Awesome New Halo Video Brings Excitement For Movie

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halo movie master chief Awesome New Halo Video Brings Excitement For Movie

The last we heard on the Halo feature film project was from a few weeks back when rumors popped up online that Steven Spielberg would be involved with the adaptation of the record-breaking successful Microsoft/Bungee video game franchise, Halo.

At the time, it was reported that Spielberg may produce the film but Microsoft came out and clarified that the film was still on hold in order for them to focus on their upcoming installments for the Halo video game franchise: Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach.

With ODST coming out in the coming weeks, that means more marketing and more awesome videos for the franchise. On that note, we have an awesome new one to show you as well a look-back on the 7-minute short made by District 9 director, Neill Blomkamp, for Halo 3.

For those not familiar with the next installment into the Halo franchise, Halo 3: ODST is a standalone expansion to 2007’s Halo 3. This time around though, instead of playing Master Chief or his Elite friend, the Arbiter, you are merely one of the human UNSC soldiers known as Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (ODSTs) during the events prior to Halo 3.

Here is the awesome live-action trailer for Halo 3: ODST which again, reminds us of what we could have seen or still will see with a film adaptation:

Halo 3: ODST

Awesome, right? It’s powerful and it definitely works as a great recruitment video.

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  1. That would be awesome, a Halo movie based on the Marines, that Promo was cool, I like how clean it was, the Covenant didn’t look half bad either, someone needs to get cracking on the movie and QUICK!!!

  2. The Halo film script is about Master Chief. According to my source, the script is done, all that they are looking for at this point is the lead actor.
    Keifer Sutherland is who they want, its unknown at this point if they are going to wait till he is free from “24″.
    The film will end in a cliffhanger and the second film (Halo2) will include the Arbiter’s pov,,,
    Just like the game,,,
    I as well hope they let Blomkamp direct the film, he’s perfect,,,, :-)

  3. the movie is supposedly about how master chief becomes the hero of the game, its all about his training etc.
    this trailer/promo is so well done i hope the movie (if it does come) is as good if not better then this.
    it would even be bad if the whole movie was CGI either, if anyones played the games they would know that the in game cutscenes are pretty neat to

  4. After seeing Alive in Joberg, I was very interested in seeing Blomkamp’s Halo, but I’m happy he did District 9 instead. I’ll be interested to see who they get for the movie since there’s little chance of Blomkamp doing it now, here’s hoping it’s the guy who did the ODST video up there.

  5. That was really cool.

  6. sweet.
    well if we can forget about DOOM.

    and keep uwe Boll as far away as possible i belive that one day there can be a “good” Video game Movie.

  7. HOLY CRAP!!!! I’m not even into Halo but a live action film about the ODST would be amazing! I don’t really care either, I wouldn’t mind seeing either version getting made. The second short film was really well done I think for the budget I assume it had. Just wow.

  8. the second one wasnt all that good, camera kept changing perspective and the monsters (brutes) in one scene looked like a guy in a bear suit hehehe
    i hope he doesnt get the position to make the movie, i would rather have spielberg do it than Blomkamp

  9. nice

  10. That is an awesome game trailer/preview whatever! Get these guys a job now!

  11. is there any more chilling of a line, At least for those of you who officially beat halo 3.

    “wake me when you need me”

    Sad as hell too, he knows only war, and hes gonna wait for his next fight instead of enjoying the peace he fought for.

    i dont want to see any more of masterchief aside from small moments. he cant build on what ive established his character to be.

  12. Interesting – definite similarities between Blomkamp’s Halo video above and District 9.


  13. That’s an awesome promo video. I agree in the sense that the Chief should be the main character in the movie, but don’t humanize him. Show the marines and troopers in combat just like in those videos, because it shows how much they need the Chief.

    Can’t wait for the new games, and the movie in the distant future.


  14. The trailer looks so amazingly realistic you can almost feel the impact of the explosions and frantic combat. Really well done. I’m gonna preorder the game right now.

  15. The true pity here is that I’d watch each of these shorts over as many times as I sat and watched “GAMER” last nite. What a horrid look at games from the “gamer’s” perspective.

    As far as HALO, I’d like to see it happen, but for the love of all that is entertaining, let it be R.

