Marvel Studios Developing 4 New TV Shows & A Miniseries

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Marvel Television Marvel Studios Developing 4 New TV Shows & A Miniseries

Marvel Studios has successfully established itself as a viable and industry-leading film production company with its semiannual big budget theatrical tentpole releases, and several weeks ago, began its expansion under the Disney umbrella to the small screen with Joss Whedon’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. The series began with high ratings and despite mixed reactions has been picked up for a full season order while Marvel reportedly develops a second series based around the Agent Carter Marvel One-Shot short film attached to the home video release of Iron Man 3.

That second Marvel live-action TV show would be a WWII period piece, ideally starring Hayley Atwell as the titular non-superpowered hero, but that’s just one of many television ideas secretly in development at the studio.

According to DeadlineAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is just the beginning and Marvel Entertainment has four separate TV shows and a miniseries in the works for video on demand and various cable networks. Their multiple sources on the matter remain mostly tight-lipped, emphasizing the security surrounding Marvel’s in-house developments and the power of their non-disclosure agreements.

marvel logo wallpaper 570x307 Marvel Studios Developing 4 New TV Shows & A Miniseries

The report indicates that Marvel has silently begun work on four different drams series with a fifth being a miniseries, nearing 60 episodes in total, and has already begun pitching it to the likes of Amazon, Netflix and WGN America along with cable networks. Interestingly, this means that the Disney-owned studio isn’t going to have all of its TV programming on Disney-owned platforms (like ABC).

We can only hope that Marvel’s interest in a quick and vast expansion onto small screens means that their library of recently reacquired characters including Blade, Daredevil and Punisher have a chance on TV since they do not fit the current Phase 2 and Phase 3 pans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If Amazon and Netflix are in the running for a miniseries, it would be a great way for Marvel to release adult-focused content that wouldn’t fit their PG-13 theatrical feature film plans. And fans will attest, Blade and Punisher are not PG-13 characters.

What Marvel live-action TV shows would you like to see most?


Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 31, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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Source: Deadline

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  1. Do you remember when Lucasfilm said “We’re going to make a Star Wars tv series,” and then they said “We’re going to make two or three series, and they’re all going to be movie quality,” and then “That’s actually too expensive to do at the moment, so maybe later”?

  2. Miley Cyrus as Dazzler, if Marvel wanted to produce a show for pre-teenage girls, they should have lunched Dazzler on ABC instead of AoS. Each episode could end with a golden nugget (A new Miley Cyrus music video based on the upcoming weeks episode).

    They could also create a Iceman / Firestar forbidden love story, she’s hot, he’s cold. She’s a good girl in the cool kids Hellfire Club, he’s a bad boy in a nerdy G&T program that she helps him gain control his wild, untamed and dangerous (to her) powers. 12 year old girls love that kind of stuff.

    Then for the adult fan boys Marvel can produce a late night drama on Cinemax featuring Tigra battling her dual souls in Baja California. Her cat soul’s super powered sex drive is destroying her relationship with her non powered boyfriend Jon Wayne; as well as, her working relationship with her fellow hero’s, all of which she is secretly bedding.

    • Never mention Miley for Dazzler again, with the way that woman is going, she would never make a good superheroine.

      • Even if she reverted back to her old, asexual teen self, Miley would be a BAAAAAAD idea, especially if it involved songs.

        Oh, and @BectonD, Iceman and Firestar are mutants, therefore they belong to Fox, not Marvel.

  3. I could definitely see any of the smaller groups or teams being TV shows like Heroes for Hire or Thunderbolts. Maybe a Nick Fury’s Howling Commandos that takes place in the past. Punisher would be something to which they could do justice on Netflix or even a cable network that shows some of the grittier stuff. Perhaps the Inhumans will be developed on the small screen. The Runaways is another possibility.

    • Punisher would be good for HBO, possibly as a replacement to Dexter.

  4. I think a Daredevil miniseries could be excellent with Matt Murdock being the attorney of the likes of Punisher, Moonknight and the Heroes for Hire by day, and fighting alongside them at night. This could provide a great balance of courtroom drama and action adventure. Of couse this should be loosely tied in to the MMU.

    • I think DD and Punisher should each have their own shows and intertwine them from time to time. Heroes for Hire would also be nice as an ongoing show as it could showcase all of their unused heroes. Finally, Blade as a miniseries and then taking it from there would be great. Just hope more heroes are used than AoS.

