Will ‘New Moon’ Change The Twilight Saga’s Image?

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Twilight Saga New Moon Bella Edward Jacob Header Will New Moon Change The Twilight Sagas Image?

Crazy numbers are coming in from Fandango, claiming that The Twilight Saga: New Moon is now the official record holder for most advanced tickets sold on the site, ever. You heard right: New Moon has sold more advanced tickets than The Dark Knight, Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith or Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – and even more tickets than a little movie called Twilight, which hit theaters around this same time last year.

Now of course some of you hear that statistic and think to yourselves “So what? No big surprise there…” New Moon is the bigger, (seemingly) better chapter in a wildly popular franchise of books-cum-movies, and, like every other film in that advanced tickets listing above, is simply doing what it should: building on its own success.

Oh, but this is just the beginning, my friends; matter of fact, with New Moon busting into theaters this week, these record ticket sales aren’t even the beginning – they’re just a warning shot. New Moon is poised to be huge phenomenon, perhaps even outside of the previous borderlines of the of die-hard Twilight fan (aka teen girls and their mothers) demographics.

This begs the timely question: Is New Moon changing The Twilight Saga‘s image?


So let’s be up front: The Twilight Saga isn’t really in need of a major PR makeover as it stands: the books sold like crazy and the last year’s movie adaptation earned over $350 million worldwide off a $37 million production budget, in spite of the fact that it was (at best) a B-Movie.

(Let’s just pause a sec, and give the Twilight fans a chance to rip me apart for calling the first film a B Movie…)

twilight Will New Moon Change The Twilight Sagas Image?

…OK, so, it’s pretty obvious that author Stephenie Meyer’s universe of vampire/virgin/werewolf coupling and conflict has grown legs of its own to stand on. No debate about that here. However, it’s also been clearly evident – throughout the dozens of posts we’ve dedicated to covering the cinematic development of The Twilight Saga here at Screen Rant – that beyond the initial (albeit HUGE) pool of tweens, teens, and mothers of tweens/teens who worship this series, The Twilight Saga has faced a challenge when it comes to appealing to those beyond the strictly designated boundaries of its genre (teen romance) and demographic (teen romantics).

If you think I’m off base when I say that, then you need to flashback to last year when Summit Entertainment tried HARD to market Twilight as an “action” film, repeatedly advertising that one vampire-on-vampire fight scene (which looked like a 3-year-old shot it) as some sort of validation for guys to see the film. And while our own Vic Holtreman tagged the film as (barely) “guy approved,” many other guys did not. Compared to say 30 Days of Night or True Blood, many of you said Twilight looked like little girl’s stuff.

twilight fight scene 570x275 Will New Moon Change The Twilight Sagas Image?“See, would a wimpy vampire do this?”

But does that opinion still hold true for New Moon? Because my movie barometer/Spidey-sense is telling me, Not Necessarily…


When the first trailer for New Moon dropped, the reaction was certainly less divided than a year prior when audiences got their first look at Twilight. When the full, final trailer for New Moon was released shortly thereafter, that gap in opinion narrowed even further. Having been the one to post about that final trailer (and as a longtime anti-Twilight proponent) even I had to admit two things:

  1. New Moon director Chris Weitz has put together a movie that is much more polished and visually sophisticated than Catherine Hardwicke’s Twilight adaptation.
  2. This second installment offers much more than just schmaltzy, awkward, shirtless, teen romance. There is actually a story at work here.

Now don’t get me wrong, New Moon certainly isn’t above criticism; fans and non-fans alike have already agreed that some of the werewolf visual effects we’ve seen look slightly cheesy, for instance. But on the whole, this film is already a few steps ahead of Twilight, for the simple fact that more people are judging it by the merits of what is and is not a good film. Twilight was pretty much seen as a cash-grab endeavor by Summit Entertainment – a small studio cranking out a hot dog-quality movie based on a super-hot franchise, with fat profits all but lining Summit’s shallow pockets before the film ever debuted.

And, regardless of the low-quality of the product, the money came pouring in as expected.

New Moon wolf form jacob Will New Moon Change The Twilight Sagas Image?

Despite the blink-and-you-missed it production schedule of New Moon, it certainly seems like Summit Entertainment is taking those fat profits and putting them toward a higher purpose: making a much better film the second time out – one that could possibly be loved by those who are NOT already screaming, sobbing, drooling fanatics of the books; the audience that DOESN’T simply love the movies for the fact that they exist. This time around, the filmmakers want to win over the haters and lovers alike.

But can it be done? Keep Reading…

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  1. Haven’t seen the first film. Haven’t read the books. Haven’t even watched the trailers for “New Moon.”

    I have actually no problem with the material. Vampires fighting werewolves with a love story in the middle is pretty cool (“Underworld” anyone?).

    I just have a problem with the fanatical fans. The Fandago survey of over 2,000 people who pre-ordered tickets has some interesting statistics. Mainly, that 52% said they dream of vampires.


    I am a comic book fan, but I do not dream of superheroes.
    And I am sure tons of guys dream of hot girls, but do not dress like them or wish to be one.

    And that is the end of my rant.

