Mark Ruffalo Says Marvel is Considering New ‘Hulk’ Movie

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The Avengers hero shot Mark Ruffalo Says Marvel is Considering New Hulk Movie

If you ask actor Lou Ferrigno, the original Incredible Hulk, about the future of Marvel’s largest and most ill-tempered Avenger, he’d tell you that the green giant is getting his own movie sometime after next summer’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Given that Marvel Studios has yet to outline all of their Phase 3 plans for 2016-17 it’s certainly possible.

Marvel Studios president of production Kevin Feige said as much in interviews for The Avengers two years ago, but warned that if there were to be another Hulk movie for star Mark Ruffalo, it wouldn’t be until after The Avengers 2. Skip forward to present and Ruffalo says it’s now actually (read: finally) under “consideration.” Although it probably has been that way for a while.

The Hulk however, isn’t one of Marvel Studios’ most bankable characters. Having had a pair of adaptations with two different actors in the last decade, the box office results weren’t impressive enough either time to warrant a sequel, especially when so many other characters and properties are vying for a chance (and potential franchise) on the big screen.

Hulk might just be a better supporting character, and writer/director Joss Whedon proved that in The Avengers. Thing is, that movie also made the Hulk and his friendlier alter ego Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) fan-favorites and ever since Hulk smashed alongside Captain America, Iron Man and Thor in summer 2012, a lot of fans want to see more.

Mark Ruffalo Hulk Movie Potential 1024x576 Mark Ruffalo Says Marvel is Considering New Hulk Movie

And they’re going to get that next summer as Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner and Hulk (he does the motion capture work for “the other guy” as well) get more screen time in The Avengers sequel. As of right now, Hulk’s sort of an exclusive hero to The Avengers and that works well for Joss Whedon and adds a little something special in addition to seeing the other poster heroes who have solo franchises team-up again.

There were rumors after The Avengers, that we could see Hulk lose control in Age of Ultron and it would force the heroes of Earth to send him off-planet, leading to an adaptation of Planet Hulk and World War Hulk. Feige expressed interest (so too did Ruffalo) in those properties and it would be a neat way to do something new and different with the character, perhaps even making it more bankable by tying it into Guardians of the Galaxy or some other property. At this point, it’s all specualtion and conjecture, but Ruffalo did say this to Digital Spy yesterday:

“I think they are, for the first time, entertaining the idea of it. When we did The Avengers it was basically ‘No!’, and now there is some consideration for it. But there’s still nothing definitive, not even a skeletal version of what it would be. I look forward to going down that road, if we could crack that nut.”

It’s difficult to read into what the talent can actually say about their roles and potential upcoming projects given the strict NDAs they need to sign, but with Marvel Studios always planning many films ahead for story and contractual reasons – all the way to 2028 in this case – if there’s a Hulk movie coming, Ruffalo probably knows about it and there’s already a tentative plan in place based on where The Avengers: Age of Ultron leaves the character. Maybe we’ll find out next month at Comic-Con when we can expect to see the next slate of films officially titled and dated.

The Avengers 2 Official Hulk vs Iron Man Hulkbuster Concept Art 700x410 Mark Ruffalo Says Marvel is Considering New Hulk Movie

Hulk vs Iron Man in ‘The Avengers: Age of Ultron’

Would you like to see a new Hulk-centric live-action adventure or should Marvel Studios focus on introducing more new characters and/or teams?


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Guardians of the Galaxy opens August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 17, 2015, Captain America 3 on May 6 2016, and unannounced films for July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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  1. Mark Ruffalo gave the best portrayal of Bruce Banner thus far and any stand alone movie desperately needed that.

    Hope they can do it and do it without Hulk having to face off against another Hulk.

    Looking at that pic of Hulk against the super large iron man suit does not work for me. Hulk effortlessly took out metal creatures 50 times that size in The Avengers so a bit more iron is not going to make a bit of difference.

