More New Star Trek Images!

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oct 28 trek 4 gizmodo comparison More New Star Trek Images!

Empire magazine got a hold of even more Star Trek images to be featured in this week’s issue. These images include Kirk sporting an armored EVA suit, Spock standing in front of what looks like the main viewscreen on the bridge (or is it a window?) and finally, a picture focusing on Uhura (player by Zoe Saldana). We also have a cool comparison shot (above) of Kirk and Spock, thanks to Gizmodo.

Take a look at the images and see what you think:

oct 28 trek 1 More New Star Trek Images!
Chris Pine as Kirk wearing an EVA suit

oct 28 trek 2 More New Star Trek Images!
Spock standing on the bridge of the Enterprise

oct 28 trek 3 More New Star Trek Images!
Zoe Saldana as Uhura

The pictures look good to me, I’m really eating up anything and everything we’re slowly getting for the new Star Trek adventure. I also dig the new futuristic displays we’re seeing on the bridge. An example of that here is in the top-right corner of the main viewing screen from the Spock picture.

Once Paramount released the hi-res versions of these we’ll post ‘em up.

I can’t wait to see the first full trailer to be feature alongside Quantum of Solace on November 14th.

What do you think of the images? Are you as excited as I am for the trailer?

Star Trek hits theaters May 8th, 2009.

Sources: Empire, Gizmodo

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  1. Are we SURE thats the Bridge and not a window?
    Pics still look good regardless.

  2. Chris Pines forehead and hair looks enormous in some of those pics.

  3. Have I mentioned how much I hate the magazine cover pics for this movie? In both the EW cover and now this one (shown on the right side of the very top image) Kirk and Spock look… well… gay.

    And before you jump all over me, I’m not the only one who’s had that thought – Over at Gizmodo they mention it in the post and I’ve seen it mentioned in comments on other sites as well.


  4. Kirk looks straight out of the next High School Musical movie.

  5. Chris Pine has Blue Eyes. How can you believe that he is supposed to be Captain Kirk.

  6. It has to be the view screen. If you look closely out the “window”, you can clearly see the sauser section near the bottom of the screen and you can also read ‘NCC’ along the top of it.

    Also, without the photoshopping used on the EW cover and this one, Spock looks really good. If you can see it, he does have five o’clock shadow showing in the viewscreen shot. Also, his pose; it looks like Leonard Nimoy gave him some pointers on how to stand like Spock. It’s perfect.

    I don’t like that it looks like Kirk and Sulu are ready to defend ‘Halo’ though.

    Also, I hope Zoe Saldana has a lot of face time because she looks HOT!

  7. @Gary, it was reported as the bridge from the source of the images (empire).

    And as Lee-Unit pointed out, they are on the top of the saucer section so I really think it is as well. Not to mention the digital overlays on the bottom-center and top-right of the screen. I don’t think windows would have that.

  8. Vic Holtreman said, “Kirk and Spock look… well… gay”

    How pre-world war III of you Vic!
    Didn’t you know? Sonic scrubbers give you baby skin, no eyebrows or nose if you leave it one place too long.. ;-)

    With all the radiation and dryness in space one must wear a good spf enhanced moisturizer too. It would be embarrassing to broker a treaty at gun point from the bridge with flaky skin or a zit. They look young enough to have just gotten over zits!

    I heard one of the P.A.s got fired for making the crack that they should rename this, the 23 century dandies. :-D

  9. They do look very Gay, there’s no getting round it and they still haven’t got a patch on the original guys.
    has any one noticed that Spocks hair seems to be cut wrong?

  10. I’m loving it more with each new picture released. Now we just need to see one of the gal and I’m good till next May!

  11. These certainly looked better than the last lot a bought out. Not by much through. And when did Kirk start dressing in Halo combat gear.

  12. Maybe Kirk & Spock do look gay in the copy picture of Nimoy & Shatner. Could it be they were just better actors and could pull the pose off without coming out of the closet.:)
    As for the new view screen, it seems to me that it could do double duty as a window and giant view screen/monitor. The “futuristic display” looks to me like either a reflection or (hopefully) some sort of heads up display.

  13. all that stuff looks awesome to me . I grew up watching the orignal series and loved it.
    I’m very excited to see these characters re-imagined using modern high-end FX.

  14. Hahahahahaha that’s funny Vic.
    they look metro sexual too, according to you.

  15. CanuckLou said:

    Now we just need to see one of the gal and I’m good till next May!

    I’m with you on that one!!
    But I am beginning to get a little worried. We get no more than the dark glimpse in the first trailer, and for what reason?
    Is the ship so different that Abrams doesn’t want to freak out all us Trekkies?? I hope not.
    I know he likes things secret, BUT THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME!!
    Could it be I’m playing right into his hand?!?

  16. The Glove said, “They do look very Gay, there’s no getting round it”

    Here’s a classic example of the limits of Science Fiction as a medium. We immediately perceive the look of things based on the current experience, rather than realizing that by telling a future story you must break away from current accepted perceptions. Lem likened it to “a robot calling for a return to nature. Which would mean for it a return to rust and dissolution.” The more you have to cater to the audience, the more limitations you place on the medium and the story tellers. It stifles growth and contributes to the demise of the medium. Like the western it dies for the same reason. Neither is able to speak anything of worth to the present. Even as entertainment, except as a call to what is perceived as our basest of natures. The boundaries of which, unconsciously as much as consciously, are held in place by current sociological norms as much as the current state of our brains evolvement.

  17. well Zach Q.’s Brow looks a little forced.
    and i know Vulcans show no emotion, but Spock’s only Half-vulcan so there should be a little emotion.
    ya know .

  18. Wow. This is news…way to stay on top of current events.

  19. @Draco

    Is that sarcasm I detect or are you being genuine?


  20. Is it just me, or does Zachary Quinto as Spock in that one bridge picture look EXACTLY like Billy Bob Thorton from Sling Blade?

  21. lol Lauren,

    I can actually see that, now that you point it out but it’s only because the image was shrunk by 10% and it got a little distorted by it :(

    In the original pic, he does not.

  22. I am happy with everyone but Zoe Saldana as Uhura. Uhura was one built woman and this little girl is a stick. Don’t they make woman built like woman anymore?