New Moon’s Record-Breaking Opening Day

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twilight new moon box office record New Moons Record Breaking Opening Day

Summit Entertainment is pretty happy with themselves this weekend with their Twilight sequel New Moon already breaking loads of sales records in just the first day. It surely seems now that rushing the film into production after last November’s success of the first book in Stephanie Meyer’s vampire novel series was a good idea. Continuing the momemtum and hype, the third installment Eclipse has already wrapped filming and is set for a summer release, only half a year away.

Check out after the jump for a list of ridiculously high financial stats for New Moon coming in from reports everywhere.

With the expected (and now realized) opening success of New Moon, I am surprised that in my screening of the movie, there were no trailers for other major upcoming films – What we saw instead was all just for upcoming movies from Summit and E1 Entertainment and no other studios took advantage of the masses of eager moviegoers sitting in packed theaters everywhere.

Here are the numbers reported from Nikki Finke at Deadline Hollywood as of this morning:

  • Debuted at around $72 million in 4024 theaters but results still coming in.
  • Breaks the record for Friday opening and single day sales ($67 million from The Dark Knight).
  • The Friday totals include the insanely high midnight screenings that brought in 26.27 million from 3514 theaters – this beats both The Dark Knight and the latest Harry Potter.
  • Tracking for a $125 opening weekend which is still under numbers for the third Pirates of the Caribbean, The Dark Knight or Spider-Man 3.
  • Last year’s Twilight brought in just under $70 million so this one is destroying it as well as expectations which had the movie likely getting close to Iron Man numbers around $100 million.

Fandango is reporting that New Moon is selling 10 tickets/second throughout Friday and it’s the number one advanced ticket seller of all time for them.

What do you think of the box-office success of the Twilight films so far and what do you expect from next year’s installment?

If you missed it, check out Screen Rant’s New Moon Review.

Directed by Chris Weitz, New Moon stars Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene – it’s playing everywhere currently. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse opens June 30, 2010 and is directed by David Slade.

Source: Deadline Hollywood

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  1. Ogb, I think your kinda over reacting on Twilight fans. You can’t expect others to share your positions and opinions,,,

    Also if you want to talk dumbing down of our society its more than bad films or American Idol, our Main Stream Media along with subliminal advertising practices, modified food, etc have cultivated our current state of intellectual bankruptcy… 😉

  2. Getting a little heated aren’t we?
    TDK is my favorite movie but Twilight’s fanbase is gigantic. I expected records to be broken and in the end it doesn’t really affect me. I enjoyed the Twilight movies and TDK. Let the fans enjoy their movies.

  3. The Twilight movies bring in hordes of fans that may not be your average mainstream moviegoer and that’s a good thing that the franchise is able to succeed so well.

    I just wish the production quality and budget were up to to par and the schedule wasn’t so rushed so much that it does more to earn such massive numbers.

    Look how much money Spider-Man 3, Pirates 3, X-Men 3 and Matrix 3 made and they all were big disappoints that I wish folks didn’t support so much, lol.

    As for New Moon, it had a few neat scenes better than anything in the first movie but overall, Twilight was a better movie and I expected an improvement.

    I’m not sure Eclipse will beat these numbers, I think we’ll see a slight slow down and people waiting a little bit the next time around.

  4. 790 I’m not overacting and I’m not expecting anyone to share my opinions.

    I’m expressing my opinion and it is a little broad but that’s how I feel.

    Like I said before, I’m not loosing any sleep over this but I put the whole Twilight thing up there with the E channel, jon gosselin and baloon boy news stories, etc.

  5. Its a fad, this movie will not be remembered in a few years, the fan base will go away and the fans of twilight will find another something to drool over. You wont see remakes of the series, maybe new books, but overall it will end and people will grow up and move on to the next thing that catches their attention or that Hot Topic endorses. I dont care if it breaks records or beats out TDK because in the end, TDK will be around for ever. Batman has been around for so many years, Twilight will be around for very little in comparison.

  6. Well after that, I am sure the end of the world is near.

  7. This is just pathetic. What is wrong with people today?

  8. Wow, you guys really need to get over yourselves. Clearly you have strong opinions, but you know what? So does everyone. Opinion is cheap, including yours. I know that is harsh, but it’s reality. If you think you have some right to think that only movies you think are high quality are going to gross well at the box office, you are a deluded megalomaniac.

