New Star Wars Trilogy Coming in 3D?

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star wars picture New Star Wars Trilogy Coming in 3D?

So a rumor recently popped up online stating that there’s a new Star Wars Trilogy in the pipeline that is going to be filmed in stereoscopic 3D. The rumor originated from Market Saw, who attributed the news to a source close to the Lucasfilm camp who was feeding them this exclusive info. This new 3D Star Wars would NOT be a conversion of the existing trilogy (or those prequels we do not speak of), but rather an entirely new three-part chapter in the Star Wars canon!

Another part of the rumor was that George Lucas would NOT be directing this new trilogy, but would instead produce them, handing the helming duties off to more able other seasoned directors, such as Steven Spielberg and Francis Ford Coppola, who are both friends of Lucas.

Sci-fi fans, are your heads still attached to your necks?

Fueling this latest turn of the rumor mill is (surprisingly enough) James Cameron’s upcoming 3D sci-fi epic, Avatar. According to Market Saw‘s source, if Avatar is a smashing success (inevitably kicking off a new popular sci-fi/adventure franchise), then Lucas would have the necessary technology and motivation to give Cameron some good ol’ fashioned competition by jumping back into the Star Wars universe.

But how true is any of this?

Market Saw swears that their source is someone who “SHOULD KNOW. This source is absolutely connected. So odds are it is seriously being talked about at Lucasfilm. Right now.” However, the guys over at Collider have posted an article on their site diseccting this Star Wars 3D rumor, and this is what THEY came up with:

…because this was such a sensational rumor, Eric Vespe over at Ain’t It Cool News had to take time out of his day to send the Laura Wuhlhammer of Lucasfilm’s Public Relations department an e-mail asking her to confirm or deny the rumor.  She, of course, denied it. I imagine Vespe then sighed, looked at the clock, and knew he would never get those 90 seconds back.

Eric Vespe did in fact contact Laura Wuhlhammer over at Lucasfilm – not once, but twice. Upon first query, Wuhlhammer addressed the question of whether Lucasfilm was developing any Star Wars trilogy in 3D. Here was her response:

Hi Eric,

Thanks for your email. Lucasfilm is not currently working on a 3D version of the Star Wars movies.


Vespe (being the savvy guy that he is) read that and figured “Hey, she could be referring to converting the OLD Star Wars films to 3D…” and so, like any good reporter, he followed up with a more specific question. Upon second query, Wuhlhammer stuck a definitive fork in this overcooked rumor:

Hi Eric,

We do not have any Star Wars theatrical movies planned.


If that’s not enough, Collider points out that Lucasfilm currently DOES have its hands full with a Star Wars project: a live-action TV series set between the events of Episode III: Revenge of The Sith and Episode IV: A New Hope. Last word was that the TV series is moving into pre-production and script prep, and would continue gearing-up into to the new year, with 2012 marked as a tentative air date. That means that Lucas and company will have their hands full trying to create a whole new mythos for the time period between the fall of Anakin and the rise of Luke Skywalker; seems like planning a whole new film trilogy (using new technology, no less) would be something of a tall order.

Collider and Ain’t It Cool are shooting this one down as a wild rumor prematurely reported by Market Saw. I’m a bit fairer, so I’ll keep in open mind that anything can happen in the world of movies, but I would NOT get your hopes up for a new Star Wars trilogy coming anytime soon.

star wars the force unleashed starkiller push artwork big New Star Wars Trilogy Coming in 3D?

New Trilogy, New Jedi?

Come 2012, if the TV series is doing well and interest in Star Wars is at a peak and 3D motion-capture tech is still improving by leaps and bounds…we’ll see how George Lucas feels about taking on James Cameron’s Avatar universe for the title of “most worshiped geek franchise in the world.” Until then…

How do you feel about a new Star Wars trilogy using new 3D CGI technology? Do you need a new trilogy (with quality directors) to help erase the memory of the prequels? Or should the franchise be left alone before it rolls any further downhill? And just what kind of story would a new trilogy have to tell?

We’ll keep you posted as these rumors inevitably get punctured by the truth.

Source: Market Saw, Collider & Ain’t It Cool News

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  1. I don’t even know where they would squeeze in another three movies worth of material. Every nook and crany of time frames has been filled up, even choked full of expanded universe stuff. Maybe if they go two hundred years out, so that it takes place after the Legacy comic series.

    The time between Ep.3 and Ep.4 where the Empire rises and Vader is hunting down the last of the Jedi would be the most interesting, but that is when the live action TV series is taking place.

