Behold…The New Star Trek Poster

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From the sounds of it, don’t expect to see damn near anything regarding J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek reboot/prequel at this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

But this will certainly do…for now.

Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive first look at the posters that will handed out to attendees next week at the Con.

star trek1 Behold...The New Star Trek Poster

All I have to say is I’m really looking forward to seeing if Abrams & Co. can pull this off.

Star Trek will beam into theatres on May 8, 2009.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. looks cool and they look like in their college years

  2. I like it – looks like it calls back to the 1960s style in terms of color and layout, paying homage to the original show.


  3. Looking forward to the movie, but this poster is … well so mmm, unprofessional and not stylish, imo.


  4. Steven, did you say ‘not’ stylish?

    I don’t know how much more styled a poster can get, lol. I think its perfect.

    I also think this movie is awesome without even needing to see it :)

  5. Vic,

    My thoughts exactly. A very retro pop art feel (which is kinds of in style now, which I find interesting.)

  6. Yeah I was thinking it looks very 60’s. Kinda, Andy Warholish.

    Zac sure looks like Nimoy….

    The “romulan?” looks incredibly lame with the Chakotey tattoo on his face. Dumb.

  7. I wonder where the heck is Dr. McCoy. I think he deserves to be on this! I hope they don’t minimize his part.

  8. Yeah is that Uhura up there in Red, looks blurry on my BB.

    All I can say about McCoy is that Cap. Pike had a different Doctor on his ship. McCoy didn’t join Enterprise until Kirk was in Command.
    Not to mention Chekov wasn’t even in the first season of TOS.
    And of course Kirk and Spock never met until Enterprise, but whatever.

  9. nah Brad, im dure they dont

    I think they’re going for the mutli-species thing

    Vulcan and whatever Nero is (romulan)?

  10. wait no, 790, why dod you say romulan?

    Roms dont have tatoos and his ears aren’t up

  11. Yes 790, but I believe this film is about when McCoy and Kirk first met. I dislike the idea to begin with, but he’s a very important character. I think he needs to be on this poster.

    I’m a HUGE Trekkie nerd and I really hope to high heavens they don’t mess this up. I’m skeptical about every move they make and every breath they take on this project.

  12. Yeah Brad I know they meet up in the film, that’s for sure. 😉
    I’m sure the films gonna be good. I’ve heard some stuff and as much as I hate this prequel concept if done right this will be pretty awesome.
    Its all gonna come down to the acting. Vfx won’t hold back the trekkers if they blow the characters.

    Rob, its hard to tell for sure what that tattooed freak is. ??? Looks like he could have pointed ears hard to tell for sure. I’m pretty sure Romulans are in the picture.

  13. The tatooed guy is Eric Bana I think?

    If you look at the color scheme it is the same colors of the uniforms that the characters wear in the original series..

    Lt Uhura in red, Spock in blue and Kirk in gold/yellow…Subtle and yet says a lot about the respect JJ Abrams has for the fans and the brand and a clue as to the type of attention they will be paying to detail…Tres Cool !!! I am starting to look forward to this!!

  14. I’m not diggin the ink damage on Bana’s face.

  15. Pretty cool. I like the asymmetric design especially. Why are they being so hush-hush about everything, though?

  16. Marketing Liz,

    There aint no reason to show us anything, look how much we talk and other sites do just from a poster. They will show stuff at the right times, JJ is the world’s best marketer. Its best to keep us thinking and wondering until we cant do that anymore then we get a new piece (like this poster). Im sure comiccon will reveal something.

    From that picture, Bana does not look like a romulan at all. His ears are not pointed and the bridge of his nose/forehead is strange. I think he will be some other villain.

    However ‘Nero’ is some ancient Romulan emperor from what I remember so who knows. I think he looks pretty badass in that picture because it doesn’t look like Bana at all, I like the design, especially how it wraps to his chin.

