indeed

  17. Yeah definitely. I’m looking forward to the TV series but couldn’t care less about releasing an old trilogy in 3D. Maybe the prequels but I have no motivation to see them again and no chance would I pay for them in the theatre.

  18. Evan,,, ;-)
    Greedo had it coming because it pointed its blaster at Solo. Han had no choice, he was defending himself,,, all this he shot first bs is Star Wars Pollitical Correctness BS.

    As we all know Han played a bigger role in the cosmos, Greedo was a pawn.
    Let’s move on,,,

    “Sorry for the mess,,,”

  19. 790, no disagreements. Doesn’t need to be squeaky clean. He was, after all, a “scoundrel.”

  20. M-Cat, and Evan,,,

  21. @Adam Seely

    Just curious if you, Dan Seely and Rob Seely are either related or the same people under slightly different names…?

  22. I actually enjoyed the prequel films, buy don’t want to see another Star Wars Trilogy. The saga is done.

  23. Let’s have it right. Lucas is CAPABLE of great things. THX 1138 is one of the finest debut films by any director. Ever. American Graffiti is one of the finest follow-ups. And Star Wars (A New Hope) changed both cinema and people’s lives no matter what it stole from.

    On the commentary for the 2004 DVD release of THX 1138 (where, weirdly, Lucas fails to mention a single word about the – in this instance – understated and perfectly-employed CGI additions), he says:

    “Fortunately I’ve never made a film I don’t like to watch; and I enjoy this film, y’know, I had a great time making it. It was really my sensibility at the time – it’s still a lot of my sensibility – I’ve just gone off on this strange path that is not at all like where I thought I was going to be. This is really the kind of filmmaking I started doing and probably the filmmaking I’m going to go back to someday. It’s a much more interesting style of filmmaking than I currently find myself in. I enjoy doing the more traditional, y’know, Hollywood style movies, and I started doing them just to see if I could do it. But these more…slightly off-beat movies is really where my cinematic heart is.”

    Lucas is not Shakespeare, Adam. He is a highly creative man who has become trapped in a prison of his own devising. This is why it took him 22 years to direct another film after Star Wars, and why, in my opinion, he will never actually get round to making another “slightly off-beat movie”.

  24. i’d be interested in anything non-star wars related that lucas would direct. as far as star wars related, it better be a good director like the spielberg or coppola otherwise I wouldn’t even consider watching any more star wars films.

  25. @Adam

    I say again, Hidden Genius is not an excuse.

    Now, I’m going to be honest here, I enjoyed the Prequels somewhat for what they were. They were fun films and you know what, I’ll admit, I’ll occasionally sit down and watch them all again because there is fun in them and if George knows anything, he knows how to direct action as well as most competent directors out there. And yes, there are themes inherent in them that carry forward to the original trilogy. I’ll give credit where credit’s due, Lucas managed to pull off prequels that seemed to fit everything together rather well (though as much as I really enjoyed Sith, Anakin’s turn seemed a little too easy for me).

    But, that doesn’t make up for the shortfalls. That’s sort of the tragedy really, there was potential there for some really amazing movies and they were brought down by, again annoying characters, bad dialogue and wooden acting. They are still bad movies and no, I don’t agree that they’re as good or any better than the original trilogy.

    I’ll put forth my theory on exactly why the original trilogy worked so well and why the prequels failed (among other things), two words: Harrison Ford.

    Now, I’m not saying he’s the holy grail in movie making, but he is the key to the Star Wars trilogy’s greatness. Han Solo was the guy who could well have come from Earth, who could well be a guy who lived among us. He’s essentially a regular guy who gets caught up in irregular things. One could say that was meant to be Luke all along, but you could tell Luke was always willing to be the hero who saved the galaxy. Han was the one who was in over his head from the start. His dialogue, his mannerisms, his way of carrying himself, everything said “I’m real” while everyone else was caught up in this space opera.

    Essentially, he was the vessel the audience used to identify with what was going on. He was the guy in the back row of the theatre yelling at the screen saying “this makes no sense!”, he was the voice of reason in a big world of space battles and mysterious magic. He kept everything grounded.

    The prequels didn’t have that, they had no character who could be that and thus, the audience didn’t gel well with the prequels like they did with the previous movies. I guarantee not nearly as many people would be hating on the prequels had they had at least one roguish character who was somewhat apart from the story and pretty much told the audience “Hey, I’m with you on this, this is some weird stuff”.

  26. Oh please Joshi the man made the same film six freaking times! Look real carefully theirs over a hundred plot points all of them have in common, it’s formula film making. Heil he can’t even take total credit for THX-1138; Check Artifact from the Future: The Making of ‘THX 1138.’ It’s based on Mathew Robbins 2 page treatment “Breakout.” The innovative sound- Thank Walter Murch. The man has a little art talent is smart enough to surround himself with real talent and at best a very good craftsman.

    What’s he going to do? Milk this one very derivative story with a bunch of live action and Anime TV filler and reap a bunch of middle finger money to fund a bunch of off beat movies he plans to make for the rest of his career… :(

  27. @the old man

    I’m not entirely sure which point of mine you’re taking objection to.

  28. A new SW trilogy would be a sequel to 6. I’m pretty sure I remember Lucas saying way back when SW started that Star Wars was comprised of 3 trilogies and that he had rough ideas about what they would all be about. Years later and he’s done with 2 of em. He said he would never make another trilogy. I guess he was telling the truth…from a certain point of view if these rumors come true(which they will come true just in about 10-15 years from now IMO.)

    I really don’t understand why Avatar would have an influence on any of this. I’ve seen the trailers and photos and it doesn’t strike me as a groundbreaking movie that would have the sort of impact A New Hope did when it first came out. Sure Avatar looks really good but I’m not eagerly anticipating it nor “dying” to see it.

    Of course, any trilogy taking place after Jedi would be destroying every EU story ever told. I’ve always envisioned the Thrawn trilogy to be made into a movie. But what about the Truce at Bakura that takes place immediately after Jedi? Using the EU would be too complicated not to mention I think he already had a trilogy in mind.

    I’ve read sooo many EU books and comics. I really like the Star Wars Legacy comic. 125 years after Jedi. That would be nice to see as a movie too.

  29. I enjoyed all six Star Wars films. I dont care if they make another trilogy that follows on from Episode 6 aslong as they have cameos by Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, & Carrie Fisher. Doesnt have to be big, just somthin to re-ensure it follows on from Episode 6 years later etc. I hope they re-release all 6 films in Theaters again. Especially if they could be in 3-d cause i never got the chance to see the original films on the big screen and i admit i didnt become a fan till Episode 2 came out. Mainly because after awhile my friends got me into it.