Sneak Peek(s) at New Moon’s New Trailer

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new moon french title Sneak Peek(s) at New Moons New Trailer

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you Twilight Saga fans out there that the full trailer for New Moon is going to be debuting this Friday before Summit Entertainment’s Bandslam movie. Well, the French jumped the gun recently and leaked the latest cut of their New Moon trailer online. Over here in the U.S., meanwhile, a 17-second preview of the latest New Moon trailer (preview-of-a-preview I’m calling it) has been put out to help wet appetites around the world.

Both the French trailer and preview-of-a-preview trailer show a lot more of awkward Bella (Kristen Stewart) and ab-ripped Jacob (Taylor Lautner) getting hot and steamy, and there is even some quick shots of good old Edward (R. Patt) and Dakota Fanning as the vampire Jane.

Check them out:


New Moon Preview-of-a-Preview


French Trailer for New Moon


I will say this: the story for New Moon at least looks more intriguing than the thinly-veiled metaphorical teen-angst story of Twilight. Like J.K. Rowling before her, Stephenie Meyer looks to have grown a bit as a storyteller, fully stepping into the world she created, fleshing it out to be its own (sort of) unique universe – something Twilight was sorely missing, IMHO.

How did you like the new footage of New Moon?

Note: Be sure to check back with Screen Rant regularly over the weekend to catch the official new trailer for New Moon the second it drops!

Source: You Tube via Ace Showbiz

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  1. Kofi, I am going to take a big leap here and say that you have not read the books. Twilight the Movie represents maybe 10% of the book if that. They got the names right for the most part (except the bio teacher)and the actors did a great job. However, It was a poorly made movie and a horrendous script. Had they followed the book and had the director it deserved, it would have been a great movie.

    There is hope with New Moon. A great director who is also a sfx/screenwriter.

    The only similarity between Meyer and Rowling is that they are successful YA writers and that is where it ends.

  2. Yes, I agree Kofi. I think you should just steer clear as far as writing anything about the Twilight stories. IMHO that is.

  3. If reading the books was a prerequisite to covering these movies I’d say 90% of movie news sites would have to bar themselves from talking about the films.


  4. Ok… So correct me if I’m wrong here:

    Twilight: Girl meets undead guy, learns Vampire “rules” falls in “love” complications arise.

    New Moon: Complications between girl and undead guy continue, supernatural universe expanded to Euro Vamp tribes/cults/whatever, shape shifters, werewolves etc… Dead guy leaves girl, girl falls for werewolf guy, something something vampire family sub-plot.

    Am I still far off the mark?

    Listen We can all PRETEND that Stephenie Meyer re-invented the wheel here. But… Not really.

    But I’ll be happy to not promote these films anymore. Your wish is my command…

  5. I watched Twilight after having seen True Blood S1 and most of 2.

    Let’s just say Twilight does not do well in comparison to TB.

  6. Vic: Kofi wrote–”Like J.K. Rowling before her, Stephenie Meyer looks to have grown a bit as a storyteller, fully stepping into the world she created, fleshing it out to be its own (sort of) unique universe – something Twilight was sorely missing, IMHO.”

    He is commenting on the book series here, not the movie. He is comparing JK Rowling with S Meyer, like he’s read Twilight.

    I don’t understand why you insist on having writers on your site that consistently put down the Twilight series.

  7. No, Kofi, that is not what the books are all about.

  8. I’m with VIC and KOFI on this one

    I read the first book (Twilight) and saw the movie.

    Like I said, True Blood blows Twilight out of the water and they have A LOT of similarities in characters, themes, etc.

  9. @Leech

    Good luck finding any movie site that is not Twilight-specific that is a fan of the books or movies. Of the next movie turns out to be good, I’ll say so. I actually wasn’t that hard on the first one believe it or not.


  10. Look, the only point I wanted to make was that this writer was making assumptions about the book without reading it. That’s all.

    You don’t want to acknowledge it, whatever, go ahead and have a site that’s known to have unreliable opinions, join the others.

  11. @Leech

    I hope you didn’t take my previous comment as an attack on you, because it wasn’t – I was just stating a fact about movie sites, bud.


  12. “learns Vampire “rules” falls in “love” complications arise.”

    Except those aren’t vampires in “Twilight”.

  13. If they’re not vampires, what are they?


  14. Vic, By allowing writers to report without doing their own research, you are just serving to spread the ignorance. The guy who wrote this article is just re-reporting what some other ignorant writer wrote, he’s not even giving his own researched opinion.

    Doesn’t matter, I wont’ read another article on Twilight from your site.

  15. Suit yourself. This isn’t a Twilght fan site and there are plenty of those out there. Funny, he was actually writing something complimentary and that still offended you. I’ll leave it to him to respond to your point directly.


  16. Never mind- you have no intention of answering my point directly. Makes my case completely.

  17. How can I answer your question if I didn’t write this post myself?

  18. @Leech @Wickamo

    Look, you’re a fan of the books. I actually am a novelist (in training) myself and from the critical standpoint of somebody very familiar with the writing process I was COMPLEMENTING Meyer for doing better the second time out with New Moon – at least from what I can gather from the Movie.

    What is “ignorant” about that? I’m kinda of tired of hearing you bash me on this subject. The Only thing you could POSSIBLY deem as ignorant from what I said, is if you truly believe that Twilight is the absolute best book in the series and the rest were…what? Downhill from there???

    And as far as the movies: I didn’t make the freaking movies, and the whole point of the films is to expose Twilight to the broader public who HAVEN’T READ THE BOOKS.

    So, on a MOVIE WEBSITE there is not (and SHOULD not be) any prerequisite for a writer to have to read these books. We are free to judge the series BY THE FILMS since that is what we are qualified to talk about.

    So, if you have an issue with how the TWILIGHT FILMS REPRESENT THE BOOKS, direct your frustration at Summit Entertainment where it belongs, not at me.


  19. I didn’t see the movie nor read the books, but I do know something about the vampire lore. From what I have read about Twilight, these so-called vampires aren’t killed by sunlight but just shimmer? Then what kills them? Does silver kill them, stakes in the heart, wolf’s bane, garlic, normal knives, normal bullets, bad breath, what? And since sunlight doesn’t kill them, why haven’t they taken over the world?

  20. i think the fans og twilight new moon and eclipse breaking are the lucky one’s they get and update on the film they go where the cast of twilight new moon and eclipse and breaking dawn gose they go shoping for the stuff and here i am waiting and update and and i am alwasie to late for a contest that hase to do with twilight new moon eclipse and breaking so i got avery right to be anger and board thats what you get when you live in a cheap country or city as i live in so i just up and it would be nice if more twilight new moon eclipse and breaking would show up on twilight cruise that run by caption linda wolf other waise it not worth going on any ship ahhhhh forget about it.

  21. OMG I can’t wait until they finally make the movie for breaking dawn!!!!