We like to mix things up here at Screen Rant, which is why today we’re giving you some new materials from an action movie (The Losers), an animated children’s film (How To Train Your Dragon), and an R-rated coming-of-age rock biopic (The Runaways). How’s that for variety? Anyway, let’s get started.

The Losers

By now, you should probably be familiar with The Losers, but in case you’re not, here are the details. The film, which is directed by Sylvain White, is an adaptation of a Vertigo graphic novel about a group of CIA operatives, codenamed The Losers, who are seeking revenge after they are betrayed by their handler.

The Losers boasts an impressive cast including Zoe Saldana (Avatar), Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Watchmen), Chris Evans (Push), Idris Elba (Thor), Jason Patric (Narc), Columbus Short (Armored) and Oscar Jaenada.

From the look of the first trailer, the film seems like it will have a nice combination of high-intensity action and humor. Check out some new images of The Losers, as well as a new poster, below. Click for high-res versions of the images courtesy of Collider.

Pg. 2 for clips of How To Train Your Dragon and The Runaways

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