Mark Ruffalo Says Marvel is Considering New ‘Hulk’ Movie

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The Avengers hero shot Mark Ruffalo Says Marvel is Considering New Hulk Movie

If you ask actor Lou Ferrigno, the original Incredible Hulk, about the future of Marvel’s largest and most ill-tempered Avenger, he’d tell you that the green giant is getting his own movie sometime after next summer’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Given that Marvel Studios has yet to outline all of their Phase 3 plans for 2016-17 it’s certainly possible.

Marvel Studios president of production Kevin Feige said as much in interviews for The Avengers two years ago, but warned that if there were to be another Hulk movie for star Mark Ruffalo, it wouldn’t be until after The Avengers 2. Skip forward to present and Ruffalo says it’s now actually (read: finally) under “consideration.” Although it probably has been that way for a while.

The Hulk however, isn’t one of Marvel Studios’ most bankable characters. Having had a pair of adaptations with two different actors in the last decade, the box office results weren’t impressive enough either time to warrant a sequel, especially when so many other characters and properties are vying for a chance (and potential franchise) on the big screen.

Hulk might just be a better supporting character, and writer/director Joss Whedon proved that in The Avengers. Thing is, that movie also made the Hulk and his friendlier alter ego Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) fan-favorites and ever since Hulk smashed alongside Captain America, Iron Man and Thor in summer 2012, a lot of fans want to see more.

Mark Ruffalo Hulk Movie Potential 1024x576 Mark Ruffalo Says Marvel is Considering New Hulk Movie

And they’re going to get that next summer as Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner and Hulk (he does the motion capture work for “the other guy” as well) get more screen time in The Avengers sequel. As of right now, Hulk’s sort of an exclusive hero to The Avengers and that works well for Joss Whedon and adds a little something special in addition to seeing the other poster heroes who have solo franchises team-up again.

There were rumors after The Avengers, that we could see Hulk lose control in Age of Ultron and it would force the heroes of Earth to send him off-planet, leading to an adaptation of Planet Hulk and World War Hulk. Feige expressed interest (so too did Ruffalo) in those properties and it would be a neat way to do something new and different with the character, perhaps even making it more bankable by tying it into Guardians of the Galaxy or some other property. At this point, it’s all specualtion and conjecture, but Ruffalo did say this to Digital Spy yesterday:

“I think they are, for the first time, entertaining the idea of it. When we did The Avengers it was basically ‘No!’, and now there is some consideration for it. But there’s still nothing definitive, not even a skeletal version of what it would be. I look forward to going down that road, if we could crack that nut.”

It’s difficult to read into what the talent can actually say about their roles and potential upcoming projects given the strict NDAs they need to sign, but with Marvel Studios always planning many films ahead for story and contractual reasons – all the way to 2028 in this case – if there’s a Hulk movie coming, Ruffalo probably knows about it and there’s already a tentative plan in place based on where The Avengers: Age of Ultron leaves the character. Maybe we’ll find out next month at Comic-Con when we can expect to see the next slate of films officially titled and dated.

The Avengers 2 Official Hulk vs Iron Man Hulkbuster Concept Art 700x410 Mark Ruffalo Says Marvel is Considering New Hulk Movie

Hulk vs Iron Man in ‘The Avengers: Age of Ultron’

Would you like to see a new Hulk-centric live-action adventure or should Marvel Studios focus on introducing more new characters and/or teams?


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Guardians of the Galaxy opens August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 17, 2015, Captain America 3 on May 6 2016, and unannounced films for July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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  2. I’m hoping to see The Hulk vs Red Hulk and the Leader in a solo movie. If they do Planet hulk or World War hulk They wont need Ruffalo because banner wasn’t even in those stories.

    They need to have The Hulk talk.

    • Actually, Banner was in those stories. He showed Caiera his “other side” when they were hooking up. He also had a role to play when Fury tricked him into doing a mission in space.

    • FINALLY! Someone who actually UNDERSTANDS what it would mean to have a Planet hulk! I honestly don’t know what to root for! Every time I keep rooting for a hulk sequel (which is what I really want),they keep going back to this planet hulk and WWH crap! For humanities sake, drop that stupid idea already! No Banner, no romance, turns hulk evil, and gets him kicked off the avengers. I just can’t understand why these people root for that junk! Would somebody please explain to me what the fascination with that atrocity is?

  3. I know it seems like a small thing that movie writers probably don’t care about and can easily write around (ie. have Thor do it with the help of Heimdall do it), but I think they need Dr. Strange around before they banish Hulk.

    I really liked, and think it would make good movie making, if they included Strange’s reticence to do the banishment and his debating over it, but having to do it. Especially, if they can establish the up and down relationship Strange and Hulk/Banner had before it happens.

