Fox Pulls ‘New Girl’ From October Schedule

Published 4 years ago by , Updated February 10th, 2012 at 12:33 pm,

fox new girl zooey deschanel Fox Pulls New Girl From October Schedule

With only three episodes airing since its September premiere, Fox has decided to pull this week’s episode of New Girl of its television schedule and put the show on a brief hiatus until the beginning of November.

Replacing Zoey Deschanel’s breakout hit will be extended episodes of The X Factor and coverage of the MLB playoffs and World Series.

Initially set on airing its fourth episode this week, entitled “Naked” (which is hilarious, by the way), Fox has cited the decision behind pulling this week’s episode was to allow The X Factor to air extended episodes, where the judges will be making the final decisions for their respective category.

Fear not, Deschanel fans, as New Girl is completely safe on Fox. Shortly after its premiere, Fox decided to order a full season of the series. And, for the most part, its ratings have been more than acceptable.

This change in schedule would appear to be a move to both help New Girl and The X Factor. With word being that the upcoming episodes of The X Factor are compelling enough to require additional airtime, Fox is looking to give their new Simon Cowell enterprise the best possible platform it can.

fox new girl zooey Fox Pulls New Girl From October Schedule

When it comes to New Girl, the general shift in tone from the previously aired episode, entitled “Wedding”, to the aforementioned “Naked” episode presents the perfect opportunity to halt the series, without having to worry about leaving any character stories lingering for a lengthy period of time.

Additionally, when the MLB playoffs and World Series comes along, New Girl would have been taken off the schedule anyways. So, with such a terrific episode already in the can, and November sweeps coming up, it’s best to hold off until that time.

Not to mention the return of Bones on November 3, which would allow fox to put some wonderful Deschanel-sisters marketing in place.


New Girl returns November 1 on Fox

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  1. BAHHHH! HUmbug!

  2. They should just cancel New Girl. The third episode was horrible, as was the second episode and the pilot.

    • It’s amazing. Stop criticizing. just enjoy.

    • If it is so bad, why did you continue watching for 3 episodes?

      • Lol, I enjoy comedies. I was hoping this would get better. [If you like, I have written a longer explanation below].

    • agreed

    • banjoe, I agree… and the only reason I have to still watch the show is because my gf loves all things Zoey. Which is exactly why the show is getting good ratings. Many people love her so much they dont see how bad the show is. Honestly, the acting is horrible (besides Zoey) and the humor is bad.

  3. “Deschanel attics”? You meant “addicts” right?

  4. This show isn’t perfect, but it’s fun and light, and better than any sort of “talent” or “reality” show by far.

    So, Banjoe, you’re saying that even though you hated the first episode, you watched the 2nd one?

    You hated the 2nd episode as well, but tuned in for the 3rd?

    You also hated the 3rd episode, but then took the time to come here and post how much you hate the show that you can’t seem to stop watching?

    Wow. I wonder what you do when you actually like something?

    • Haha…yeah….I’m a grad student. All I do is study with the TV on. I change channels, and settle on what I consider to be the best show on TV at a particular time slot. I don’t watch New Girl live after the pilot, but after midnight there isn’t much left on TV. I end up watch New Girl and a bunch of other shows On Demand.

      I wanted to like New Girl, and before it premiered I put it at the top of my list based on the concept, the commercials, early reviews, and Zoey Deschanel. I even watched the pilot On Demand before it officially premiered. It’s light, but it isn’t funny (one or two chuckles throughout an episode) and some of the things that happen are just strange. I understand that I don’t have to watch it, and others may enjoy it. But at the time slot that it comes on, I don’t believe there are any other comedies. Just dramas and reality shows. I get bored studying. I just want to laugh. That’s another reason why I keep watching new episodes of New Girl. I hope it gets better.

      But, with three episodes in, it seems that this is the formula they settled with (maybe the fourth episode will be better). So, I say cancel it and replace it with something funnier.

      • I do not hate the show, didn’t even say that in my ealier post…i just don’t think it’s a good comedy. I frequent this site, read many of the articles…and sometimes I’ll post an opinion.

      • Banjoe:

        Your replies make quite a lot of sense, and I retract my earlier snark. I don’t even necessarily disagree with some of the things you’ve posted.

        I didn’t expect to like it, and there is definitely room for improvement, but I find it endearing.

        Should I be ashamed to admit that I also like Whitney?….

        • LOL…sadly, I also think Whitney is a decent comedy

  5. yeah………. I understand the necessity to put the show on “hiatus” …. but they kind of sort of new this was coming, why not just stall the premier in the first place? Ahhhh makes no sense whatsoever.

  6. Wow. Beginning of the end for ‘New Girl’…

  7. So Fox is taking a breakout show off for a month? Way to pull the rug out from under them and not capitalize on the buzz, Fox.

  8. They should cut the games short. 4 Hour of baseball is a joke, not to mention ratings have been dropping year after year.

  9. How heartbreaking I thought it was being cancelled and got excited. Then I read the article. This show is so unfunny and bad that it’s more funny how bad it is than the actual so called jokes. I like Zoey typically, but this show was just bad. Sitcoms usually suck aside from the rare very very rare smart comedy, but this isn’t one of those.

