New Moon Official Final Trailer Is Here!

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twilight new moon picture New Moon Official Final Trailer Is Here!

The final trailer for The Twilight Saga: New Moon debuted last night during the MTV Video Music Awards and managed to accomplish two things:

  1. Demonstrate that director Chris Weitz has achieved something much more visually sophisticated than Catherine Hardwicke’s Twilight adaptation.
  2. Finally show us something other than schmaltzy, awkward, shirtless, teen romance.

So, without further ado, I’d like to present you Twilight Saga fans with the best trailer that I’VE seen so far for New Moon.

[UPDATE: Youtube version below so our international readers can now see the trailer as well.]

Up until now I haven’t had any reason to be enthused about the cast of these films. I’m still not convinced that the central trifecta of Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner exude what I would call “star power,” however, New Moon‘s supporting players look to be a much more interesting bunch.

I’ve been digging the fact that they cast all Native American actors to play Jacob’s (Lautner) Wolf Pack brethren, and the scenes of The Volturi in the trailer – featuring actors like Dakota Fanning and Michael Sheen – set in the Gothic European backdrop, add an element of intrigue to this story that (for me at least) was just TOTALLY missing from Twilight‘s stripped-down-home love story.

The “werewolf” f/x, however, still look like they could use some polishing (thought it’s still pretty cool to see the wolves taking on that vamp with the dreadlocks, Laurent).

What did you think of the final New Moon trailer? How about Kristen Stewart’s Goth-chic haircut at the MTV VMAs? :-O

As if you didn’t know: New Moon hits theaters on November 20, 2009. Tickets are already on sale at select locations.

Source: MTV

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  1. @Tim- I guess we all have pet peeves. The hissing thing doesn’t really bother or at least it didn’t until you said something…Thanks. I personally can’t stand the vampires out in daylight thing.
    True Blood is honestly entertaining. It is interesting how different it is from the books, which I had a hard time stomaching at first. It is sophomoric writing at best, but I am still drawn to the story. Maybe that’s how it would be with the Twilight books?

  2. the daylight sparkling stuff really bothered me too…at first. But then when I considered the well known lore about vampires i figured “why the hell not”.

    I mean Holy water, garlic, crosses & wooden stakes? Really? Oh, and you have to mean it with the holy water and cross. Otherwise, if you are an atheist your screwed. Somehow that vampire stalking you can tell if you mean it or not.

    Vampire lore goes back to the time of Adam and Eve. They weren’t Christians back then, so how did pre Christians fight & win against vampires? I mean lets face it folks, it’s all b******* anyway. Im not a vampire and garlic repels ME too….and I don’t think many people had time to stop and sharpen a tree branch with death so close by. Would the vampire stop and say “Oh, that’s okay. I’ll wait. I want to give you a sporting chance here. Please, go ahead.”

    In ways, the Twilight vampires make more sense.

  3. sorry im so long winded tonight guys.

  4. @Tweeb,

    Having read all your responses, I understand why you find Twilight to be a relieving book. It’s really easy to read. But Stephenie Meyer is NOT a good writer, not by any means. Just because something is popular doesn’t make it good.

    The lure for the young female readers of this series is that it shows what is presented as a “perfect” relationship in which they can fantasize over. I’m glad to see at least one fan who thinks the sparkling is ridiculous, but the Twilight vampires don’t make any more “sense,” as far as being immune to garlic, stakes, etc. There’s a reason such mainstays have lived on: they’re legendary. For Meyer to remove them shows a sign of supreme arrogance, creative laziness, and proves that she doesn’t want her creatures (I refuse to call them vampires because they don’t even have fangs) to die. She doesn’t want to sacrifice anything. J.K. Rowling killed off Dumbledore, didn’t she? And it moved the story along. Meyer is a coward, afraid to let her precious creations die, even if it made a better story.

    And the morals in the series are abominable. New Moon justifies suicide as the ultimate proof of true love. Little girls should not be reading this.

  5. Sorry Tweeb, but in defending the sparkle characteristic, you’ve given yourself away as a blind Twilight fanatic. You can’t compare the sparkling to other characteristics established about vampires TENS or HUNDREDS OF YEARS AGO and passed on through generations. Even in the Twilight universe the sparkling seems out of place.

  6. @ogb..okay. LOL! If that is what you need to think it is your free will to do so. :P

    A good writer is someone who has the ability to captivate the reader. That’s all.

    As for the morals in the story, there is a lot of debate about that. People have to remember that is just a story. A fantasy created by another person. Back in the 80′s Dungeons and Dragons was the root of all evil to parents. I played every weekend, holiday break & summer with my friends. Nothing strange happened to us for having played it. We killed off characters all the time, turned them to vampires, zombies, etc…etc…Certainly it’s no worse than some of the video games that are out there.

  7. @tweeb – You get double points for being a girl and playing D&D. Difference is, D7D was set in a very mystical world where the characters could never exist. twilight may have vampires as it’s main characters but the underlying message about true love does, hence Kofi’s comment about the preteen girls throwing themselves off cliffs to get a boys attention.