    • there should be another 3 movies even more and in the star wars univers there is such a big timeline and the stories after return of the jedi are great i would like to see mark hamil come back hes at the perfect age to still be luke skywalker and bring back harrison ford at his age now and make a movie during that timeline in star wars it would be a great movie if you anything about the real star wars story after return of the jedi it would make for a great movie and 1 2 3 they were also good movies great acting maybe the story was a little rough but it does keep you entertained so i appricate them a lot.

  2. Star Wars Episode VII
    The Gathering Storm

    Seven hundred years have passed since Luke Skywalker defeated Emperor Palpatine, the galaxy has gone through many difficult trials before settling down into an era of peace and tranquillity. Now, in the unknown regions of space, a forgotten horror of the ages is racing through the darkness.

    The Galactic Alliance have discovered an abandoned armada, ancient ships of war, and there is a survivor. A Jedi Knight, Allon, who makes claims of this horror fast approaching, his connection to it, but the team who found him question his sanity. The Jedi are still the peacekeepers of the galaxy, but this is a more relaxed role due to stability of peace. This lone survivor throws the Order into chaos by making startling revelations about the past, he paints the Jedi as villains, this seems unbelievable to the current Jedi, although much of their history has been lost. Including all tales of the Sith.

    Allon promises to lead the Jedi to the truth behind their lineage, taking a group to a planet smothered in The Dark Side, Allon kills the Jedi and reveals himself to be Sith. He draws on the power of the planet, searching for an apprentice, luring her to him.

    His intended apprentice is a young woman called Cally, she lives with her family aboard their ship as they trade goods with various planets. Her brother has some latent talent with the force, Cally claims to have none at all, in actual fact she is incredibly powerful and hides her increasing abilities. The Jedi learn of Allon’s betrayal and dispatch two Knights Kerrin and Xix to find Cally.

    Allon uses his immense dark side power to resurrect a slaughtered army to man the armada and launches a vengeful attack on the Galactic Alliance, who have no such firepower to defend against such a cruel attack. Allon’s fleet are bearing down on Coruscant, with only the Jedi mounting a defence, Cally and her family answer a distress call on the edge of the star system, they pick up the two jedi sent to find her. They try to escape and head for New Alderran, but it isn’t long before Allon discovers them and traps the ship.

    He offers Cally a choice, Join him or he will kill her family. With no other option, Cally goes with the Dark Lord, they disappear into hyperspace. But Allon has lied and has his fleet destroy Coruscant, and fires on her family’s ship. Xix is killed, as are her mother and father. Her brother is nowhere to be found. Kerrin vows to find her, taking a small starfighter and heading off in search of the fleet.

    The End.

    The first half sets up the new era, showing the Jedi to be much weaker than anything we have seen before. Everything has changed because of the lasting peace, and the oncoming threat simply walks over them. There are more characters but I just wanted to give an overview. There is a love story between Kerrin and Cally, the animosity between Cally and her brother, and the hidden secrets of Allon. Huge space battles, alien worlds, dangerous creatures, and interesting characters. Cally is very much the Han Solo character. The next film focuses on her descent into darkness, and Kerrin trying to find her. While the last part would be her redemption upon finding her brother is still alive, and trying to rid the galaxy of Allon forver.

  3. I remember reading an interview with George Lucas many many years ago where he said that the first three movies were about Obi Wan and Darth Vader’s story, the second three were about Luke and Leia’s story, and that the 3rd trilogy would tell the story of Leia and Han Solo’s children, being that they would inherit their Jediness from Leia. If this trilogy is that third original trilogy then I wonder if it would be that story.

  4. @Wickamo, that exact storyline as already been covered in the Star Wars novels.

  5. @ M-CAT
    while i do agree that sequels should be made and im sick of prequels(even though i loved episode 3 and liked both 1 n 2) i just dont like what the future after 6 has to offer.unless they go past luke n han and all of their offsprings.i really dont like cloning idea they had. or they could make some movies based in the KOTOR(knights of the old republic) era. the mandalorian war, darth malak raven oh ya

  6. A-lot of you still don’t see it. Why would Lucas tell you a different story? He’s told you the same story six times now and you’ve bought into it six times! What do you want him to do, tell it to you three more times? Look at all the things the six stories have in common. Their’s over 100 elements they all have in common. You’re allowing your “id” to govern your reason, all for a cheap Adrenalin rush…

  7. @drsambeckett198

    In your little synopsis above Cally would be the Luke character not Han Solo. Han was just a normal guy with no Force talent (or latent at best arguably) so to say she is ‘incredibly powerful’ Force user and compare her to Han? Nope, doesn’t compute.

