‘Star Wars: Episode 7′ Opens in Summer 2015; New ‘Star Wars’ Movie Every Year After

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star wars episode 7 release date Star Wars: Episode 7 Opens in Summer 2015; New Star Wars Movie Every Year After

Some five months ago, after the bomb dropped that Disney has acquired Lucasfilm and plans to release Star Wars: Episode VII sometime in 2015, the newly-appointed Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy revealed the studio’s intention to release 2-3 new movies every year (beginning with the seventh cinematic Star Wars installment).

Today, Walt Disney Pictures and Lucasfilm jointly announced at the ongoing 2013 CinemaCon in Las Vegas that, in fact, a new Star Wars movie will be arriving every summer beginning with Episode VII in 2015. That includes both Episodes VII-IX and the standalone and/or spinoff films, which the studios have confirmed as being part of the overall plan to usher in a new era for George Lucas’ cash cow.

Screenwriters Lawrence Kasdan (The Empire Strikes Back) and Simon Kinberg (X-Men: Days of Future Past) – in addition to consulting on Episode VII alongside director J.J. Abrams and screenwriter Michael Arndt - are scripting additional Star Wars films, which Disney CEO Bob Iger describes as being “derived from great Star Wars characters that are not part of the overall saga.”

The intention is for the standalone films to flesh out and develop the cinematic Star Wars mythos, while filling in the space (no pun intended) between Episodes. It’s an approach similar to that which is already being used by Disney and Marvel on the Marvel Cinematic Universe; here, the Star Wars “Episodes” are tantamount to The Avengers movies in the MCU, while the standalone films are like the superhero solo vehicles for Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America.

star wars yoda movie Star Wars: Episode 7 Opens in Summer 2015; New Star Wars Movie Every Year After

There have been rumors about the standalone features revolving around familiar characters, such as Boba Fett, Jedi Master Yoda and a young version of Han Solo, with Harrison Ford returning to play the older incarnation beginning in Episode VII. Indeed, it would make sense for Disney and Lucasfilm to first test the waters, so to speak, by developing standalone movies revolving around certain beloved Star Wars characters in their youth (or when they were still alive, in Yoda’s case); then, if those do well, shift the focus to the new generation of heroes and villains in a galaxy far, far away.

Disney and Marvel will continue to do just that over the next few years, once they release the Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man movies, seeing how both are meant to build on the foundation laid by previous installments featuring better-known superheroes; not to mention, bridge the gap between Avengers movies. If it works for Marvel, then it should work for Star Wars – at least, that seems to be the logic here.

What do you think? Is having a new Star Wars movie (be it Episode or standalone) release every summer too much, the right amount – or maybe even not enough?


Star Wars: Episode VII opens in theaters in Summer 2015.

Source: Walt Disney Pictures/Lucasfilm [via Coming Soon]

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  1. Consensus seems to be that this is a good thing. Especially when you consider that the standalone movies will just be taking place in the Star Wars universe. You’ll still be waiting two to three years for the core storyline to continue, but possibly getting those Bobba Fett/Han Solo films Star Wars fans have been begging for for decades now. As the article, and many above me have already said, this is no different than what’s being done with Marvel Movies, and what fans have been asking for from DC Comics movies. But for some reason it’s too much for Star Wars? I guess Star Wars would never survive a weekly TV series, then. Oh wait…

    • I agree completely. Many people argued that Marvel was different because they varied a lot so it wouldn’t feel repetitive to have two movies a year. Star Wars is only having one movie a year, and even though every movie will still be a long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away, they will still have some variety. The spin off films have potential, and if the quality is there, Star Wars will not get repetitive anytime soon.

      • I heard that they are going to be making the Prequels in Young Han Solo and Chewie’s point of view.

        • That would be an interesting way to (ahem) gently revise/replace the so-so (at best) prequels. I’d love a series of movies to help me forget… ;-)

    • this is great, this is every 14 going on 15 year old kid’s dream, first of all star wars has been part of pop culture for almost 36 years! and to have that continue for future generations is great. this is why i love star wars more than any other franchise both harry potter and lord of the rings have endings, star wars has no ending this could go on for another 100 years. I can’t wait to see what disney has in store for us fans and ”may the force be with you.”