  2. I bet it will be, but I still think there will be haters strong and true out there and in great numbers. Not as great as before, like last year anyone not obcessed with Twilight would get an explanation what it is. Now, everyone knows and wants to participate. In my class on monday, around six people ganged up on my friend for hating on New Moon. She’s been asking for days, ever since I told her I was going to the midnight showing, why I would waste my life on it.

    She won’t commit to the ‘dark side’. Also, I don’t like the books of Twilight, I remember that New Moon was my favorite, but I just watch the movies and follow the news because Edward and Bella are the perfect couple. Sure, Edward is overprotective and abusive, but that doesn’t factor in.We are not lookign at the character Edward but the relationship as a whole. They cannot survive without each other, that’s one thing I’d like to have.

  3. I personally enjoy the series. (*taking away of man card*) but what I don’t like is the current fanbase. Honestly, I get embarrassed to say I’m excited to see the new film, not because of the material but because I’ll be seated next to hundreds of screaming pre-teens. I hope the demographic changes so I can feel a little less guilty.

  4. I’m not going to see this and, whether or not the quality has improved, I still don’t see lots of guys flocking to the Twilight movies haha.

  5. The story in New Moon deepens. This is where the werewolves were introduced. I’m going to watch this not because of other people or it is the current hype but because I enjoyed the books and I would love to watch it on the big screen. And I’m bringing boyfriend along.

  6. Lol I’m going with my friend this weekend, but I’m just going for the teens cause damn it, I’m a sophomore, and I deserve to get “some”, lol! But yeah I think that the tweens are gonna make this a very very succesful franchise, but I hope it doesn’t rape Transformers 2’s ass( in box office money count), haha

  7. I thought the CG in the trailers looked terribly Smallville quality-wise but we all know that won’t keep the girls of all ages from loving this one!

  8. NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING will ever make me want to see a Twilight film.

  9. I have to admit. I did see the first Twilight movie. But, ONLY because I was on a cruise and it was 4am after a night of partying and it was the only damn thing on.

    It was horrid. The acting was terrible. The only good thing about that movie is that I think Kristen Stewart is hot lol (I’m 19, so I’m not a perv).

    But, I have to disagree with what you said about the wolves in this movie looking bad. I watched Conan last night and Kristen was on and showed a scene where the guy changes and I think that is the only tolerable thing about it lol. Other than Michael Sheen who is a great actor.

    I will NOT see this movie though. But, Eclipse does have potential with David Slade helming it. But, I most likely won’t see it anyway.

    Now, if he brings out some 30 Days of Night vampires and some Underworld Werewolves (Licans) then I just might see it haha.


  11. “one that could possibly be loved by those who are NOT already screaming, sobbing, drooling fanatics of the books; the audience that DOESN’T simply love the movies for the fact that they exist. This time around, the filmmakers want to win over the haters and lovers alike.”

    Amen. I saw the first film with my wife, and we tried to justify it to ourselves on the way home, but it couldn’t be done. Catherine Hardwicke made a bad film. She got bad performances from her actors. And she didn’t create any sort of tension or interest.

    New Moon, we have the same screenwriter, and yet, judging by the trailer and footage I have seen so far, this new director seems to have been able to avoid the bad performances, bad visuals, and stupid plotting. Visuals I am sure is more an issue of budget, so maybe Hardwicke gets a pass on that, but the $37 million she had seems rather squandered when you look at films like District 9.

  12. I have read the books, and I liked the first film. New Moon is probably the best of the books, unfortuantely i thought Eclipse was by fsr the weakest. And thats up next for the big screen.

    It may not have the gore or humour of something like True Blood, but there is something about The Twilight Saga that I like… probably Kristen Stewart.

  13. Yeah, this movie may be better than the first one, but that’s not exactly a hard thing to do. It doesn’t matter if it looks better and has better action and such. If the acting isn’t there then what’s the point? In order to actually be invested into a story, the people telling the story better be believable. And these guys acting in this movie aren’t good. Save for a couple, but the leads are HORRIBLE. That was my biggest complaint about the first movie (which was absolutely atrocious).

    This movie may be slightly better, but that’s about it. And it’s because the base (meaning the books) are horribly written. And there isn’t much to do with a tired story.

  14. I watched the exclusive footage of this as Scream Awards and it was laughable! Pure garbage designed to entice females with boy band werewolves.

    Yeah sure its better then Twilight,,, wow what crapola,,,

  15. Everybody likes different thing.

  16. This movie rocks it keeps me going when I’m insane lol!!

  17. i read the whole first book waiting for that stupid fight scene.. and ya… there isnt one. i felt so wronged i say no more to the series.

    the fact the movie gave you a scene at all is a credit to the “guys” behind the movie.

  18. Kofi, that was one of the more well written and concise posts on Twilight that I have read since the first film debuted. Kudos to you for providing us with more Twilight fat to chew on.

    I have always said from the beginning that Twilight will be looked back on as a failed adaptation. Box office aside, Fandango aside, I think that when it’s all said and done, when all of the films have been released and Stephanie Meyer looks back at her priceless work adapted on the screen, she will not be happy and ask herself, “Why did I allow this to happen.”