    • So, the Hulk has to fight something bigger and bigger every time? Think what that would look like. You bring up why they have to reboot the characters in the comics every twenty or so years. Writers and their readers always want a bigger bad guy that can top yesterday’s bad guy. This is why the Hulk or Superman or whoever wind up eventually fighting “planet eaters” like Galactus. The greatest power in the universe has to eventually find another greatest power in the universe to fight type of thing. In the end, the characters and their bad guys have to be brought back down to a manageable level. The next Avenger movie can’t produce a metal creature that beats the last one simply on size. Abomination is one the Hulks toughest challenges and he is very much smaller than those metal creatures in the Avengers. And despite the very large enemies Superman has had to fight, Doomsday was his greatest challenge.

      Besides, the metal/organic creatures in Avengers were more transport carriers. They didn’t seem weaponized for battle s they floated around the city knocking into buildings.

      • Well said.Script is the important factor in creating depth of threat.Remember what Whedon said about the Avengers sequel.Instead of going large he intend to go deep.The size of threat may not scare us.But the impact it make on the surroundings and people in the movie may thrust fear upon us.For example,take Bruce’s escape from the pit in TDKR.Look,it is just a jump between a few distance between rocks.But what made us cheer for it is the drawing of impossibility for such a jump through out the movie.

        • I didn’t cheer. I was hoping Bane would pump that Venom into his veins and go final boss on Batman.

    • Fighting a Chitauri leviathan is not the same as fighting a Hulkbuster. It’s not the size that really matters here.

      • You knew what those flying metal creatures are called. Ha. Nerd.

  2. This deleted scene from The Avengers perfectly captures how good a Hulk movie could be in the right hands (Joss Whedon?).

    • Hmm.

      Saw that just now for the first time ever and my initial reaction is that despite being only a minute in length, it felt longer and I didn’t like Ruffalo’s stilted delivery either. The security guard seemed like the most interesting character in that brief scene.

      • Well, obviously is was an incomplete scene because it wasn’t in the movie, but that cut to the core of the Hulk character in a way that a movie hasn’t properly done yet.

        • In what way? That one line spoken by the guard? If that’s the case then yeah, I can agree but the rest of the scene (which looked finished to me but was likely trimmed out for pacing reasons) seemed pretty unnecessary just for that single question about big men and little men. It was an allegory put into a scene that just didn’t work for me and was thankfully left out.

          • Yeah, I mean, I’m not suggesting that this scene should have been in the finished movie as is. They swapped it for a much shorter version of the interaction in the final cut, but they cut the concept out, which flows directly into the next time we see him and he says “That’s my secret, I’m always angry.”

            • No use arguing with Dazz. He hates the Avengers with passion. So don’t expect a scene to change his mind.

      • The security guard is interesting because he’s played by a very good and very experienced actor, Harry Dean Stanton. Not Ruffalo’s best scene, I’d agree, but Harry Dean is almost always an unassuming but effective scene stealer.

        • Yeah, that’s why Whedon wrote it with him in mind specifically for a cameo. He wanted someone that would be unassuming and not bat an eye at the green rage monster.

          I could listen to Harry Dean Stanton talk all day long.

  3. I dunno, I’d like to see one but I still think Ed Norton played the best Banner and as much as I like Ruffalo, I just can’t see him headlining all on his own. His Banner never felt endearing to me in The Avengers (I actually thought he came across as smarmy, slimy and a little arrogant) but I really would love to see General Ross back in some capacity. It’s like, they can talk about adapting Planet Hulk but I don’t think we as viewers really deserve that yet without good reason for it to happen.

