New James Bond Title Revealed

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gunbarrel New James Bond Title RevealedThe title for the new James Bond film has been revealed. The follow-up to Casino Royale will be called Quantum of Solace.

The title was revealed at a press conference in Pinewood Studios, where producer Michael G. Wilson stated that the film would begin “literally an hour after the last film left off” and that the film would feature “twice as much action” as its predecessor.

The film follows Bond as he tries to track down the organization that caused the death of his love, Vesper Lynd. Here’s an official synopsis of The Quantum of Solace:

“In a minefield of treachery, murder and deceit, Bond allies with old friends in a battle to uncover the truth. As he gets closer to finding the man responsible for the betrayal of Vesper, 007 must keep one step ahead of the CIA, the terrorists and even M, to unravel a sinister plan.”

This is an interesting title choice, and one that sounds very James Bondian – it is named after a collection of Bond short stories by original James Bond author Ian Fleming so that’s a nice retro tip of the hat.

I’m really looking forward to this. To be honest I feel that this film will be even better than Casino Royale, which in my opinion was just a set up for this new Bond adventure – much like Batman Begins was a set up for The Dark Knight.

I’m quite surprised that the title has been announced already. Usually there are several news stories discussing a Bond film’s possible or rumored titles, and this one seems to have really gone under the radar. I mean how many times did we hear that Die Another Day was going to be called Beyond the Ice?

This secrecy is not a bad thing – Bond movies are usually over-hyped and this film is moving along without too much exposure. Rare in this day and age, but something that film marketing departments seem to be leaning towards; just look at the new Indiana Jones with its lack of plot details or even a trailer at this late date!

I’ve been a James Bond fan for eternity and I’m a big fan of Connery and Brosnan (as an Irish man- could I be anything else?). Roger Moore also has a special place in my DVD collection with his campy, innuendo laden films. To me Daniel Craig was good, but he still has to prove himself.

Will he manage? Will Quantum of Solace match the critical and commercial success of Casino Royale?

We will find out in November.

What are your views on the title? Let us know.

Source: BBC

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  1. I’m glad the title has a connection to the James Bond mythology, but honestly… I find it rather odd.


  2. At least it does not have DIE in the title!!


  3. Or “Gold” for that matter :)

  4. I’ll have to dig out my Fleming Bond books and find the short story. It will be interesting to see if the movie contains any of the elements of the short story it’s taking the name from.

    I am definitely looking forward to this one, especially if they stick with the more serious, less gadget heavy tone of Casino Royale.

  5. This title sounds thrown together and quite lame but the plot sounds tight.

    I’m looking forward to this next Bond.
    Craig really stole the show last time.
    I think one reason Craig is such a great Bond is due to his physical endurance. He really seems like he’s exhausted in some of the Casino Royales chase scenes.

    Unlike Brosnen or Moore, those two and even Dalton never seemed out of breath. Just seemed fake. Craig plays his Bond more realistically. IMO
    This is making me want to watch my Casino Royale dvd.

  6. How could this or ANY movie not be better than Casino Royale? With the exception of the opening scene and the title credits, the main suspense was sitting around a green table pushing little plastic disks around. How about a different title for that one? Snore-a-palooza. Sorry Nial, “die” is implied.

    Also, he looks like an ape. Thinking of him as a debonair lady’s man requires more suspension of disbelief than I needed to believe that Homer Simpson could ride a motorbike around the inside of a city dome.

    Sigh. Alright, I will give props to Craig for even acting out a torture scene like the one in that movie.

  7. Photo and plot details:


  8. Gotta tell ya Heath I’m going to stay away from any Spoliers on this film. Cast, locations ok but I don’t wanna know much.
    Points to the producers for doing this film 2 hours after the last film I really love that kind of flow to the next film.

    Is there a release data yet for this one?

  9. Liz, no I’m not in any group. I’ll take your word for Bond being a ladies man. After torture like that, I’m impressed that Bond is still a man at all.

