Roberto Orci Meeting With CBS For New ‘Star Trek’ TV Show [Updated]

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Star Trek The Next Generation Enterprise D Roberto Orci Meeting With CBS For New Star Trek TV Show [Updated]

With this summer’s Star Trek Into Darkness now available on home video, and director J.J. Abrams hopping the asteroid fields to take on Star Wars: Episode VII, there remains a bit of uncertainty for the future viewing pleasure of Trekkies. The 50th anniversary of the iconic Star Trek franchise approaches in 2016 and what better way to celebrate boldly going where no one has gone before than a three-quel to the film trilogy about young Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) and crew beginning their adventures on the U.S.S. Enterprise?

A new television series, of course! And that’s exactly what could happen.

In a potentially wondrously joyous tweet for Star Trek fans, Sky News reporter Joe Michalczuk shared word that Bob Orci told him he’s met with CBS to talk about bringing Star Trek back to the small screen.

With Orci taking meetings – or as we’re told, inquiring about the rights - that would suggest that a new Star Trek TV series – if greenlit – would be in the same timeline as the film franchise, when the Enterprise begins its 5-year mission. A series in the quasi-rebooted Trek universe (thank you, time travel paradox) would allow CBS to pull a Disney and have a television show based in the same cinematic universe as the films, a la Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD on ABC.

Then again, Orci is loyal to his brands, evidenced by his work on the Transformers Prime animated series which is not in the same universe as Michael Bay’s movies – which he and writing partner Alex Kurtzman left after two installments. Orci and Kurtzman are busy producers/writers, with Sleepy Hollow starting strong on Fox, Ender’s Game preparing for its theatrical release, and development beginning on a new Van Helsing and a Mummy reboot, not to mention work on the Amazing Spider-Man sequels.

Talk of a Star Trek TV series hasn’t settled since Enterprise concluded its final season in 2005, marking the first time in two decades where there wasn’t a Trek series on the air. The movies thankfully reinvigorated the brand in 2009, making it “cool” again, but talk of a TV show hasn’t far gone beyond The Next Generation/Deep Space 9 star Michael Dorn expressing desire to making a series centered around his character of Worf, a show that would take place in the “old” universe.

star trek into darkness jj abrams official 570x378 Roberto Orci Meeting With CBS For New Star Trek TV Show [Updated]

There were also attempts to create a new Star Trek show by Bryan Singer (X-Men) and Bryan Fuller (Hannibal) but as of late, word on the street is that any such project would need to get the J.J. Abrams go-ahead. Then came a report that claimed rights issues between Paramount (on the film side) and CBS (on the TV side) prevented such a show from developing and in turn, helped in Abrams’ decision to take on the Star Wars franchise, effectively ending his directorial responsibilities in the Trek series.

Update: To be clear, Star Trek is not currently in development for TV and this is a case where the potential is there and inquiries are being made about the rights.

Would the series follow the traditional formula of following a crew of new characters? Would it need to tie-in with the film franchise? Is the timing right for Star Trek on TV?

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  1. Lets hope its not mediocre like Agents of Shield.

    • It’s Roberto Orci. It will be awful like Fringe and everything he touches.

      Hollywood treats him like he is brilliant and successful when everything he does we have real numbers for shows he does flop after flop.

      • Can I have some of what you’re smoking? My stress level has been high lately.

        • Not sure if you replied to me, but if you’re implying Joss Whedon’s shows haven’t all flopped with the public, check the ratings. He never had a TV hit.

          And his movie “hit” cannot be checked since the studios say whatever they want when it comes to Box-Office reports (ie. they only tel you a movie flopped if they feel it’ll help them for something like firing someone with connections).

          The problem is they believe their own press and thus that Joss Whedon is beloved of audiences, when the opposite is true: audiences couldn’t care less about his shows.

          • what about Buffy?

            • I’m a huge Joss Whedon fan, but I honestly wasn’t a fan of “Dollhouse”. I can admit when my favs have a rare miss. Although I liked “Fringe”, so I don’t think everything Orci does turns bad…I just think he’s better at television than he is movies.

  2. No Abrams-Trek, please… I have no interest in Kirk or Spock or any other rehashing. Let’s see the 25th century or the rise of the Federation after Archer’s Enterprise. In other words, something with a bit more creativity than The Wrath of Khan being rehashed for a new generation of film-goers.

    • You mean something more than a revenge flick with excessive camera flares?!

      Haha. I agree wholeheartedly. I wouldn’t mind seeing an entirely new generation, sometime after Picard’s timeline, exploring space, rather than just fighting in it.