    • Im gonna have to agree with you about Ed Norton playing the best Banner..his is a better actor in my opinion, it was actually the movie itself that did him wrong..shouldve kept him as the hulk in the Avengers..I like Ruffalo as well but honestly it seemed like his acting was actually toned waaay down for some reason, he is Boring and kinda lame…not sure another Hulk movie would work..theyve already messed up pretty much “All” the others..some things just arnt meant to be i guess…

  4. Considering? All signs point to an inevitable Planet Hulk and/or World War Hulk storyline for future films…

    • What signs? If anything it’s heading in a direction contrary to that. To the point that getting there would be backtracking the character. Also there’s the fact that Feige shot the idea down.

  5. Hulk had his chance at solo movies… I’d like to see other characters get a shot.

    • Either way, green will be the deciding factor.

      Anyway, what about Punisher? How many chances does he get? Really Hulk is Marvel’s longest standing brand representative next to Spider-man. That’s why he got two movies in the first place. They wanted a franchise. But he would be a lot more expensive than most, so Marvel will be smart about how they use him. Now he’s a huge draw for Avengers, so maybe they shouldn’t oversaturate him.

  6. Isn’t there any other good Hulk story other than Planet Hulk?

    • Geh, one too many “other”.

    • 52 years worth of comics. i’m sure there are plenty of stories to choose from. I think a planet hulk movie would just be cost prohibitive because of all the cgi that would have to be used. listen to whedon on the commentary of The Avengers and he mentions several times how each hulk scene was so expensive. i imagine an entire [at least 90% or better] movie would be quite the stack of bills.

    • Yeah but how they would fit in this Ultimates based MCU I’m not sure.

      All my favourite Hulk stories are really about Banner and his Multiple Personality Disorder, like Silent Scream where he first becomes the Professor or I’ve not long finished reading Dogs of War which 80% of it takes place in Banner’s mind.

      Only thing is there’s not do much Hulk smash in these, they character driven.
      Plus I don’t think this MCU Banner has those mental issues so these stories wouldn’t work.

      • Hang on I’ve just had a thought…. they’re doing Stephen Strange, didn’t he and the Hulk team up….. the Defenders I think. Maybe they could lead into that?

        Who else was in that team?

        • The Defenders were Strange, Hulk, Namor and Silver Surfer… Namor is at Universal and Silver Surfer is at Fox so those are out of reach for the MCU… they could replace Namor with Black Panther and Silver Surfer with Ms Marvel though and then it would work. Actually now that I re-read that, they should do it!!!

        • They would need Silver Surfer from Fox and Namor from Universal to do the Defenders. Instead, from what I’ve read, the Netflix shows are going to lead into a Defenders mini-series with Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and the Jones woman who’s first name I can’t remember.

          The original Defenders would be cool though.

          • Jessica Jones, Cage’s wife

        • There is a great Hulk-Strange story, pre true Defenders that includes Namor (he doesn’t necessarily have to be in it, that is about the Cult of the Undying Ones looking to capture Banner (because they know he is the Hulk) to send him to the dimension of the Night Crawler to destroy it.

          At the same time, Dr. Strange is investigating the disappearance of a friend of his who found some idols (uh oh…it’s the Cult). He kind of does a detective story, then when he finds them, he has to close a portal to the Nameless Ones dimension, but has to stay on the other side to do it, getting captured.

          Banner gets sent to the NC’s realm, he wrecks it with the help of a turned cultist. They ‘break into’ the NO’s dimension, find Strange, the cultist sacrifices herself to free Strange and Hulk and Strange get out.

          Movie writers could probably make a good movie out of that with more interaction between Strange and Banner (maybe Strange finds out their plan and tries to warn Banner before getting trapped) and a bit more action for a final fight to get out of the Nameless Ones dimension.

  7. I feel like Ruffalo just needs more time to really get a solid name for his Banner and Hulk. I like Norton better, but he’s not coming back and we got an entire movie focused on his portrayal. I’m sketchy about Ruffalo because he’s never had a unique presence to him. I’ve read and seen “Shutter Island” and I really feel Ruffalo didn’t give his role a good try. His character is supposed to play a big part and it was anything but that.

