Roberto Orci Meeting With CBS For New ‘Star Trek’ TV Show [Updated]

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Star Trek The Next Generation Enterprise D Roberto Orci Meeting With CBS For New Star Trek TV Show [Updated]

With this summer’s Star Trek Into Darkness now available on home video, and director J.J. Abrams hopping the asteroid fields to take on Star Wars: Episode VII, there remains a bit of uncertainty for the future viewing pleasure of Trekkies. The 50th anniversary of the iconic Star Trek franchise approaches in 2016 and what better way to celebrate boldly going where no one has gone before than a three-quel to the film trilogy about young Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) and crew beginning their adventures on the U.S.S. Enterprise?

A new television series, of course! And that’s exactly what could happen.

In a potentially wondrously joyous tweet for Star Trek fans, Sky News reporter Joe Michalczuk shared word that Bob Orci told him he’s met with CBS to talk about bringing Star Trek back to the small screen.

With Orci taking meetings – or as we’re told, inquiring about the rights - that would suggest that a new Star Trek TV series – if greenlit – would be in the same timeline as the film franchise, when the Enterprise begins its 5-year mission. A series in the quasi-rebooted Trek universe (thank you, time travel paradox) would allow CBS to pull a Disney and have a television show based in the same cinematic universe as the films, a la Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD on ABC.

Then again, Orci is loyal to his brands, evidenced by his work on the Transformers Prime animated series which is not in the same universe as Michael Bay’s movies – which he and writing partner Alex Kurtzman left after two installments. Orci and Kurtzman are busy producers/writers, with Sleepy Hollow starting strong on Fox, Ender’s Game preparing for its theatrical release, and development beginning on a new Van Helsing and a Mummy reboot, not to mention work on the Amazing Spider-Man sequels.

Talk of a Star Trek TV series hasn’t settled since Enterprise concluded its final season in 2005, marking the first time in two decades where there wasn’t a Trek series on the air. The movies thankfully reinvigorated the brand in 2009, making it “cool” again, but talk of a TV show hasn’t far gone beyond The Next Generation/Deep Space 9 star Michael Dorn expressing desire to making a series centered around his character of Worf, a show that would take place in the “old” universe.

star trek into darkness jj abrams official 570x378 Roberto Orci Meeting With CBS For New Star Trek TV Show [Updated]

There were also attempts to create a new Star Trek show by Bryan Singer (X-Men) and Bryan Fuller (Hannibal) but as of late, word on the street is that any such project would need to get the J.J. Abrams go-ahead. Then came a report that claimed rights issues between Paramount (on the film side) and CBS (on the TV side) prevented such a show from developing and in turn, helped in Abrams’ decision to take on the Star Wars franchise, effectively ending his directorial responsibilities in the Trek series.

Update: To be clear, Star Trek is not currently in development for TV and this is a case where the potential is there and inquiries are being made about the rights.

Would the series follow the traditional formula of following a crew of new characters? Would it need to tie-in with the film franchise? Is the timing right for Star Trek on TV?

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  1. i know i probably said something on this before but i have to re say it so you very few jj fans can get it through your think heads,

    star trek already has established franchise dating back to the *caugh*conyoriginal*caugh* (trek really didnt get that huge till TNG)

    theres entire universe that has ben dubbed old universe (it isnt old its just established no need to freaking reboot) if you reboot it you’ll have to start back at corny kirk and finger spock do you really want to go back to those 60′s jar heads.

    i think if anything make a new show built off captain riker (Jonathan Frakes)
    he’s doing great on that chiller series and is the only one that deserves the captains chair maybe with cameo’s of picard.

    if anything build a series on the so called old universe but with JJ’s overblown…… scratch that i cant even finish that sentence no real trek fan would want JJ’s reboot movie-verse crap (yes im a TNG fan bitches)

    No if a new show happens a male should be the lead captain i dotn want another debate of if woman are better then men cause thats all it was on voyager

    (im just tired of the argue fans have i dont care if a female is cast as the captain)

    No i think were all tired of Worf’s Honor should i be federation or empire that character is nothing but one big conflict with himself after another.