      • I agree somewhat. I think that the ongoing Trek comic books kind of captures the exploration, and not the fighting. I think it is a mistake to have the explorations within the movies, though. Just like in the Marvel universe, you need to appeal to the masses. It is going to tick some hardcore fans off, like Iron Man 3, but ultimately it is for the mass audience in the movies. In the show you have a lot more leeway.

      • At least they could make their own plot holes instead of destroying the originals’ timeline and logic.

        • That was Abrams’ greatest sin in the Trek universe.

          • IMHO his greatest ‘sin’ was to stay away from social/political issues,the actions were GREAT!!! :D

          • Jeff: It’s the trademark of lazy writers: they don’t want to have to respect something already in existence.

            That’s how I knew Enterprise would be awful: They happily said they wouldn’t try to be coherent with what came before. It meant no respect for the original, for the fans or for what they had the chance to work on.

    • Why not just bring back the crew of the NX01? Disregard Trip Tucker’s death and bring on the show. We could continue to witness how the federation began. I’d love to see trek on the small screen again.

  3. Here we go again. The Trekkies will complain about the new Abram’s Star Trek being incorporated on the TV, when all they have to do is NOT WATCH THE DAMN THING.

    • Thanks. If it is an Abrams version, I won’t.

      • Good for you! ;)

        • Thanks Will. :)

          The truth is TV is the only place where we have reliable numbers. All those “hit” ST movies may or may not have been hits. Given how poorly Paramount is doing financially after a string of “smash hits”, I suspect those movies didn’t do so well (same with Avengers).

          Sadly it doesn’t prevent executives from then doing TV versions of their fake hits.

      • Good, means one less person to whine and complain about it. Seriously, sometimes I’m ashamed to be such a big Trek fan, mainly because the fanbase has been diluted to a bunch of people who want to constantly complain about everything that they don’t like. Which of course, that’s how good ole Gene wanted us to act like (sarcasm heavily implied). If you all have such a big problem with it, take it up with the Roddenberry family…oh wait, they love the 2 latest movies. Maybe Mr Doohans son…oh wait, he was in both of them. Hmmm, well I guess you could complain to Paramount, but then again they’ll probably laugh you out of the office and tell you that numbers don’t lie. You guys need to suck it up and face the fact that the amount of real Trekkies out there who love the way Trek is being treated, greatly outweighs the amount who don’t. You guys are definitely the minority here, so do us a favor and don’t clog up comment sections all over the web with your nonsense.

        • Is that you, John Wayne?

        • That’s just how the Internet is. If anything new or different comes about, people will b**** and complain. The majority of people may like the changes, but the minority that don’t are certainly louder than those that do.

          • Roddenberry is overrated.

        • They love the money and that it “keeps the legacy alive”. They probably can’t say what they really think by contract.

        • In other words, you only want to read from people who agree with you…

          Why then do you read comment sections at all?

        • Perhaps if fans of Star Trek complain it’s because for years the franchise has not proposed anything remotely good. Enterprise was awful on practically every level and the movies were… well, they were J.J. Abrams movies, ‘nough said.

      • And I thought I´m the only one who didn´t like the reboot.

        • No, there are plenty of us who don’t like it. It’s a shame we have to listen to all of the people who do like it complain about those of us who don’t.

          Saracasm meant to all of you Abrams apologists.


          • “Sarcasm”…

          • So glad to see I am surprisingly not the only one who realizes J.J. Abrams’ only talent is to get his bad shows and movies made.

            • They should just limit him to an “idea man” and let others flesh the material out.

    • Well actually we have to not watch and we have to wait for an ACTUAL Star Trek show even longer if Orci drops another chapter of Abrams version in to the toilet.

      • Damn responded before you marked that as Sarcasm ;)

    • I absolutely loved the 2009 movie, bad science and all…not gonna lie, I was disappointed with “Wrath of Space Seed”, but it was still better than “Star Trek V” or “Insurrection”. I would watch a show based in the new timeline…I just hope it would find a life of it’s own rather than “let’s see how many stories we can tweak and repackage”.

  4. I never much cared for any of the Star Trek movies or TV shows myself (just personal preference…nothing really wrong with them for those who were into them). I would probably say my first choice to watch one of the five series was Next Generation, with Voyager second, although I mostly did not watch these shows. If it isn’t overkill to the “nth” degree, tho, I can see where a fan would want to see a new series if done well, much as I would like to see a new continuation of Dark Shadows (if done in the Gothic/Victorian style atmosphere of the original show. The same would go for Green Hornet, if done in the same vein as the show back in the 60s or 70s.

    • I could go for a Green Hornet show. Anything to help scrub the filth that the least talented actor in Hollywood threw up on us in 2011.

      • Akai, I once again agree. Watching Ryan Reynolds attempt to “act” is like watching a piece of wood while listening to nails scratching a blackboard.

