New Star Wars Movie on the Way? [Updated]

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ln0001 star wars New Star Wars Movie on the Way? [Updated]

[UPDATE: Well THAT was fast – Thomas Dolby has clarified his statement on his blog, quashing this rumor. Still, makes for a good discussion topic.]

The Internet + Hot Topic + Vague Rumors = Big News!!!  While the following isn’t exactly a formal Star Wars press release, it does get the old gears turning in the mind.  /Film and AICN are to be credited with the troublemaking of pointing it out.  Namely, Thomas Dolby (best known for his musical work incorporating electronic instruments into such songs as She Blinded Me with Science) blogged the following during a visit to the home of Paul Sebastien of LucasArts:

“Last night he was telling me a little about the forthcoming Star Wars-related TV show, movie and online games—very cool indeed.”

More Dolby talk and piercing analysis after the jump.

Star Wars-related.  Huh.  He could’ve said, “the new Star Wars film”, but he didn’t.  Star Wars-related sounds like a movie about the factory where R2D2 was made.  Considering the scope of all six films, we’ve now seen Anakin’s innocence, rise, temptation, fall and demise (it could’ve been soooooo good).  Doesn’t sound like there’s much left there.  Still, any film with the franchise name attached (new characters or old) will be a big deal.  As far as the TV show, movie and online games part, makes sense that the folks over at LucasArts aren’t just throwing darts at a board with pics of the Twilight stars on it.  Why are we trusting this man?  Let’s look back at his blog for signs of credibility:

“I could have done without the last three SW movies.”

Seems credible to me.  Who knows where this will lead, but I for one am interested.  Currently, USA is running Star Wars: The Clone Wars, a 3D CGI-animated series, created by Lucas and centered around the Grand Army of The Republic fighting the New Droid Army of the Separatists.  When I originally heard about the last three films, and the intention of making the villain the lead, showing his well-intentioned starting point and his giving in to evil, I was thrilled.  The premise is exciting enough that I’d say Episodes I, II and III are the perfect candidates for a full reboot (although I certainly doubt that’s what Dolby was talking about).

No word on when a movie would be released, but USA’s airing the next episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Friday, January 1st.

Would you rather see a totally new spin-off from the franchise or a retelling of the first three parts?

Source: /Film, AICN

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  1. There’s very little potential for a new Star Wars movie. While I enjoyed the PT for what they were, I’m not exactly looking forward to any more films following them. (Maybe Ewan’s Obi-Wan, but only if all the other characters are out of the picture).

    Ideally we would have got a sequel to the OT, but that ship has long since past. None of the original actors have exactly aged gracefully, an 60 year old Indiana Jones was bad enough. I don’t need a 60 year old Han Solo, too.

  2. Please let this be true!!!!!!

    All I want is more star wars, let Lucas outline the story and let some lucky people script and direct.

    They can use my script! I won’t post it on here as I imagine everyone is sick of seeing it.

  3. Oh the dream of Episodes 7, 8 and 9 could come true. Just have it thirty years after Return of the Jedi. Bring back the old actors. God this would be bigger than the discovery of oxygen.

  4. For those unaware, there are 50+ Star Wars novels covering the period 1,000 years before “A New Hope” (Episode 5), to over 40 years AFTER. There is so much material from which to make countless more Star Wars films, it’s really just a matter of whether Lucas wants them to be made.

  5. I remember when the preview for ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’ was in the SR picks. That was so awesome. I coldn’t stop watching it. If they make a new movie like that, i won’t be complaining.

  6. But it’s all always just Star Wars-related anymore. Since the prequels, every single show and all but one game are all spin-offs of those prequels. What are we supposed to do if our favorite character was Han Solo? Am I ever gonna get to see something new from what I actually consider to be Star Wars?

  7. There are more like a 100 EU star wars novels, and having read them all, there are so many amazing stories out there to be used. I personally would sett it hundreds of years later.

    And a reboot would be criminal. The prequels really aren’t that bad, the whole story over six movies works perfectly.

  8. Yes redo the prequels.
    Yes make a movie based on the new MMORPG, that trailer was so freaking awesome It’s just not funny.
    Yes get the original actors for one last Star Wars or maybe three, not sure if Ford would be keen on three let alone one.. but if he could be tempted by a good story line.. can you imagine the furor?

    Oh and while I’m on the topic of possibly amazing movies…

    Transformers G1!!!!

  9. /film and aicn should not be credited with the story. I posted it here long before they did.

  10. Redoing the prequels is a horrible idea. They may not be perfect, but there are sone truly amazing moments in those movies that I wouldn’t trade for anything!

  11. Star Wars is done. I’d rather stick to the six films as they are than seeing any more let downs.

  12. @Ironknight

    I agree. I enjoyed all six, but theres no need to have another Star Wars.