    (we get it you cant have star trek without worf but entire show built around him as captain screams klingon battle opera might as well do a klingon chant during each episode lol)

    i think if any character deserves to be brought back to life sort of speak it should be commander data yes his actor is dead (i think) but you could get any good actor to put on the data mask (which is the same mask as Michael Myers) data is an android anyone could play him as long as he looks and sounds the same then who cares who the actor is right? (please say yes lol)

    i think the new show should be a mix between TNG and voyager cause DS9 story has died at the end of the series where both TNG & Voyager had crappy time travel conclusions

    (05 enterprise doesn’t count as a real trek series and has killed the name enterprise for me) so the new show should not be on the main ship since it cant leave our solar system anyways, so why not have a traveling vessel like voyagers maybe a science vessel

    we could see what goes on beyond the battling scene (science officers are unarmed)
    it would be soo different being on the other foot for once maybe with a young female vulcan that has problems keeping her emotions in check (T’Pau was the only thing interesting on enterprise)

    so in closing no real trek fan would want or exept JJ’s movie verse being added to tv it would be the fastest thing canceled

    • Why is it that everybody on this station seems to hate the three series of Star Trek.
      OK some of the episodes on all three series were a little corny but still enjoyable.
      If you did not like the series why did you watch them, you could have always used the off button/.
      I for one thoroughly enjoyed all the series and the films I thought they were good entertainment and hope that they bring another series back to TV as soon as possible.

      • i dont know if your message was to mine since its the newest but most trek fans love all trek shows except with 2 which is 2005 enterprise (you know the on with the crappy singing theme) and sometimes the 60′s original can turn off some like myself its just too old and only lasted 3 seasons focused on corny captain Kirk (the actor is slightly funny now he was extremely corny then) people love the original for mostly spock,

        almost all trek fans love the good star trek shows TNG,Voyager & DS9, the only thing people been having problems with is the new movies 2009 J.J. Abrams star trek and into darkness which cuts out all of the past from what the original creator late Gene Roddenberry built, director J.J. Abrams tosses it all out the window going back to kirk and spock,

        fans want something new like William riker as captain with maybe first officer Tuvok (we all know captain and first officer are usually older dudes) its been said that if a new show is gonna happen it should be after voyager with the crew mixed from all 3 shows that can return

        i personally would love to see riker, Tuvok, Paris, Seven with cameos of picard and data plus we all know O’Brien and worf would want to return.

    • Star Trek fans want good movies, something you’ll never get from J.J. Abrams.

      • Exactly! A little less shoot’em up and a little more intelligence please!

        • “more intelligence” is sadly the last thing on the minds of the people in charge. That’s why J.J. Abrams and his Merry Band of Franchise Killers keep getting hired.

    • The reason J.J. Abrams did a “reboot”? It’s easier not to have to bother to look at the existing show. It’s the same reason the Enterprise producers decided that it would be too much work to make their series fit with the preceding ones.

      The lesson is “if you can’t be bothered to do it right, don’t do a prequel (I’m looking at you George Lucas)”.

      It’s very telling of the creative miasma Hollywood operates in today that the same lazy J.J. Abrams was chosen to bury the long decaying body of Star Wars.

    • Ummm…. For an ST fan, you don’t know much about it. First of all, Brent Spiner (Data) is not dead, but he is in his 60′s and too old to play Data. Second, Data never wore a mask, ever. He wore makeup, thats it, that is all.

      Voyager was never about whether or not women were better captains than men. Janeway was a strong character, but unfortunately, the Voyager brand was geared towards younger people, while DS9 was built around older fans with a darker setting.

      Jonathan Frakes certainly would not be a good choice for captain (anymore, as at his age, his character would be retired, or perhaps an admiral). He just doesn’t have the energy to play a captain in a series that could potentially last 4-8 years.

      Data mask…. hahahaha…. really?

      • I believe Jonathan Frakes would heartily disagree about his lack of energy, since, as a director, he has to expand at least as much as when he was acting! :)

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    • Would you please give me a clue as to what the hell are you talking about. Unless I am so ignorant that I have missed something, as I thought this was a rant about the Star trek series.

  3. I just got done with a DS9 binge on Netflix — took a couple of months to watch all 173 episodes. I had only seen a couple of them when it originally aired, and wanted to revisit the series because I also made the mistake of having an “Enterprise” binge and that left me unhappy. Once upon a time I thought TNG was the best ST ever. I don’t feel that way now. DS9 was fabulous. Great stories, excellent ensemble cast (Brooks became better and smoothed out his quirky, halting delivery as the show went on). Seems to me there’s more adventure to be had out in the Gamma Quadrant and beyond. And they need to bring back Kira Nerys, who was just a wonderful badass.

    • You’ve got my vote!!!! DS9 is definitely one of the best!!!