  5. I just watched episode two and three of Agents of Shield tonight (missed first episode).

    I was totally floored at how silly they have set so much of the tone. The show has real potential and it comes across as if Colson is in charge of a youth group not an agency of the world’s best.

    The really young guy and girl are the most painful. Doing eye surgery but getting squeamish over the what they are looking at. It just makes the whole thing farcical. No one acquires that level of skill then treats it a mouse dissection in science class.

    I get the idea of comic relief but the slapstick and buffoonery are not doing the show any favors in it’s initial setup.

    The Idea of sending out an untrained agent into the field reminds me of when the film Triple X thought they were going to outclass James Bond by getting some punk with a skateboard and some street skillz to show yo how it’s done. Yes some of the audience are ten years old but the market for this show is so much bigger than that.

    And please, can we see some adults. Like lots of adults into the show as if Shield are a big outfit of professionals.

    I know Marvel are not trying for the same tone as DC but from what I have seen the show has potential to evolve into something great or devolve into absolute rubbish. At this point there is a lot more evolving than devolving needs to happen.

    • Very true. Agents of SHIELD is a misfire for me.

    • Thaaaaaaaaaank yooooou! We have an opportunity to see the full power of SHIELD in The Avengers, and are given the picture of what is supposed the be the world’s most advanced/powerful agency. What we get in AoS is more like a live-action Scooby-Doo TV show. Granted, movie budgets and TV budgets are 2 different monsters, but they totally water down the story with this show.

      • What most of you bashers seem to forget is that it’s a Whedon show. The guy’s basically the epitome of the eternal teenager, so you shouldn’t be surprised by what you’re getting. His take of focusing on a cell of young trainees is both wholly consistent with his usual style and brilliantly taking people off-balance when they expected a SHIELD show to be more adult and serious. All his shows, when taken as a whole, reveal themselves to actually be metaphors about growing up and/or maturing in the guise of sci-fi/fantasy, so starting with this group of mostly unexperienced, fallible kids is not a bad idea in this regard.

        Sure, the first episodes are flawed but it’s often the case and not only with Whedon’s shows. You can’t judge a whole series by the first four episodes only, it would be like judging a book by the back cover summary alone without actually reading it. How many potentially awesome shows ended prematurely because viewers had the attention span of a goldfish? Shows like Alcatraz, Ringer, Persons Unknown or Whedon’s Dollhouse all had great potential but weren’t allowed the time to settle in. AoS has already started to improve and I’m confident it will continue climbing the slope to the top. Just be patient and give it enough time to get there, dammit!

        • Nobody wants AoS to work more than me, but if I’m a hardcore fan and find very little to be entertained by in it, then why would the less enthusiastic even care? They need to right the ship fast.

          I will never stop watching it because I have wanted this shared universe for a long time. To me there is something cool about being connected to other movies or TV shows. Since the Marvel movies have been great, I want more no matter what. The problem is, they are trying hard to stay away from the Marvel mythos when they should embrace it.

          You can use several gimmicks to capture an audience if they show is meant to progress. Give them something they all share to cling to. Sort of like the Fury end scene, but that seemed so forced that it was ridiculous.

          Finally, it’s an ultra competitive market right now. True, people have short attention spans, but that just means you’ve got to be really good. A show like Blacklist has kept my attention from the first scene. I pray AoS figures things out soon.

          • They’re staying away from the mythos for now but they will embrace it at some point. They chose to focus at first on the core group of characters precisely because of the fact that introducing big names from the get-go would have detracted from those main characters. They could easily have made J. August Richards play Luke Cage in the pilot instead of this unknown character but it would have been a mistake. After all, this is not a Marvel All-Stars show but a show about a cell of young SHIELD agents. The audience needs to understand that fact and they also need to understand that big names will show up in the show eventually but just not yet. If Arrow succeeded in finally becoming this praised after such a lukewarm start, AoS can pull it off too.

            • I see what you’re saying and, believe me, I hope you are right and this show becomes one of the best to ever exist. I just think that they could have given the majority of people what they want and have sort of a Marvel All-Star show like you said. That is what most of us were hoping for. If not that, then not having such vanilla characters would be nice because you actually have to care about the characters to get into the show. Coulson has been so boring and predictable so far. The Asian lady is interesting but they need more. Fitz and Simmons are funny but they are way too comical.