    BTW, Penthouse Forum manages to captivate its readers, does that make it good writing?

  8. sorry guys, but I used to cliff dive too. It IS actually fun to do. I grew up in Wyoming & we used to go to the gorge camping. I was a tomboy. I rode dirt bikes, cliff diving, jumped off a school building once (ONLY once, that hurt), D&D, read horror, mythology & had a great time with my friends. There wasn’t much to do there unless I were into fossils, sage brush & dinosaur bones. Wow. I’m glad my kids aren’t as brave as I was. I would have had a stroke if they did any of that crazy stuff. LOL!

    Only I didn’t do those things to hallucinate about a man who left me. I did them because I was young and invincible & it was fun. No way in hell I would do them now LOL! My friends were all guys mostly. Of course I always had to do the scary stuff first.

  9. @Paul- I don’t know, i’ve never read Penthouse. Do you think it’s captivating?

  10. exciting

  11. @tweeb – It hold my attention for at least 5 – 10 minutes.

  12. @Paul…

    LMAO! Im not even going to go there. ;)

  13. “Vampire lore goes back to the time of Adam and Eve.”

    Um, no, it doesn’t.


  14. @Vic…
    sorry but it does. It goes back to Lilith…& Cain. Vlad the Impaler was not the first.

  15. @Tweeb

    No, it doesn’t. The Lilith and Cain story arose in the Middle Ages – LONG after Adam and Eve.


  16. Tweeb

    I seriously don’t mean to gang up on you, it’s good to see you defend what you like.


    You’re really missing the point Kofi was trying to make about love. It has nothing to do with you being a tom boy. The story/movie clearly states she did those things to get noticed by Edward. The main audience of the book are tween girls. I don’t think girls will start base jumping and shark diving after seeing the movie but it will play into the stereotype of girls looking for attention by doing something stupid. Funny, my co-worker’s girlfriend just faked an illness because he wasn’t spending enough time with her. Go figure.

  17. @ogb
    I don’t recall any shark diving.

    Bella didn’t do those things to get Edward’s attention. She did them so that she could have the voice of Edward in her head to remind herself that he did exist and that he did care about her still in some small way.

    Have you read the series? I’m thinking no.

    @Vic- The Testament of Solomon; early vampire lore.

    If your co-worker’s girlfriend has to fake an illness to get her man’s attention then maybe she should look for a new man. It’s likely she didn’t fake an illness because she read Twilight. LOL.

    Women doing those sorts of things are not really stereo typical. Women who use that sort of behavior obviously have other issues. A GOOD woman makes her SO/Hubby/BF/declared WANT to come home because she treats him LIKE a MAN when he gets there. Hugs and kisses when he gets home; a great attitude, a clean house, happy kids, a hot dinner & a willing partner.

    I know for a fact when a man is happy at home his only priority in life is to make his wife happy. I know because I live it everyday with my wonderful, happy man. You guys are pretty easy to figure out. ;)

    Okay guys. We all apparently love to debate so…you don’t like Twilight. I get it. Just don’t come down on us Twitards because you don’t approve. :P

  18. Tweeb

    The Shark Diving thing only referred to girls putting themselves in danger to get attention. Shark Daving = Danger. Get it?

    It doesn’t matter what the books said, the trailer and most likely the movie make it seem like she’s getting his attention by doing stupid/dangerous things. We’re talking about real teenage girls here.

    Yes I don’t like Twilight. I liked the first 15 minutes of the movie and then it turned into one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. No I don’t BLINDLY hate all things twilight. Just some of the arguments you bring up are out there. You can defend the sparkling thing all you want but doesn’t change the fact that it was one of the most nonsensical things written.

  19. okay guys. here is something just for you. enjoy its funny.

  20. @Tweeb- OK, now THAT was funny! Thanks for that!

  21. god dament stupid twilight. the world has ledirdly come to a flipin end.

  22. your most welcome.

  23. Tweeb,
    I respect your passion but I saw this trailer today for the first time and it didnt elicit any feelings from me .

  24. Please. If you’re going to write something about the TwilightSaga, at least read the books first. Post intelligently or don’t post at all.

    There is much more to these books than meets the eye, but, you have to read the books to understand. Thank you.

  25. Seems as though “birds of a feather flock together.”

  26. Marie

    Really? If someone wants to write about a movie based on a book we have to have read the book?

    This is a movie forum. The subject of the matter is the movie. No matter what the book is, the movie is completely different and can get rid of the plot in the book all together.

    It’s becoming tiresome listening to you Twilight fans talk about how good the book was when defending A MOVIE that’s only BASED on the book.

  27. @Marie

    If you “have to read the book” to understand the movie then the movie is seriously lacking in its ability to tell a story.

    A movie should be judged on its own, separate from any book it might be based on. This isn’t a “book news” site, it’s a movie news site.


  28. you guys are so acerbic sometimes. It makes me sad.

  29. Tweeb,Kofi said some pretty nice things about the trailer.
    And more then a few Twilight fans that have posted here have had some nasty things to say about The Harry Potter films and the people who like those movies.
    So, The acerbic nature of the commentary tends to work both ways .