    • this is great, this is every 14 going on 15 year old kid’s dream, first of all star wars has been part of pop culture for almost 36 years! and to have that continue for future generations is great. this is why i love star wars more than any other franchise both harry potter and lord of the rings have endings, star wars has no ending this could go on for another 100 years. I can’t wait to see what disney has in store for us fans and ”may the force be with you.”

  2. I call B.S.

    I’ll save every “It’s overkill!” person a seat on every single opening day for every movie. And you’ll all be there…

    • Not this time around.

      “Star Wars I, II, and III” have caused me to apply the breaks. I am tired of “Star Wars”. Some back stories should not be written, for the mystery behind them keeps people interested. Its too late now.

      I am also a huge Timothy Zhan fan. If I want to read a classical “Star Wars” story, I will go out to pick up a Zhan novel.

      “Star Wars: Episode VII” will be the first “Star Wars” movie, which I will not see in the theaters. I will wait for the DVD.

      • I want Thrawn!!! And it should be Jason Isaacs.

        • THIS!!!

    • You said it Kofi.
      There are usually 4 comic book movies every year and people don’t call “overkill” on those. Despite all the crappy CBM from a few years ago, people still flock to cinemas to see the newest superhero flick (last years’s Avengers, TDKR and TASM proves that by collectively making well over $3 billion).

      If you’re a Star Wars fan, you WILL be at every movie’s opening weekend and chances are, you’ll love the films.
      If you’re not a Star Wars fan, you’ll see one or two over a few years and chances are, you’ll enjoy them and then watch the others on dvd.
      Either way, it’s a win-win. The studios make money and the fans get more Star Wars.

      And if some of the fans are so dead-set against the possibility of the legacy and the name being dragged through the mud (more so than the prequels managed to do already), then there’s one simple solution: don’t watch the movies and stick with the originals… maybe those fans will be better off without the new movies, or maybe they’ll be missing out, but we’ll never know for sure until we actually see how these new movies do…

      • “If you’re not a fan, you’ll see one or two over a few years”… not even. I have friends who have never seen a single Star Wars movie and refuse to do so…

        • Burn them with fire!!!

    • @Kofi.

      No, you are wrong. Not all of us will. When I first saw Star Wars in 77, I was hooked, same in 80 with Empire Strikes Back, and 83 with Jedi.

      The wait for 3 years, means I was going to get good movies. Throwing two or three out a year, just because you can does not mean you are going to put out quality…PROVE TO ME, That these movies will be of the best quality for Star Wars and not go the way of another Disney Franchise, Pirates of the Caribbean. Tell me that franchise did not slowly get stale, and think how many star wars movies will it take before it gets stale, or rebooted.

      For me, I did not even run to go see the last 3 and pretty much only saw Revenge of the Sith in theaters, the others were all on DVD.

      • Sure, but you’re not the majority of fans. The majority will pay to watch a new Star Wars because the fad is still crazy.

        • the majority of movie goers will pay to watch paint dry, literally LOL!

          • Your mom is paint dry.

      • I disagree with you on this one Jeff.

        The problem with Pirates was that Disney was trying to cash in too quickly and focused on a story that strictly revolved around a character that should have been used as either comic relief or in a supporting role. That was a miscalculation, with a weak plot and even weaker supporting characters (who even remembers the other characters aside from Barbossa?)

        Now, if you look at how they’re working with the Marvel movies, almost every movie has been solid and well done, even with the overhanging backstory that led to the Avengers movie. There’s a strategy now, and on top of that, we have two companies working on this. There is a HUGE gamble here. They cannot risk screwing up a 4 billion dollar franchise by releasing 1 good movie for every 2 crappy ones. There is just no room for error. If Lucasfilm does it right and follows the Pixar/Disney/Marvel model, we should not be that worried about the Star Wars franchise becoming stale.

        Also, there’s always the merchandise.

        • @ Brandon

          Nothing wrong with disagreeing with me, however I do agree with you. I also know Disney innate ability to beat the dead horse to death.

          Star Wars to me, is one of those. Eh, I will see it if my my son wants to see it.