  10. It’s one of the few unused Ian Fleming titles that’s bankable, although I wonder how they will explain it. The origin in the short story is quite dull.

    It might fit, however; briefly, the “quantum of solace” refers to the assurance that another human being will always behave in a certain way – a human way. I suppose you could say that Bond’s “quantum of solace” with Vesper was broken when she betrayed him, while our “quantum of solace” with Bond begins to dissolve as he becomes more and more ruthless.

    Jim, lots of women find Craig very attractive indeed. Unless you suddenly gained the right to speak for all of us, I think you’ll have to concede you’re in the minority here. You don’t have associations with CraigNotBond by any chance, do you?

  11. Very interesting choice indeed. I just wonder how it’ll translate in countries like France, Germany, or Greece.

    I actually enjoyed Casino Royale very much, focussing more on character driven action rather than blowing up everything in sight.
    Kudos for the sinking Venetian mansion, spectacular as well as painful if you’re a lover of European architectural heritage.

    I’ve heard word that there will be no car chases in “Quantum”, perhaps a green choice, I just hope Bond doesn’t solve every other situation with a SonyEricsson mobile again.

    One more thing. Rumour has it that after Chris Cornell’s disappointing “You Know My Name”, EON productions have approached reunited rockers The Police to lay down a theme track for a bit more kick and bite. THAT would be worth seeing the movie for alone. Maybe they can even give Sting a part as an ex MI5 operative :-)

  12. Great info Q!

  13. If they limit the story in any way out of being “green” I will consider skipping it altogether. Would that mean no plane flights?

  14. ATTENTION: possible spoiler ahead…

    From the BBC website:
    “Producer Michael G Wilson has let slip that the new film will open with a big car chase in the streets of Siena. ”

    Well, maybe not all that green.

  15. Everyone,

    Spoiler warnings when you post stuff like this up, please.


  16. This is one of those titles, much like the new Indy 4, where I’ll have to look it up every time I want to write about it.

    Just doesn’t roll off the tounge… it’s hard to remember.

    I keep thinking “Quantum Silence.” :-)


  17. One poster on the Guardian website said the title basically means “Smidgeon of Comfort”, but that doesn’t really help remembering it :-) You could just keep calling it the much more catchy Bond 22 if you like, Vic.


  18. The film will be out in November.


  19. Thanks Niall!
    Its gonna be a great year for films! :)

  20. Boy, of all the titles they could come up with, Quantum what? This has to be the worst title ever, hope the movie is not an indication of the title. I would have liked Casion Royale 2, Bond, James Bond or The Organization.

  21. While I think (or rather, hope) that the movie will be great – I have to admit that at least for American audiences, I just don’t think it’s a good title at ALL.


  22. Title sucks.

  23. “Quantum of Solace” sounds like the result of a Random Word Generator, and as such, would have made a great rock band name.

    But aesthetically, yes, major suckage.

  24. Bad movie titles can surprise. Cloverfield, anyone?

    I still get deer in the headlight looks when I mention this movie. It really does sound like a chick flick. (Sorry, a “romantic comedy”).

    People need to associate a title with a subject. On that level, Niall had a great point–Quantum of Solace at least sounds like a James Bond title. But I hope they change it.

  25. Well Jim , I’m beginning to get a perspective on JJ and he’s got a bit of Rod Serling in him. The title Cloverfield is very enigmatic.

    Where “Quantum of Solace” sounds like a german rock band.
    (That sucks).

  26. Guy’s I have no idea what you’re talking about!! The title was obviously chosen because it would make a catchy song title for the opening credits!

    It just screams Number 1 hit single! :-D


  27. Yea Niall, I’m thinking Gwar, or possibly Dream Theatre can do the track. :)

  28. I hope they change this title. Sounds like a sci fi movie starring Rutger Hauger.

  29. Hey Yapper I couldnt let that Rutger Hauer comment go by without mentioning the new “Blade Runner the Final Cut” is out on dvd and really is the best version of the film!
    Yea and that Bond title sucks also. :)