  10. This show is extremely bad. What annoys me most is how much hype it’s getting.

    That being said, it’s kind of stupid to do this. I can understand that the station trusts that New Girl will be able to take the hit of a break, that shows they have confidence in it, but for a lot of people they might just think it got cancelled or something, unless Fox heavily promotes it’s return.

  11. Once again the idiots at Fox make a stupid decision. They’re pulling one of the funniest new shows they have to show more BS reality crap and sports??? No wonder I hate that network.

    Pull Glee instead. That show has gotten consistently worse every episode.

  12. I am sssooooooooooooooo glad to hear the great news I hope they forget they have it and NEVER bring that turd back we only need one Deschanel sister on fox Bone’s is one of the best shows on t.v.

  13. That’s’s official..October sucks!!

  14. I am (and have always been) a big fan of Zoey Deschanel. I’ve really enjoyed New Girl so far and I even scheduled the series on my DVR. So when I realized I was no longer getting fresh episodes, I wondered if the show had been canceled. (If I wondered that then others probably have as well). That could be a real problem for the show. Not everyone will run to their computer to Google “New Girl” and find out what’s going on. Hopefully Fox will indeed promote the show heavily as was suggested earlier.
    -Brother John

  15. I’m still not convinced that this series is worth all the hype.

  16. This show is one of my favorites these days. It ranks right behind shows like Parks and Recreation, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the League, Blue Mountain State, HIMYM, Raising Hope, Modern Family, Happy Endings, South Park, Community, Up All Night, The Big Bang Theory, reruns of 30Rock on comedy central, the Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, the Cleveland Show, Better off Ted (on Netflix), Arrested Development (on Netflix), and JEM season 1 (after I win that contest,( ).
    Honestly, I do watch it. I do prefer most of the shows on this list before it, but my wife likes the show and it’s something we watch together. It’s not nearly as bad as watching Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, or Parenthood.

    • this show is nowhere near a show like parks… but you also list big bang theory as one of your favorites, so maybe you are easily pleased

      • Parks is by far the best sitcom on television unless you like raunchy comedy, then it is the League. I’m really not sure how the Big Bang Theory made it on my list. I’ve recently watched a few episodes on TBS and must have put it on here subconsciously.

        • B-list

          Parks may by far be the best in your opinion but not for everyone.

          Personally I think it’s horribly unfunny.

          The Big Bang Theory isn’t the best but IMO it’s very funny, but it’s actually smart comedy and not just a bunch of dumb people doing dumb things. IMO people who hate shows like Big Bang and love things like Parks are the kind of people who put money in Will Ferrals pockets. Ugh. Community though IMO is the best comedy on television it’s clever and well written.

          • I used to like Parks and Rec in season 2, but not anymore. I stopped watching. I don’t really like Big Bang Theory either. *shrugs* There’s no need to insult people just because of their TV preferences.

            Community is by far the best comedy on television right now, and has been for it’s whole run. Not that there aren’t a couple of other funny shows, but they’re nowhere near Community.

            • Bluehero I understand how you could make the mistake, but go back and read what I said I didn’t actually insult people who like or don’t like a show I merely insulted the shows. I said parks is dumb people doing dumb things just like Will Ferrel films, but I didn’t say people who watch those things are dumb.

              The reason I like Big Bang Theory is because I’m a huge nerd and have been in to science for some time so the jokes just fit me.

              I agree thought that Community is by far the best. The Office is good to, but no where near what it used to be. Used to be hilarious and heartwarming. I also enjoy Always Sunny and The League is humorous but not great. I don’t watch most comedy because in general I’m not in to sitcoms and for some reason to many people think that to make a comedy show it has to be sitcom. Community and Always Sunny are not sitcoms and that’s one of the reasons they are so great.

              You watch the newest episode with Alternate realities ? Hilarious and brilliant. It was actually funny while at the same time being an incredibly brilliant and interesting character study. Right up there with my other fave episodes like the Part 1 of last years paint ball and the D&D game.

              • “A situation comedy, often shortened to sitcom, is a genre of comedy that features characters sharing the same common environment, such as a home or workplace, accompanied with jokes as part of the dialogue.” According to that definition, Community and Always Sunny are both sitcoms.

                However, I will agree with you. “Remedial Chaos Theory,” or the alternate realities episode as you called it, was the one of the best episodes of Community that I’ve seen.

                • B-list

                  While that may be the official definition it is not the accepted one. Community and Always sunny by those standards may be considered sit coms, but they are not officially sit coms. They are not categorized as such like New Girl is and no professional calls them that either. In fact most tv journalists even mention that they are not. There is a difference between precise text book definition and commonly used or socially accepted definition.

                  Sorry about calling it the alternate reality episode I really follow episode names of television shows. I had no idea what it was called only what it was about and that it was the newest episode. There are only three shows I can tell you exact episode names of and those are Buffy, Firefly and Angel.

