Marvel Studios Developing 4 New TV Shows & A Miniseries

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Marvel Television Marvel Studios Developing 4 New TV Shows & A Miniseries

Marvel Studios has successfully established itself as a viable and industry-leading film production company with its semiannual big budget theatrical tentpole releases, and several weeks ago, began its expansion under the Disney umbrella to the small screen with Joss Whedon’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. The series began with high ratings and despite mixed reactions has been picked up for a full season order while Marvel reportedly develops a second series based around the Agent Carter Marvel One-Shot short film attached to the home video release of Iron Man 3.

That second Marvel live-action TV show would be a WWII period piece, ideally starring Hayley Atwell as the titular non-superpowered hero, but that’s just one of many television ideas secretly in development at the studio.

According to DeadlineAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is just the beginning and Marvel Entertainment has four separate TV shows and a miniseries in the works for video on demand and various cable networks. Their multiple sources on the matter remain mostly tight-lipped, emphasizing the security surrounding Marvel’s in-house developments and the power of their non-disclosure agreements.

marvel logo wallpaper 570x307 Marvel Studios Developing 4 New TV Shows & A Miniseries

The report indicates that Marvel has silently begun work on four different drams series with a fifth being a miniseries, nearing 60 episodes in total, and has already begun pitching it to the likes of Amazon, Netflix and WGN America along with cable networks. Interestingly, this means that the Disney-owned studio isn’t going to have all of its TV programming on Disney-owned platforms (like ABC).

We can only hope that Marvel’s interest in a quick and vast expansion onto small screens means that their library of recently reacquired characters including Blade, Daredevil and Punisher have a chance on TV since they do not fit the current Phase 2 and Phase 3 pans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If Amazon and Netflix are in the running for a miniseries, it would be a great way for Marvel to release adult-focused content that wouldn’t fit their PG-13 theatrical feature film plans. And fans will attest, Blade and Punisher are not PG-13 characters.

What Marvel live-action TV shows would you like to see most?


Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 31, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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Source: Deadline

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  1. Ghost Rider might be ob there list along with punisher and dare devil. Heroes for hire I think will be a part of shield (ib still think the black guy in first episode was Luke cage) dead pool in my opinion De serves a movie but he could work on netflix

    • Marvel don’t own the rights to Deadpool though :/

      • They own the tv rights to all x-men characters.

        • Oh that’s a good point

      • nore ghost rider. remember the nick cage movies? (rolles eyes while shaking head)

  2. Hopefully they’ll be better than Agents of Shield. That show is a major disappointment.

    • The show is what it should be. It is people with unreasonable expectations who have the problem. AKA you.

      • It’s exactly what its supposed to be huh. So the show is supposed to be bad? I don’t think that was the intention…I’m so glad you have the ability to look into my mind and see what my own expectations were. But let’s take a little trip back into reality, where my expectations were never high for the show, and it was still a let down. Its corny, its not well written, its boring, and the casting is bad. I’m so sowwy I huwt your wittle feewings by not liking your favorite lame show.

        • Youare correct, the show sucks. I watch it because my kid loves it. But show has characters that are nameless and bland and their biggest moments are coulson being
          Alive,fury’s appearance and the odd emergence off gravitron which all last but a few moments. Plots and writing are mediocre.

          • “I watch it because my kid loves it” that’s kind of the whole point of aos. everyone whats aos to be this smoking hot blond chick that is a cover model when is a ok brown headed babysitter . its not her fault she is what she is. no sane adult should be watching much from nbc abc fox or cbs other then sports or a hand full of shows any way

      • @wjrxyz – My expectations aren’t that high…I still watch Revolution. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is a show about a top-secret national security agency defending the public from a special type of terrorist…super-powered or super technology or alien tech or etc. Based on this premise, I think I should expect a little more 24 and a little less Good Luck Charlie. But no, I get the family friendly romp.

        Shows can go the family route and keep the show interesting. Look at Friday Night Lights. The difference is that this show chose to be a super-powered police procedural that avoids violence. It also decided to be a science fiction show that avoids science (raft does not plug hole in plane). It has flaws that need improvement. Yet, I continue to watch because as you read with my initial statement, I have no standards.