  8. When I compared Cally to Han, I meant in terms of character, not force ability. She would be the wise cracking rouge, not a typical hero like Luke or Anakin. Star Wars needs characters like that, it was so lacking in the prequels.
    That’s my idea anyway. I started on the script last night, but so far it doesn’t feel like star wars. Maybe that’s a good thing.

  9. I’m a star wars geek who love the old trilogy, and… well, at least I don’t HATE the prequel trilogy. It was a disappointment – shure – but it had its moments… anyway – let’s hope this is just a stupid “supershadow”-type rumor, and that we wont see anymore star wars movies. Havent seen the Clone Wars movie, and probably wont.

    Looking forward to the live action series though, but there’s a strong chance that it will be another dissapointment from skywalker ranch.

  10. I am not a prequel hater. I like all the movies and each one has good points and bad points. I do see many of the points that the haters have against the prequels but I also believe the existence of the Internet by the time the prequels came around allowed those complaints to fester and pustulate far more than necessary. However, I wouldn’t mind seeing a FINAL Star Wars trilogy that is produced by George but probably not directed by him. Another option is that he could have a co-director on each.

    On the other hand, I believe the movies were intended to be the story of Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader and he originally planned it to spread out over nine movies and then came to realize it would really be a six movie affair. But people won’t let the “nine movies” thing die. So, yeah, if you can make a good trilogy that won’t be hated on as much then go ahead and do it, George.

  11. I was always hoping there would be a third star wars trilogy set years after Return of the Jedi because I want to see Mark Hamill back as an aging Luke Skywalker noe a Yoda/Obi-Wan type Jedi Master traning a new generation of Jedi to protect the galaxy and to see the aftermath of the Emporer and Vader’s death and to see the Millennium Falcon flying all over the galaxy again either piloted by Han Solo or one os Han’s children or Luke’s Son Ben Skywalker or his heir and dealing with Luke’s protege or Luke’s son or Han and Leia’s children and grandchildren as the main heroes facing a new threat to the galaxy perhaps from the Unknown regions of the galaxy. This trilogy could be set after thr Fate of the Jedi novel series(perhaps 45-50 years after ROTJ) with the original cast of Hamill,Fisher and Ford as mentor roles. Perhaps not only having Luke pass on the torch to the new Jedi and his son Ben but Han passing on the Falcon to his daughter Jaina or granddaughter Allana. I think it would be cool to see a SW sequel trilogy in not only 3D but IMAX3D like the upcoming Tron:Legacy. I hope Lucas and Lucasfilm will reconsider in the future.

  12. The Timothy Zahn Trilogy is considered by “Star Wars Nerds” everywhere as the Episodes 7, 8, and 9. The story is all there it just needs to be adapted to screen in full beautiful CGI. This transition would not be hard to stomach after the strong CGI infusion to Episodes 1, 2, and 3.

    Plus, Episode 3 is awesome and it’s too bad that it gets lumped into the disasters that are Episodes 1 and 2.

  13. March 17, 2008 Coming Soon interview by Edward Douglas; “Do you think you’d have other people continue the “Star Wars” saga past “Episode VI” or turn some of the other material into films?”
    Lucas: But there’s no story past “Episode VI”, there’s just no story. It’s a certain story about Anakin Skywalker and once Anakin Skywalker dies, that’s kind of the end of the story. There is no story about Luke Skywalker” He goes on to say that other peoples “Star Wars” vision isn’t his and he’s not able to keep up with that.

    From: TIME Magazine By Gerald Clarke;Denise Worrell Monday, May. 23, 1983 An Interview with George Lucas.

    “The sequels, the three movies that would follow Jedi, are considerably vaguer. Their main theme will be the necessity for moral choices and the wisdom needed to distinguish right from wrong. There was never any doubt in the films already made; in those the lines were sharply drawn, comic-book-style. Luke, who will then be the age Obi-Wan Kenobi is now, some place in his 60s, will reappear, and so will his friends, assuming that the creator decides to carry the epic further. Hamill and the others will get first crack at the roles—if they look old enough. ”

    There the contrast between what he said in 1983 and what he said in 2008. By the way Hamill is around 58. Lucas has been talking about 100 episodes of the live action show. Four to five years worth of “Star Wars” on TV. Hamill will be about the right age then. Will you still want Lucas’s 1983 story then? Perhaps 2018 give or take a year? In that period how many more books, games, and toys do you think will be out?
    Oh and don’t forget the original trilogy is looking like it’s slated for 3-D. It seems kind of crazy to spend your golden years telling war stories? If the TV shows go the distance it will be around 36 years of “Star Wars.” Isn’t that enough?