  5. I think they should have a show base immediately following the time around ST: Enterprise but with a different cast of characters.

    This way it wouldnt contradict the old or new timelines since it would take place a couple decades before the “new” timeline.

    I would like to see the war with the romulans and some more klingon conflict, though they would have deal with the lack of foreheads and maybe have them slowly start to get there ridges back?

    • I think they should go way ahead into the future and do the fall of the Federation.

  6. I would absolutely love to see a new Star Trek television series that was well-written, thematically interesting and not a re-tread of pre-existing characters and stories. The odds of that happening? I am afraid to guess.

    A prequel to the current films might be interesting (young Pike, old Archer, etc.) or something set in the future. Or even something about Zefram Cochrane (sp?).

    Anyway, there is no stronger television sci-fi brand than Star Trek, so a well-made, well-marketed show should not be risky. But does Orci have to be involved? Brian Singer inspires me more…

    • The odds of interesting television happening while it is dominated by the likes of J.J. Abrams and Roberto Orci are slim to none.

      I’ll give them a worse idea for free: Ronald D. Moore…

  7. Here we go, I am a bit of a trekkie myself, but as I see it we should be thrilled whatever they bring back. Let’s face it, Trek as we know it (Roddenberry’s Trek) was dead and buried before Voyager. Whatever they bring back, if done well, can only be good for the franchise.

    • What makes you think it’d be done well with Roberto Orci in charge? He’s the man who cast four bad actors for his Hawaii 5-0 remake!

      As for the franchise, I don’t understand why people care. You are not part of it and don’t benefit from it when bad producers gets paid to make bad movies or TV shows.

      What I care about is seeing great TV.

      With Roberto Orci on board, I know I’ll get bad TV.

    • No. I disagree. The problem was wanting the big screen b*******. If they had simply left TNG on TV until it became far too expensive we wouldn’t be at this impasse. They kept trying to make more then more and more. Only 1 trek show at a time. And stick with it for a long time. TNG was the best because you got to see all of these relationships change and tighten over time. I mean it also had the best actors, and they genuinely love each other outside of the show. But you need 7-10 seasons to get that right. And for gods sake don’t pick a s***** theme song this time. Classical score everytime!

  8. Please, please let this go ahead! It’s been more than 8 years now, valuable lifetime w/o new Trek on TV none of us Trekkies is ever going to get back. I still kinda miss Enterprise. Yeah, the last 8 years have been good for TV in general with great genre shows on like NuBSG, Lost, Once Upon a Time, Game of Thrones, NuWho and many more. But it just isn’t the saame without Trek.

    If Orci is going to write / produce it, I guess it’ll be a follow-up to the new movie era, which absolutely makes sense: a new take on the FIVE YEAR MISSION set in the new timeline, uniting new and old… I wasn’t a huge fan of STID but I liked ST09 well enough to be looking forward to this.

    • Smike, I could not disagree more. The past few years have been a Dark Age for TV in general and SF TV in particular.

      With the exception of the first two seasons of the Stephen Moffatt Dr. Who, we have seen nothing but dreck on our screens.

      Shakystar Crapotica in particular was a poorly-written, poorly-acted, poorly-directed self-indulgent exercise in repealing viewers by the ever-awful, but always self-promotional Ronald D. Moore.

      I, for one, am tired of seeing bad SF shows on TV and then hearing “it’s hard to get people to watch SF” when they flop because they’re dreck.

  9. I would still like to see the Captain Worf series… or the Renegade series they’re trying to well… kickstart on Kickstarter.

  10. If they do make a new trek show maybe they could try doing an anthology show that show cases different casts through multiple-episode arcs. Why focus on just one crew or even one era in trek history? That idea has so many possibilities. With rotating casts you could really do anything you want. Characters could die. They could do a story that focuses on how the crew of a ship met their demise at some weird anomaly and then the next arc could be about the crew that finds them. How bout telling the story of Kahless (Conan style – c’mon that Klingon theme could make a great Conan style theme song with drums and such). Or you could have a whole season that’s about one big event but told from different perspectives throughout the season. Hell, one arc could be animated. If one cast gets popular then they could get a spin-off. Anyways, that’s my feeling on it.

    • Anthology is a cool idea. Maybe even an extended “Canterbury Tales” story with extensive exploration of different alien characters.

  11. I would like to see the Future of the Star Trek beyond the Kerk n Spock era. Have been a Hard Core Trekkie since i saw TOS (William Shanter) Loved TNG (Patrick Stewart) and edged of with Voyager (Kate Mulgrew). I would like to see things beyond it rather then see the TOS bing made in another Time Continuum. As pictured above the Enterprise D and one after that Enterprise E were my absolute Favorite’s.

