‘Star Wars: Episode 7′ Opens in Summer 2015; New ‘Star Wars’ Movie Every Year After

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star wars episode 7 release date Star Wars: Episode 7 Opens in Summer 2015; New Star Wars Movie Every Year After

Some five months ago, after the bomb dropped that Disney has acquired Lucasfilm and plans to release Star Wars: Episode VII sometime in 2015, the newly-appointed Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy revealed the studio’s intention to release 2-3 new movies every year (beginning with the seventh cinematic Star Wars installment).

Today, Walt Disney Pictures and Lucasfilm jointly announced at the ongoing 2013 CinemaCon in Las Vegas that, in fact, a new Star Wars movie will be arriving every summer beginning with Episode VII in 2015. That includes both Episodes VII-IX and the standalone and/or spinoff films, which the studios have confirmed as being part of the overall plan to usher in a new era for George Lucas’ cash cow.

Screenwriters Lawrence Kasdan (The Empire Strikes Back) and Simon Kinberg (X-Men: Days of Future Past) – in addition to consulting on Episode VII alongside director J.J. Abrams and screenwriter Michael Arndt - are scripting additional Star Wars films, which Disney CEO Bob Iger describes as being “derived from great Star Wars characters that are not part of the overall saga.”

The intention is for the standalone films to flesh out and develop the cinematic Star Wars mythos, while filling in the space (no pun intended) between Episodes. It’s an approach similar to that which is already being used by Disney and Marvel on the Marvel Cinematic Universe; here, the Star Wars “Episodes” are tantamount to The Avengers movies in the MCU, while the standalone films are like the superhero solo vehicles for Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America.

star wars yoda movie Star Wars: Episode 7 Opens in Summer 2015; New Star Wars Movie Every Year After

There have been rumors about the standalone features revolving around familiar characters, such as Boba Fett, Jedi Master Yoda and a young version of Han Solo, with Harrison Ford returning to play the older incarnation beginning in Episode VII. Indeed, it would make sense for Disney and Lucasfilm to first test the waters, so to speak, by developing standalone movies revolving around certain beloved Star Wars characters in their youth (or when they were still alive, in Yoda’s case); then, if those do well, shift the focus to the new generation of heroes and villains in a galaxy far, far away.

Disney and Marvel will continue to do just that over the next few years, once they release the Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man movies, seeing how both are meant to build on the foundation laid by previous installments featuring better-known superheroes; not to mention, bridge the gap between Avengers movies. If it works for Marvel, then it should work for Star Wars – at least, that seems to be the logic here.

What do you think? Is having a new Star Wars movie (be it Episode or standalone) release every summer too much, the right amount – or maybe even not enough?


Star Wars: Episode VII opens in theaters in Summer 2015.

Source: Walt Disney Pictures/Lucasfilm [via Coming Soon]

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  1. I think for me the decision to release so many films is the latest in a long line of why I will not see the new films and will likely be the same for a lot of others – a small thing in the grand scheme of things but one that is a proverbial final nail in the coffin.

    This, along with other small tidbits such as not seeing 20th century fox at the beginning (small, but a biggie for me) JJ Abrams, all the CGI that will be used and many more.

    The biggest though is that I have always seen the Originals (and to an extent the prequels, no matter how awful they were) the story of the fall and redemption of Anakin Skywalker and the tale of Luke Skywalker going from being a farmboy to a powerful Jedi. The thought of more story after this just is not true Star Wars to me, and I can never watch the new ones even if it features Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford et al knowing that Disney are carrying on essentially a closed story for the sake of making a few billion.

    • Good point about the overall story, and I think you’re right. I sense the “new” story will not focus on Luke, et al, and will indeed be a new story. The Clone Wars cartoon series has been doing well & is actually pretty good.

    • I am not a fan of the prequels, although I will at least watch 2 and 3 if they happen to be on, but there is a lot of really good story that happens after the fall of the Empire if you ever read the books. I honestly am rarely a fan of movies based on books though. So I disagree that it’s a closed story because I’ve read dozens of books that follow Han and Leia’s kids and Luke’s apprentices and Luke himself and there are some fantastic stories there. I do however agree that it’s probably a bad idea to make movies. If you’ve read the books you’ll 99.9% be disappointed by the movies and if you haven’t read the books then you feel like the story is complete.

      • Now thats what i’m talking about

        • I think that they need to leave the originals alone and make movies in line with the old republic. There are tons of good storys and starting points in that era. Think about it, the war starts in the first episode, critical events in 2 to 5 and the massive amazing final battle in the 6th. It would give them new characters, weapons, tech and more light saber battles involving thousands of sith and jedi fighting to the death.

