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new kitt2 New NBC Knight Rider Teaser
The new KITT from NBC’s upcoming Knight Rider TV movie/pilot

There’s a very short teaser for the new Knight Rider TV movie that NBC is floating this February, no doubt to see if the ratings are strong enough to justify an ongoing TV series. Above you’re looking at the new K.I.T.T. which we’ve talked about before. I still don’t like that they’re not using a Pontiac Firebird for this. Especially since I’m absolutely sure there’s a brand new version coming out as the sister vehicle to the new Camaro that premiered in the Transformers movie.

Anyway, the teaser is below and it’s quite short at only 15 seconds:

I already don’t like it. Having the car call Knight “Mike” instead of “Michael” just sounds… weird. It’s too familiar. I always liked how formal the car sounded in the original show. Is this car going to be more like a cool buddy, or what?

I will probably tune in just for laughs and to see how bad this thing will be.

Knight Rider debuts some time in February 2008.

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  1. Yeah the mustang sucks and I’m not going to buy one Ford. But where’s the cylon red eye thingy ?

  2. THIS IS CRAP!!!

    A Mustang for KITT??!! Come on!! Where the hell did these guys park their brains?!

    KITT was kick-ass because it was a slightly modified Trans Am (with a front nose bodykit to make it sharper and sleeker). With that pronounced wedge profile, it looked high-tech in an understated way.

    But a Mustang?? It doesn’t look futuristic in any way whatsoever. We need to have a sleek wedge-shaped car as KITT, not a square-nosed car like this! And that sensor light.. putting it on that bonnet makes it look like crap.

    As a fan of the old Knight Rider I’m definitely not looking forward to this one.

  3. I agree, this Ford poc mustang is such a lame throwback. I wonder how much Ford is paying to do this?
    Didn’t they also have Will Smith driving a Mustang in “I am ledgend”? And wasn’t Bumble-bee a Mustang in that transformers flick?
    What’s the deal,
    I know its not cost effective but this KITT car should look like the first KITT in some kinda way. The cylon-eye dosnt make for a KITT car.
    I don’t think this show will find an audience anyway, and what’s the deal did they shoot this entire series before the strike or what?

  4. I don’t think the footage is even worth a comment from me…..

  5. Naw Steve, Bumblebee was a Camaro, But I still get your point. Still, I’ll watch it because I loved the old show. Fingers crossed despite the crappy car choice, the show can be awesome.

  6. Steve Adam: The cylon red eye thingy is in the two hood scoops.
    Not impressed, sorry.

  7. While I don’t like the Mustang, simply because it’s not sleek enough to be the kind of car we saw in the original series, this isn’t the first time Ford has provided the cars for a Knight Rider project. Even ignoring the car from KR2010, they provided the cars for TKR.

    Also, we still don’t know if this is the same KITT as we saw in the original series. Everything I’ve read indicates that this could be, as in maybe/maybe not, a complete new car with a new personality. If it’s an entirely new car, this new body may work. If not, if it’s the old character transplanted into a new body, then it definitely will not work as it won’t suit the character.

    “Having the car call Knight “Mike” instead of “Michael” just sounds… weird. It’s too familiar.”

    As for this, remember this new driver is not Michael Knight. He’s Mike Tracer. While everyone, not just KITT, called Knight “Michael” in the original series, Tracer may not even respond to that. Besides, as mentioned above, the car might not, and hopefully will not, be the same character.

    Like the rest of you, I’m not overly hopeful, but I’m not going to write this one off completely quite yet. I still don’t know enough about it to do so.

  8. Maybe they should call the star of the show Mike Shelby and use a Mercury Tracer for KITT :-) Or should that be KITTTT (Knight Industries Two Thousand Twenty Two)?

    (I like the way the car is all black save for the already too large snake on the fender…NOT! If I were to buy a factory Shelby, that would be gone immediately after pulling the car into my garage)

  9. Chris,

    Exactly! It doesn’t look bad as a souped up racer in East L.A., but as K.I.T.T.???



  10. Yea the mustang, GAY. It should have been a GTO or some sort of Pontiac. This is going to be really stupid. NBC is dumb, I hope they read this and realize what a big mistake they are making.

  11. Wow! That car looks like crap!!! Can it get any more boxy and non-futuristic looking???

  12. Oh come on guys! The Ford Mustang is a great car. Having it as KITT…….man, I can’t even go forward with that lie. This is totally moronic! A Mustang??!! What stupid producer got paid for this?! Did they even watch the original show? Hasselhoff should be relieved he’s not going to be in it.

  13. Actually I think he has a cameo. And I’m with you: I really like the new Mustang, but it’s all about RETRO, not futuristic.

    I still say it should have been a modified new Corvette.


  14. Just a thought… given all the computer generated effects available and heavily used in all small TV films these days… maybe the Mustang we see here is BEFORE it morphs into something different. Like the Viper ? Maybe it gets sleeky and sexy when it morphs. Again.. just a thought.

  15. That’s an interesting thought but I think it’s wishful thinking. Although the car IS supposed to morph along the lines of Transformers.


  16. Nawed, I don’t think that’ll happen.

    If you check Youtube for Knight Rider 2008, you’ll see that there was a promotional introduction of the new cars to be featured in the film. All three are Mustangs. A “hero car” that the hero drives that looks pretty enough for close-ups; a full-sized remote-controlled car that has a 1-mile R/C range for the scenes of the car driving itself; and a stunt car that’s used for the pursuit scenes, the only ‘transformation’ that I noticed on the pursuit-mode car is an additional rear wing.

