New Iron Man, Hulk (Sort Of), And Wolverine Pictures

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iron man empire thumb New Iron Man, Hulk (Sort Of), And Wolverine PicturesThose lucky Brits have gotten new images from Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk and X-Men Origins: Wolverine in the upcoming issue of Empire Magazine.

The “sort of” in the title refers to the fact that there is no Hulk in the photos below, but we do get a look at a “you don’t want to make me angry” Ed Norton and what I believe is our first look at William Hurt as General Ross. In particular, I think Hurt looks great as General Ross – I guess I haven’t seen him in a movie for some time because he looks much older than I remember, which suits the role.

Robert Downey Jr. graces the cover as Tony Stark, the alter ego of Iron Man in the upcoming film. I’ll tell you one thing I really like about the picture above (and the larger version below): He looks serious.

There has been growing concern over the amount of humor that may be in Iron Man, with one site actually referring to it as being a possible comedy. I think this image lays those concerns to rest.

You can click on any of the images below to see much larger versions at Empire Online.

hulk empire2 New Iron Man, Hulk (Sort Of), And Wolverine Pictures
William Hurt as General Ross in The Incredible Hulk

hulk empire1 New Iron Man, Hulk (Sort Of), And Wolverine Pictures
Ed Norton not having a good day as Dr. Bruce Banner in The Incredible Hulk

iron man empire New Iron Man, Hulk (Sort Of), And Wolverine Pictures
Robert Downey Jr. looking like a guy you wouldn’t want to cross in Iron Man

wolverine empire New Iron Man, Hulk (Sort Of), And Wolverine Pictures
Hugh Jackman says “Are you talkin’ to me?” in X-Men Origins: Wolverine

All images courtesy of Empire Magazine.

So what do you think?

Source: SHH!

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  1. Be picking it up soon :-)


  2. I’m not trying to be facetious here… (I’m honestly curious) …but did US fans have an issue with the animated series being called ‘Justice League’? Or, for that matter… does anyone have a problem with me saying ‘US’ just now, rather than ‘USA’?

    To me, calling the film ‘Justice League’ makes perfect sense. It’s far punchier for a film and doesn’t sound like some dorky, dated ’60s property.

    Besides… the team features a Kryptonian, a Martian, an Atlantian, an Amazonian… their base is on the Moon these days… and I seriously doubt they’d stop fighting a super-villain when they cross the Canadian border.

  3. That Wolverine picture is so freakin’ AWESOME!! The Ed Norton one looks like someone is making him watch “The View.”

  4. Kane, it’s just a legacy/respect for the original thing. It’s not a huge issue, but just one of those little things.


  5. HELL YEAH WOLVERINE is #1. This pic looks nice lets hope that there is a lot of GORE in the movie.


    What’s going on with the Punisher movie I havent heard anything laitly.

    Olso Did any one saw the new JL movie if you did is it worth buying. Please let me know.

  6. Oh, totally… I get that… but, then, they never called a Batman film ‘Detective Comics’. ;o)

    To be honest, calling it ‘Justice League’ is probably the only positive thing I’ve heard about this film. It just sounds so much “cooler”!

  7. I think it is the motive behind why they are changing it which is the issue. Are they doing it because it is more appealing or because they are trying to dis-associate them from being from America? With all the anti-American sentiment these days, I am a little touchy about that kind of thing. Just like removing “and the American way” from the Superman movie. It is almost like they are ashamed to associate with being American. It would be like taking away any reference to Bond being from Britain because they don’t want to offend anyone. Screw that, Bond is British and should be, much like Superman (a Kryptonian) is from Kansas and stands for truth, justice, and the American way. Just my two cents.

  8. Does anyone agree that William Hurt looks perfect as General Ross? Marvel looks like they have got their act together. To bad the Avengers movie will crush the JL movie in all comparisons.

  9. Good points Kane and Shane.
    We can thank bush for our current worldwide rep…
    Hey world, were getting rid of him as fast as possible…
    These pictures do look awesome. The one with Norton looks like he’s a little scrawney in the upper body. Guy needs to do some pushups or something to get rid of those manboobs.
    I’m sure he will look good in green but wow what an unflattering shot.
    Every single shot I see of Stark just gets better and better. Comedy, I don’t think so. I’m sure Stark has some dry one-liners but I wouldn’t expect much more.
    Hey Vic it sure would be great if you could post the release dates under the main title for all films that are coming out.

  10. Good or bad rep, I honestly don’t think in those terms. Even in a world of totally compatible politics and free of war, the concepts of “American”, “British”, “Japanese” or – in my case – “Australian”… whatever… just don’t mean that much in my opinion and aren’t worth worrying about. They’re usually stupid, outdated cliches anyway… and, seriously, the change to “truth, justice and the American way” in Superman Returns just came off as a cute tip of the hat to an otherwise cheesy slogan. Rather than not putting it in at all, they just turned it on its head a bit.

    Heck, I’m still gonna love “Mexican” food if they start calling it “Corn Chips and Beef” – it just doesn’t sound as punchy.

  11. Kane, in both case”s Superman/JLA the American way stands for “Freedom”…

    Last time I checked we (the USA) were the only country to grant its people rights that enable our freedoms.
    So until “patriot act No 4. Strips us of our rights we still have that going for US.
    Ya know our military uses Australia for black ops and Submarine communications…
    O well, I love “Men at Work” (the 80’s group).

  12. Okay… you’ve completely missed the point I was making (and tied two unique parts of a sentence together as one, apparently), so it’s not even worth continuing the discussion.

    See ya.

  13. Oh Kane I piss people off all the time on this site.

    Welcome.. Mate.

  14. I understand your point Kane and its lame.

  15. Sorry… you misunderstood again. You didn’t piss me off. You made me sigh a little, roll my eyes and smirk… but you didn’t piss me off.

    And of course you think you understood my point. Don’t we all think that of how we initially interpret something?

  16. Please enlighten me Kane.
    I appreciate your reply….
    Btw just to keep up the apperance of a relevant post, man these pictures are kick ass!!!!!!!

  17. I’d much rather you have shared your theory on what you thought I’d said and why it was justified to get on the defensive about what “America” stands for…

    …or, alternatively, I’d rather have shown some self control and not bothered replying when I said I would…

    …but, what can I say? I’m a dog with a bone.

    My point was simply this:

    The ideal of “freedom” is now so global that to specifically call it “American” just comes off a little cheesy – not to mention condescending – and clinging to it selfishly like some child with a cowboy doll undermines the mass influence the ideal of democracy was intended to have.

    I wasn’t taking anything away from America by saying that; on the contrary. I think it shows a great deal of social evolution for the entertainment industry to offer that tip of the hat to old cliches while still looking forward and amending them to fit the world as it is today. Yes, it gets a little silly at times. Yes, it would suck if Captain America was suddenly “Captain Freedom” or “Captain UN”. But changing the line in Superman Returns or cutting ‘America’ in the title of Justice League does nothing to diminish those properties. It just makes them fresh.

    If suggesting that what was once “American” is now global and that “freedom” isn’t an ideal to be “claimed” by one nation is lame, so be it…

  18. Well, they are American comics and a lot of them were written and created during major wars or the cold war. So pride in country is part of why they were made, so when they make a movie based on comic book characters from other countries, you can say “and the [insert country name here] way” all you want. But until then, I’m perfectly fine with them saying the American way. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it, it’s not too difficult.

    Don’t worry Kane, I’m not on adam’s side, but that’s just my view about the whole American thing.