New Star Wars Trilogy Coming in 3D?

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star wars picture New Star Wars Trilogy Coming in 3D?

So a rumor recently popped up online stating that there’s a new Star Wars Trilogy in the pipeline that is going to be filmed in stereoscopic 3D. The rumor originated from Market Saw, who attributed the news to a source close to the Lucasfilm camp who was feeding them this exclusive info. This new 3D Star Wars would NOT be a conversion of the existing trilogy (or those prequels we do not speak of), but rather an entirely new three-part chapter in the Star Wars canon!

Another part of the rumor was that George Lucas would NOT be directing this new trilogy, but would instead produce them, handing the helming duties off to more able other seasoned directors, such as Steven Spielberg and Francis Ford Coppola, who are both friends of Lucas.

Sci-fi fans, are your heads still attached to your necks?

Fueling this latest turn of the rumor mill is (surprisingly enough) James Cameron’s upcoming 3D sci-fi epic, Avatar. According to Market Saw‘s source, if Avatar is a smashing success (inevitably kicking off a new popular sci-fi/adventure franchise), then Lucas would have the necessary technology and motivation to give Cameron some good ol’ fashioned competition by jumping back into the Star Wars universe.

But how true is any of this?

Market Saw swears that their source is someone who “SHOULD KNOW. This source is absolutely connected. So odds are it is seriously being talked about at Lucasfilm. Right now.” However, the guys over at Collider have posted an article on their site diseccting this Star Wars 3D rumor, and this is what THEY came up with:

…because this was such a sensational rumor, Eric Vespe over at Ain’t It Cool News had to take time out of his day to send the Laura Wuhlhammer of Lucasfilm’s Public Relations department an e-mail asking her to confirm or deny the rumor.  She, of course, denied it. I imagine Vespe then sighed, looked at the clock, and knew he would never get those 90 seconds back.

Eric Vespe did in fact contact Laura Wuhlhammer over at Lucasfilm – not once, but twice. Upon first query, Wuhlhammer addressed the question of whether Lucasfilm was developing any Star Wars trilogy in 3D. Here was her response:

Hi Eric,

Thanks for your email. Lucasfilm is not currently working on a 3D version of the Star Wars movies.


Vespe (being the savvy guy that he is) read that and figured “Hey, she could be referring to converting the OLD Star Wars films to 3D…” and so, like any good reporter, he followed up with a more specific question. Upon second query, Wuhlhammer stuck a definitive fork in this overcooked rumor:

Hi Eric,

We do not have any Star Wars theatrical movies planned.


If that’s not enough, Collider points out that Lucasfilm currently DOES have its hands full with a Star Wars project: a live-action TV series set between the events of Episode III: Revenge of The Sith and Episode IV: A New Hope. Last word was that the TV series is moving into pre-production and script prep, and would continue gearing-up into to the new year, with 2012 marked as a tentative air date. That means that Lucas and company will have their hands full trying to create a whole new mythos for the time period between the fall of Anakin and the rise of Luke Skywalker; seems like planning a whole new film trilogy (using new technology, no less) would be something of a tall order.

Collider and Ain’t It Cool are shooting this one down as a wild rumor prematurely reported by Market Saw. I’m a bit fairer, so I’ll keep in open mind that anything can happen in the world of movies, but I would NOT get your hopes up for a new Star Wars trilogy coming anytime soon.

star wars the force unleashed starkiller push artwork big New Star Wars Trilogy Coming in 3D?

New Trilogy, New Jedi?

Come 2012, if the TV series is doing well and interest in Star Wars is at a peak and 3D motion-capture tech is still improving by leaps and bounds…we’ll see how George Lucas feels about taking on James Cameron’s Avatar universe for the title of “most worshiped geek franchise in the world.” Until then…

How do you feel about a new Star Wars trilogy using new 3D CGI technology? Do you need a new trilogy (with quality directors) to help erase the memory of the prequels? Or should the franchise be left alone before it rolls any further downhill? And just what kind of story would a new trilogy have to tell?

We’ll keep you posted as these rumors inevitably get punctured by the truth.

Source: Market Saw, Collider & Ain’t It Cool News

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  1. They are converting the original trilogy to 3D. They showed footage of that to the Totally Rad Show folks @ Revision 3.

  2. Meh, it’ll happen sooner or later. When I first read about this I was sceptical because… well, they were told by a “Source” and we all know how reliable they are.