  16. Btw, for the gamers out there.

    I’ve played Halo 3:ODST a few times now and it’s a VAST improvement over Halo 3 – We’re lucky they added in a lot more to make it a full-fledged standalone game.

    The ‘Firefight’ mode is tons of fun & the weapons are infinitely more powerful/useful and they increased grenade capacities, along with brining back the Health system from Halo 1 (along with the Auto-Mag scope).

    I wasn’t very impressed by Halo 2 or 3, but this one finally delieves some new features that were promised after the first Halo.

    Look for it in stores everywhere, September 22nd.

  17. How does it feel now that you aren’t playing as the Master Chief? I mean, I’m assuming you can’t jump very high and it’s easier to die?

  18. @ Joshi,

    They’re clearly attempting to build a better multiplayer system where it’s not extreme arcade like Halo 2/3.

    What that means is guns can kill people now and bullets actually deal damage. The gunfighting was much more rewarding and you can die easily if you take a dumb risk but you can deal plenty of pain if you’re smart. It’s more slightly closer to other popular shooters out there now.

    I forgot to mention this but the SMG (worst gun ever in Halo 2/3) is amazing now. It has a scope, silencer and much more damage and in Firefight, that was the common default weapon – we always used it.

    Jumping was the same as it’s still low-atmosphere on a Halo ring but you can’t dual-wield since you’re not wearing a power suit.

  19. Rob explain the “Fire fight mode”
    Is that multiplayer bs or what???

    Better than Halo 2 or 3, is that possible,,, ;-)

  20. I do have to admit, I did love Halo 2/3 (probably because a) I never played Halo and b) only ever played multiplayer and co-op campaigns).

    But I do like the idea of guns killing people. The old “run at em while shooting and then hit em with the gun to finish them off” routine was getting old.

  21. Firefight mode is Halo’s version of Gears of War 2′s Horde mode – arguably the funnest, most-replayable co-op experience on the current gen of consoles.

    Basically waves of bad guys come at your, sometimes with vehicles and you’re stuck on a big map trying to survive with your buds (2-player spliscreen, 4 with system link).

    What keeps it interesting is that there are these options that turn on for each wave, alternating each time – one of them (I forget what it’s called) but it has enemies continuously using grenades against you.

    There are other fun options to put on to, notably the one where when you get a headshot on a grunt, their head explodes into Confetti with the sound effect of a bunch of kids cheering “yayyyy!!”… no joke, it’s awesome.

    Like Gears, you gotta find a good defendable position on each map, and there are spots with gun racks which occasionally re-stock with basic hand-gun/SMG/grenade ammunition.

    I’ve not played the campaign yet, but it’s also 4-player co-op, same setup as Halo 3.

  22. @ 790,

    Yes, there a ton of games better than Halo 2/3 :)

    @ Joshi,

    Melee is still key, its just that weapons fire is more effective this time around.

  23. The grunts heads exploding in confetti with children’s cheering was unlockable in Halo 3… can’t remember how.

    Firefight sounds fun.

  24. I disagree Rob, Halo 2 and 3 were awesome. I’ve played all 3 versions of Halo and beaten them on all difficulty levels. Halo 3 was a little short but better then most games. G.O.W. Was pretty good but the sequel was just a big letdown. I think I beat the game in a few days.

    Joshi, I think that was a skull unlockable item…

  25. I figured. I haven’t owned any of the games (no X-Box) I always played at my friends house (with his ridiculously skilled girlfriend… and this was a girl who, when first introduced to the world of Halo, ran straight into the walls and could get out) and he’d unlocked all the skulls already.

  26. If Halo The Movie was to start up. When would there be a casting call?

  27. I agree with Rob, there are tons of games many times better than ANY Halo game… Gears of War is not close to being one of these, I always felt like everything was made out of clay or stucco while playing GOW. They act like bumpmapping is so revolutionary and makes a game look more realistic. Too bad Pc games have had bumpmapping for YEARS before then… And overusing it like GOW did makes everything look pretty stupid… They even bumpmapped the hull of the helicopter… It’s like the helicopter was made out of stucco, lol.

    Don’t matter, 95% of video game movies suck anyhow, lol.