New Hulk Movie Poster, Old TV Show Vibe

Published 7 years ago by , Updated September 12th, 2013 at 1:51 pm,
hulk tv movie New Hulk Movie Poster, Old TV Show Vibe

Hey, right on the heels of our “Could Hulk Bomb?” story comes a brand new and very cool poster for The Invisible Movie – err, I mean: The Incredible Hulk.

The folks behind the film have mentioned more than once that they really wanted this new version to harken back to the 1980′s TV series which starred Bill Bixby as Bruce Banner and the amazing Lou Ferrigno as the Hulk. I think this latest poster really captures the melancholy feel of the old series.

For the entire poster, see below.

hulk poster2 New Hulk Movie Poster, Old TV Show Vibe

I really like this poster, much more than the previous cartoony one. Hopefully this is the beginning of the media ramp up for this movie. Not only do I want this to be really good, I’d like to see the word get out and have it do well. We’ve got all these mega-blockbusters coming out this summer and I’m worried that Hulk will get lost in all the shouting over the more anticipated films.

The Incredible Hulk opens on June 13th.


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  1. If you go on to the official site, they have a orchestral version of “The Lonely Man Theme” from the TV show playing.

  2. Not to be picky, but in the show, wasn’t his name David Banner? I recall watching something that said it was because they though Bruce was too gay of a name, hence relegating Bruce to his middle name.

  3. I’ve see Stan Lee be interviewed by Kevin Smith and say just that.

    The Hulk got outted! ;)

  4. Doh! Hirogen, you’re right bro!

    Forgot that. :-\


  5. I have an uncle with the name David and well…3 dollar bill is in the statement, Hahaha. Bruce is an ok name. Lol. Anyway, that was offtopic.

    The poster; love it. You actually get a great feel for the movie from it. A real serious tone, a more real tone if that’s possible.

  6. I soooo want this movie to be good and do well. Really wish the Abomoniation wasn’t redesigned tho.

    Any rumors on when in the movie the Stark cameo is? I’d love for it to be the last scene before the credits, with an ambiguous comment from Stark about finding Banner, but we don’t know to what purpose.

    Then come the Avengers…

  7. I’ve read somewhere (forgot where) that the only cameo is Thunderbolt appears in Iron Man and no one cameos in the Hulk. They also went on to say that Sam Jackson does not appear either movie. ***I say take it with a grain of salt.*** With as much discussion as there is of an Avengers movie a cross-over/cameo seems inevitable to me.

  8. Great art for fans. But how will this movie grab anyone else’s attention, and why hasn’t the puny marketing shown intentional efforts to assuage these non-fan reactions:

    * “Oh yeah, Hulk–the guy who turns into a monster, who has a good heart but can’t control his power, is misunderstood and hunted by the authorities. Haven’t I seen that hundreds of times?”

    * “Hasn’t Hulk been recycled at least twice, and at least one of those versions was super lame?”

  9. Vic typed:
    {{The folks behind the film . . . really wanted this new version to harken back to the 1980′s TV series}}

    So they don’t overly borrow from Ang Lee’s version, they reach back a few decades. Another reason I I feel this will be 2008′s Transformers, complete with gamma-irradiated suckage.

  10. Zipper, who is discussing the Avengers movie in practical terms, besides fans? Fan discussions don’t necessarily go anywhere. Niche passions for Excelsior and Star Trek Academy (for instance) have gone nowhere.

    We do have the ingredients for a Hulk-Thing boxing match.

  11. This film reeks of Superman Returns to me, yu’ know….nothing original.
    and to be honest, I seen some of the old TV show’s recently it stunk!(and I was a fan back in the day.)
    I still think they should have kept the same cast from the Ang Lee film, which was a great cast by the way. and just got a different director in to shake things up.
    I mean look what happens when you get someone with an ego like Ed Norton, they take over and just end up causing problems.
    I bet he doesn’t come back for a sequel if it end up doing well.

  12. “So they don’t overly borrow from Ang Lee’s version, they reach back a few decades.”

    Oh come one, so nothing “old” is any good?

    And Glove, talking about “Superman Returns,” I would argue that Lee’s version of Hulk was more like SR. Lot’s of navel gazing and not a whole lot of good action.

    Of course that’s not to say that I know this one will be any good, but here’s hoping. Personally I’m not really a big fan of anti-heroes, either, just FYI.


    • I told you that its not a sequel to ang Lee Hulk instead it’s a reboot of the Hulk.

  13. Jimmy the c, Good points. I DO recall Favreau saying he would like to direct the Avengers movie so I have to believe he has been privy to some info the rest of us aren’t. Yes, it’s speculation on my part but still, IM, Hulk, and maybe Thor and Captain America… The Avengers can’t be too far behind. Course, it could go the way of JLA… Which I hope not.

    As for this Hulk movie… eh, whatever. Never been a big hulk fan. But I think it was way too soon to (re-)make/imagine/boot this film. Ed Norton may pull it off, but as for box office receipts I would be shocked if this did any better than the first Fantastic Four.

  14. Poster looks good.

  15. I suspect for the next few years you’ll find Favreau following up his success with Iron Man, with Iron Man sequels. Of COURSE he said that The Avengers would be “a great idea.” Just like rocket packs, dinner-in-a-pill, domed cities, and flying cars were great ideas. Nifty! Neato! Groovy! Umm…feasible?

  16. I hope your right Jimmy.

    I’m going to require at least 3 more Iron Man films.

    And Downey Jr better not go anywhere.

  17. Very nice. I like it.

  18. This poster makes it look like Hulk’s crotch is destroying the city.

  19. Great one, Luke314pi. I laughed my ass off (and my purple pants)!

    Larry Niven tackled the old crotch destroying scenario in his short story
    “Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex”

  20. LMAO,,,
    You know his crotch would be deadly.

    Has anyone seen a elephant take a crap,,,
    Just saying……… :-)

  21. this movie comes out 2 days after my birthday! hopefully it won’t be a terrible present. anyway i love the poster and i hope this movie does’nt bomb.

  22. yo yo yo!

  23. Go to marvel cinematic universe The Incredible Hulk 2 a tentative title.