        • > has no violence

          In the second episode, multiple people get sucked out of a hole in the plane.

          In the third episode, cars fly into the air and crash, obviously killing the people inside.

          You don’t need BLOOD AND GORE to be violent.

          • You get the plane. But the semi dropped nose first and we see the team talking to the driver in the next scene. No broken bones, no concussion, no bruises.

            The show has no tension when only the bad guys get hurt.

            • False. That truck driver had at least two of the above conditions that you named.

              …Well, I mean he had a big semi-narly gash on the side of his head, which would logically follow that he probably had some form of concussion. It’s not like you can quantify a concussion on a TV show unless some actually says “By the way, I’ve got a concussion now, I bet you wanted to know that bit of exposition”.

                • I’ve had at least one from a car accident for a couple hours, then was more or less fine. How long it lasts depends on how bad it was. A better question is why the heck they kept him in the same spot for so long. Crash happened about midday, they questioned him from a medical vehicle, at the crash site, clearly several hours later, way past sunset.

                  • And now, on episode 4, some guy got killed.

                    What was your point about not being violent?

                    • 3 agents in a van that gets rolled over and they even state out loud that they didn’t get hurt. Give Fitz a broken arm…show some real world consequences for our heroes. But yes, you’re right, random extra #6 was offed.

                  • @Kyle – I’ve had 3 concussions throughout my life. 2 minor and one major. The major one pretty much incapacitated my thought process for two days. I was still fuzzy a week later. It makes me wonder how those professional football players can return so quickly to the field. The minor ones I was shaken up for a night and then was fine the next day.

                    I’d think a semi being dropped nose first into the ground would cause a major concussion. Just like being rolled over in a van with lots of surveillance equipment might cause a minor concussion.

                    But you’re right about the time frame. Good catch :D

        • I know your last sentence explains what you said above, but I want to comment on something a lot of people seem to miss in movies and TV shows today.

          It’s called “entertainment” for a reason. That huge vocal minority ranting on about how bad Iron Man 3 was forgot one thing; It’s entertainment. If that movie wasn’t entertaining to watch, then I don’t know what is.

          Same with Agents of SHIELD. It’s really entertaining. Sure, it could be more dramatic and have more 24, less family-friendly cheese, but it might not be as entertaining then. :)

          • I think that you and many others are forgetting something about entertainment: it’s subjective. :)

          • iron man 3 wasn’t bad it just wasn’t an epic iron man movie ppl thought it would be. it is what it is . it was a tony stark movie that was good other then the manderian thing but that can be fixed but someone with magic coming to earth and turning ben kingsley into his fake persona . that would make iron man 3 a lot cooler but it was fare from bad and the best super movie out this year until thor 2 comes out. im geeked for this one

        • Yeah I wasn’t expecting much but I feel a little let down by AOS. The show comes across so campy at the moment, it’s like The Walking Dead’s earlier seasons.

          There’s something bad about it but I keep watching out of the hope that it’s gonna get better.

      • its not that good of a show. i dont think it will get a second season. the biggest problem is the show is made for kids, not all ages. its much too light, i gave it a chance and ive seen enough.

        • Yeah, definitely agree with this, Marvel’s cinematic and television output seem sterilized, made for kids. Such a shame really, they have good deep characters they can revolve a story around, but I feel if they tried to do any of them, they’ll end up kiddifying it and making market-data based characters for generic mass appeal instead of just telling a story. What I mean is this character is for this crowd of viewers and this character is for this other crowd, etc.

    • Only if you were expecting a superhero of the week show, if you’re not the show is awesome.

  3. Wouldn’t mind seeing Blade or Punisher.

    • Blade was attempted years ago and failed miserably. Of course, though, that dors not mean someone else’s version would fail.