    • Actually, the saga was always intended to be nine. And this is getting mentioned a lot, but Lucas always talked about the final three, even before the original trilogy were finished. So it’s not a closed story, and there’s been an expectation that someone, somewhere, would do the final part of the saga. We just never expected it in our lifetimes, since Lucas had said sometime back that he wasn’t going to do them anymore.

      But the number of people who aren’t going to see this film because they have some kind of moral issue against it, are significantly conflated. We all know darn well 99.9% of us are going to go see them, if we have the money when they come out. The number of people who won’t go see them on principle is too insignificant to even matter. (And no, the number of outraged people on the internet don’t count either. They’ll talk their usual game and go see the movies anyway.)

      • I agree. Getting on a high horse about something over which you have no control will only lead to you missing out. I’m looking forward to what comes next but everyone will have their own expectations. New star wars movies with a different studio and director are better than no movies at all.

        • It’s not a case of being on a high horse, some of us just feel that strongly that we would rather not watch them. I did the same with Star Trek into darkness and I haven’t lost out, I still have no desire to see it. Different Strokes for different folks.

          • Some of these reactions are a bit stronger than simply deciding not to see something. Some of these border on outrage, while others seem to express their opinion as if in a vacuum.

            • Soooo…The first 3 Star wars movies (ep. 4-6) were well written and ahead of their time. The second set were 2nd rate at best. The first 3 Indiana Jones movies were great, and Crystal Skull, while not total garbage, was also rather meh. This tells me Lucas has great ideas and vision, but he seems to get over saturated with a subject and fails to deliver. The beauty of the Star Wars universe is that it is so very vast and there is so very much potential for stories. Anyone who claims righteous boycotting of the Movies is not a Fan of Star Wars as much as they are a fan of nostalgia and their past. Stop looking at star wars as only the story of Anakin and Luke Skywalker and live a little. The IP of Star Wars has the potential to be as vast as the Marvel universe and in many ways be better than the Marvel universe as they don’t have to be as worried about breaking established comic book cannon. JJ Abrahms is very talented, Lucas would have used CGI in everyone of his movies if it was available, and let’s stop kidding ourselves…no one can do Big Budget nor has as good of animators as Disney. So sit back, wait for EP 7, see it, and then judge.

              PS – I don’t care how many of say you won’t go, when your younglings see the ads and want to go, you are going to be excited to share that with them. What better way to intrduce them to 3 of the most beloved movies of all time.

    • I agree with that, but would you rather let the Star Wars Sega die off without any of the new generations having been able to enjoy it. I think that they should write movies based off the books and still incorporate the whole Avengers idea

    • You clearly have not ready any Star Wars books. Star Wars is not close ended. The books, dozens of them all cannon, follow Luke and Han and there kidds for decades after the last movie and every single book is an amazing story. I think if anything they should stick to these book and for the most part I think they will, with a few spinn offs of course. But no, Luck’s story does not end with the defeat of Darth Vader and in fact his challanges to come (as you could read in the book) make that feat almost seem easy.

      • Disney had nothing to do with the Clone Wars. They only purchased Lucasfilm last year.

    • There can not be too much Star Wars if casted with care, well written, and special attention is paid not to unleash any more JarJaqr Binks or wok tyoe characters on us

  2. I’m excited to see what Disney will do with Star Wars. They better do a good job though. I think that having a new movie released every summer isn’t too often. I’d like to see more Episodes done well. Having characters that are in some way tied to the original characters would be the best I think. Just leave Jar Jar out of it :)

  3. Personally, I think that there is no possible way that any of these movies could ever rival the originals. This being said, I would still like to see the story continue. When I watch all of the Star Wars movies sequentially, I find myself wishing they would never end.

  4. Personally I’m a little disappointed, a lot of the games cover a lot of the personal stories of the characters to some extent, if Star Wars was to continue, I’d rather they focused on the books, the downfall of the empire, the marriage of Leia and moving onto the reforming of the Jedi order, there was a lot of good, well written material that continues to the Star Wars story versus spinning our wheels over side stories. Big let down.

  5. I’m excited I can’t wait to see them and many other movies

  6. Don’t make Star Wars every single year, because they will not be as good as the original movies. The money is not worth it, because we will not buy them. You’ve gone to the dark side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You know, that actually doesn’t make any sense, either. Different teams would be working on different movies. No reason why they shouldn’t be good because they come out once a year.

