New Speed Racer Trailer Is Actually Pretty Cool

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speed racer trailer2 New Speed Racer Trailer Is Actually Pretty Cool
Speed Racer & Racer X in a scene from the upcoming movie

Geez, I’ve heard rumors about trailers that were supposed to be playing in front of the extremely weak 10,000 B.C. before I went to see it and since. Everything from the new Iron Man trailer, The Incredible Hulk and The Dark Knight to this new Speed Racer trailer. I sat through the damned thing and didn’t even have the satisfaction of seeing one single new trailer for anything coming out this year.

On the bright side, at least seeing the Indiana Jones trailer on the big screen finally managed to get me fired up about that one. icon smile New Speed Racer Trailer Is Actually Pretty Cool

In any case, here’s a brand new trailer for Speed Racer, and I’ll be damned if it doesn’t actually look good to me! Now we all know that a great trailer does not a great movie make, but it’s a much better omen than a crappy trailer in IMHO.

Check out the new trailer below.

This trailer makes the movie look like it’ll be a bit more than just a giant video game. I especially loved the scene near the beginning of the trailer where the young Speed Racer is at his desk with his eyes closed making the “roaring crowd” sound. That was priceless and a fond memory to anyone who ever did that kind of daydreaming as a kid. icon smile New Speed Racer Trailer Is Actually Pretty Cool

If you want to see the two different international version trailers that came out recently head over to

Between this, Iron Man and Indy 4, May is shaping up to be a heckuva month for movies this year!

Speed Racer opens on May 9th, 2008.

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  1. For the first time, I’m getting a better than average buzz about this film, and the effects work is much more polished in the footage we’re seeing now, vs. the “Oh-my-God-I’m BLIND” color palette of the previous trailers. Seems like things have been refined and toned down just enough.

    I’m also intrigued what Michael Giacchino is going to do with this score. He’s the next John Williams in my opinion, and he’s already showing a little more range and diversity than Williams to boot.

    I can usually pick out a Williams score without looking up who composed it. Giacchino doesn’t have a particular signature that I’ve been able to detect in his work, yet he demonstrates mastery with each style he incorporates into every film he’s scored to enhance the film, and the stand-alone listening experience to maximum effect.

  2. ‘Now we all know that a great trailer does not a great movie make’

    Hmm, small, green, old, forms sentances like that. lol. Sorry, sounded so Yoda like.

    Still, looks cool. This is a cinema jobby, what with all the effects!


  3. I thought it was cool. Racer X talking to Speed in the middle seemed almost like the English dubbing over the original Anime: A little faster than normal, which is actually kinda cool.

    Thanks, Vic!


  4. Looks like the movie is made to look like exactly what is should and it does a good job of that, so even though I aint seeing this, I think it’ll be good for the younger audiences who do.

  5. I thought the first trailers were pretty cool, but this one kicked ass. I always thought the show was pretty lame and didn’t understand why Larry and Andy decided to take on this project, but it looks like they did what they do and made an awesome movie. I’ll be at the midnight showing fo’ sho’

  6. So so glad they didn’t make a CGI Chim Chim…

  7. This film is going to be huge !!!
    Speed Racer is famous all over the world. Its going to bring in the kids, adults and Nascar fans!!!

    (IMO)From what I see this Speed Racer fantasy world is going to blow everyone away.
    Its going to make the New Knight Rider look like a film school project and the cool car designs are going to make Pixars “Cars” look pretty uninspired as well.

    Emile Hirsch as Speedy couldn’t be a better choice. Emile is perfect for the charater. If you don’t recognise that name you will soon. His last film was the trully awesome film “Into the Wild”.
    He drove a crappy Datsun in that film. In Speed Racer he’ll be driving “the powerfull Mach 5!”.

    Go Speedy!!!!!!!

  8. I am stoked! I liked Speed Racer 35 years ago, but I didn’t love it. The hybrid visual effects look great. The characters look so close to the cartoon renditions. (except who I assume is Trixie with the crap hair).

    I cheered at points during this trailer.

    * “This is not a game.” Haha, nice pre-emptive quote for the critics.

    * IS THAT THE FREAKIN MAMMOTH CAR??? It must be everyone’s favorite (2-part) story!

    * The Mach 5 will apparently have all the accoutrements of the cartoon…

    * …According to Wikipedia, Heath,
    “The ‘chyock chyock’ sound effect played whenever the car jumped through the air is instantly recognizable to the show’s fans.”

    I nearly hit the roof when I heard my this audio that I haven’t heard in 35 years. (Nyuk nyuk back atcha!)

    * OK, the special functions are, of course, adapted. The auto-jacks FLIP the car instead of making it jump. And the treads replace shed ones, rather than just covering the originals.

  9. 790, I saw Into the Wild (also starring Emile Hirsch) eight days ago. It vaulted to my top movies of all time list.

  10. I didn’t watch Speed Racer when I was a kid , but I gotta say that it looks like a LOT of fun. I’ll definitely see this one on the big screen ( and Iron Man and Hulk …….)

  11. I didn’t watch Speed Racer when I was a kid , but I gotta say that it looks like a LOT of fun. I’ll definitely see this one on the big screen ( and Iron Man and Hulk …….)

  12. OK, this movie does absolutely NOTHING for me. I thought the cartoon was awful and the movie just looks like the same disaster to me. I will be avoiding this movie and spending my money to watch Indy TWICE.

  13. I was definitely impressed with the visual style of the trailer. So far, they’ve gotten it all right – stylistically, and casting-wise (can’t think of more anime-like humans than Emile Hirsch and Christina Ricci). It looks very sleek and exciting, and as long as they go for over-the-top action, they can’t go wrong. I hope they don’t go too heavy on the drama and choke on it, as the W brothers tend to.

  14. Anyone else notice that there were TWO versions of the Mach 5 in the trailer? One looked like it was closer to a Formula race car with only one seat for the driver and the other was the classic we all recognize.

    I think the cartoon Mach 5 comes into the movie later and we get to see it’s creation.


  15. Vic that would explain the first trailer where you couldn’t see the button panel on the stearing wheel. Ahh very nice….I hope this film is two and a half hours long. Christina Ricci is smokin as Trixie. Damn the casting on this film is awesome. John Goodman. This is gonna rock.
    Liz your post cracked me up. I still can’t get over the point that alot of fans didn’t like the Matrix 2 and 3 films. I thought they were great. Did you see the Animatrix? It explains alot of why the machines attacked the humans. It vindicates them actually…
    I’m digressing down the path of the red pill.

    Gang at Screen Rant I predict that Speed Racer will be HUGE maybe the biggest film of the year in terms of BO gross. It will deffinitly be right up there with Indy 4, TDK and Iron Man. (IMO) of course.

  16. COOL BEANS !!!!

  17. Man! That was pretty cool! Looks like a live action cartoon come to life! Nice!

    LOL, 790!

    I’m looking forward to this one, since Star Trek supposedly ISN’T coming out this year (damn!), this film takes its spot at number 5 on my list of most anticipated films this year.

    BTW, the guy that’s playing Racer X (Scott Porter) was rumored to have been cast as Superman in JLA but actually auditioned for the role of the Flash. Pretty cool. :-)

  18. Um, Kel, the guy playing Racer X is Matthew Fox from ABC’s “Lost.” :-)


  19. Doh!

    Thanks for pointing that out, Vic. :-)

    Scott Porter plays Speed Racer’s older brother is what I meant to say. ;-)