New Indy 4 Pics And Lucas Whines About Fans, Critics

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indy 4 jan2a New Indy 4 Pics And Lucas Whines About Fans, Critics
Harrison Ford looking like he’s still got the Indy mojo

Here are three new images from the set of Indy 4, or if you prefer painfully long titles: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. While I haven’t been wildly excited about this movie, these photos do get me fired up a bit as they seem to have captured the vibe of the original Raiders of the Lost Ark.

By far, most other movie site writers (including others here on Screen Rant) have been much more encouraging about this film than I have, which made the comments by George Lucas in his interview with Vanity Fair (the source of these images) quite odd.

Cinematical pointed out the comments by Lucas, which were quite a bit into “sour grapes” territory. First he goes after movie critics (and, I presume, movie news writers):

“I know the critics are going to hate it [meaning the new Indy film]. They already hate it. So there’s nothing we can do about that. They hate the idea that we’re making another one. They’ve already made up their minds.”

Ok, so he’s slamming critics, who are generally known for having more discerning taste than the average movie goer. But then, he also takes a shot at fans:

“The fans are all upset. They’re always going to be upset. ‘Why did he do it like this? And why didn’t he do it like this?’ They write their own movie, and then, if you don’t do their movie, they get upset about it. So you just have to stand by for the bricks and the custard pies, because they’re going to come flying your way.”

Now of course there are always going to be people that think that a particular movie should have been done this way instead of that. However there is a huge, HUGE difference between a subtle point of difference like “Hey, in The Dark Knight the batsuit should be grey instead of black” (that’s for you, Kel) and trying to put lipstick and perfume on a pig and calling it a beauty queen (can you say AVP-R?).

I’m sorry, but for the most part, the Star Wars prequels were bloody awful. It wasn’t a case of subtle points but of big honkin’ problems with the story, acting and direction. Pardon us if we’re a bit worried about how beloved characters are going to be portrayed in this film.

How about this: Just make a great movie, instead of a mediocre one and then crying about it when people call you on the fact that it’s mediocre (flashback to the whiny rationalizations of the makers of Star Trek: Nemesis).

But to end on a positive note, here are a couple more images that look really good from Indy 4:

indy 4 jan2b New Indy 4 Pics And Lucas Whines About Fans, Critics
Shia Lebouf and Karen Allen on the set of Indy 4

indy 4 jan2c New Indy 4 Pics And Lucas Whines About Fans, Critics
Looks like Cate Blanchett plays one of the bad guys (ok, gals) from the movie

Source: Vanity Fair

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  1. You’re spot on when it comes to Lucas’ comments.

    I’m still not as excited over this Indiana Jones movie as a somewhat long list of films being released this year (The Dark Knight, Wall-E, and possibly even Cloverfield), which if you would have told me I would think that way about any Indiana Jones flick when I was 8 I would have yelled “Heresy!”

    But we live in post Star Wars Prequels era in which I can no longer allow myself that level of excitement over a Lucas product unless the finished product earns it again, even though I know he didn’t write this one.

    All in all, it’s probably best for me to have lowered expectations. I may be really surprised (in a good way) when it comes out.

  2. Ummmmm…that BAD GAL is Academy Award Winner CATE BLANCHARD! Sheeessssh!

  3. OOPS! Apologies on the spelling! I’m a dork!!!


  4. MBL,

    I’m always happy to be corrected when I miss something on a post. Thanks for pointing that out and I’ve updated it with her name. :-)



  5. First, I loved all the Indy movies. It disappoints me that Sean Connery couldn’t or wouldn’t be in this one. It sounds to me like Lucas knows this movie is going to suck, and he’s sorting the blame on the critics and fans.


    Its reverse psychology on a mass scale. If he tells us all that we are already going to think it sucks, and when it is awesome, it will just totally blow us away.

    Here’s to wishful thinking.

  6. LOL,Vic!! Ha! Duuuuuuude!! I was just mentioned in a SCREENRANT NEWS POST!! AWESOME!! It sends a certain chill down my spine!! Cool! LOL! Thanx,Vic,for seeing eye to eye with me,bro. Very kind of you to mention me. :-)

    The pictures look pretty good,IMO,(what’s not to like,honestly?). 😉 I can’t wait till we see some footage of the actual movie. Last year (before Transformers) I was extremely angry that Shia Lebouf was cast as Indy’s son,let alone even in the film,for some reason I just didn’t like the guy. But after I saw Transformers I kinda warmed up to Shia,so he’s no longer my problem with the film. My concern or “problem” is that I have a slight feeling that Lucas and CO are going to start a new Indy series that focuses on Shia’s character,al la a “Son of Indiana Jones” type thing. I really don’t like that idea,frankly. I think that doing any type of Indiana Jones film without Harrison Ford is pointless,I mean he IS Indiana Jones,he is that character even more so than any other actor “is” their character (Shatner,Superman,etc).

    My fave Indy film was “The Last Crusade”. I thought it was great. Connery’s character,I thought,was very funny and a great addition to the film franchise. Lucas said that he would be writing Indy’s dad into the film regardless of whether Connery would return to the role or not,so I’m kinda on the edge of my seat here waiting to see what’s going to happen with that.

    I hope the film is great! I think it’s a wonderful idea,but like Vic,I’m not as hyped about it as I thought I would be.

  7. And Vic,you were absolutely right with what you said about the fans and critics and such. great post,bud.

  8. I didn’t have a prob with the Star Wars prequels other than they were prequels. (Thanks for that trend Lucas).
    I’m not big on any spinoff that the kid from transformers might star in… I mean didn’t we have River Phonix in the 3rd film that started a young indy tv series and didn’t that last a few years and then was cancled.
    Got any NEW ideas Speilburg???
    I’ll prb see this film but I won’t pay full price and it won’t be on opening day…
    from the looks of some of the pictures seems like were in that warehouse from the first picture…?

  9. Kate Blancette ooooooh she’s a scary villian??

  10. Lucas really sounds like a very sensitive man…

    IN fact I’d go as far as saying he’s a tad too bitter for my taste… I know he’s got it in for most if not all critics. Sure I can moan about them too, but… sometimes they actually inspire you to do even better… it’s not you against the world every damn time… sometimes, they offer valid points and we have to be open minded enough to approve of them and see if we can do better next time in the areas we know we can.

    But Lucas is so bitter after the reviews of the Old Star Wars that he thinks that we’ll eventually learn to love the new ones too. But the sad truth is, that while the old ones were original enough to yank us all in outer space on an amazing adventure, the new ones simply didn’t do that and can’t leave anyone hungry for more. (It’s the overload of MSG and Aspartame remember?)

    If you ask me, it’s a horribly dumb idea to go out, even before the movie premieres and start moaning about the fans and critics. That’s just bad PR.

    All in all, Lucas is a very insecure man, who’s got friends like Spielberg and Coppola to cheer him on when he’s lost is self confidence.

    I don’t want to sound too harsh, but that’s the truth. NO one should go out attacking the critics and especially NEVER the fans (if you are lucky enough that your creation has FANS!!! then shut up).

    I love Lucas for what he’s given me in my childhood, the movies that made such a wonderful impact on me, still deserve a special place in my movie collection… But enough is enough… you DO NOT lash out at fans…

    I’m sorry but I don’t really understand why he has to go out and state that we’d hate it… it’s sending out such a negative vibe…

    and a poor self image on behalf Lucas…


    Sorry George… but it’s time you actually start listening to Francis…

  11. Cool!