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    • Disney doesn’t make good adult movies? You’re funny.

  8. Why oh why dont they go back & show us how it all started between the jedi & the sith we all love the sith take darf maul for example stop giving us a weak storyline hoping that cgi alone will carry the cash cow along & give something with a gritty edge (LORD OF THE RINGS) FOR EXAMPLE SUPERB MOVIE. It does not mean if your a fan that you have an IQ of single digits please please give us something with gritty well thought out storylines jedi & sith/sith & jedi & no more weak & tedius love stories

  9. Ive just read that the new film WILL have a love story element & lots of humour on the advice of Mr Lucas OH MY GOD NO NO NO NO NO STOP PLEASE JUST STOP & START LISTENING TO THE FANS. Have they learned nothing from the 3 prequels that were lets face it so poor & with all respect please stop acting on the advice of the man who gave us the 3 prequels its no secret that episodes 1/2/3 are truly auwfull so why i ask why would disney allow themselves to sink the films befor they have even taken off. I offer one piece of common sense & advice the better the baddie the better the movie. Mr Abrahams & the disney team use THE LORD OF THE RINGS AS A TEMPLATE it was fresh gritty fantastic storyline & plot with a very dark element to it at times & not excessive CGI PLEASE DO NOT SPOIL THE NEXT 3 INSTALLMENTS LIKE MR LUCAS DID WITH THE PREQUELS.

    • Because the original trilogy had no humor, love story elements, used virtual no special effects, and we’re written by a completely different guy…

      You really should think these arguments through.

    • Ummmm…Lord of the Rings was by no means a Fresh Story. It was published in the mid 50′s (53-55) before my mother was born. The author, Tolkien died before the original Star Wars movie was finished filming (1971). The Movies for Lord of the Rings were good, but they took a great many liberties with the actual story, oh and they contained just as much CGI as the latest installments of Star Wars. I do agree that Lucas’ story writing went a little bit backwards instead of maturing, and that is a problem. That being said, the original 3 SW movies all had romance, humor, and flashy effects (for their time). That is the formula for American Story Telling, plain and simple. As for ruining the Star Trek Movies, did we watch the same thing there? The acting was good, the storyline was excellent, and the visual presentation was amazing. Are you sad because the Story is so different from the original (horrid) 60s TV show. Don’t get me wrong, I love the old TV show but not because it was a work of genius. Old ST was a full on camping trip. JJ has a great vision and the writers for the MArvel Movies (most of them anyway) are very good.

    • Lord of the Rings was a well-written book by a superior writer, and the movie followed it to an extent. I
      shudder to think of what would have happened to it, had Disney Corp. gotten their hands on it…I can just see a cutsie Gollum, reforming at the end, and a big romance for Froto. Ick.

  10. I think this is a terrible idea. Don’t promos timelines on anything, I’m sure that Star Wars fans would be willing to wait a bit for a GOOD MOVIE (not like the BS that were Episodes 1-3.) Just don’t destroy Star Wars with crappy directors, crappy scripts, and Disney channel actors. Take the time to make a decent film.

    • I totally agree I think the honest but yet sad truth of the matter is the money makers in hollywood are more than happy to sell the fans poor & sub standard films packed with CGI as its eye candy for the younger generations of fans who may not appreciate the actual story telling of the saga. As the money making corperations know however truly auwfull the films are they will make a mint from the merchandising regardless & I fear this was the simple case with Mr Lucas when he scripted the episodes 1/2/3. Episodes 4/5/6 were genius & yet we went from them to jar jar binks & from storm troopers to battle droids with an IQ of a pot of paint & yet we the loyal fans were supposed to sit back & absorb this travesty never forget movies has evolved from story telling on a visual forum to billion dollar merchandising well thats ok if you get it right take LORD OF THE RINGS FOR EXAMPLE I WONDER IF PETER JACKSON would be a better choice rather than JJ. Abrahams I think so !!!!!!!!

  11. I agree with @digital_Jedi, Disney really could make this into a good movie. They have the money, the Technology, and the Means. ANd i Think they realize all this. Disney has been making movies forever. Not to mention i doubt their advertising mainly to an addult audience. They’ll be raking in the kids cus there’s more of them. That and the teens. But look how they’ve done with The Avengers. Its not all kittens and puppies like @digital_jedi said

  12. Like everyone I’m nervous about how these will come out. Although I am super pumped that they are adding on to the saga, I don’t want to see my childhood wiped out by Disney! The biggest worry for me is that they won’t go by the books that talk about after the fall of the empire but destroy that entire collection!

