The Twilight Saga: New Moon Trailer #2 Is Here

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twilight new moon The Twilight Saga: New Moon Trailer #2 Is Here

We told you over the weekend that it was coming and now, after those frustrating bootlegged French versions and previews-of-a-preview, here is the OFFICIAL full trailer for The Twilight Saga: New Moon, in all its shirtless glory!

Of course, you Twilight fans almost certainly knew this was coming, but since it’s now obvious that you didn’t fall for the trick indulge the opportunity of seeing Bandslam this weekend for an early look at the New Moon trailer, we’re happy to provide it for you here.

And I personally promise not to complement the film, or give any opinion at all about it, for that matter. I don’t want to have to once again face the angry and unruly comments of the Twilight Saga gang…

Anyway, here’s what you’re REALLY after, the latest trailer for New Moon:


[media id=187 width=570 height=340]

Ok, so there you have it, more supernatural-love hijinks to ensue when The Twilight Saga: New Moon hits theaters on November 20, 2009. And, like I said: no opinion from me this time around.

What did YOU GUYS think of this latest trailer? Is New Moon going to improve upon Twilight? Or is it bound for the $5 DVD bin at your local Walmart?

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  1. Thanks y’all!
    While I’m not getting my hopes up too much-I do think it will be better than Twilight. I have a special dorky place in my heart for the first movie-but it was pretty bad. I’m hoping that the things that made Twilight cheesy will be fixed for New Moon-but again, I’m not going to get my hopes up too much for that :)

  2. Well, that looks very very promising. I read an article recently where Chris talked about the relationships that really drive New Moon and he really understood the motivations in the story. It makes me hopeful that New Moon will be done well.

    As for Twilight being cheesy, keep in mind it was made for less money, There was a writers strike so the script only got two weeks of work and it was supposed to be a cheap indie flick. New Moon is not meant to be a cheap indie flick.

  3. Sounded like the hulk at the end Dont get me upset you wont like me when I am upset…. cuz I eats a lot of ice cream and turns into a wolf

  4. omg… i dont know what to say, i am speachless. i have been waiting for the second trailer for like ever. i just cant wait to go see it.

  5. all right! i may b old compared to most twi-hards (33) but i luv this series & think it will be an awesum movie! twilight did not suck per se & it was not the worst but it was not the best movie of all times either.
    it’ll be a good flick & will be very very popular.
    i cant wait!

  6. i wish the 2nd trailer was different (i watched it again) the commentary was kinda cheezo & they added old trailer scenes in it.
    i want all new scenes & wanna see more volturi & wolf pack..

  7. Twilight was about the vampires, this is about the werewolves. Both are filled with unneccessary teen angst. blech. If no one decides to invite me for free to see this crap fest I’ll skip it til it comes out on Pay Per View… at my cousin’s house… Ugh.

    All they’d have to do is recast the main chick it could give it a vast improvement.

  8. Saying that “it will be better” or that it will “step up a notch” won’t make it so. Looks like it will be same tween romance, cheezy flick.

    I still can’t get over how bad the 1st one was, especially when you have True Blood out there.

    MTV Movie Awards wins are however inevitable.

  9. I already plan on buying tickets for the midnight showing and hawking them outside for double or triple the face value! This movie may or may not upstage Dark Knight in terms of sold out conditions but it’s fan base is loyal as can be. Many I know saw the movie once, twice, three times, and many 10+ times or more!

  10. Okay,t he story is the same level of bad but the filmmaking at work here is much better. I don’t really like the books, they are junk food but the movie looks awesome and it’s directed by an awesome guy (he did The Golden Compass, I still believe that without the studio’s interference in that movie, it would’ve been knock your socks off amazing.)

  11. Thats exactly what i said (omg…i dont know what to say)

  12. im so excited!.. cant wait to 11-20..
    GOOD LUCK!.. *_*

  13. i thought the werewolf is gonna be changed.
    but I’m excited!

  14. Does anyone know who the music is By on this new New Moon trailer

  15. who is the music by on this new trailer

  16. These movies suck!!!

  17. that looks really good i cnt wait till it comes out cause it looks really promising. wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwooooooooooooooo im obsessed.

  18. n no they dont suck

  19. “These movies suck!!!”

    “Suck” is the wrong choice of word. Its more like rediculous anomaly.

  20. ogb, matt keith…

    Um… what are you guys doing??? Why are you even reading this??? I just noticed your name (Matt Keith) as the latest comment for a Twilight movie??? WTH??? :-D

  21. Lol

    I know how this looks KEN J

    Just wanted to voice my opinion but looks like it’s falling on deaf ears…too many “fan boys/girls” are behind this franchise

    As someone else said, it’s junk food. And as it turns out, 65% of Americans are overweight and this kind of literary and cinematic junk food is not going away anytime soon.