    • Kofi,
      I call BS on you. You’d have to save an entire theater on opening day. I’m not sure if you have that kind of pull ;)

      But you’re right, a good portion of the nay-sayers will be there at the midnight showings. Not I…I have a life. I’ll be there Saturday afternoon with the kids.

    • Nope, Kofi. You’re wrong.

      • If you can’t back up your opinion with a reason, no one will take you seriously.

        • It’s not an opinion. It’s a fact. Kofi write that everyone will not only see every SW stand-alone movie, but on the first weekend of their release as well. I, for one, will do no such thing. So, right off the bar, he’s wrong. Get it, now? If not, you can’t be helped.

          • You’re taking what Kofi said too literally.
            Obviously he can’t possibly mean “everybody” – it’s a hyperbole.

            As I understood his comment, Kofi was simply saying that most of the people criticizing Disney’s decision, will be at the cinema regardless.

            People are up in arms about it now, but once they cast the characters and roll out the posters and the trailers, people will be camping out in front of theaters to get their seat to see one of the greatest franchises in pop culture’s return to the big screen.

            …I just don’t see how all of you (and no, I don’t mean “all” all, just all ;)) can make up your minds about a group of movies you know next to nothing about. The least you could do is wait for a trailer or a plot outline before saying you won’t go see it.

            • I don’t like hyperbole. It’s a sign of poor writing. It usually doesn’t add anything of value.

              • If you say so :/

              • lol

      • Not true at all. I haven’t seen a movie in a theater since Captain America. So, I’d have no problem with skipping certain SW stand-alone films. Also, I very rarely see a movie during the opening weekend due to the large crowds.

    • Kofi, we all know that the movies are going to make a boat load of money. Doesn’t mean the movies are going to be of quality.

      • Exactly

    • Kofi and I are from the same City, so to speak.

      He has the Philly Attitude down pat.

      As for Star Wars, I enjoyed the orginal, not so on the prequels as I saw the first two on DVD and only the third in a theater.

      I am not a fan of Star Wars after the original, reason is, I love the Aesthetics of the movie, I love the fact the falcon and fighters were BUILT SETS.

      Not CGI. Why I think I am not high on Man of Steel because of CGI.

      • Man of Steel is going to be way better than any piece of crap superman movie that came out in the past

  3. Looking forward to seeing Star Wars in theaters for the first time. Too bad I wasn’t a fan before 2011.

  4. I hope they doesn’t destroy the Star Wars-saga

  5. For god’s sake people, stop replying to the last comment. I have 34 emails from this replies to this page.

    • lol

    • And therein lies the point of dissenters (myself included) regarding this new strategy that Disney/Lucasfilm are seemingly pursuing; there’s simply no way each could BE a five-star film if they’re being released one per year. It takes time to make an exceptional film; from conception of the actual story through to actual release, the best films usually need time to be fully developed, fleshed out, honed and refined, to be made as good as they simply can be… that and have an actual story worth telling!

      Disney has no emotional connection with ‘Star Wars’ in the way that George Lucas (whatever his faults) had, whatever your opinion of the prequels, they were at least told for the right reasons (if not necessarily entirely the right way), they were one man telling a story that held both an emotional resonance and connection for him, and which he was both fascinated by and compelled to make. They were also the legitimate other half of the story, and that alone gives them a legitimacy these new ones simply will never have… these upcoming new films only exist because Lucasfilm needed something valuable and lucrative to dangle in front of Disney during the purchase negotiations, Lucas bashed the story outlines out in a few (at most) months, they hold no real emotion for him, they were business propositions and little more than that!

      I always had the lingering feeling these last few years that ‘Star Wars’ was dead, today I now know it is, ’nuff said.

      • You do realize it’s mostly the same people working on Star Wars that always have been? And it’s not like it’s there’s guys, who can’t hire anyone else, ever, to work on the other movies.

        • Do you not realize that some of the people that worked on the original trilogy are dead or very old??

          • Wouldn’t have matter, since that’s not even remotely what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the people who have been maintaining the franchise are still maintaining the franchise.

        • It’s 2013. First movie comes out summer 2015. Think they might be planning and writing between now and then. Is two years enough to make a good movie?

        • It’s 2013. First movie comes out summer 2015. Think they might be planning and writing, fleshing out characters etc between now and then.