  4. i also have watched ds9 recently and tng,and enterprise and voyager and i really dont get all the buzz about ds9.the feel was never really dark,the acting of some simply childish,the ferengi sillyness,dax and her acting like a 9year old…the only one keeping a certain quality was cisco.but the rest.avarege to weak.ds9 had a couple of good and a few great episodes but the overall feel was weak to me,with the next generation allmost every episode feels better,more serious.the socalled darkness of ds9 is just not belevable enough.and all the time about bajor witch doesnt really hold up so long.but thats just my opinion tng is the best star trek ever made thenn the original series,thenn a mix of a few voyager episodes with a few ds9 and as last…enterprise…boy that was bad

    • I don’t understand what people mean when they refer to DS9 as “Dark” either. But I loved it nonetheless. I think Dax was great in her role as a child with 300 year old memories and I think that the Ferengi are amazingly funny and well-developed, Who doesn’t love the Laws of Acquisition? I think that it’s much more politically oriented than Next Generation which makes it more interesting IMO. I love the political intrigue aspect in Voyager as well. Not to mention revisiting alien races from TNG, I mean who wasn’t interested in knowing more about the Trill after Crusher fell in love with one? If anything was dark it was Enterprise, Starfleet fought hard to gain a foothold in space when we first acquired Warp technology. Every episode ended on a sad note, and it explains quite a few things that happen in the 23rd & 24th centuries (For example refer to episodes “Regeneration” & “Broken Bow” “These Are the Voyages…” and for how the Tribbles manage to not destroy their own planet “The Breach”) I think ENT stayed true to Roddenberry’s idea of a space Western. Now that I’ve established that I’m a huge fan of TOS, TNG, ENT, and DS9 and all the movies in between (as dumb as it was I have a soft spot in my heart for Star Trek IV, after all they predicted the invention of transparent aluminum) I loathe the new movies. I absolutely hate them and I think J.J. Abrams is trying his best to destroy my childhood. FOR THE LOVE OF KAHLESS THE GUY IS GOING TO DIRECT STAR WARS! But… if they make a new TV show based on the “old” universe I’ll love it.

  5. I say go with were the last star trek left off, ignor the movie crap shoot was all about. The movies were ok but just changed so much and made all the history null and void. I always thought there were more stories and stuff to build off of from the first and best star trek universe. J.J. Abrams in my opinion just screwed stuff up with his bull crap and they need to just ignore it and move on. They could use new people and have some of the old guys show a cameos on the show from time to time. I my self had idea of a star trek set with the time ship or going beyond our galaxy, or any number of options.

    • I’m glad to see more people seem to realize that the “Great” J.J. Abrams is actually terrible. :)

  6. The debate wether the JJ’s movies are good or not is interesting, but truth is that their succesful. Modern teen-agers and twenty-something mostly don’t like deep philosophical discussions and moral paradoxes, they like action and shootings. Is like pretending that the new Transformer’s movie be true to the original cartoon. We have two options, be conservative and keep the old school Star Trek alive for a relatively small group of fans, some of them that are very old and don’t be around to long, or make it new and attractive to new generations for them survival, like the law of evolution demands; adapt.

    • Actually, we don’t have any idea whether J.J. Abrams’ movies are successful or not. All we have is “estimated box-office” which is totally meaningless as it’s made up by the studios.

      what we do have is his TV shows, most of which are flops. I find it hard to believe his movies are brilliant hits while his Tv shows always flop…

      Now you’ll say, “but they keep making more of his movies, it’s proof”, but they also keep ordering TV shows from him, and they don’t care how many flop.

      Hollywood is walking on its head and selling us PR stories year-long.

      My guess is that Abrams’ movies don’t do well (given the promotion) but we’ll never know.

      The fact they’re terrible also militates to the idea they don’t do well (so do the poor results of Paramount).

  7. Daniel, I think there is room for both. Not all teenagers like shoot em ups there are many deep thoughtful teenagers out there. There is room enough for the Transformers type of shows and the Star Trek type. We don’t always have to appeal to the lowest common denominator. It is not a race to the bottom. At 46 years of age I have heard people say this generation is so different from the last but the only thing I see different is related to technological adaptations. If you give people choices you would be surprised how many would like the diversity of programming. And if you are talking about evolution in general I would give it at least 100,000 years before I would claim there are any profound changes in brain architecture ;0).

    • Jim: You’re very right. We keep hearing each generation is “different” but it’s just superficial “analysis”.

      People like quality. There’s a reason movie theaters are doing more poorly every year and had to resort to the usual 3D gimmick to try and save themselves (once every 30 years it pops up its ugly head again).

      Of course (see above) people will tell you crappy movies are doing well based on box-office figures made up by the people who want you to say that (not real data which is unobtainable).