      • I agree the live action Blade sucked… but if you focused on Krista and ignored Blade it was awesome. *Grin*

  4. I guess that I really need to get knower up on Heroes for Hire. I am not sure how interested I would personally be in watching Daredevil, Punisher or Blade shows, but they would generally probably be good ideas to go with. I would love to see Hayley Atwell in and Agent Cater series or miniseries, if it could be done well. She-Hulk also appeals to me, although that might be a bit VFX-heavy for a non-film.

    The main thing, though, is quality writing and casting. I watched Agents of SHIELD once, and pretty muh abandoned it right there. I hope that it does get better, but there is no excuse for a Marvel-based show not being terrific from the word go.

    • think of an iron fist tv-ma rated tv show as a kungfu movie in a sopranos or the wire type grimy world. a part of the marvel universe that is too small to be in the movie more like in the shadows of it. so an iron fist and cage movie would be like one of those magical kung fu movies were everyone has magical super powers and you would throw cage into this world. if i.f. is in it it has to have that old school kungfu to it or it wont be right at all

  5. If there was ever a time for DC Cinematic to up their game it’s now.

  6. * Legal drama similar to Law & Order for Matt Murdock/Daredevil.

    * Supernatural based show for Ghost Rider (Sons Of Anarchy meets Sleepy Hollow)

    * WW2 era Howlin’ Commandos/Peggy Carter period drama (Band Of Superhero Brothers)

    There’s 3 ideas already.

    • now all we need is a GLA sitcom :)

  7. This looks to be promising and some can show up as side characters to help outmovie heroes with out having to have a origin movie. They can also feel the reprecussion of events from the movies. Coulson can show up or other shield guys in the other shows. The fluid feel of these comics come to life is really amazing. DC has really got to step up.

  8. I would really like to see a Deadpool tv show. Other than that, I guess Blade would be cool if they did it right. Not like the show from 2006. And I would want Netflix to make them, they certainly have the money and they can also show nudity and curse.

  9. Cloak & Dagger would make a great TV show in the right hands, it has Buffy-style potential.

    Daredevil needs a TV show. I like the aforementioned idea of half superhero action, half legal drama a la Law & Order. And an actress who can pull off Elektra, please.

    One of Marvel’s most underrated ideas is Sleepwalker. The comic kind of sucked but the concept is unique.

    Moon Knight? Runaways? Thunderbolts? Venom? Heroes for Hire? I WANT ALL THE TV SHOWS

  10. Im only interested in tv shows within the MCU.

  11. Nick Fury, Black Widow, Scarlet Witch/Quicksilver, New Avengers (hoping for a miracle). If any crossover happens it’ll be on TV first.

    Blade could be cool, but Spike brings bad memories. Fox had a Punisher series in development so it’s possible.

  12. The 2 I would like to see would be a Kurt Sutter helmed MidKnight Sons/ Punisher or Moon Knight and a BBC America show, maybe Captain Britain?

    • I’d love a Moon Knight show.

      • Moon Knight would definitely be an interesting selection for a television show. A Midnight Sons mini-series would also be interesting. Ghost Rider would also work if they play up the Spirit of Vengeance angle. I had liked the idea of Mockingbird being a series a la Alias (Jennifer Garner series) and holding out hope that they incorporate it into Agents of SHIELD. I admit the writing hasn’t been the best, but I am willing to stick around a little bit longer to see it it improves.

  13. I would love to see a Punisher TV series starring Tom Jane. I enjoyed his Punisher film the most and the short film released last year was awesome. It would be really cool to see it show up on Netflix or HBO, so that they could tell the Punisher story as it was meant to be told.

  14. I’ve got some ideas for Marvel shows I want to see

    1. Heroes for Hires – A live action show that crosses over with Agents of Shield and the movies
    2. Deadpool – An animated comedy in the same style as Archer linked to but not directly related to the shows on Disney. Basically it’d be in the same universe as things like Ultimate Spider-Man but characters like Spider-Man wouldn’t show up to allow the show to be a mature show.
    3. Punisher
    4. New Warriors – They could live action and play it off as a fake reality TV Show
    5. Marvels – I recall a story showing normal people dealing with superheroes and how they interpreted certain events in the Marvel lore such as the creation of the first human torch and that seems like something I’d want to see, it’d be like Heroes but only dealing with non-powered people and the way they’ve changed their lifestyle to survive the world of Marvel. It could work as a mini-series so every now and then you show different characters and how things like the invasion of new york or AIM’s war against Tony Stark have effected them.