    But I’m fully convinced George would be willing to run this series into the ground twice over. Trust me, give it 5, 10, perhaps maybe 20 years. They’ll come.

  3. at first i wanted a trilogy to be in the same time as the knights of the old republic games, but after thinking about it im not sure i want any more prequels.Even though the bad guys from that time are bad ass,i think id want some sequels to episode 6

  4. i did play the force unleashed(which is in the time period between 3 and 4) and i think it would make a good tv show, but i dont think it will be based on that.

  5. Kind of funny how the new rumor is EXACTLY what fans have been clamoring for: NO more George Lucas directed Star Wars films. I think this will happen, and I agree with Joshi: 10 years from now or so it WILL happen.

  6. Luke goes to the Dark Side and the Solo/Leah twins become the universe’s new hope…Well if the quality doesn’t improve, instead of milking this lucrative franchise they’ll be flogging it to death!! CPR for Star Wars..

  7. Cmon we need a new star wars trilogy. Petition for the last three movies!

  8. I’ve been dreaming up a Star Wars sequel trilogy for years. In my head Han is an old General, Leah a beloved Senate delegate, while Luke has become a Yoda type, rebuilding the shattered league of the Jedi.

    With the Empire gone and democracy spread throughout the cosmos opportunity for great changes in tradition have arisen – though some factions are starkly opposed to the idea.

    Some people fear peacetime more than wartime and the first film would examine that concept as well as facing the issue of how to bring democracy and fair rule to an entire universe.

    For the story, a young Jedi in training and his (3-4) “pledgemates” would embark on the final test of their training (a journey to a remote planet filled with bad guys) only to emerge at the end of the first film with very different destinies (some turn good, some go Sith, one dies tragically).

    Of course steering the young Jedi’s destinies would be a final snake in the galactic garden – a mysterious figure in exile, who has been keeping the dark arts of the Sith alive in solitary practice…

    Ooooo we might have to do a whole post on this!

  9. Any updates on the live action TV show?

  10. @Kofi

    I believe a lot of the expanded universe covers most of that. I’ve only really played a few Star Wars games, haven’t t read the books or anything, but least ways I know Luke creates a new Jedi Academy and trains Jedi’s (you know, after he got an afternoon crash course on being a Jedi himself…) and I’m sure a student goes dark at soe point (because it’d be boring otherwise).

    Of course Han and Leia marry and get a few sprogs who end up doing exciting things (because the children of the saviours of the galaxy aren’t allowed to become blue milk farmers or sell death sticks).

    I’m sure there’s also some sith somewhere in hiding plotting (you know despite there only supposed to be two at a time, but I guess with Vader and Palpatine being dead, that’s fine… oh wait, don’t they bring Palpatine back at some point?)

    I’m also aware that Boba Fett is alive and well… yeah, surprised the hell out of me when he showed up in one of the Star Wars games I was playing. Turns out he managed to jetpack his way out of that monster thing from Jedi… we just never saw it (no really, look it up).

  11. 1. Understand this: The “prequels you don’t speak of” are 5 times the movies that Steven Spielberg and/or Francis Ford Coppola would do in this series. Star Wars is George Lucas’ saga. Period. All six of them are the greatest gift to cinema any filmmaker has given us to date. Even Kershner and Marquand were guided by his hand.

    2. This article, and the vague “source” it came from, are about as credible as a tabloid next to the chewing gum at your local supermarket. A real fan of Star Wars would not have posted this drivel, knowing full well that George’s masterpiece ends at 6 theatrical movies.

    3. I pity the people that missed the point of the prequels, and can’t see the genius in them and think that another director would have done them justice in the style of the original three. Couldn’t be more delusional.

    4. As for James Cameron’s “Avatar”, Mr. Lucas and/or Lucasfilm has absolutely zero interest in its box office performance, nor will that film’s success dictate what future projects (3D or not), Mr. Lucas will embark on.

    5. Star Wars is Forever. George Lucas is to cinema what Shakespeare was to plays.

  12. you know its going to happen..if warner bros can make a ton of cash from the harry potter books, why not make a series based on the dark horse books and comics??Kenner has already pushed the envelope a bit by making toys based on the comics-which have been a hit (i still haven’t got my “white darth vader”,dammit),also characters have nbeen killed off in the books that no one even knows has happened unless you are that deep into the sw lore..Chewbacca’s dead??-and even if they did base the films on their other media, they could go whatever way they wanted..twist stories and situations around etc..