  8. WHAT STAR TREK NEEDS IS IT’S OWN TV CHANNEL then it can run a new series on that channel as the headline for that new channel. STAR TREK certainly has enough movies, and episodes to run such a channel and they can also cover conventions and other things.. a channel devoted EXCLUSIVELY TO STAR TREK what are they waiting for!

  9. Here Here Matt!

  10. I personally dislike the JJ Abrams trek, I also think that everyone in Hollywood should quit acting like sheep, with the perception that you have to turn sci-fi into a big shoot-em up, after watching TNG reruns, it had suspense even in a “diplomatic” episode and didn’t screw up the logic behind showing a starship with the rediculous “trans warp beaming” rubbish where you can beam from earth to qo’nos. TNG really had a bit of eveverything; diplomacy, comedy, phaser-blasting, and reasoning not “hey look romulans, let’s shoot them”

    • Essentially all J.J. Abrams and his Merry Band of Plot Hole Diggers did was make a bad SF action movie and stick the names of the Trek characters on it…

      • Actually, I think Star Trek MOVIES work best when they’re about the battle. Star Trek TV works best when it’s about the exploration, politics, and difficult decisions. Take the plot of 95% of the episodes and it would get incredibly boring and tedious if stretched from the 42 minute run-time (average not including commercials) to a 100-minute or more run-time.

        However, I have to agree with the general sentiment that a new TV show should exist within the original universe instead of the new timeline. They just need to not make a lot of the mistakes made in Voyager and Enterprise.

  11. Had a squint through some comments here and saw a fair bit of hate toward some of the series and particularly the new movies that have come out

    Me and my dad have watched them all between us (only ones I have not seen is the original series and a majority of tng)
    We both agree the new films are great
    Ok there’s more fighting in them but think about it
    Romulans don’t have control of their emotions like vulcans so I’m pretty sure one captain who saw his home and all the people on the planet get burned into dust wouldn’t say ok I’m sorry please help me escape this black hole (not a hells chance of that happening) and if I was captain of the enterprise in that instance I sure would unleash hell on that ship (put yourself in a similar situation someone tryed to burn your home down with your family inside the house with no escape are you going to be totally forgiving or are you going to want to rip the guys head off)
    So the storyline is sound a angry captain is sent back in time with revenge on his mind, a fight is inevitable

    As for into darkness still a great film, the enterprise took a battering and come close to plowing into the earth with modern tech now the graphics of such things are brilliant
    As for into darkness over all
    1 remember it’s khan
    2 no matter what there will allways be the odd blood thirsty admiral least I’m sure they guy wanting a war was a admiral (as the human race will never be completely perfect unless there the Borg with one singe mind pretty much)
    3 why complain about the shootem up aspect the only time I ever saw a ship as heavily dammaged as the enterprise got was on voyager the year of hell it brings excitement
    4 I’m sure if the original wrighters of tng ds9 ect had access to today’s editing software and computers they would have included a few more battle scenes as I bet just one battle scene would have cost them thousands to create and a lot more time where as now a computer does most the hard work

    All that said voyager, ds9, tng and enterprise (yeah I mean the one back with the nx01) are all still great shows but dureing them all I allways wanted a little more excitement a few more battles would have been better ( can’t say that about tng as didn’t see all of them) and was rather gutted enterprise got cancled before they could properly Finnish it, ok probably not the best idea to do a show set before all the others, but it was answering the questions, why did the federation form, what did the first enterprise do and so on

    The franchise needs to keep up with the times and cater for as wide a audience as it can and give the people what they want the change in the time line does a good job I couldn’t bare to watch the original series simply as it looks far to old to myself, still looks good to my dad but he’s 58 and I’m 22 and to continue with the old way and not make it more exciting like in the films (which is what more people want these days it’s not going to do so well) put it this way a new series come out and I have to choose between a new dr who episode and a new trek episode where not much is going to happen I’d choose dr who as it’s allways constant with something serious going on hence why it’s the longest running sci fi series ever!! As they simply provide what the consumer is after

    If they do bring out a new tv series I would like it to Continue from the films as now it’s a different time line
    And for thoes who may say it will be a series of shootem up, I seriously doubt it, It wouldn’t work
    It may look like there just being lazy and following a old sorry line but they can’t it’s all got to be new other wise they would have to make something up to put the time line correct which would just be stupid
    Certain fixed events like khan and the friendship between Kirk and Spock should be there and take a different approach other than that it’s a open field of possibility in which they can change the story line and create a new direction and break the nicknames the characters have as that is how their viewed by moderntimes most shows from the 60′s look corny anyway

    If anyone has read all this it’s just my opinion I don’t want a big argument with haters of the film or any of the series I mentioned it’s just a different view of the topic but I’m sure I am not the only one who thinks this way

    Thanks for reading

    • Bernie good essay, I am glad you like the new films. My opinion is different but we both agree that a new TV series is needed for all of us!