                  • Daniel F -
                    They are not traditional sitcoms, that is true with their lack of a laugh track, positive character personalities, and how each episode’s plot concludes with unconventional results. Still, they are considered non-conventional or nontraditional sitcoms (sitcom being the keyword) by anybody who watches television. They are not comedy dramas, sketch comedy, animated…they are sitcoms.

                    This rift between us is ridiculous and has nothing to do with the New Girl or this article. It is only happening because of a silly Will Ferrell reference about my television watching. And honestly, Will Ferrell isn’t a terrible comedic, character actor. I don’t think he should be the lead in movies, but he does a fine job with sketch comedy (MORE COWBELL), and I’ve liked a lot of his secondary characters in movies (MOM, MOM MEATLOAF). I like comedic characters like Nick Offerman’s Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation or Will Ferrell’s Frank the Tank from Old School. If I laugh, then the comedy has worked.

                    • I guess we will have to agree to disagree on everything. Especially Will Ferral and Parks. I’m sorry if my opinion one Will offends you but I see no reason it should. I didn’t call you dumb for enjoying him I simply said his style of humor is dumb and I don’t like dumb comedy. Parks and Will’s general style is really dumb characters doing really dumb things. It’s overly obvious jokes, slapstick comedy and completely void of Witt or charm.

                      For the record I dislike Will because of what he usually does not because I think he is talented. I love two of his movies Stranger Than Fiction and Everything Must Go. Both films are very clever and smart with their comedy they are not simply dumb humor. However, more often than not he chosses to do the dumb comedies like Other Guys, Elf and stuff like that and it’s not what I like.

              • True, it just appeared as an insult I guess. *shrugs*

                The Office has definitely dipped. And Community is definitely by far the best comedy show on TV. Which is a shame because I think it’s the least watched comedy show on TV. :/ By sitcom I’m assuming you mean that they’re one camera comedies, and I totally agree, those four/etc. camera sitcoms are dead (even How I Met Your Mother’s quality has lowered these days, and it’s the only US “sitcom” I can stand to watch anymore).

                Yeah I saw it, the episode is awesome. The D&D is one of my favorite episodes as well, and the paintball ones are great. The show continuously pushes the boundaries of television and (mostly) always comes back with great results.

  17. they replaced the black guy i heard :( he was 100% my favorite character

    • So much your fave character that you didn’t even bother learning the characters name or anything about him other than the fact that he is ‘the black guy’

      I hate the show, but by far my fave person on the show is the white girl

      • Daniel F… LOL!!!

    • First off, I agree with what Daniel F said. Secondly, the actor in the pilot is Damon Wayans Jr. He is a main character on ABC’s “Happy Endings,” so he couldn’t continue on with this show.

      • I THOUGHT he looked familiar! Didn’t have the time to check it out though. Thanks for the update. Damon would be good on any show, (he always makes me laugh). Next to Zooey he would have remained my second favorite on New Girl. But I’ll continue to enjoy him on Happy Endings.
        -Brother John

  18. I guess different people see comedy where others don’t, but I too thought the first episode was so bad that I dumped it a couple commercial breaks. It was billed as a comedy…I kept waiting for the funny. I guess I prefer clever comedy than simple in your face one liners that really have little or no funny in them…..

  19. I’m glad it’s not being cancelled, I enjoy the comic relief at the end of the day.

  20. I really think this show is horrible on so many levels!The storyline is stale!They need to protect her all the time and she always miserable in some ways!Sooner or later they will fall for her and and so it goes on……The preview for this show on Star World Asia is the worst of all!!To compare this show with Friends and Seinfeld is ABSURD and UNACCEPTABLE!!!It’s just not funny!People like to watch it only because of Zoey Deschanel and that’s it!I really hate it because it is so overrated!

  21. Hmmmmmmmmmm, a friend that I respect, told me that this was a good show so I am recording the series. I have watched about 4 episodes and have to say ” it is soooooooooooo bad!” I no longer respect my friends opinion of TV shows. This is BAD, really bad!!! I dont think the actors are as bad as the writers. Just a warning to viewers, Don’t bother wasting a half hour of your life. Its a chaotic show that has nothing going on!!!!

  22. I hope you cashed the check The PR People gave you-
    The original pickup was a pilot- then 6 episodes ordered-
    So, It is not true to say- that the network was so happy with the show
    having ” ratings… have been more than acceptable” (More then acceptable? Is that how shows are judged now?)
    Thus- having the show pulled at this stage- Is a very bad omen.
    It will more then likely quietly be cancelled- and the remaining “hilarious” episodes
    run during the Repeat season.
    have you no shame? At least try to remain balanced while being SO happy you made an extra $75

  23. I dont care if you guys like it or dont. But having that prime time filled with fear factor and baseball is criminal

  24. This show is awful, not funny and poorly written, why do they keep shows like this running and cancel good ones.

  25. I watched the first three episodes hoping to enjoy this new comedy after all the great reviews it received. I stuck with it thinking it would improve. Alas, it only got worse! The acting is terrible and being a comedy, you’d think I’d at least be able to come up with the odd chuckle. IMO, for what it’s worth, a truly AWFUL show!