New NBC Knight Rider Teaser

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new kitt2 New NBC Knight Rider Teaser
The new KITT from NBC’s upcoming Knight Rider TV movie/pilot

There’s a very short teaser for the new Knight Rider TV movie that NBC is floating this February, no doubt to see if the ratings are strong enough to justify an ongoing TV series. Above you’re looking at the new K.I.T.T. which we’ve talked about before. I still don’t like that they’re not using a Pontiac Firebird for this. Especially since I’m absolutely sure there’s a brand new version coming out as the sister vehicle to the new Camaro that premiered in the Transformers movie.

Anyway, the teaser is below and it’s quite short at only 15 seconds:

I already don’t like it. Having the car call Knight “Mike” instead of “Michael” just sounds… weird. It’s too familiar. I always liked how formal the car sounded in the original show. Is this car going to be more like a cool buddy, or what?

I will probably tune in just for laughs and to see how bad this thing will be.

Knight Rider debuts some time in February 2008.

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  1. Just being totally silly and immature in your outlook. It shows that alot of people dont like change, however, you also need to realise Turbo boosts and more car functionality will appear in TV series, as they need 20 cars for that of which 5 are usually in a workshop being repaired (someone by now would realise, I know what I am talking about).

    Yes it would be nice if it only had one red light on it, yes it would be nice to see a turbo boost, but currently its hasnt (yet_, so until the event horizon, try to become positive in your outlook on life.

  2. It’s not that I don’t like change. Sometimes, yes; sometimes, no. It’s not the change aspect that upsets me about this upcoming fiasco.

    It’s NBC’s choice to totally ignore some of the key factors of the original series. I know they don’t make the Firebird anymore. And, yes, I AM partial to that line. It is my all time favorite car! Yes, I would have liked to see it still be a Firebird or at least some other GM vehicle.

    If they decide to switch to Ford or any other manufacturer, that’s they’re choice. But at least choose a futuristic looking car. Or modify it enough so it looks futuristic.

    Think about movies like “Total Recall” or other movies that supposedly take place in the “future”. Looking back at them now, all those square vehicles they use are totally unrealistic and laughable. I can’t watch a movie like that without laughing at the poor futuristic vision of the creator.

    The split light isn’t that big of a deal. But why make K.I.T.T. a box now? How is that futuristic??? Wow, a fast, square car! Not impressive. At least when you look back at the original series, the car still looks cool and futuristic. The same won’t be said about this incarnation.

    My last peeve, is why name the main character Mike? The original character was Michael. They are just alienating those of us that were loyal to the original series. Call him Dave, Charlie, Lloyd, but not Mike. Those of us who are used to “Hello Michael” just won’t like to hear “Hello Mike”. It’s almost an insult.

    Like I said before, this is just going to be a long Ford commercial. Fords everywhere! I bet the truck will even be some sort of Ford. Just like Transformers where just about every car was a GM brand!

    There won’t be anything viral about that advertisement!!!

  3. I have to agree that this doesn’t look good, though it’s certainly not looking like the worst of the Knight Rider revival attempts. Still, it does look, to me, like they did make some attempt at continuity with the original, which does give me some hope for it.

    When it comes to KITT, though, I have to agree that the Mustang just doesn’t look right. It’s got too bulky a look to it for the fast, sleek character we remember from the original. Still, if this is the Knight 3000 instead of the Knight 2000, I suppose it’s possible that the new look could suit a new character, as opposed to the old character in a new vehicle. This is one issue that will have to be addressed in the movie if they want this new car to work. Still, it’s not like this is the first time Fords have been used as Foundation vehicles, so it’s not as jarring a change as it could be.

    As for the issue of the driver’s name, “Mike Tracer” doesn’t bother me. Again, this is something that will work better if they address the issue of whether the 2000 personality is in the 3000 or if the 3000 is an all new personality. In any case, the name reuse in and of itself doesn’t bother me.

    Personally, I’m not completely writing this off, and I’m actually looking forward to seeing this. Whether I want it to go to series, though, is a decision I’m holding off on until I see this movie. I have serious doubts, but I’ll give it a chance to convince me.

  4. Change is a relative thing steve.
    Some changes suck and some changes are welcomed.
    If you were talking about say Star Trek and the producers changed the overall look and design of the Enterprise I can assure you people would not like the change.
    If tomarrow the Fed’s said that they were going to change the color of the US flag to red, white and green, I’m betting some folk would be upset with that change.

    (Change is relative)….
    Alot of fans of Knight Rider are alot like the fans of Star Trek, they don’t like drastic changes. If you can’t see this and continue to prove to yourself that were all taking this to hard then good for you.
    Telling readers of Screenrant to chill is the fastest way to get negative feedback. Everyone has opinions and this is a forum to discuss them, not to prove points on change.
    Knight Rider isn’t going to save Ford.
    Ford should have started to make better cars years ago….

  5. My point has been proven. You dont like change, those who dont like change feel hard done by. The whole point of the characters name of Mike is because he is the love child of Mr HOFFS character. If I was Christian Steve I expect to be called Steve not Stephen or Steven. Just chill, I can tell you that the car isnt 500horsepower either, thats an exageration by Ford, its actually only 460+ at the very best, as advised by Top Gear, the UK’s number one car motoring TV and magazine programme.

    What your also forgetting is that this car in comparrison to others will get Ford out of debt hopefully, its a car that looks beefy because it needs to be in the tougher world we live in, further more the explanation as to why there is a new shape/design will be clear to you all very soon.

    Take some valium, go for a run, just chill. You will get your answers very soon. My nephews aged 4&7 have seen the repeats of the old programme, they dont care as long as its cool, its pointless even replying as your only going to get another coronary from thinking too much on matters that are quite small in comparrison to having to pay your mortgage, pay the bills and obeying the law, so in the grand scheme of things, CHILL

  6. Kitsune_Baka damm right bro! Change can totally be awesome, if its done right!
    Firebird , Viper, anything but a Mustang…
    This Knight Rider reboot could be a sucess with just the right slant. Buts its looking bad.
    Btw.,the new Doctor Who is an amazing show, BS Galactica is impressive as well. I can get over the female Starbuck no prob.
    (Even though she is kinda masculan). Uh hmm. (NWIM):)
    The guy that plays Baltar is real good because I hate that guy (and that’s good acting) cause i really hate that guy!!!!!

  7. I can’t picture KITT as a Viper, though that may be because the Viper’s already had it’s own show.

  8. Flamestrike I was just throwing that out there.
    I think a Viper would be better than this Tang maybe I’m wrong?
    I don’t remember the Viper having its own show???

  9. It did, in the mid-90′s. It ran total of 4 seasons, The first on NBC, who canceled it because it was too expensive, the remaining three in first-run syndication after a year or so off the air.

    The basic idea of the show was that a special team was using a modified/specially built Viper to fight crime. When the driver hit a hidden switch, the car morphed into a armored and armed pursuit vehicle. The morphing effect in season was was, reportedly, the main reason the show was so expensive to make, and after NBC canceled the show, the series was revamped, given to a new effects house, recast, and brought back for three more seasons.

    The Viper may not have been a character in its own right, unlike KITT, but it was very much as central to the show as KITT is to KR.

  10. Wow FlameStrike I have no recall on that show…. Cool info. Was the show called “Viper”?

  11. Yes, it was. And I’m hoping Paramount will bring it out on DVD one of these days.