    I’m surprised there’s alot of negative already. People complaining about not knowing enough or not getting plenty of info (who would also complain if they got too much…) There’s also people complaining about the tatoos. Lol, the first character pic EVER from the movie and we already have negative. This may also be a reason for lack of information because its Star Trek and everyone has some kinda opinion and will find something bad to say. At this rate I hope we get shown nothing more so people can wait to see the movie.

  17. i think the poster is cool and I am excited that JJ seems to be taking the Trek history into account. The Spock character looks almost like a young Nimoy! I think Trek fans (and I am a big one) can handle other people playing the characters as long as the spirit of the original characters is maintained.

    Don’t let me down, JJ…..

  18. Whoa Rob you sure schooled Liz on the finer points of marketing. 😉

    First thing that came to mind when I saw Nero, was Darth Maul. Then I thought about the film Doomsday.

    Rob, you say that there will allways be people who have negative comments, that’s true its called Screen Rant.
    ~~Catch the wave ~~

    Please Abrams come up with something better than this look for Nero. Shinzon suffering from his blood desease looked better. ;-o

  19. haha, tis true 790.

    but your rant is about an angled, cut-in-half, non-colour pic of a character we know nothing about.

    I don’t mind the tats, but ill wait till it comes out to see if there’s reason for it if it fits his character and his crew/species/gang/whatever

  20. “i think the poster is cool and I am excited that JJ seems to be taking the Trek history into account.”

    I’m not so worried about the director as I am about the writers. I don’t trust them to know what they were writing. As for taking Trek history into account, if they did do that successfully, and this is, as it appears to be, Kirk’s first mission as captain of the Enterprise, then the Romulans should not be making an appearance, and this Nero character should be some other species.

    I guess I’ll have to wait for the reviews to find out.

  21. Flamestrike, Nero is a Romulan from the future…..

  22. Time travel. Right.

  23. Welcome to Star Trek the Lost years!
    You’ve earned it.

  24. Star Trek: The Lost Years

    I read that one. Pretty good book.

  25. Ok I give up, FlameStrike you win.
    What are we talking about? Star Trek , sheesh.

    Check out the Strange New Worlds books. That’s some good Trek!!!

  26. (chuckles)

    Yeah I need to find those and check them out.

    As for this movie, I’m starting to feel like the K-7 bartender dealing with Cyrano Jones when asked if he’d be willing to trade a drink for a tribble.

    “A time travel story” Reaches onto the shelf and pulls out “Tomorrow is Yesterday,” “City on the Edge of Forever,” “Star Trek IV,” “Star Trek: First Contact,” “All Good Things…,” “All Our Yesterdays, “A Matter of Time,” and so on.

    I’ve started raking time travel right up there with the Mirror Universe and the Borg as stories that are over used. To have one written by Orci and Kurtzman sounds even worse.

  27. The Star Trek Voyager episode, Shatterd is a great time-travel episode.
    Also DS9’s “Little Green Men” is one of my favorites.


    I totally get your drift with Orci & Kurtzman FlameStrike.

  28. Coool! Now a shot of the Enterprise and I’ll be content until next year.

    And I don’t know why people rag on time travel all the time, particularly in light of how many of the best like Trek episodes used it.

    Over-used? Pffft! That’s like saying that having murder in a murder mystery is over used.

  29. Sorry, that analogy doesn’t hold up. Time travel is NOT the core of the Star Trek series, where a murder is the core of a murder mystery. Star Trek’s core theme was seeking out new life and new civilizations, not traveling through time, traveling among the stars. Thus the name “Star Trek.”

    And many of the best Trek episodes were also done without Time Travel. In fact, most of my favorites never even came close to using time travel.

    As for my over-used comment: 51 episodes over 28 television seasons worth of shows. That’s nearly 2 times per season, plus 3 movies, not counting this new one. For a series built on the idea of space exploration, that seems a bit excessive to me. I’d really like to see them try something new, for a change.

    But, that’s just me.