    The numbers are the numbers. Someone, somewhere, for some reason, likes this film. At the end of the day, that’s all the matters. If it made money, it’s good. Ex post facto. $$$ Bling bling. The fact of the matter is, anyone on this blog would make this movie themselves in exchange for the profit that it is going to generate.

    That’s the beauty of capitalism, baby!

  9. The hate here is just silly, let the fans have their day. It is just a movie, remember that, I have friends who hate comic book movies and they couldnt believe TDK made so much money. They just didnt get it.

    So everyone calm down and just accept the facts.

  10. 3rd highest opening weekend of all time, $140 million dollars, there is just no arguing with that. While gross isnt by any means an indication of quality, someone out there must like it, and from a gross like that, it aint just teenage girls!

  11. I am not into the whole twilight fad but My wife has read all the books. I saw the first and thought it did seem kinda just for teenagers but I didn’t think it was that “bad” as your making it out to be. I went to see “New Moon” and thought it was alot better than I was thinking it would be. I’m not a fan but I thought that move was pretty good. Not the best movie I’ve seen in my life but much better than the crap that came out this past year. The director did a good job and I like the forrest scene and the dramatic scene at the end. Kristen Stewart did a much better job carrying the film in this one than the first. I don’t understand all this hate about this move. It was better than that Transformers piece of crap.

  12. @Jason
    Who is saying Transformers is good? lol At least the cgi was decent in transformers

  13. The CGI in Transformers 2 wasnt decent, some parts made it look pre phantom menace.

  14. The CGI in Transformers 2 wasnt decent, some parts made it look pre phantom menace.”

    You’re kidding me, right? The CGI was one of the two things that Transformers 2 did right, other than the action. The SFX in the film are Oscar worthy.

  15. Yes I’m serious, some of the CGI is terrible, there is some shocking green screen sections in the dessert.

  16. Sam’s right about TF2,

    Because it was so rushed there was a ton of shortcuts taken on a lot of the scenes and while some scenes are amazing, some are not and look dated.

  17. Peoples’ ignorance is infinitely astounding.
    First, New Moon isn’t going anywhere, its documented on film. You may not see it again but Twilight is hundreds of millions of “cult-classic” while the haters remain a minority. Its not solely a teen flick, when I saw both films in an LA theater %50 of the people were at least over 30 and several elderly couples attended.

    Second, calling it a “vampire” movie is equivalent to calling Harry Potter a “wizard” movie or The Lord of the Rings” a “hobbit movie”. *******Its a story about seemingly doomed and forbidden love-a primary theme since the DAWN OF MAN-making conscious choices, trusting your intuition, seeking truth, love as a selfless action, the assets of tradition, chivalry and morality, the gravity, brevity and awe of life, the soul and the human condition. (certainly up there with Batman moral and literary standards).

    Next, when people say “vampires don’t sparkle” I wonder if these people should be under psych evaluation. umm… Vampires don’t exist. Neither do hobbits or Batmen. If it’s the tradition of vampire lore bothering you then consider that lore is in constant evolution and vampires weren’t romanticized or sexualized until about 50 years ago. Hopefully the human palate for entertainment and knowledge evolves well beyond youth.

    Last, the films are based on a series of books-a saga-and if you haven’t read them or seen Twilight, much of the film will go over your head. The Twilight Saga haters generally sound ignorant for assessing what they haven’t read. I love hearing the ethical dilemma: its not okay to watch a love story about a vampire who wants to “wait until he’s married”? Please.

    Batman and Harry Potter make sense but New Moon doesn’t? *yawn* go read a book.

  18. hmm, movies come out, breaks, through interest, holds decency connected to fans relation, and breaks records. Tdk and Spiderman 3 broke records but were both kinda pieces of s**t! Next will eclipse break records???

  19. ^ Don’t feed the (illiterate) troll

  20. I am a mother of seven (between 22-40yrs) and a nanna to 19 the oldest being 18yrs a beautiful level-headed, intelligent, first year medical student,part-Māori and scandinavian.granddaughter She bought the Twilight dvd around to cheer me up as I was feeling unwell. For me I thoroughly enjoyed it and it immediately made me feel much better, enough to watch it twice.I love to view something different apart from the boring soaps you Americans love to watch thats all N.Z. T.V has to offer