Can New Moon convert the haters? No way to say for sure, but at the end of every lengthy argument between movie lovers, there is one time-honored phrase that (99% of the time) makes equals of us all: “A good movie, is a good movie.”

While it has yet to prove itself in full, New Moon certainly doesn’t look like total crap, as far as movies go. Combine that glimmer of potential with the already-guaranteed profits this sequel will make, add the fact that New Moon has much more to offer – action, savage werewolves, lethal vampire tribunals – to a wider demographic, and you begin to understand just how big this Twilight Saga phenomenon could actually become.

In fact, right now, as we speak, people are mobbing downtown LA, fighting for a spot in line for New Moon‘s red carpet premiere; those not in the streets are online forming chat groups and communities to get themselves psyched-up for the movie’s release this weekend, and in many spots around the world, girls are getting woozy at the thought of seeing Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson shirtless, sopping wet and/or glimmering in the sun.  When did the world go this crazy for The Dark Knight?


The great thing (or terrible thing, depending who you are) about this Twilight Saga mania is that it doesn’t have to end! Once New Moon is finally out of theaters – once the roving bands of teens and housewives have made the theaters showing New Moon their weekend resorts for about a month or so – once the fervor over Lautner’s abs has died down,  we’ll already be that much closer to the June 30, 2010, release date for the next installment, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Eclipse is already benefiting from having an even better director (IMHO) in the form of David Slade (30 Days of Night); an even bigger incentive for guys to care (an all-out war between werewolves and vampires); and a steamy Edward-Bella-Jacob love triangle that gets cooked to a boil on gorgeous green mountain backdrop. I’ll be surprised if some of the more fanatical Twilight fans DON’T burrow themselves into a theater seat and hibernate away the time between now and when June rolls around…

More to the point, IF New Moon does in fact succeed in transforming the series’ image into a flying-high flag of mass appeal, then come end of June, 2010, during the height of the Summer movie rush, Eclipse is going to SLAUGHTER the box office. The film could (going out on a limb here) even shatter so many records that the last holdouts who are still thumb-downing the idea of even stepping into a theater to see a Twilight Saga movie will have to either seriously consider turning to the dorkside, or consider divorcing themselves from their love of movies forever out of sheer grief.

You think I’m kidding, or that what I’m saying is pure hyperbole? Come June, we shall see…

David Slade will attempt to Eclipse the masses.

For now, what remains to be seen is if New Moon is indeed going to be that movie which does the near-impossible: makes The Twilight Saga cool enough for any and everybody to tell their friends (regardless of age or gender) that they saw it, and enjoyed it. Is the series already that cool? Well, notice that nowhere in this article did I mention whether I’ve seen it, read it, or plan to do either in the future… Perhaps we’ll have that conversation after New Moon is in theaters… :-)

Like I have to tell you: it’s all going down this Friday, November 20, 2009.

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