        • First movie comes out summer 2015. Think they might be planning and writing, fleshing out characters etc between now and then.

  6. Eh. I got mixed feelings about this. I love the original Star Wars trilogy, but I’m not too sure about this strategy just yet. Obviously, it’s very early in the process, but part of what makes big franchises special (at least in my opinion) is the waiting time between installments. It allows hype to build up and cause anticipation to rise. It makes “event” films feel more like actual EVENTS than just generic summer releases. That’s part of what made The Dark Knight Rises experience so great last year. It was the 4-year gap between installments. If you keep churning out new ones every year, you run the risk of over-saturating the market and causing franchise burnout. I’m not saying that will happen with Star Wars, but you never know.

  7. Think about this.

    If any of you can argue this point, then more power to you. What made Star Wars unique, was it was left to the imagination. They were hard special effects, not what we have to day. It took 3 years to make Star Wars films, I personally loved them because there was a sense of realism to them, due to the puppets not the CGI that was in the prequels.

    Disney, as powerful and big as it is, Look at what they did with Pirates of the Caribbean, look at what they did with Witch Mountain, Look at what they did with Haunted Mansion?

    Pirates had 2 great movies, one good movie and one a little left to be desired movie.

    Star Wars is what it is, Good Vs Evil. Empire Strikes Back, shocked us, do any of you think Empire Strikes back would be made today under Disney?

    Do you think Disney would allow the hint of Children being killed? Nope.

    I am fine with the Orignal, and I am ok with one out of prequels. One thing that cannot be taken away from George Lucas, he financed the first 6 with no studio telling what he can and cannot do.

    Disney, will not have any director give a movie where children are killed. And the Star Wars Universe, is filled of that.

    Torture, Slavery, Hatred, Murder. Key factors along with Good, Virtue, Honesty and Integrity.

    Going to a water down version of star wars. Look at how they took Pirates and made them…Ghosts in order to have violence. Only one Blood scene.

    • You don’t need blood, gore, or dead children to make a good movie. I’m not sure where you’re coming from. There can be great interesting stories worth telling without any of that.

      • @Boogoo.

        I know that, you know that. The ones who want certain aspects of the Star Wars universe, want it however, there are so many different aspects of violence.

        It goes against Disney Established Core Values.

      • I agree with boogoo. Besides from episode III i know of no star wars movie where children were killed. In fact that and the way Padmae died (domestic violence leading to her loosing the will to live, really?) ruined ep. III for me. Now when i watch it i will stop after Mace Window gets killed because after that the movie is awful. But for the first half it almost lives up to the prequels in sense of adventure and purpose. i do hope that the stand alone films don’t tell to much backstory (please no han film!) The best would be a republic commando type film taking place between II and III. Anything before episode 1 except maybe yoda, or the emperor joining the dark side and training darthmaul i think would be stupid.

        • @Jeff W
          I totally agree, that is my biggest qualms with Disney taking over the franchise. Look what they did with that horrendous Ultimate Spiderman tv show. Disney wants to keep that ‘kid friendly’ tone and with their name at the top of Star Wars they can’t afford to take any risks (more like they are afraid of losing money) But all in all, as long as the movies (the episodes, I’m not too crazy about doing films that aren’t episodes seeing as that hasn’t been done before) have the same touch as the originals I’m happy

    • Disney is actually a much larger company than just Marvel and the mouse. They distributed Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, Primevil, The Sixth Sense (Note the dead kids in that movie) and a host of adult themed feature films under their other studio banners. This would hardly be considered pushing their boundaries. (Realistic puppets? You actually just said that.)

      You know, I think I just realized something. I think there are some people here that are thinking it’s going to be a new Star Wars film every year for all time. At the most, it’ll probably be around six or seven. And, again, most of you are fine with Marvel doing this. Somehow Star Wars isn’t allowed.

    • @Jeff, no offense to you sir, but I think you’re looking at this with kind of a narrow perception.

      Yes, Disney owns Star Wars now, but it’s still Lucasfilm MAKING the movies… it’s just that now they’re owned by Disney and the films will be distributed by Disney.