    It really sets up the whole Hulk return, Strange attempting to “talk down” Hulk/Banner, and Banner’s …trick if you want to call it that… by getting close enough and then Hulking out to crush Dr. Strange’s hands. Because even he knows without doing that Strange is powerful enough to just banish him again.

  4. First, Mark Ruffalo is a much more pleasing Bruce Banner. The man comes across as the gentle spirited scientist better than some of the previous castings. Next, the previous CGI incarnations were cheesy. This motion capture of Mark Ruffalo makes the HULK so much more believable. With the right story, a HULK movie could be really good.

    • I agree with you about Ruffalo; his Banner is excellent. Also, his Hulk MoCap is the best Hulk we’ve seen on the Big Screen.

      Yet my fave Hulk is Norton’s Hulk. I absolutely love that Hulk design & they puled him off beautifully. And Norton’s Banner was spot on. But things change.

      The Hulk franchise is in great hands with Mark Ruffalo. He’s a consummate actor who really pulls you into the world he builds.

      Marvel needs to look into translating from Comic Book to Movie, the one type of title that, IMHO, is what cemented Marvel’s domination over DC in the 70’s & 80’s; the The Team-Up Book. Marvel Two-in-One; Marvel Knights….Marvel pretty much wrote the book ad infinitatum on Team UPs & now DC/WB are dipping their CBM toes in the Team Up waters with Green Lantern/The Flash movie (Unconfirmed ’17 Release). Team-Ups actually open up story possibilities & drive things along with more diverse action, comedy, you name it. It also provides our fave characters a chance to relate to each other more intimately (out of the gutters, Boys & Girls), & that brings them & their challenges closer to us. Team-Ups may end up the soon to be Standard format of Superheroe movies, allowing for more bang for the buck, for eyes & minds (if we’re lucky).

  5. I want Hulk to have his own movie, Planet Hulk and World War Hulk and be in the Avengers movies.

    • Uh? Doc, I’m not sure whether you realize this or not, but he can’t be in those two atrocity movies and STILL be in the avengers…at least not as a good guy anyway. You see, those two movie plots would turn hulk EVIL and have him banished from the team. People just don’t seem to understand that. This is exactly what I was talking about earlier, people don’t even know what they’re talking about when they root and cheer for that crap. My gosh, do you people even THINK before you just go chanting “PLANET HULK!!”? Well we’ll see if some of you fools are still hoot’in and holler’in after what you’ve been chanting for becomes reality and you find out that you’ll never see hulk smashing villains again for the rest of the avengers franchise OR his own. He’s not gonna smash baddies because he’ll be one, after your oh so precious planet hulk wish comes true. FYI, for the morons out there who continue to chant even after reading this, you’ll never see Banner in the franchise again if marvel grants your wish because he is only shown in hulk mode. Yup, no Banner. Oh yeah, and no romantic chemistry either. And I highly DOUBT you’ll be seeing much of any comedy in there. Except for maybe weak comic book humor, but nothing on the level of humor seen in recent marvel movies. And it does NOT follow the original hulk t.v series WHATSOEVER! Now if your still not swayed from chanting planet hulk and world war hulk after finding these things out, then you are a lost cause.

      • Why not make it that way, take a darker path.. Me likey

      • For all your blue in the face declarations, you sure don’t have much thought behind them.

        These are movies BASED on comics. BASED ON has a meaning; starting HERE and then CHANGING this and that.

        Let me say it in your tone of voice Mr Smart Guy:


        They in no way have to work line by line, in lockstep, with the book they are based off of. What planet are you from that you don’t understand that?

        Dude, first off I read Planet Hulk and WWH. No it didn’t make him a bad guy. It mostly made the people who banished him the bad guys. And at the end, it was a disagreement and both sides lived, both sides remained heros. Hulk still has comics; he still fought bad guys. He still helped the Avengers.

        The problem isn’t that people who are passionate about PH and WWH want to see it on the big screen, and the problem isn’t that it would keep Hulk off the Avengers or somehow keep him from getting any more movies.

        The problem is that you are INSANELY closed-minded.

  6. Now that Tony Stark has “invented” stretchy peuple pants for the Hulk, howzabout helping the Avenger with literally the least ammo. Hawkeye can only fit “x” arrows in his quiver. Have Tony design a high speed 3-D printer that can make use of available materials (rocks, bullet casings,battle debris,etc.). Then he can design perfectly balanced arrows with any of the gadgets used in the comics.

  7. This article is ridiculous. The reason why a Hulk movie hasn’t done well at the box office yet is because both Hulk movies SUCKED!! How can you gauge how well a Hulk movie starring Mark Ruffalo will do when there hasn’t been a good Hulk movie made yet? MESSAGE TO MARVEL: MAKE A HULK MOVIE THAT”S WORTH WATCHING OR DON’T MAKE ONE AT ALL!

    ‘Nuff said!