    • I loved D. I mean like I love my mom or black cherry ice cream. I didn’t like E as much. Didn’t have those 7 seasons of AMAZING television to grow to love it though…

    • I loved D. I mean like I love my mom or black cherry ice cream. I didn’t like E as much. Didn’t have those 7 seasons of AMAZING television to grow to love it though… And I felt worse about D being destroyed than Kirk dying…

      • Sorry for the Dups :P

  12. I think a series is being planned otherwise why would into darkness end with the crew going on a five year mission. I also think Abrams could bring the original cast into the series after all he brought in Karl urban in on his new series almost human.

    • I really can’t see them getting the film actors to be in the television series, IF this goes ahead I get the feeling it will just be a series set in this mess of a new timeline known as the JJ-verse.

  13. Star Trek set in the year 3000 would be awesome! New good guys and bad guys mixed with the old, new politics, a new federation, a new universe – but all clearly Star Trek.

  14. With all the star trek os spinoffs exploring new quantrants and expanding on the same timeline. I think it’s time to bring it back to Kirk era events. Instead of an exploration mandate, I’d like a focus on diplomacy in long story arcs with the romulans, vulcans, and Klingons. There’s been enough alien/monster-of-the-week shows. Including orzi’s sleep hollow series.

  15. Let’s have something completely different to the the re-hash of old characters and plots that have been the current trend from the 2009 and Into Darkness films.
    No Kurtzman, Orci or Abrams involvement.

    The Michael Dorn Worf centred series could be good.

  16. Maybe it’s just me but I cant u8nderstand why the die hard fan base of the original series are so unhappy with the versions made for a new audience? I mean they had 3 series and what 5 movies or something, so whats the problem? It’s not as though they have even remade the original films (that I could understand getting pissed about)

  17. Fans are dumbasses ignore them and the show will be good

  18. I think this will be another cancelled show.

  19. NERDGASM!!!

    I like the whole genre! Creative stories, unique characters. All ahead, warp 9, Mr Data!

  20. As long as the do the new Moon 1999 Series all is fine !
    Doesn’t matter who !

  21. I think a starfleet academy tv show would be great! Not done before really.

  22. I would like to see a new series go back to Gene Roddenberry’s original approach of having real science fiction authors write the scripts. He used D.C. Fontana, Theodore Sturgeon, Normal Spinrad and David Gerrold, among others, to create highly original stories with good characters. The series died when business-oriented “suits” like Rick Berman and Brannon Braga control the scripts.

    • That is a superb idea; I forgot about the use of sci-fi authors like that. People who can write stories touching on the edge of science and imagination, not just recycle tired tropes.

  23. It is time for TPTB to start thinking about the new Trek TV series. Paramount loves anniversaries and the 50th anniversary of the original series is coming up soon. There are a wide variety of options that the new series could be set in and as long as the writing is good, it will draw fans.

    Personally I like the idea of an anthology show so we could get to see different aspects and eras of the Star Trek universe. I wouldn’t even mind an Archer to April time frame (you avoid conflicting with the two universes this way).

    Know this Paramount and CBS, I’m ready to buy a new TV series. The CW would be a great place to run a series on. Run it back-to-back with Arrow.

    • Belongs on CBS…

  24. I dont see a TV show based in the same universe as the (reboot) movies, simply based on cost, there is a lot of well-known people in the cast and I would think the price to lock them all down mixed with the CGI effects would drown the show.

    I would prefer a show based in the prime universe (after voyager) but iam not opposed to a new universe show as long as its well written.

    • There’s really not a “lot of well-known people” in the ST movies’ cast. They’re only known to fans of those movies…

  25. It does not have to be a whole series does it? A mini-series maybe? But my fear is we would get a lot of youngsters in Starfleet academy, lots of anguish, soap opera and very little meaningful sci-fy. if the space time continum has been shaken up what about reboot TNG? I would like the orgin of the BORG That could be a kick ass mini-series. Maybe a new female commander of the Enterprise? Just don’t do a Star Fleet version of 90210

  26. Unless it’s about continuing Enterprise during the Romulan War, or a series set in the next century from TNG, VOY, and DS9 I’m adamantly against it.

    Orci as a writer is… I don’t like the idea.

  27. i wanna see a federation ship that goes rogue or along those line, like the Star Trek Renegades idea

  28. How horrible!! Roberto Orci is one of the worst writers in Hollywood. He makes Rick Berman looks positively brilliant.

  29. They should do a series set one hundred+ years after the last NG Eterprise outing. Move forward, not set it in a 90′s or 00′s version of the future. A fresh look would be great. TNG, Voyager, DS9 were all great, but after a while the whole design gets a bit boring. I want to see what the federation evolves into, which enemies are allies and how many new species and what new “Iron curtains” they have to deal with.

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