    I truly believe that her literary work will forever be marred by the adaptation to film.

  19. As an English major, I find it hard to think of Twilight as anything other than a literary abomination. You want dark? Read Dostoevsky or Beckett. You want romance? Read Tolstoy. You want vampires? Read Stoker. Anne Rice is a barely passable combination of the three, but miles ahead of Meyer.

    From time to time I feel like watching a movie for the purpose of hating something, and so I did watch Twilight. I agree with the above posters, the plot and acting was horrible and the only thing that made the movie watchable was Kristen Stewart. I doubt that I’ll see New Moon, though.

  20. I truley feel the END IS NEAR! Evan said it perfectly with the D-9 budget and the Twi-LITE $$$.

  21. By Grapthar’s Hammer, by the Lights of Zetar, by the Spires of Asgard, BY THE CRYSTALS OF KRYPTON, I will never watch this! Ok, never is a long time, so maybe I might be persuaded to see it on TV; but it’s not likely.

  22. By Grapthar’s Hammer.. Holy crap Kahless, I nearly spewed on my monitor trying to restrain my laugh! Lesson the first, drinest not thy Coke whilst reading Screen Rant.

    Brilliant analysis Kofi, and I love your summation.

    For my own two cents, I too hold a “you want fries with that” Liberal Arts degree, and while the book surely doesn’t measure up to _any_ literary great, it does succeed at maintaining a coherent narrative in the first person, as though you _are_ that first person. She’s clumsy, rather dense, and most definitely a _besotted teenage girl_, so I don’t suppose she’s going to quote Dostoevsky, Beckett, or Tolstoy, or delve into the deeper meanings of personal choice and sacrifice or civic responsibility.

    It’s called _escapism_. To expect every book to be Tolstoy, and to judge them by such, is to doom yourself to a gray and dreary life, IM(NS)HO

    The movie? Passable B-grade. Much better than I expected. That first poster looks like a pedophile and a stoned 12-year-old, creepy as hell… I mean really I thought it was staring Dakota Fanning for a second…

    New Moon the movie looks much actioned up from the book, I look forward to this one, though I will avoid the, ah… monsoon… if you will.

  23. Yeah, Tim, you’re right, we can’t hold everything up to Tolstoy and Dostoevsky. My point is, though, there’s so much rich literature out there (even such good angsty/trashy dark lit like Henry Miller, Céline, and Bukowski), that it makes me sad to see so many people in my generation(I’m 19) wasting so much time on Twilight. It’s a giant celebration of unyielding mediocrity, and Mormonism.

    Would you like to super-size your order, sir?

  24. Gotta say, I’m one of those guys who does not like to bash things they’ve never given a chance, and my girlfriend is addicted to these books, so I finally sat down and read the first one and gave the movie a watch.

    Fact is, both my girlfriend and I agree that the movie was much, much better than the book. However, there was still not a single redeeming quality out of either of them.

    I just DO NOT get the love for this franchise comes from. The story is uninspired, uncreative, and the exact same premise of forbidden VampireXHuman love has been tackled hundreds of times before. Putting them in high school isn’t original *cough*Buffy*cough, and neither is throwing in werewolves.

    I could look past that if the actual writing was good. Even a bland story can be entertaining if handled by a good writer. But it isn’t. Stephanie Meyer is one of the worst published authors I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading.

  25. @Clair
    That is pretty much why alot of people, mostly guys, hate twilight. It isn’t an amazing achievement in literature when someone creates the hottest guy ever ever ever and makes him in love for ever ever ever. Girls like you who expect this in real life are going to find yourselves disappointed down the track.

    I’m not a hater of twilight, just its’ dramatic, clingy fanatics.

  26. @Will, one thing that made me laugh (in support) while reading your last comment is this,,,
    “Girls like you who expect this in real life are going to find yourselves disappointed down the track.”

    Yes so true, as I find it hilarious that the two lead actors are planning to marry in real life. Ah what idiots. I give that marriage a few years at best. It would be even more hilarious if they break up during the 3rd twilight sequel.

    I smell a Twilight train wreck commin down the tracks,,,, 😉

  27. The best thing about these “saga” is that it’ll be finished very soon. I thought the first one was boring as hell, and this one looks terrible too, people (read: teen girls) will just go see it because they think Pattinson and Laurent are hot. Yeah, Weitz may have thrown in there some action, but that’s not gonna make it better. The story and the plot, oh, and the acting will be pure garbage. It should definitely grab some money, but c’mon, it can’t be good. I wouldn’t even call the first one a rental. Couldn’t agree more with Vincent and Will.

  28. I have a feeling New Moon is going to bank over 100 mil this weekend.

    The good news, I’m usually way off in my predictions,,,

  29. The ticket sales for this film may be up but it does not appear that it is a good film. So far it has a 53% on rotten tomatoes with and 8/7 good bad ratio and Ebert gave it a total of one star. Now i know that critics aren’t everything, but obviously many of them are not going to fit the target demo. Their panning of the film would not make me (a non fan) want to see it anymore.

    I am sure this will make plenty of money and be enjoyed by many of its target audience, but a great or even good film it does not appear to be.