  8. Alas with out Norton which made me believe he was Banner, no thank you….. Ruffalo gives a lack luster performance, as does Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique. Phoning it in for the paycheck. Norton had passion in the role and the character. Stand by haters in 3…2….1 “GO!”

  9. I’ve had this funny feeling for a while that avengers 3 won’t be the big infinity showdown we’ve been led to believe. Given the ten rings resurgence in AHTK, a potential PH/WWH storyline, and seeds of a civil war reimagining laid I get the feeling if Thanos does show up in avengers 3, it won’t be with a gauntlet. At this point Thanos has no stones, Loki and the collector each have a stone, but they haven’t been delivered or taken yet. Having Thanos acquire 6 stones and the gauntlet in the course of 5-6 movies leading up to A3 seems like it would be very rushed. A WWH/civil war mesh up movie does sound interesting though.

  10. Now it makes sense. This is why they are pushing the Hulk stories/alleged romance in Age of Ultron: Marvel wants the public to get use to Ruffalo as a romantic lead so he can headline a Hulk movie. I’m a little disappointed. For this movie to be Hulk-centric the other Avengers will be backdrop and new characters will feel like they were stuffed in there. Fresh footage is being released by Whedon at CineEurope in Barcelona today. Let’s see how right Latino Review is.

  11. Awesome bring it, maybe they can make the Abomination, and leader look a lot better then the last time we saw them? I want to see what Mark Ruffalo can do in a solo film maybe have Cap and Stark cameo.

    • I actually liked the abomination’s design in the movie, he was one mean looking mfer

  12. Fox should take Notes for how to make Juggernaught work in a X-men film he should be a Tank like Hulk!

  13. I am pretty sure that saying ‘FINALLY’…is an understatement at this point.

  14. Defenders?

    Ruffalo is bland. And too stocky. I wish Ed Norton stuck with it. But what Whedon did with Hulk in The Avengers was solid. If they do another Hulk, they must keep the anger/psychological story thread and tie it to his character arc. And he needs a formidable foe to face.

  15. Why are they still “considering” it? They should have made another one years ago. If Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant Man can get movies why is another INCREDIBLE HULK movie still a toss up? We was one of the best and most famous heroes before but after the Avengers literally no one wouldn’t want a Hulk movie. This should have been green lit about five minutes after the Avengers came out.

  16. It’s never been about Banner the problem I find for the Hulk is always Hulk.

    Make him talk and be a character and not something that really rarely part of the comics overall. That is a Hulk who could barely string 2 words together.

    Right from the start Hulk could talk even if it was the child-like Hulk to the Banner Hulk.

    • “could barely string 2 words together.”

      Irony. Give proofreading and punctuating a whirl.

  17. I don’t see Mark leading his own hulk movie. I think both The Incredible Hulk and Edward Norton’s portrayal is very underrated and don’t get enough credit. The comics I grew up reading had Bruce be an extremely paranoid and miserable character and Norton’s portrayal showed that. Granted the avengers was a lighter film so I can see why they made Bruce less tortured in that.

  18. I would love to see a hulk centered movie.

  19. I think it could do better now considering the MCU is better established, a lot of people were unaware that The Incredible Hulk was part of the MCU when it first came out and mistakenly thought it was a sequel to Ang Lee’s Hulk.

  20. If they do make another Hulk solo film….I can die happily! :)

  21. Bruce Banner: Mark Ruffalo
    Betty Ross: Mélanie Laurent
    Samuel Sterns/The Leader: Tim Blake Nelson
    Gen. Thunderbolt Ross/Red Hulk: William Hurt
    Rick Jones: Josh Hutcherson
    Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk: Gina Carano
    Man Eating Pizza: Stan Lee

    • Agreed. Especially your last suggestion for Man Eating Pizza. Lol

    • “Man eating pizza” lol :D

  22. If my 45 seconds of Google research is correct, The Hulk can and DOES overpower the Hulkbuster armor every time. The point is people want to see it on the big screen.