    Other than that, there are no other changes to the main Mustang.

    There’s also a high-res NBC promo clip on Jalopnik that shows KITT bragging about its abilities. In that clip, we can see that KITT has nanotech enhanced camouflage, a self-regeneration and damage repair system (so, instead of an indestructible molecular bonded shell, we have self-repair), ability to access military satellites and the FBI database (frame-forward it and you’ll see some of the images of satellite and database data to be Getty stock images! Haha), and a bunch of other features.

    Though I didn’t like a Mustang as KITT, but it seems like this TV movie might turn out quite well.

  17. How old is the character supposed to be in this reboot? Anybody??

    And he’s driving a car that has access to military sattilites, nanotech, and some kind of stealth onboard cloak?
    (Why can’t this car fly)? Chitty Chitty bang bang did.
    How can you loose a battle with all that behind you?
    Looking back on this show I have to laugh at the premise..IMO, it seems unrealistic and lame that this one guy would have that much power.
    Its like an over the top james bond/Spy hunter hybrid.
    ^ :)
    Let me know if its any good I’m sure I’ll miss this one.

  18. Well Steve, this new KITT is not the one that we know. And I’m sure it hasn’t greatly deviated from the original series’ premise – in Glen A. Larson’s own words, it was an attempt to do a Western with a man and his car instead of a cowboy and his horse, but overall it was a “b******* premise” according to him.

    The new series doesn’t look much like a cowboy movie with a sentient car instead of a horse, but it seems to have retained the b******* premise though.

  19. I think what Glen A Larson didn’t mention was how Knight Rider was inspired by Speedracer…^

    That’s your bs premise.

  20. Nawed, instead of morphing into a Viper it should just be a Viper to begin with.

    Dodge Viper would have at least been more futuristic looking. IMO :)
    Also Jae Senn, I meant Larsons’s bs premise not you…:)

  21. Jae Senn, No mention of the molecular bonded shell? Nice piece of continuity work there. This may well be better than I expected if they’re paying that much attention to detail.

    Also, has it been confirmed that this KITT is a new character and not just the old one transplanted into a new vehicle? So far I haven’t heard anything definitive on that point.

    And, steve, this is not a reboot of Knight Rider, but rather a sequel/spin-off. The main character here is the son of the main character from the original series.

  22. Thanks Flamestrike, but I’m not sure I’m diggin this?

  23. When I first saw the photos of New KITT, I thought it was just more crappy Photoshop. This new show is going to tank. The general consensus of the fanbase is that the Mustang is just too boxy and ugly to be KITT. The scanner doesn’t even look right. The only people watching this show will be kids, and chances are they’ll hate it too.

    This 2001 Firebird woulda been waaay better.

  24. YES! The 2001 Firebird would have been better! I love that car!

    I would have settled for one of the newer Camaro’s too. It’s retro, but futuristic looking as well. I cringe every time I see a promo for the new KR movie now. Thank God for my DVR, just fast forward…move along, there’s nothing to see here indeed!!!

    P.S. I envision a Ford filled movie. I’m willing to bet all we’ll see is Ford vehicles in this poor attempt at a revamp.

  25. The new KITT looks more like a piece of garbage that came straight out of a Mad Max movie rather than a futuristic looking car like the Trans Am was in the 80′s. C’mon, it’s plain sight that the show will be a crap.

  26. Gotta say I agree with Chris. The Mustang was specifically designed to have a retro look to it, not a futuristic look, so it doesn’t make much sense as a selection.

    And the “Mike” thing just sounds wierd compared to “Michael.” They should have gone with a completely different name.


  27. Keep opinions to yourself?

    What’s the fun in that?

    • I think a modified Dodge Charger Concept 2012 could do the job. Here is the link:

      Imagine no front/back visible lights (discrete LED very brilliant), black color, black wheels, non hysterical sequential red front light and….ta-daaa: Holographic Driver simulator !! Like the ones used in Transformers !! And this time there will be no Michael…What about Mikaela ?? A girl ?? A girl with strength, intelligence, charming, beautiful, some kind of mix between Xena and Scully from X-Files. Tall woman also, like Milla Jovovich ??. The car is able to fly, move under water and over it, change shape to ultra-aerodynamic mode and has self-repair chassis features. It is solar, hydrogen, and other alternative sources of energy. This time, P.A.U.L (PROTOTYPE AUTONOMOUS UNIT FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT) could have a human virtual face very realistic taken from some famous actor like Sam Worthington. Obviously this could be a complete new Knight Rider movie franchise. This girl Mikaela could be the grand-daughter of Devon Miles. The plot could show us a new futuristic scenario, where most cataclysm fears had already happened. A devastated post-apocalyptic Government tries to regain the control over a chaotic City, where new villains try to introduce new types of drugs into a hopeless society. The villains also discover abandoned facilities where experimental technology was hidden from public knowledge and they try to use it against P.A.U.L. But this time…there are many PAULS…

  28. The only reason why kids will hate the new Knight rider is if parents shout about how dire it will be before they see it. So in the best interests of getting the show to be a world wide hit as was the original, keep your opionions to yourself, look at it in a positive manor and realise that just like Doctor Who, who returned with a new interior for the Tardis, upgraded versions do work (best not mention Galactica, now that is dire).

  29. Steve,

    I highly doubt this “upgraded” version will work. And I DO NOT want to see it become a “hit”. The only reason is because it does not appear to be at all loyal to original show. I envision one long Ford commercial.

    They might as well call it KIOT: Knight Industries One Thousand!