A Big Pile Of New Movie Posters

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Today we have a pile of new posters we’ve been collecting throughout the week from a variety of sources.

These include the final poster for The Spirit, the first posters for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and new posters for Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, Lost: Season 5, Red Sonja, and Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

That’s a lot of posters!

Without going into too much detail about what I like/dislike about each one, I’ll say that they’re all pretty good, actually.

Take a look and see what you think:

For Underworld, this poster definitely serves its purpose with Bill Nighy’s character Viktor sitting on the throne – simple, but epic for fans of the first two installments. As always, the poster is dark and drenched with a blue overlay.

underworld2 A Big Pile Of New Movie Posters
Underworld: Rise of the Lycans poster

For Benjamin Button, the posters are a little bland but together are pretty clever with the reversed text on the one featuring Brad Pitt, referring to his reversing age in the film. I’m not too sure the movie will be a massive box office hit, but it will probably be Oscar material and I’ll definitely be seeing it.

benjamin button1 A Big Pile Of New Movie Posters
Cate Blanchett featured in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

benjamin button2 A Big Pile Of New Movie Posters
Brad Pitt in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

The Spirit poster references earlier posters which were not good but I actually dig this one a bit (don’t hurt me, Vic!). The prior posters weren’t cool on there own but put together with this better color-scheme and design, it’s pretty cool and aesthetically pleasing I think.

spirit2 A Big Pile Of New Movie Posters
Final Poster for The Spirit

As for Lost, I love that show and this poster simply shows off what the next season will be about – the split of on-island and off-island characters.

lost1 A Big Pile Of New Movie Posters
Poster for Lost Season 5

Ice Age 3 and Red Sonja serve their purpose (and respective target audiences) fine I suppose.

redsonja1 A Big Pile Of New Movie Posters
Red Sonja poster

iceage A Big Pile Of New Movie Posters
Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs poster

So, any thoughts or favorites?

Sources: The Movie Blog (Red Sonja), Shock Till You Drop (Underworld), Aint It Cool News (Lost), First Showing (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button), Filmofilia (Ice Age 3), Coming Soon (The Spirit)

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  1. Ya know I love the Ice Age movies but the liberties they take with the history timeline is excruciating to me. I mean “Dawn of the DInosaurs?” Do they step through a Stargate the exact moment a solar flare goes off to find these dino’s? (Obscure Stargate reference to everyone but Stargate watchers.)

    Love the Underworld movies, can’t wait.

    Red Sonja … eh … let’s see a trailer.

    Lost … meh

    Benjamins … Huh?

    Spirit … still not sold on it.

  2. Is it just me or does the Underworld Poster look like its been plastered on to someones blue jeans??

  3. lol Metallicat,

    now that you mention it, when I look at it noticing the horizontal striped line at the top, it does kinda look like that, heh.

  4. whew, I am not alone!

  5. It actaully almost looks like its right down the middle, with two pockets on both sides, placing it right in the centre of the Butt, but thats just my perception

  6. The Spirit poster looks pretty cool, but so far the previews have not done ANYTHING to make me want to see this movie.

    I gotta agree with INK….Dinos AFTER the Ice Age with a wooly mammoth and sabretooth tigers??

  7. @Andy

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be there to see Ice Age with my 7 year-old daughter, but it still irks me a tad. Good thing I’m not a history or science teacher and have the angst I possess of such things.

  8. @INK

    Oh, I will be seeing the new Ice Age films as well as I really enjoyed the first 2. It’s just that it seems that they’re reaching for material by bringing in dinosaurs. Of course, I expect the cute, cuddly baby dinosaurs to be there and the mean, evil tyrannosaurs…..

  9. They probably figured “hey, dinosaurs are cool for kids, let’s throw them in this time” regardless of history, lol.

    Kinda like with X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Fox decided “Hey Gambit is cool and fans want him, let’s go against the Marvel continuity even more and make him part of weapon X!”. That being said, I love Gambit.

  10. I think they are just trying to milk Ice Age for all its worth. Definatly looking forward to The Spirit and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Havent seen any of The Underworld installments but it looks pretty interesting. I was never really interested in Lost so ill pass on that and probaly Red Sonja as well.

  11. Great point Rob! I like Gambit too, but he does not belong in that flick. Neither does the Blob. But I can’t wait to see Wolvie throw down with Creed and Deadpool!

    My kids will probably want to see Ice Age, so I’ll have to watch it. But I’m not psyched about it. The other two were okay. I prefer Shrek. As far as kid movies go, at least Shrek has stuff I can enjoy as an adult.

  12. The Curious what of Benjamin who? Eh, whatever, it’s a Brad Pitt movie, we’ll let the girls go watch it.

    I still need to see Ice Age 2. I’ve only seen the first one. But I’ve always found it funny that the Dinosaurs are “dawning” after the Ice Age and the mammals…

    I thought the first Underworld was alright, but thought the second one was pretty dumb. i don’t know, I guess I’m somewhat anti-goth because I really have no interest in any of this vampire werewolf business, so most likely I won’t be seeing the third one unless my friends drag me into seeing it like they did for the first two…And yes, it does look like they used a pair of blue jeans as the background, lol.

    About Red Sonja, it’ll really have to depend on a lot more than that poster. But if the only content for the film so far are some gimmicky poses of a woman with huge knockers, targetting every horny boy hitting puberty, and nothing else, I will be skipping it. But if it actually looks like the film will have some substance, then maybe, but I guess we’ll see in the trailer when it comes out.

    Lost got kind of dumb to me the second it was more than just a bunch of guys stuck on an island. All of these mysterious monster, other people on the island, conspiracy theory stuff started happening, I was out.

    And The Spirit, I was never anticipating this, and the poster doesn’t change anything.

  13. @ Jon,

    totally bud. Did you get a chance to see that leaked comic con footage of the wolverine teaser by any chance? It only showed Deadpool once and it was not in full costume or with the scars. I’m hoping they didn’t show much of him intentionally because they didn’t want to spoil the awesomeness (including mask).

    If the screw that up… I’ll be upset… heh

    @ Ken J,

    Right about Red Sonja, I can’t make any expectations until I see a trailer. As for Underworld, I didn’t like the second one either – although I dug the first. This prequel seems more like the first but set in the old days.

  14. Red Sonia? I really have no clue what the hell happened to Hollywood! I mean, who the hell my side of 25 (I’m 22) actually knows who she is, I mean, sure, put Rose McGawan in a flick, I’ll see her sweet pasty arse whip bady guy for 90 minutes, I’ve been a fan of her’s since Scream, but really beyond that….aside from geeks, me included, who gives a crap? The average movie goer of this type includes two types: Comic book and gamer freaks and the guy who saw 300 and said “Dude! Those guys are badazz, but what’s a graphic novel? I don’t read stuff”

    Feel me on this? Or am alone in thinking that this movie is for guy and gals like us, but the rest of the world…?

  15. @Mr Insane

    ROFLMAO!! Best analysis of Red Sonja I’ve seen yet. I couldn’t have said it better myself. 8-)