  14. He had a point in 2008 though, that saga was the story of Anakin Skywalker, he’s said it plenty of times. There’s no real story reason to do sequels now unless they were spin offs.

  15. Im not a big fan really, i just like the movies. But howcome people hated the prequels? Namely Episodes 1 & 2?

  16. Well from my point of view chrisj, seeing it as one body, the autopsy has been poured over so much I wonder at the persistent attention. If I dwell on it, then I’m bummed and the future prospects are looking lackluster as it is. That’s enough angst, especially over whats suppose to be entertainment…

  17. I think they should do an “Old Republic” era trilogy. I loved reading the books about Darth Bane and how there used to be armies of jedi and sith. Seeing the PC video game trailer enough was convincing. But seeing it live action, thousands of jedi and sith fighting each other, would be fantastic. And i love the idea on Cameron. Hes the perfect director. Star Wars needs a good name.

  18. I still would like to see Episodes 7, 8 & 9………there is still one more story with the grandchildren of Darth Vader.

  19. I’m defiantly in the 7,8 and 9 camp! I’ve never really been a big fan of prequels. IMO I thought lucus was just trying to be too clever! I did read some of the Timothy Zahn books a few years ago and agree that they could be a template for future movies!

  20. Hey all, I red this news on other sites, and here I got a lot of information I'm happy of it. But I think if we want a new star wars trilogy in 3D we have to insist to lucasfilms. Since we live in a world that facebook groups have influence, I just created one called “FOR A NEW STAR WARS TRILOGY IN 3D”. If you don't find my group just add me (Tom Seagle) and send me a message and then I'll invite you.


  21. What are you guys babbling about?!
    Star Wars 7, 8, and 9 would be amazing. Bring Grievous, Vader, and Maul back as a trio of villains and make a Grievous spin off. That’s all there is to it.

  22. I want to see Episodes 7,8 and 9 because:

    1.I want to see Mark Hamill back as an older,wiser Luke Skywalker traning a new generation of Jedi Knights like in the novels. But I want to hear it from Lucas’ point of view.

    2.I want to see the grandchildren of Anakin/Darth:Ben Skywalker,Jacen and Jaina and Allana Solo as Jedi Knights perhaps inheriting the Millennium Falcon from their father/grandfather Han Solo.

    3.I want to see the Jedi Order and the Republic/Galaxy rebuilt under Luke,Han and Leia and the state of the galaxy after the death of the Emporer and Vader.

    4.I want to see the original cast back:Mark Hamill back as an older,wiser Luke as a Jedi Master having new adventures and facing new dangers,Harrison Ford donning Han Solo’s vest and flying the Falcon once again and Carrie Fisher as Jedi Knight Princess Leia.

    5.To see the Millennium Falcon fly all over the galaxy and jumpin through hyperspace on the big screen again and this time show the hyperspace effect again. (I was pissed there was no hyperspace effect in the prequels).

    6.For the Galaxy and our heroes to face new enemies:Lumiya,Yuzzhan Vong,Shadowspawn/Blackhole,Grand Admiral Thrawn,Imperial Remnants,Space Pirates or dangers lurking in the Unknown Regions,Wild Space or the Coporate Sector.

    7.It’s too damn much of an interesting saga to end only at Episode 6.

    After all didn’t Lucas once say that the sequel trilogy was to be about Jedi Knighthood,Justice,Confrontation and PASSING ON WHAT YOU HAVE LEARNED as were Yoda’s dying words? LUCAS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE RECONSIDER DO EPISODES VII-IX IN BEAUTIFUL CGI! PLEASE PRETTY PLEEEEEASE!!!!!

  23. I actually planned a pretty lame Star Wars 7 after all 6 films in 2008 (including the prequels we can speak of, SR!) It was called Star Wars Galaxy G5: Part 1). Basically, Darth Vader is avenged by a rebel, and Princess Leia’s daughter escapes and unfreezes Han Solo (Kurt Russell). Then, Jon Skywalker, the Princess, Han Solo, and a Wookiee who speaks fluent English travel to the planet Goofball in Galaxy G5 to protect the royal king and queen (Forest Whitaker and Lake Bell).

    Sounds more like “Spaceballs 2″, right? Oh, what is meesa saying? (Don’t kill me for saying that.)

  24. Hey listen to me…I think That “3D” Conversion was ALL this Entire film series was lacking, Now I think that the NEW film series will be SO AWESOME!!!