      I’m sure it’ll still be Star Wars as well. People always assume that because Disney is producing a film, it’ll be kid friendly with lots of rainbows and sunshine. In John Carter an alien’s head was sliced off… and we saw it on screen (and that’s not all that happened). Disney has distributed plenty of R rated films as well – not that Star Wars will ever be R rated anyway, and to me Star Wars has never been about the violence or gore anyway (I certainly didn’t watch ‘em to see kids get murdered)
      As you mentioned, there were adult themes like slavery, torture, etc. but I don’t see how those won’t still be there.

      Don’t think of this as a Pirates of The Caribbean type franchise, think of more in terms of what Marvel Studios are doing: multiple teams of people (most likely all fans of the originals) creating an expanding cinematic universe.

        • Hehehe, at least we can agree on one thing in this particular subject: we both love Star Wars and I think we both just want what’s best for the franchise, the name and the legacy.

          … we’ll just have to wait and see what happens :)

            • That’s just crazy talk. I’m sorry, but I can’t abide by this notion that CGI is less realistic. It just isn’t. It’s light years more realistic than latex and rubber puppets and models dragged across the screen. What it is, is new. It’s not something you’re used to, and it brings to life things that latex and rubber never could. And because our minds know that these things can’t exist in real life, then some of our minds dismiss that it even looks real.

              There’s no expressiveness in non-moving masks and puppetry. There’s massive limitation in moving models across the screen, and it uses enormous resources. We used it because it’s the best we could do. Not because it was inherently the best thing that would ever be. CGI isn’t even necessarily faster. It’s faster in the sense that the level of detail it can create is on a larger scale. But it’s still a major time consuming process that requires months of highly talented artists to get to a level of quality we expect. Too many people dismiss the art form as if it’s something that just used because it’s easier. It’s not. It’s used because the quality of product it produces is superior.

              • Yep, right on. Adding CGI to a classic movie is where it can go wrong. A new movie with CGI can be amazing.

              • Yep, right on. Adding CGI to a classic movie is where it can go wrong.

              • I agree. CGI makes amazing movies.

    • For the most part, Disney has distributed a mature, well-made film that doesn’t feature blood, gore, or murdered children every year for the past 10 years. Ever heard of Pixar?

      • This isn’t for anyone specific but, for those of you taking the Disney side, just one thing. All those R rated movies with blood and gore and all that good stuff, how many of those movies did Disney actually put their name at the helm? As opposed to just using one of their other studios or whatever that they own and putting that name instead, which is what I’m assuming that they did in order to keep they’re name in good light. Not trying to be rude or anything but, I’m just saying

      • Sounds like you just hate Disney. Just because you had one bad experience with a Disney worker, doesn’t mean that Disney is uptight with everything.

      • @Jeff W

        “Disney, will not have any director give a movie where children are killed. And the Star Wars Universe, is filled of that.”

        Yea, you did say that Star Wars is filled with children getting murdered.

      • What one random Cast Member at a Disney Resort said to you, is hardly a template for what Disney does and doesn’t do with their movies. That’s kind of a ridiculous thing to go by. Like I said before, Disney distributes a lot of stuff that isn’t family friendly, just under other studio banners. Or under their ABC logo. Star Wars is hardly the Saw franchise.

        Star Wars isn’t more or less violent than Pirates of the Caribbean, Tron and, oh yeah, The Lone Ranger.

        Incidentally, go to Disneyland or Disney World and ride The Haunted Mansion. The narrator is a dead guy whose corpse is still dangling from the rafters by the rope he used to commit suicide. And that was one of Walt’s original Imagineering creations. Disney is puppies and kittens ALL the time.

        • Crap. Isn’t. It ISN’T all puppies and kittens all the time.

        • Touchstone pictures was Disney.

