Roberto Orci Meeting With CBS For New ‘Star Trek’ TV Show [Updated]

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Star Trek The Next Generation Enterprise D Roberto Orci Meeting With CBS For New Star Trek TV Show [Updated]

With this summer’s Star Trek Into Darkness now available on home video, and director J.J. Abrams hopping the asteroid fields to take on Star Wars: Episode VII, there remains a bit of uncertainty for the future viewing pleasure of Trekkies. The 50th anniversary of the iconic Star Trek franchise approaches in 2016 and what better way to celebrate boldly going where no one has gone before than a three-quel to the film trilogy about young Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) and crew beginning their adventures on the U.S.S. Enterprise?

A new television series, of course! And that’s exactly what could happen.

In a potentially wondrously joyous tweet for Star Trek fans, Sky News reporter Joe Michalczuk shared word that Bob Orci told him he’s met with CBS to talk about bringing Star Trek back to the small screen.

With Orci taking meetings – or as we’re told, inquiring about the rights - that would suggest that a new Star Trek TV series – if greenlit – would be in the same timeline as the film franchise, when the Enterprise begins its 5-year mission. A series in the quasi-rebooted Trek universe (thank you, time travel paradox) would allow CBS to pull a Disney and have a television show based in the same cinematic universe as the films, a la Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD on ABC.

Then again, Orci is loyal to his brands, evidenced by his work on the Transformers Prime animated series which is not in the same universe as Michael Bay’s movies – which he and writing partner Alex Kurtzman left after two installments. Orci and Kurtzman are busy producers/writers, with Sleepy Hollow starting strong on Fox, Ender’s Game preparing for its theatrical release, and development beginning on a new Van Helsing and a Mummy reboot, not to mention work on the Amazing Spider-Man sequels.

Talk of a Star Trek TV series hasn’t settled since Enterprise concluded its final season in 2005, marking the first time in two decades where there wasn’t a Trek series on the air. The movies thankfully reinvigorated the brand in 2009, making it “cool” again, but talk of a TV show hasn’t far gone beyond The Next Generation/Deep Space 9 star Michael Dorn expressing desire to making a series centered around his character of Worf, a show that would take place in the “old” universe.

star trek into darkness jj abrams official 570x378 Roberto Orci Meeting With CBS For New Star Trek TV Show [Updated]

There were also attempts to create a new Star Trek show by Bryan Singer (X-Men) and Bryan Fuller (Hannibal) but as of late, word on the street is that any such project would need to get the J.J. Abrams go-ahead. Then came a report that claimed rights issues between Paramount (on the film side) and CBS (on the TV side) prevented such a show from developing and in turn, helped in Abrams’ decision to take on the Star Wars franchise, effectively ending his directorial responsibilities in the Trek series.

Update: To be clear, Star Trek is not currently in development for TV and this is a case where the potential is there and inquiries are being made about the rights.

Would the series follow the traditional formula of following a crew of new characters? Would it need to tie-in with the film franchise? Is the timing right for Star Trek on TV?

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  1. Why not a show about time travel starships from the future like the ones Janeway and Archer encountered when the timelines were interrupted…time travel ships…fixing things that go wrong on the time lines.

    • Yes, I agree… a series about the USS Relativity would be a good one. :D

  2. I really wish they would bring a new trek series with a new story, Singers layout for the story seemed awesome but the characters need work. Star trek belongs on TV and I really hope that netflix expressing intrest will get things moving in that direction, say for a 2016 50th anniversary release

    • I did not know that NETFLIX was expressing interest where did you learn this?

  3. I would like something Darker and edgier for a new Star Trek TV series something with a massive new threat to the Federation and the Multiverse.

  4. We need a new TV series set between voyager and the future showing the federation as a darker more sinister unit. Not only peacekeeping but discovering new enemies and new ships. New threats and a fresh new look to the trek franchise. Come on all the fans want it so why not give it to them. It’s about time 10 years with no new trek series is too long.

    • I agree there seems to be a resurgence in intelligent sci fi on the big screen. If this does well might be a harbinger of things to come on the small screen.

  5. My Idea:

    Keep it Starfleet based but have Starfleet on the run from the Klingons like Yesterday’s Enterprise but in the future, new crew, new ship, new tech, new everything.


    The Kilingons are over running everything due to the new blood thirsty Chancellor who will stop at noting till the dominance of the Empire is spread throughout the galaxy. They first start with the vulnerable Cardassians and annex them into their ranks and the Romulans are nearly defeated. The Pilot is when the Klingons invade Sol and only a few ships manage to escape and are all alone while Federation worlds shore up defense on their own, Starfleet is hunted like dogs and morals are called into question and the crew is puished to the limit and have abandoned Starfleet principals since it was defeated. The Andorians revive the Imperial Guard to fight against the Klingons and are one of many protagonists of the show, the Vulcans turn into a slave race of the Klingons. Tellerites are obliterated.

    The Ship can be an Akira vessel, meant for war yet still small enough it needs to stop at ports of call to get new supplies.

  6. ..this isn’t news..the rumors have been going around since JJ’s first movie came out..and, I agree with some should NOT be a reboot but the next Enterprise..another 100 years later than Picard.

    • I believe the series should be where Voyager left off, in the book series by Kirsten Beyer. there are major implications in the Multiverse, considering the new canon that she oand other authors have created. Questions had to be answered, and they were. Many characters in the Voyager series had been left hanging, and the flasshing out in the books had been accomplished. TNG has been taken to it’s logical ending with Nemesis, nothing more to see there. DS9 is a dead issue. Now with the canon of the Temporal Cold War, and the timeship Relativity, (in canon established in Enterprise and VOY S. 6), we now know that relations in the galaxy (as we know it in corporeal terms) is more fluid that we knew before. However, with the introduction of the Nacene, there is a story arc that has been developed with the Q and the Omega Continuums. There are issues that have to be fulfilled as the Full Circle Fleet comes in contact with the First Federation. These story lines should be shared with all Trek fans via a new show. The roles of Tuvok, Kes, Q, Q Junior, and the Borg Queen(s) should be portrayed. No the Borg Queen(s) are there and then again not there. Read the books or start a writing campaign to CBS to activate these story lines. There is more at stake in the Federation than just the reboot (two) movies. It neeeeeeeddddddddssssssss to be brought back to THIS reality, (Dr. Emmett Brown)…