    Or better yet, reboot the whole damn thing with a new cast,ala star trek.

  13. My head’s still firmly attached to my neck, but George’s appears to be PART of his neck. This may account for why no-one’s managed to lynch him yet.

  14. Would be great if they would deliver another film, or films in the coming years. I’m not a geekish fan of Star Wars, but I really liked the whole universe. I liked all the movies, series (Clone Wars), and games about it.

    It’s just such a great pool for story-telling.

    If the film(s) are a sequel to the (chronological) last film, than maybe the game Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy wouldn’t be bad to insert into it.
    Here we see Skywalker finding and training new younglings in ancient temples.

    Anyways, I really like Star Wars and would love to see some more of it.

  15. @rob
    thanks man, sorry 4 goin off topic on the a team thread lol

  16. Adam I beg to differ on some of your analysis I think you should try to gain some perspective even in the narrow genre were talking about.

  17. @Adam Seely

    I rarely get into arguments with people on the internet (anymore) but I’m sort of compelled to say something here concerning the points you made.

    1. Both Spielberg and Coppola have won Oscars for their work, Lucas has not. Spielberg has proven countless times that he’s perfectly adept at doing action/adventure stories much like Star Wars and even did some directorial work on Revenge of the Sith. And really, Spielberg, directing something Lucas created? All three Indiana Jones movies were much better than the Star Wars prequels, hell even Indiana Jones 4 was better than Phantom Menace.

    2. Did you even bother to read all the way through this article? It plainly debunks the rumour halfway down. Or did you simply read the title and decided to rant?

    3. The Star Wars Prequels are bad. Saying we “don’t understand their genius” is sort of a scatological argument. There are plenty of “genius” films out there, but the difference between them and the Star Wars prequels is that their genius is evident. People watched those movies and said “those are good films”. They didn’t come out saying “That film has hidden genius hidden behind a veil of bad dialogue, annoying, semi racist characters and wooden acting”.

    Simply put, if you need to be taken by the hand and walked through a movie in order to see its “genius” it’s a bad movie.

    4. What are you, legally representing Lucasfilm/George Lucas? You can’t possibly know how closely they’re watching the box office performance for Avatar. In fact, it seems pretty much every movie studio on the planet will have their eye on Avatar’s box office performance and using that to dictate their future projects (3D or not), I should think it’d be a rather stupid move if Lucasfilm didn’t at least pay a little attention.

    5. No, no he isn’t. I can name 20 director off of the top of my head to which that analogy could be applied and Lucas isn’t one of them, not after the prequels. If you really think Lucas is that good I would seriously suggest you watch some other movies, by other directors. Comparing George Lucas to Shakespeare is amazingly myopic.

  18. I thought it went without saying all episodes would be converted to a 3D version eventually.

    What I don’t get is why it’s taking so damn long for Lucas to get us a 3D version of Howard The Duck!

  19. @JessSayin

    Wait… you mean it wasn’t in 3D to begin with? I certainly came out with a headache afterwards.

  20. @Andy S,
    I’m with you on that one.

    IMO the best Stars Wars film episode? The Empire Strikes Back.

    Why? Well for one of many reasons, it was directed by Irvin Kershner.

    (And he did it without using even one Ewok.)

  21. @Joshi

    Wait, you mean Adam was serious? Man, I’ve got to get my sarcasm-detector fixed!

  22. @jordi

    It’s possible I need to get mine fixed… not sure. So hard to detect sarcasm over the internet.

  23. Too bad its in 3D, these aren’t the sequels I’m looking for,,,

    All films in 3D within 10 years.
    The end is near folks…

  24. Cool, 3d jar jar binks! Now we can all visualize choking him much better! :)

  25. @790

    I’m sure they said the same when ‘talkies’ first came out as well :) Don’t worry it’s just a fad!

  26. Well I disagree Jordi, as “Talkies” were a natural evolution in Cinema, 3D is a visual augmentation that was once a gimmick and is now going to be used for subliminal purposes.
    Totally different agenda…

  27. @790

    Ah you’ve taken my flippant comment in totally the wrong context :(

    Play me out Johnny!…

  28. Well I always try and touch on that when there’s a 3D thread going on…

  29. I’d love to see a 3d star wars game… Now that would be cool. Not really excited for the movies though, i thought they were all boring(sorry?)… I do love yoda and the lightsabers though. P.s… I would watch any indy film several times before i’d watch a star wars one.