      • That kind of reaction should be expected at a CHILDREN’s amusement park. Once you spelled it the employee should ahve gotten the picture, but the fact that you were offended just by the initial request to watch your tongue around several thousand children speaks volumes to your character. As for the potential for Adult themes in movies, Have you seen a Marvel Movie? Why does there have to be foul language, gore, preversion, and deep darkness for a movie to be ‘Adult’ friendly? When did the quality of the movie start to depend on Anti-Heroes, a well placed dirty joke, or blood spilling from everywhere? I have a mouth like a sailor, but I watch it around the kids and I can still get a lough out them and they one out of me. Take a good long look at the top 100 movies as rated by the Screen Actors Guild…by today’s ratings standards the vast majority of those movies would be PG-PG13, and they are still good. Star Wars is a PG movie series…how adult do you want your PG, what are you comfortable letting an 8 year old watch with you yourself seeing it with them or before them? Do you want to have to talk to a 5 year old about why Luke berated Leia with the 7 words you can’t say on tv then shoved a light saber through her lady parts to watch her guts fall on the floor? or how about listening to a 7 year old cry because some jack ass at Disney started to sing Andrew Dice Clay nursery Rhymes on the It’s a Small World ride?

    • You’re a dud, they don’t get in marvels way. As long as they can count their $$ there will be minimal involvement.

      Also, it’s not like murdering children was essential to the prequels quality?

  8. I really don’t get it. People are up in arms because they took away Clone Wars and leaving us dark until 2015, they have layoffs (which is normal when one company purchases another) and you cry, the EU people are upset because these are original stories, Prequel haters hate, now people are crying because 1 movie a year is too much! I think haters just want to hate. So I am hating the haters right now =p

    I for one, can’t get enough Star Wars and I know there are many, many out there. So as Kofi said, see all you miserable haters at the front of the line in 2015, 2016, 2017, etc.

    P.S. And, I don’t buy the Prequels are for kids bullcrap. Jar Jar was for kids, but have you seen all the violence in epi II and III. I mean yea lets make a movie for children where a guy at the end gets graphically burned and 3 of his limbs cut off…Yep this is for kids. Plus J.J. Abrams was picked for a reason…because he can appeal to kids and adults.

    • Dude, get your panties out of a tussle. Writing that it’s overkill or unnecessary doesnt make me a hater.

      • heh, you posted one word and assumed I was talking to you? whose panties are bunched?

        Defensive much?

        I stand by what I say though, and no justin j. poppadpoaluslapapodis, I didn’t even see your post.

        • I didn’t assume you were specifically calling me a hater. In fact, you assumed that I was doing that. I took issue with you calling anyone who thinks that it’s overkill is a hater.

          And, if you’re going to write something about my last name, don’t be a coward. Post under your real name.

  9. As long as they deliver the goods then I’ll be there opening day :)

  10. We’re entering an era of the year ’round block buster, I think. As these and CBM become easier to produce, the usual summer schedule will grow increasingly crowded. Tent pole flicks will have to spill into previously “unprofitable” release dates and I suspect the market will continue to support. If DC plans to release on a similar schedule to Marvel, and Marvel and Lucasfilm keep proposed schedules, once u add in a few other tent pole flicks, where do they all go?

  11. this is terrible, the odds are that a majority of these will be bad or mediocre. It will dilute the brand. And summer 2015 is highly unlikely unless they start filming this summer

    • Bingo

    • Jack wrote about the odds. Jack didn’t write that the movies will definitely be bad. There’s a difference.

  12. My childhood lies weeping holding a 70′s X-wing. Sniff.

  13. Does anyone remember the StarWars comic preEmpire maybe, where a single Probe Droid caused all kind of havoc on a rebel ship. Film that a you have gold Jerry!

  14. One Star Wars film a year will be freakin awesome!! Thank you Disney!!!!! Star Wars is Forever!!!

  15. hopefully Ep. 7 comes out late May just like all the other ones in the series

    • I very much doubt Episode VII will be released in May 2015, not when ANOTHER big Disney release – ‘The Avengers 2′ – is released that very same month! This announcement pretty much makes it official that it will be released summer 2015, leading me to believe it will likely be a July 2015 release date… two whole months after ‘The Avengers 2′ thus no clash of Disney films, plus the Episode VII theatrical trailer will no doubt be attached to showings of that aforementioned superhero sequel, likely getting even more people in to see it!