    • I’ll have to correct you there. The Incredible Hulk (the second attempt) was an excellent hulk movie. It just didn’t go over well financially. And this was most likely due to the cutting of so many important scenes, hulk not killing the villain, and the amount of drama that stirred up between actors and marvel. The failure of the abominable 2003 attempt might have also attributed to TIH’s failure. Audiences might have seen or heard about how bad 2003’s was and thought TIH wasn’t gonna be any better (therefore not even giving TIH a fair chance). Or people could have just been stubborn about having lost Bixby’s hulk (causing them to be reluctant about getting any kind of hulk replacement). Or people have really bad taste in movies and can’t tell an actual GOOD movie when they see one, (ahem….planet hulk chanters). Whatever the reason may be for peoples dislike of the movie, the movie just wasn’t given a good shot period.

  8. I have to agree with those who think the Hulk just has had bad writing in the past. Though Incredible Hulk wasn’t that bad, I feel it could have been better. As an older comic fan I remember and prefer the older stories. For the most part they were more down to Earth. With each generation of writers the stories get weirder and farther out there as they want to be fresh and new and not do what’s been done before.

    One of the elements both movies failed to capitalize on is his misunderstood nature. People fearing him because he is big and green, never giving him a chance to show that he’s really a gentle giant. Many times in the comics they would play on that, such as him getting away from everyone and having a seat just chilling with a dog in his lap being petted. Or haveing ‘tea’ with some young girl.

    On the other side of that though is the carnage. When the Hulk goes off, things get messed up. I don’t think there has been enough destruction in either of the previous films. The kind of carnage in Man of Steel would be good for a Hulk film.

    I can’t fault any of the actors from previous or current films. I fault the directors and writers for just not getting the who and what of the Hulk.

    • @MakeMineMarvel

      Hi there, I´m new on this. That´s a good write up you wrote, very interesting and spot on. I do find it strange that he kind of flys too. But as for the carnage, yes, it dosen´t seem to be enough destruction.


  10. Defo planet hulk and would like it to stay close to the comic books and then maybe a scar film ware he comes looking for his father for revenge would be epic

  11. he needs to fight and kill doomsday

  12. I would love to see HULK have his own movie. He is one my favorite super heros. Thor is my absolute favorite, but I think HULK should have his own movie and Mark Ruffalo makes a perfect Bruce Banner.

  13. Hi all,

    I have to say, the Hulk is my all time favourite comic hero. I did like Edward Norton in the second film as he reminded me of Bill Bixby who played David Banner in the television series back in the seventies. They also played the “Lonely Man” tune, which is still one of my favourite piano tunes. I haven´t seen Mark Ruffalo playing the new Hulk and I guess guys he´s good? So I hope they do do another Hulk film.

  14. the hulk needs to fight and for once and for all so he will never come back for now doomsday,stop him for good no self healing for dooms day,kill him for good or he will self heal like the hulk and be back

  15. So does this mean that there could be another remake of the first solo hulk movie?

  16. he should fight doomsday

  17. he should fight and beat doomsday

  18. We have seen the making of the Hulk and The Hulk vs The Abomination so not I think the world is ready for The Hulk vs The Red Hulk in the next movie. Don’t waste our time with another remake, move right into the evolution of the Hulk comics, please.

  19. What about Hulk vs Wolverine that could bridge wolverine into the avengers ? Which in turn could see Steve Rodgers jump across into a weapon X Tomorrow dies today movie? Which would link deathlock from the tv series creating a mega merger of all marvel characters where we see near on everyone in the same film now that would be a cany good route to go down IMHO …. I’m not a comic book avid follower but love the marvel world … So the avid fans out there don’t start an online petition if I’ve some how created an abomination of story arcs there that are blastfimus in some way pmsl

    • Let’s bring everybody and some starwars characters.

  20. YES DO A GOOD HULK MOVIE! I am still waiting for a good one!

  21. I definitely want to see a new Hulk movie. I saw the first two in theaters and it was easy to see why they didn’t catch on with audiences: THEY SUCKED! I think with the right mix of humor and the right actor (which Ruffalo seems to be) it could easily be a big franchise movie series.

  22. I absolutely love Marvel and all the heroes and their storylines. I think it would be a smart move for them to make Hulk movies because personally, he is my favourite character and he is a great aspect of Marvel. But I don’t think it is a good idea to take him out of the Avengers because it takes away from the magic. The movies are so mystifying and inspirational and lots of people look up to them as role models. The Hulk teaches that you can fight the evil and use your disadvantages for good. So I do believe it’s a brilliant idea to make Hulk movies, but I think it would be devastating to remove him from the Avengers.

  23. Hulk is the main marvel character I want to see in their own movie, due to the excellent work in Avengers! Get the movie made!

  24. I want him to lose control and for them to send Wolverine after him so we can see the fight that everyone wants!