              Let me also say that I have been a Marvel fan since before I can remember. I have EVERY main Marvel comic since 2000, and most of the the lesser known comics. I also used to love Deathstroke and Batman, and the Nolan trilogy and then Green Arrow got me into DC comics. I would not have stayed with Green Arrow if it started like AoS did. Now, I’ve found myself dropping so many Marvel titles (which are all expensive and made with horribly cheap paper) and I’ve picked up most of the DC titles.

              I wanted just the opposite. I hope that Marvel revives my enthusiasm, but Iron Man 3 and AoS just haven’t impressed me.

              • Coulson has always been boring and predictable, nothing new here. He’s always been a random suit and I never understood why people connected with him that much, except for the fact that he was THE regular Joe among a bunch of demigods. Now you see him among other “norms” and realize he’s really not appealing one bit. I’m hoping he’ll become more interesting when the mystery of his resurrection is revealed but honestly, I don’t watch the show for him.

                Granted, Fitz and Simmons need to find their pace but remember it’s a Whedon show and comedy has always been a big part of his work, even in more mature shows like Dollhouse or Angel.

                I know a lot of fanboys are still steaming with anger over how the Mandarin and Extremis were handled but objectively, Iron Man 3 was hands down the 3rd best Marvel movie after Avengers and the first Iron Man.

                • I wouldn’t say hands down IM3 was in the top 3 Marvel movies. It was still a good movie, but I think it was my least favorite of all the Marvel-verse. I really didn’t mind the Mandarin being made into a joke so much as I hated what they did with Extremis. If you read the Extremis comic series, it was much better than the story they went with. I mean, the lava people just seemed dumb to me. Then they went on and used the weakest part of that movie in AoS.

                  I think Thor will turn things around in my mind, but we shall see.

  6. Decent X-Men series, Daredevil, Dr. Strange, Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, Cable.

  7. The 10 minute One Shot of Agent Carter was very well made, I was impressed by it. It was also more driven and action packed than all the Marvel Agents Of Shield episodes so far. Whedon needs to pull his socks up and make an effort as so far the series has just been weak and disapointing so far. All talk and no action, much like Whedons other work…

    • Uhh, yeah, OK. You don’t seem to know these other works very well…

  8. I like it.

    You get Agents of Shield at 8pm. Heroes for Hire at 9pm and then a dark and gritty Punisher at 10pm.

  9. A Western anthology series featuring Marvel’s stable of characters like Gunhawks, the original Ghost Rider, and the Two-Gun Kid could combine elements of classic American shows with Spaghetti Westerns, steampunk, and supernatural themes while rotating and/or combining lead characters over the various story arcs.

  10. I dont know why they cant make punisher like the Jason Bourne movies or 007. Its not that hard, there does not have to be any over the top special effects cheesy character or kiddy comedy in it.

  11. I honestly think that if Marvel keeps going down the road that they are going,there’s could quite possibly be some serious backlash against them,seeing that they are just trying to over-saturate the market.

    Let’s face it,AoS is looking more and more like a bust,and unless they can come up with some compelling stories,but more importantly,characters,no one will care about the small potatoes-like show that they do next.

    In all honestly,I think they should do something that’s completely off the radar to try to separate it from the Avengers’ shadow.

    My choices that would interest me the most are:

    Cloak and Daggar
    Rom Space Knight
    Groo The Wanderer

    • Two movies a year and one show ain’t exactly over-saturating the market… Sure, they’re planning on more but would you say DC are over-saturating the market? Nope, and when you take into account their live-action and animated shows, they use up much more TV screen time than Marvel intends to.

  12. Definitely could see a Heroes For Hire. It felt like Agents of SHIELD was heading in a direction of displaying some lower-tiered but important heroes to maybe cameo and crossover in movies, but that fell off the tracks rather quickly, as did the show.

    • Again, with four episodes only, the show is just beginning and still trying to find its feet. Wait at least until the end of season one to pass such definitive judgement.

  13. Can any one tell me the name of that cartoon series made by marvel where several ghost mystery were solved and there was a boy who solve all those mystery with his team. its like scooby doo..