  22. This looks as bad as the first one. Is it possible that it actually looks cheaper? What’s with the mid-90′s CG? Was that wolf supposed to look scary? These movies make a fortune off stupid kids who don’t know a decent film if it bit them in ass, you’d think they could afford better animators. Really awful!

  23. The Pitt Man – I do agree that this moviue looks bad (Sorry Twilight Saga fans but I am no fan) but kids do now the difference between a good and a bad film. Personally I liked Twilight but think that Stephanie Meyers writing is nothing compared to someone like Stephen King. And due to the fact that it is intended to be not much more that a 12A/PG-13 then I can see why the CGI is not making the Werewolf as scary as people thibnk they should be. BTW I am 13.

  24. The first Twilight movie sucked. I was extremely disappointed by it because I have read the books (and YES, I loved them). Hardwicke did a chop job on that movie.

    However, New Moon LOOKS like it is going to follow the book a lot more closely and it had better or they are going to lose a lot of us fans who are the ‘purists’. I could care less about “RPat” or “KStew”, I just don’t want KStew looking like she is going to puke when she says her lines this time. I have high hopes for this one. With Breaking Dawn being divided into a ridiculous 3 movies, they had better get me with New Moon or I’m out.

    @ Erin-Stephen King is very scary to a 13 yo! Good for you! I was 8 when I read my first Stephen King horror feast. Stephenie Meyer’s book wasn’t intended to be a horror though. It is a romance. Her writing skills are good enough to engage millions of people all around the world, so she can’t be that bad. ;)

    Also try Robert McCammon’s They Thirst if you like vampires. It’s an older book but it scared the hell out of me when I was a kid.

  25. The first film, twilight was really destroyed. I am a huge fan, and i have been in love with the books for years now, but i think the directing of twilight was very poor, and it made it hard for me as a fan to really enjoy it.. it did make me cringe in places, where the book had me in love. Its not the best written pieces of work, but they are truely amazing, in my opinion.
    Saying this, i keep up to date with everything to do with the books and the films, and new moon is so much better directed. With small trailers like that you can already tell this will be better than before, so kudos for changing the director.
    The special effects and what not do need so help though, but really.. i’ll always have a huge love for the books.
    I think with films like these, it really helps to have an appreication for the books, or you wont really appricate the films. But a sincere one, the teenybopper fans.. eurgh.
    You guys are the reason so many people start to hate these books.

  26. Good to see that the love for Twilight is not just blind.

    The last 2 post are a little reassuring that the book was not as bad as the movie.

  27. this is crazy it’s a movie people , actually the first movie got me to pick up the book and read the series. I’ve gotten several others to read the series based off the movie alone. The movies never,(I’m not going to waste my time stating the obvious). I enjoyed the movie, and couldn’t get enough of the series. Me and several other ladies at my job can’t wait to see to Rob(dreamy), Kristin, the whole Cullen Family and Wolf Pack. I forgot the music score was, wonderful, beuatifully put together.

  28. Okay, any MALE Twilight fans here?


    I’ve read the novels and I saw Twilight. The weakness isn’t in the writing with reference to the book or the production with respect to the movie: they are, what they are…a simplified, albeit fantasy driven, teen love story. I have no issue with that. The real weakness is the protagonist, Bella Swan. She is one of the most unlikable so-called heroines in either form, cinematic or literary. She is both extremely selfish and manipulative; she is just not likable.

    I find it very hard to understand what either Jacob or Edward see in her. She brings nothing to either relationship. She’s in jeopardy, that’s it, and they love her for it (and she loves them for their constant sacrifices, none of which she reciprocates…no, not even at the end of the entire series!). It’s both sadistic and masochistic not to mention pathetic. At the end of the day, she is an icon for today’s youth, which may explain the odd popularity: you can never have enough. Bella isn’t happy with a super-natural boyfriend: she has to be supernatural too. Bella isn’t happy with being supernatural: she has to have even more unique abilities. Bella isn’t happy with being both supernatural and having special abilities (and having two supernatural boyfriends): she has to be the absolute center of attention, which she achieves by virtue of becoming pregnant! The only true vampire of the saga is Bella; she feeds off everyone around her and is never satisfied. In that, is where the true horror lies.

    Having said all of that, I find the supporting characters fairly interesting. They maintain enough of a presence to keep the overall story going. Sadly, the series ends in one of the most anti-climatic face-offs ever. Imagine the forces of Sauron facing off against the forces of Gondor where no fight actually happens and both go home virtually unscathed. I have to believe massive changes are in store for the end of this ‘saga’ where the films are concerned.