    • Um, pretty sure you’re childhood won’t go anywhere, regardless of what happens. Why do people keep saying this?

  13. All I have to say is I hope they watched all the Star Wars Episodes properly. Don’t get me wrong. I loved them, but there were “ALOT” if contridictions going on in the last 3 episodes. Please just do the movies some justice.

  14. If they wanted a great movie 3 pack it should be the dark force rising series . It’s a story line that follows the original trilogy .

  15. Well,I think that Since Disney owns Lucasfilm and the Star Wars univers,making 2 to 3 movies a year is to much? They shouldsnt rush it,instead,make a film every 3 years,that’s what Lucas did,and they turned out to be incredible,but also they could make spin offs before the major films forsay before the 7th Star Wars a Boba Fett spinoff next year!

    • I guess I have to ask, by what criterion are they rushing? Lucas was one guy. Lucasfilm and Disney are hardly one guy handling the whole thing. If Marvel can handle whole movie “Phases” that features three to six movies at a time, seemingly indefinitely. I think Lucasfilm can handle six more films.

  16. Since I saw the first Star Wars release on its opening day in Norwich wear I grew up everyone iv ever known has talked Star Wars, it’s a part of a generation of people the spin offs have grabbed my children and no doubt there children the same one day, from Lego to posters we have it all, the films haven’t come fast enough, I talk for many friends that say there should have been more films more spin offs, today could of had a following like none before, something badly missed there, the Jedi movement was crying out to be made and my son would just love to see that film, so bring on one new film every year we will watch them buy all the goodies and the videos you can’t fail to make many happy children out of all us Star Wars fans…….

  17. I beleave if they pick up with the star wars movies, the only way to link them is use the jedis kids. Even go back and have story’s about the charters in movies 1 to 6 in more detail. They need to have a little time spent on dark maul. I think they killed him off too soon. Did they ever think of telling a little about how the dark sith choice evil??? There is so much that can be told that is not even touched.

    • That is so true I think they should do that

    • You should watch the cartoons, the clone wars, you see a lot of stuff about Darth Maul and how he actually did survive and what happens with him.

  18. I think they should put out the ones about the start of the Star Wars series by telling us who was the first evil Jedi and set it up to see how it came to Darth Maul and so on

  19. I love the idea of a Star Wars film every year. I couldn’t stand it when I had to wait 4 years between films.
    YAY YAY LOVE STAR WARS – so looking forward to this.

  20. I would like to rather see one of the films be on darth plagueis than it to be on yoda, boba fett or han solo.

  21. I read an interview with JJ Abrams concerning his directing the new Star Wars film(s). I think he understands well the baton that is being handed to him. I honestly feel he will do an amazing job with this franchise. Not sure why so many comments are hating on the guy… I think his recent space movies were fantastic.

  22. I think that the story for7-9 should be the EU storyline about Jacen, Jaina, and Anakin Solo. Think about it, prequels where about Anakin Skywalker becoming Vader and how other characters came into the picture. The original trilogy was about bringing back balance and the sequel trilogy can about how the next generation goes through the same struggle. Luke is the “new Yoda” Jacen solo is the “new Anakin Skywalker” and that story needs to be on the big screen in my opinion.

  23. I really hope they do use Harrison Ford again for episode 7. Its not very clear in the statement if they will or are for sure. But, I personally am looking forward to it greatly.

  24. Seriously you guys, get over it already. Its a damn movie. See it, dont see it. Nobody cares. Ill see all of them. Gee i hope i just influenced 18 people to now go see it. Gee, no i really dont. Just the fact that people bi!tch so deeply about the movies means they love them. Sure, not every single movie but most likely the first 3. Im bored now.

  25. I think they should produce movies that go along with the games I’m sure most of us have played and beat several times: KOTOR 1, KOTOR 2, and the most recent Swtor. Introducing Revan and Malak. Going deeper in the past to give an incite of how the Jedi and republic survived.

  26. i swear if they ruin the great saga called star wars by trying to relate to more audiance and such im gonna make a ban on disney

  27. The Star Wars stories go on and on and ON…saying Disney is simply making up a related story for money is ridiculous. Some of the later stories are great…the Yuuzhan Vong war spanned tons of books, and Han and Leia’s children are great characters that would make great movies. It’s a long way from over. Personally I can’t wait for the new ones and I hope SINCERELY that they are better than the last 3 made, which IMHO were bloody awful.