New Moon Official Final Trailer Is Here!

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twilight new moon picture New Moon Official Final Trailer Is Here!

The final trailer for The Twilight Saga: New Moon debuted last night during the MTV Video Music Awards and managed to accomplish two things:

  1. Demonstrate that director Chris Weitz has achieved something much more visually sophisticated than Catherine Hardwicke’s Twilight adaptation.
  2. Finally show us something other than schmaltzy, awkward, shirtless, teen romance.

So, without further ado, I’d like to present you Twilight Saga fans with the best trailer that I’VE seen so far for New Moon.

[UPDATE: Youtube version below so our international readers can now see the trailer as well.]

Up until now I haven’t had any reason to be enthused about the cast of these films. I’m still not convinced that the central trifecta of Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner exude what I would call “star power,” however, New Moon‘s supporting players look to be a much more interesting bunch.

I’ve been digging the fact that they cast all Native American actors to play Jacob’s (Lautner) Wolf Pack brethren, and the scenes of The Volturi in the trailer – featuring actors like Dakota Fanning and Michael Sheen – set in the Gothic European backdrop, add an element of intrigue to this story that (for me at least) was just TOTALLY missing from Twilight‘s stripped-down-home love story.

The “werewolf” f/x, however, still look like they could use some polishing (thought it’s still pretty cool to see the wolves taking on that vamp with the dreadlocks, Laurent).

What did you think of the final New Moon trailer? How about Kristen Stewart’s Goth-chic haircut at the MTV VMAs? :-O

As if you didn’t know: New Moon hits theaters on November 20, 2009. Tickets are already on sale at select locations.

Source: MTV

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  1. Pattinson oozes charisma and screen presence. I dont care about the Bella/Jacob storyline but will go and see the film to view the scenes in Italy. I’m only really interested in seeing Rob as Edward.

  2. lol @ Kristen Stewart still struggling to make eye contact with ANYONE

    Better trailer than the last. Still looks like a tween drama.

  3. What this film needs is Blade, killing all of those crying wimpy little vampire babies starting with Pattinson :)

    I’d watch that! :)

  4. @ Huggybear, THAT would be a good movie

  5. I’d watch that too.

    Or bring in Eric from True Blood and let him go on a violence and sex rampage.

  6. @jane- sorry but the only think RPatt is oozing is eyebrows. Someone needs to trim those suckers back.

    @ the rest of you:
    Our Twitarded sparkling vampires can take out your wussy prawns. ;)

  7. lol HUGGYBEAR greatest idea for a movie ever. that would be so awsome its like tween love scenes BLA BLA, then blade just pops up with that techno theme song and starts cappin everyone. END MOVIE>

  8. @newmoonfan- It looks like they are going to follow very closely to the book this time. I’m excited too! I can’t wait! 11/20 is too long to wait!

  9. Updated this with a high quality Youtube version so non-U.S. folks can now watch the trailer as well.


  10. I still have no desire to watch the first Twilight but this one looks like it might actually be decent to watch. Kristen Stewart was great in Adventureland as the cheating slut but she does nothing for me here.

  11. I wish that they would remake Twilight the way it should have been made in the first place. I never paid attention to who directs what before this movie. Now I realize just how much it matters. I will never watch another Hardwicke film as she so brutally murdered Twilight.

    Dakota Fanning is a wonderful actress. She is one of the few young talents that isnt constantly in the media getting into trouble. That girl has range & plenty of talent. Much more than 90% of her costars in this series.

    This is by far the best trailer to date. This was a good article. Thanks @Vic for posting the high quality version.

  12. Don’t they legally have to use Native American actors to play Native American roles? Similarly no one can cast a white man to play a black man in a film. Incase anyone is confused Robert Downy Jr. got to play a white guy playing a black guy so he was indeed hired to play a Caucasian role.

  13. I watched Twilight for the first time last week out of curiosity. I was so angry at how bad it was. I actually thought it might be a little better with all of the hype. I was wrong…It was wrong. I love a good vampire romance aka True Blood, but this made me want to gouge my eyes out.
    The New Moon trailer actually looks pretty decent, but I don’t want to be lulled into a false sense of security and then, WHAM!!! another 2 hours of my life wasted.

    I considered reading the books before I saw Twilight, but I changed my mind with a quickness.

    BTW, what was up with the vampire that looked like Beaker caught in headlights?!

  14. @BadMammaJamma…please read Twilight. The movie sucked. The book was beautiful. I hated the movie too. New Moon will be much better. But if you hated Twilight that much, you may want to wait for the redbox release.

  15. and LMAO! on the beaker comment!!!

  16. @tweeb – I know you’re a girl but to call that tween drivel of a romance novel beautiful? Honestly there’s is nothing beautiful about drinking blood and seducing young girls. Wait, I mixing my stories with R. Kelly again.

  17. @Paul Young- The girl comment was a cheap dig, but the R. Kelly one was hilarious!

    @tweeb- I think it’s great to defend something you like. I’m not much into romance stuff usually but romance with blood and gore, well, that’s another story!

  18. @Paul… SIGH. Look. Im a horror buff. I love blood and gore & death and destruction in a novel. Most of all I love the surprises, the things left unsaid. Those are what scare me the most…if i could even BE scared anymore. This one caught me way off guard. Think whatever you wish. But it’s not fair to judge a book series by it’s poorly made movie.

  19. i actually am a girl. just an old girl ;)

  20. Its so stuffy on here. Do you all wear tweed jackets and smoke pipes. Lighten up. Its a film geared for women who want a bit of romance with a smidgeon of action and adventure. Go watch X men, Hancock and all the other male cobblers if thats your interest.

  21. Uh oh guys we just got slammed :) Now I got tweeb and Holly coming at me from dissing Twilight. It’s ok, I happen to enjoy a good male cobbling now and again. *takes time to re-read last statement* Nope, nothing about that last sentence questions my sexuality.

    Of course, the vamps to me seem more metro-sexual. I want to see them work an ascot.

  22. Vast improvement over Twilight so far, it’s too bad the Wolf effects look very dated though.

  23. @Holly- It might be a movie geared towards girls, but more like pre-teen girls in my opinion. I would have probably loved it at 14.

    @Tweeb- I agree about not being scared by movies much anymore, but I can be grossed-out which is not really what I am looking for in a horror movie. I will admit that the zombie genre gives me nightmares. I think it’s strange because it is SO unbelievable.

    Sorry, starting to go off-topic here!

  24. I love that this story let’s young girls know that if the boy they like stops paying attention to them, the best way to win him back is throwing yourself in harm’s way. LOL.

  25. Tweed jackets… I’m still laughing on that one, but honestly address the film not the critic. Twilight was better than I expected it to be, and by Dagon’s unholy name it’s better than that drivel Vampire Diaries (wasn’t sure if it was my flu or the quality of the show that made me vomit), but it’s not a masterpiece. Not by a long shot.

    The books are entertaining, but not thought provoking.

    Tweeb, I don’t recall in NM quite as much action as they seem to portray in the film. Certainly you only got told about Laurent’s fate in the book, and I really don’t recall any sort of duel event in the Volturi assembly. I wonder if we get to see the murder of all those tourists?

    Oh, and True Blood? I’m gonna have to watch it, but so far it just sounds… bleh… I mean, the vampires hiss. I hate it when they hiss. The fang thing is damn cool, but still.

  26. Oh jeez Kofi, nothing like grenade chucking…