  12. Most Trek fans want a show in the TNG-DS9-VOY universe/timescale. TOS has been done to death and feels a little cliche now, and I don’t think we should try to slot a series in between.

    The reboot and Enterprise both got mixed reactions – personally, I thought they were both great reflections on the original universe… but to most, they’re side-projects off the main series. Certainly most don’t want a series based in the “new” universe, although perhaps more of the styling, which is how Insurrection and Nemesis were going anyway.

    What most people probably want is a series based just after TNG/VOY/DS9. The more modern look of the Defiant, Enterprise E style ships.

    The problem is how to set it. TNG “explored” much of the Alpha and Beta quadrants, DS9 opened up the Gamma Quadrant, Voyager worked her way back through the Delta… TOS and Enterpreise covered the history.

    Then again, that’s why I’m not a Sci-Fi writer. I’m sure there are many ways the series could go, many new enemies and friends who could be encountered etc, and there are plenty of old faces who could make cameo appearances or help give it some continuity.

    Or how about picking up one of the many other species in the universe and exploring them? At risk of being felt gimmicky

  13. Anyone know about this:

  14. i was never a trek fan untill the new jj movies came out. the main deciding factor in my interest in the trek movies was that jj was able to get away from the soap opera b.s that some of the old t.v series fell into. with modern technology and filming technics a new series would bring a new and greater fan base to an already great idea. the one and most important thing to remember is that star trek is a view or hope for the future of man kind. lets not forget about all of the engineers and scientists how grew up watching kirk and spock who eventialy took the science fiction devices on the show and turned them into reality, the actors and actress chosen for the new films could not have been better. a new series with the same cast and vibes from the new movies is the only way to go. that is unless you want to see it fail like next gen ds9 and voyager ect. how could i call them failurs? there are no longer series on t.v, during the end of each series fan bases dropped off. it wasnt untill the new movies came out that star trek finally became cool again. i started with the new films and then went back to watch every movie and t.v show ever created about star trek just to see what it was all about and the 1 conclusive thing i found was that the new movies finally got it right.

    • Having an assistant hit the camera to make it shake is as far away from actual directing as a grimace from Sarah Michelle Gellar is to acting.

      J.J. Abrams is an incompetent director (but he’s great at PR and apparently convinced you that incompetent directing is actually a “style”).

      I am quite saddened by that fact actually. :)

  15. Tng jumped ahead in the timeline from TOS and created a new phase of life leading to DS9 and Voyager. Why not jump the future again. New tech, new actors, new ships. Alot happened in the books after tng and ds9 to build a universal back story to new life and new civilizations…. it would provide years of tv and tons of books…. just dont forget about the altered timeline thus far.

  16. I really don’t understand what can be so hard to bring Star Trek back to television. Probably rights issues and money (it always is), but then again, the networks are breaking their teeth on failure after failure of cancelled shows, looking for a demographic that will eat their commercials. Damn, there is a whole sea of people waiting to watch star trek. And they don’t ask for something “special”. Nobody “wants” them to blow up the Vulcan homeworld, after which they need to rethink everything… What does that bring to the table anyway? Jeeez, why don’t they just beef up that NCIS/CSI b*******, and get that factory producing Star Trek for us to consume. Consumer is king, and we WANT star trek. So deliver already.


    Looks like some Star Trek in the works men.

    • It’s an independent production funded by fans (kickstarter)(short of fan fiction). And it is a movie, not a series. But nevertheless a good tip!! :-)

      CBS should release the rights to the franchise so someone else (SyFy?) so they can continue the series and make some money. CBS is just too incompetent when it comes to Star Trek.

      • Walter, you do remember what a disaster (both creatively and financially) Enterprise was, right?

        Also why would CBS hand over rights which, by your own reckoning are valuable to a bad cable channel which has shown itself incapable of producing anything good and is furthermore owned by a direct competitor?

        Doing what you suggest would be entirely “incompetent.”

        One point that may be a problem is the split of the rights. Since Paramount and CBS are now separate, I don’t even know CBS owns any of the Trek rights and Paramount seems intent on continuing to pretend their bad J.J. Abrams movies are making money (even as it prepares another round of pink slips!)

        Givng Star Trek to J.J. Abrams… THAT was incompetent!!

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