  23. Friggin…..! Yes! There’s a few choices! Planet hulk followed by world war hulk, obviously. The whole grey hulk story line brings Betty back into the picture and the leader. The whole personal drama between hulk and Betty in issue #344 is a centerpiece of Bruce and Betty’s relationship with the hulk. Then bring in the leader, mad man…go from there! Solid story lines right there! Have none of you read the comics? Yes, there are some solid, workable stories. Mr. Fixit is just a minor blip. Sure use it but the true love of Bruce’s life is Betty and the struggle those two have we the hulk.

  24. And the gray hulk’s attitude and smart ass comments were the best lines ever written for the hulk! Peter David and Todd McFarland’s hulk was the most enjoyable. The story starts at Incredible Hulk 331-345. Right there you have all the good elements for 1 solid movie. You could skip Joe fixit all together. Are there no other fans of the hulk comics out there? Come on! Aaarrrrgggh!

    • Two Words

      The Professor


    Show ‘em that there’s a lot more of Banner/Hulk relationship more than just Jekyll/Hyde personality. I want to see that Hulk isn’t just smashing stuff up…

    • the placement of the ad with emmett and batman from the lego movie is just on the edge of this page, and the way emmett has his mouth and with the comment lined up with him looks like he could be saying your post! it’s hilarious looking!

  26. So far Banner hasnt been portrayed right. The last three actors didnt make me think “scientist” in any fashion. Just like Franco in the Apes remake, he’s no genius he’s the dude across the street!

    I dont mean make two dimensional portrayals of Banner but at least get someone who comes off as a genius, curt, crisp and professional who’s mild mannered but not dopey (like Ruffalo) and exudes brain power. The only one that got it right so far was the 60′s cartoon Banner and Bill Bixby’s TV show.

    If we’re gonna go for butts in the seats on the cheap, there are a lot of better more convincing actors out there. (or perhaps its the studios interfering with the writers and directors vision?)


    From 40-59 seconds…Some of you are right that Norton had more passion for the character. Mark doesn’t/DIDN’T support big superhero movies like we do.

  28. This may make more than a few jaws drop, but I am not sure Hulk can carry his own movie solo again. I feel he is better as a supporting character (kind of one-trick pony: gets mad, gets green, smashes everything in sight). And I do not see much that makes me swoon in Planet Hulk or WW Hulk type stuff. Just keep him as a character among many in Avengers, and we should do just fine.

    • It’s just that we know he’s the strongest thing on Earth. We’re tired of seeing him fight military guys and there’s no much dorky scientist drama going on in the first 2 films. If they can convince people that the character is opening up and becoming vulnerable other ways (due to a romantic link or other people he cares about having their lives on the line), it may make for a more interesting story. Him and Superman suffer from being predictable winners in most scenarios. Nothing keeps them down.

    • I believe that Banner/Hulk is worthy for his own movie. They could (or maybe SHOULD) make him more than just the Avenger’s battering ram. They should show us more about Bruce Banner outside Hulk. We know that he’s on par with Stark in term of intelligence, even considered one of the most genius in Marvel universe. But we never shown about his actual brain capability.

      And in Hulk’s comic there’s She-Hulk, Red Hulk, Red She-Hulk, Amadeus Cho, and many more. Hulk has been around for decades, so there should be plenty of story to pick, or just put some story-lines into one new story for movie plot, They did it on Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America, so why not Hulk?

      Or even if they can’t make Hulk sequel a total stand-alone like Iron Man and Thor, they could make another avengers serves as secondary character that doesn’t take the attention from him, like Black Widow in CA:TWS. Perhaps they should have Hulk/Hawkeye movie, since they doesn’t share any screen time together in the Avengers…

  29. I really liked the Edward Norton Hulk… I thought Ruffalo did a good job as well in the avengers….but another stand alone hulk with the 3rd different actor? Just seems like to much.