    • Deadpool is owned by Fox, not Marvel Studios and Marvels followed one photographer over the decades, from the Human Torch/Namor fight in the 30s to his retirement in the 90s. Didn’t really follow several people, just one guy as he reported on news stories like Galactus appearing on Earth and Gwen Stacy’s death.

      • Deadpool’s movie rights are owned by Fox actually and Marvel Studios are allowed to make TV Shows out of characters like Deadpool and Spider-Man hence Ultimate Spider-Man.

        Good point but the story being around one guy doesn’t mean you can’t put other characters in the story. Agent Ward was never in the comics but that didn’t stop Marvel from having him in Agents of SHIELD.

  15. So on top of Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D they are doing Peggy Carter and working on several other shows. Can we expect a Jane Foster spin-off too or are they going to actually use characters and story lines that if not based loosely on comic books are at least interesting.

  16. Marvel Zombies

    • YES!!! The miniseries should be this!

      • Could be fun. Would require a CR-AZY production budget though.

  17. All will be based off terrible characters. Don’t expect DareDevil or Punisher.
    And if you think an HBO show is possible than you are an wrong. WB owns HBo

  18. Hey Marvel, do you think we could have a show in your Superhero universe with, you know, superheroes?

    • +1

  19. I think they should make it different every week. Do a Marvel Team up or a two in one. I used to love those comic series

    • Like this idea–see my post below.

  20. Joss Whedon used to cross over characters from his different shows all the time. I see potential for a Marvel Whedonverse on tv, with midseason crossover events or even random appearances from characters from other shows/movies (a la Nick Fury in AoS episode 2).

  21. Overkill

  22. Heroes for Hire.
    Strange Tales (Revolving stories that alternately focus on characters like: Man-Thing, Moon Knight, Spider-Woman, Howard the Duck [yes I went there lol], Deathlok, Blade / Dracula, the Werewolf, Shang Chi, Misty Knight, Valkyrie, Machine Man, etc.)

    • I like the Strange Tales idea…like a Twilight Zone with superheroes

      • I like it too but I’d honestly like to see Marvel venture back into horror movies with another Man-Thing release.

  23. I’d take a Punisher series on Netflix or a Daredevil one…or Blade or just do an incarnation of Marvel Knights. Heroes for Hire would be great too. Cloak and Dagger…so many choices. But none of this ABC family BS that is Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    I hope the miniseries is the Hulk. OR…Nick Fury. Or as someone else stated…Marvel Zombies. I don’t think Sony has the rights to zombie Spiderman. Do they?

  24. Judging from what the sis with Marvel Agnets of BullShield what ever show they make will be turdburgers

  25. I’m really gunning for a Runaways TV series. It’d be appealing to both children and adults. Think about it: the dark tone balanced with teenage angst, inexperience and immaturity- why wouldn’t the show be a hit!

  26. I don’t like this news very much. AOS is not going to entertain me much longer if it doesn’t tie in to the MCU a lot more. Marvel I think is better at movies than TV, and I don’t want Daredevil in TV. And all Marvel has to do is MAKE ROOM for him in the MCU. The only TV adaptation I have liked in recent times is DCs Arrow, which after last weeks episode appears to be expanding to include The Flash, which I hope will ultimately tie in to the DCCU.

  27. I hope Marvel hires a better writing and action choreography team for the new shows. Another disappointing episode of Shield. This show should be at least as good as Sleepy Hollow, Blacklist, and Arrow.

  28. Daredevil show with The Punisher, Luke Cage and Iron Fist as recurring characters. That could lead to Punisher and Heroes for Hire spin-offs.

    Ghost Rider could work in the style of the old Incredible Hulk TV series.

  29. Whatever it is I just hope its real superheroes going against real super villains. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Thunderbolts, Heroes for hire, or Deadpool