      I have no problem with a new ‘Star Wars’ trilogy in principle, the talent involved in it is undeniably stellar, but I just wish that’s where they would leave it, no spin-offs, and certainly not a film every year. If each respective episode of the new trilogy is being worked on now, there’s technically no reason why there couldn’t be a two-year gap between them that doesn’t also compromise their overall quality, but I would hope that both Disney and Lucasfilm see that you can have too much of a good thing, and bring the entire ‘Star Wars’ movie (at least, live-action ones) series to a decent and honorable conclusion… before inevitable franchise fatigue eventually forces them to end it!

    • this is every 14 going on 15 year old kid’s dream, first of all star wars has been part of pop culture for almost 36 years! and to have that continue for future generations is great. this is why i love star wars more than any other franchise both harry potter and lord of the rings have endings, star wars has no ending this could go on for another 100 years. I can’t wait to see what disney has in store for us fans and ”may the force be with you.”

  16. All I ask is for Chewie to come back in the new movies :)

  17. Good thing?? It’s a f**kin’ GREAT thing, as long as the movies are on par with the originals and the best Marvel movies. Can’t wait!

  18. I’m hoping these spinoffs are taking the place of the prequels

  19. I think Bobba Fett is a cool character, but I dont think that he deserves a stand alone movie. At best ( if he survived the sarlaac pitt) his story should center around the realm of 1313 and not an “origin” based film. As for Yoda and Han, i think we should leave them alone and just move on. Besides, if they cast a younger actor to play Han Solo, it would not feel the same. Its Harisson Ford or bust. I guess my point is that Disney should focus on fresh new story lines to keep us all engaged by not knowing what will happen next. Veer away from prequel type stories because quite frankly, we all will know how that particular story will end by the mere fact of it being a prequel. Keep the stories fresh. That’s the beauty of Episodes 7-9. Its a blank slate with infinite possibilities.

  20. In my town, Disney still has the connotation from the 90′s and early 2000′s; a company that makes direct to video sequels of animation classics with terrible quality just because they make money.

    Nowadays, Disney is trying to turn away from that image and have realized the best way to make more money is make a sequel that is actually good, and it’s been working. Marvel’s Avengers was amazing imo, and the Pirates of the Caribbean has been pretty good all the way through. Disney is aware of the legacy of Star Wars that they have to uphold, and after Marvel, I think they can do it.

    • I agree with your post and I was so happy when Micheal Eisner was ousted by Disney.

  21. I don’t understand the Overkill people are crying about. People watch the same tv shows every week and sometimes for years and years. Think of this as the same thing excapt it’s production value is huge and your paying to see it because of that. As long as stories are good people will watch it.

    • That’s the Internet for you.

  22. I want a solo film!

    “Max Rebo: The Cantina years”
    “Lobot: Head in the Clouds”

    • You want a solo film or a “Solo” film?

    • With someone else playing Solo? What a nightmare that would be. There’s only one Ford out there. Time for these people to get creative and try to come up with something new and original. Let Star Wars rest with some integrity.

  23. this is great, this is every 14 going on 15 year old kid’s dream, first of all star wars has been part of pop culture for almost 36 years! and to have that continue for future generations is great. this is why i love star wars more than any other franchise both harry potter and lord of the rings have endings, star wars has no ending this could go on for another 100 years. I can’t wait to see what disney has in store for us fans and ”may the force be with you.”

  24. The films are going to suck big time.
    Did you people learn nothing from Jar Jar Binks????

    • Then don’t watch the new movies, jeez.

  25. I think this is great! Finally we get a proper expanded Star Wars film universe. What I would really love to see though is an Old Republic trilogy – there have been many sith lords who have been better and more evil than Vader!

  26. Holy disposable suck fest. They’re going to run this once iconic, already scarred franchise into the ground. The talent and passion needed to pull off such a feat successfully simply doesn’t exist in their mega corporate universe. Any actors who are actually human will probably look airbrushed to perfection, straight off the set of Twilight with matching dialog to boot. Not the least excited about this reboot.

  27. I’d much rather see a new storyline rather then a prequel type thing, don’t get me wrong the Fett and Han are awesome characters of the franchise, but i’d rather see something like ”Starkiller” from the Star wars game ”The force unleashed” or even do a ”Knights of the old republic” where The Jedi and Sith religion started from. ”Knight of the old republic” was highly interesting to me due to the fact it was all about the most skilled Jedi vs Sith, classic good vs evil.