  13. They are still doing/planning that live action TV series set during Sith and New Hope, right? When Dolby first said ‘film’ there was a second where I thought Lucas was going to pull a Clone Wars thing on us. Y’know, that lame Cartoon Network show which also sprinted off a film of its own last year or so?

    But if theere actually *was* an actual *Star Wars* film, it would be interesting for either a Bounty Hunter-ish movie (Boba Fett escapes the Scarlacc etc) or something along the likes of 40 yrs after Return Of The Jedi…just so Lucas can get those next three for the nine…better yet…

    Take the novel Splinter Of The Minds Eye, adapt it and do it like a Beowulf/Plar Express sort of thing. We can de-age actors for this sort of thing. Or a Han Solo and The Lost Legacy y’know?

    Come to think of it, I would not mind a Droid Factory flick, watchin’ R2 D2 being welded together either. It would be better than another Ewok TV flick, let’s put it that way.

  14. typo alret: I forgot the o in Polar. You know whatimean.

  15. The story of th force unleashed videogame was the only good part of the thing. Darth vaders secret apprentice. Awesome. Make that movie. And I’m down with anything involving the fett. And doesn’t Luke eventually turn to the dark side? How bad ass would it be if mark hammil came back and sid another movie ilwith him goin bad. Oh my holy god. I think I crapped my pants writing that. Show that b**** annakin how to do it.

  16. Bringing back the original actors, wow thats a brilliant idea…

    I like the idea about showing what happens to Mr. Fett. He is such a fan favorite and sadly didn’t get much screen time in any of the movies. I remember when I was younger reading the books/graphic novels and my buddy told me that Fett actually escaped the sarlac pit. Something about him having to much armor on and the pit spitting him back up.. Could be interesting to see what happens next

  17. Dolby went a bit “hyperactive” there…ahah, aheh


    Endless tinkering is all George seems up for these days: he isn’t about to reboot anything.

  18. The coolest aspect of Boba Fett is his mystery, take that away and all you have is a clone with a vendetta against the galaxy, giving him too much story will ruin the character, but by all means have his race in the new movies. Might be a refreshing change from Sith.

  19. Y’know, the Star Wars ship has sailed for me I’m afraid. The original movie was something wonderful to experience, and “Empire” had a different enough tone that it was also great. After that, things started to go downhill for me.

    For whatever reason, the sometimes clunky dialog of the first movies became just plain annoying to me, and even the sometimes incredible visuals of the sequels could not overcome my overall disappointment in them.

    I think George Lucas captured lighting in a bottle twice with his Star Wars movies (and not many can do that, lets be honest), so I thank him for that. Unless he can reach back and bring something to the party from that creativity he once showed, then no thanks.

  20. Revenge Of The Sith is an amazing film!

  21. I’m not saying base the movies around Fett but to just extend his story a bit and give the fans what they want. I think having a character reminiscent of Kyle from Dark Forces would be a sweet. Basically a Han Solo type smuggler that can manipulate the force, a jedi outcast.. thats too badass!

  22. There is so much that could be done with a new Star Wars, the possibilities are endless. Keep ties to the original saga but make it a new and fresh story.

    And George Lucas, if you’re Reading this, I have a script and workable ideas for a full trilogy.

  23. “Revenge Of The Sith is an amazing film”

    I agree, next to “Empire Strikes Back” its my favorite Star Wars film.

  24. For me, the moment in ROTS that really shines, is not the fantastically choreographed fights or fan pleasing moments, but the smaller parts. Especially the part, where Anakin and Padme are in different places in the city, looking out over the sprawling cityscape, and seeing each other. An amazing scene with some amazingly sombre music. Whenever people diss Lucas as a director, check that scene out, he can do so much with the simplest scene and make it powerful.

    Star Wars will be back.

  25. honestly I think there is much more from the star wars universe we could c, take the video game the force unleashed wich is awsome by the way. I would love to c that on the big screen I dont need the luke and leia story line anymore. There are endless possabilites for new movies. and dam good ones at that!

  26. The prequels are an obvious demonstration that George Lucas has lost the fire that was responsible for movies like Star Wars and THX 1138. Having more Star Wars movies whether they include the original cast of characters or new ones doesn’t really concern me. What concerns me is the quality. It’s easy to proclaim “We want more Star Wars movies!” and stamp our feet, but if we get a watered down, money whore of a franchise that turns into what Star Trek had become before the reboot, then it’s not worth it. More movies, if the sincerity and attention to detail isn’t present will only serve to taint the originals even further for me.

    My initial reaction to this was pure excitement, but a new movie would have to be taken very seriously and perhaps put in the hands of a younger generation of film makers who still burn with that “fresh out of film school and I’m gonna make my mark” determination.

  27. @Crom Crom

    “fresh out of film school and I’m gonna make my mark”

    What other determination should a new filmmaker have?? Just curious…